s+1   Morph: s+. prefix that derives nouns from verbs. Category: Derivational affix. Lit: nightmare

s+^2   Morph: s+. prefixal component of nominalized middle forms. Category: Derivational affix. See: +m2.

+s+3   Morph: +s+. compound connector. Category: Derivational affix. Gram: in this form there is no +s+ before səp̓qíntṇ See: +ɬ+2.

s-^4   Morph: s-. prefixal component of the imperfective circumfix s-...-x. Category: Inflectional affix. See: ^-x5.

s-5   Morph: s-. prefix that marks intent forms. These forms are conjugated with the person markers of the i- set.

1 • bare stems. Category: Inflectional affix.

1 • with -m.

s-^6   Morph: ks-. variant of the prefixal component of the circumfix ks-...aʔx "inceptive" in casual speech, especially, but not only, in second person forms (conjugated with the kn set of person markers). Category: Inflectional affix. See: ^aʔx3.

s-^7   Morph: s-. prefixal component of constructions (kʷu‿) s-...-s with durative import (translates "start to" or "keep Xing"). Category: Inflectional affix.

1 • in first person plural constructions kʷu s-...-s. Gram: the c is unexplained

2 • in constructions with the i- set of person markers. See: ^-s19.

s-^8   Morph: s-. variant of the prefixal component of the customary circumfix c-...-transitivizer in casual speech. Category: Inflectional affix.

s-9   Morph: s-. variant of sc- before stems that begin with c- "perfective". These forms conjugate with the i- set of person markers.

s-10   Morph: s-. variant of c- "actual" before stems that begin with t(ʼ), c(ʼ). These forms conjugate with the kn set of person markers.

s11   Morph: s. bottom. Category: Lexical affix.

s12   Morph: s. eye; face; head; neck; small round object; fire; window.

-s13   Morph: -s. third person singular of the in- paradigm "his, her, its". Category: Inflectional affix. Lit: one - its writing Lit: its sacredness - the water

-s14   Morph: -s. vowelless allomorph of -is "third person singular transitive subject" (strong stems).

1 • with +nt (including +y̓).

2 • with +st. Lit: stood me in front of the judge

3 • with +ɬt.

4 • with +x(i)t. Ques: add ɬt forms; add examples in other persons

-s15   Morph: -s. second person object of +nt and +ɬt transitive stems "you". Category: Inflectional affix.

1 • with +nt stems.

2 • with +ɬt stems.

-s16   Morph: -s. suffix that marks third person subject and second person object transitive forms (the coalescence of -s-s). Category: Inflectional affix.

-s17   Morph: -s. suffix that marks third person of double possessive (middle) forms. Category: Inflectional affix.

^-s18   Morph: -s. suffixal component of future constructions kʷu‿ks...-s. Category: Inflectional affix. See: ks-^5.

^-s19   Morph: -s. suffixal component of durative constructions (kʷu‿) s...-s. Category: Inflectional affix. See: s^7.

+s20   Morph: +s. suffix of unexplained function in the following terms (analyzed for clarity). Category: Derivational affix.

sa   Morph: sa. a saw. From: English saw. Category: Borrowing.

sahchík̓aʔ   Morph: sahchík̓aʔ ? sahchík̓aʔ: Oroville. Category: Place name. Category: Confirm. See: sahɬíɬxʷ.

sahɬíɬxʷ   Morph: sahɬíɬxʷ ? 1 • dome-shaped house.

2 • sahɬíɬxʷ (Oroville). Category: Place name.

sakʷt   Morph: sakʷ+t. to be swollen. Sp n-skʷ-ɬ√q̓mél-tn his throat swelled up; Cm šuk̓ʷ‑p be swollen; Cr sí·kʷ... u+n+sí·kʷ his voice was rather hoarse.

sal   Morph: sal. several objects are placed, set, parked. Sp sil to place more than one object; č-sl-im he set the table; Sh sey-m to spread a soft foundation of boughs, hay, etc.

salás   Morph: salás ? salás. Category: Woman's name.

saláʔm   Morph: s+aláʔ+m. the place where one is. See: aláʔ.

salistá   Morph: salistá ? salistá. Category: Man's name, Borrowing. From: French Celestine ?

salqʷ   Morph: salqʷ. story. Category: Lexical affix.

salt   Morph: sal+t. to be lost; to get lost. See: slal2.

sal̕   Morph: sal̕. unburdened, calm; unaware.

sal̕m   Morph: sal̕+m. to be distracted about s.t. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sal̕t.

sal̕p   Morph: sal̕+p. to be twisted. See: sl̕1.

sal̕t   Morph: sal̕+t. s.t. or s.o. gets lost; to be lost. Sp síl̕sl̕-t he's always confused, he can't ever understand anything; Cm sal̕ to not care, pay attention; Cr sél̕ complex, complicated, confused, intricate (It is...). See: sal̕.

sámaʔ   Morph: sámaʔ. white person; Englishman; Frenchman; English language. Sp sémeʔ the French, French-Canadian Indian, taboo; Cr hemeʔ Frenchman; Sh sémeʔ white person; Th sémeʔ white person; Li sámaʔ white person.

san   Morph: san. From: French saint. saint. Category: Borrowing.

sanəpəpíc   Morph: sanəpəpíc. From: English son of a bitch. son of a bitch. Category: Borrowing.

sanpyár   Morph: sanpyár. Saint Peter. Category: Borrowing. From: French Saint Pierre.

sans   Morph: sans. From: English cents. cents. Category: Borrowing.

sanyáp   Morph: sanyáp ? sanyáp. Category: Woman's name.

sapál   Morph: sapál. From: French Isabelle. Isabelle. Category: Borrowing.

sapát   Morph: sapát. From: French Elizabèthe. sapát. Category: Woman's name, Borrowing.

sap̓mútyaʔ   Morph: sap̓+mútyaʔ. a (hand) scythe. Sp ssp̓úl̕eʔxʷ-tn̓ a hand scythe. See: sp̓.

saq̓q̓cn   Morph: saq̓•q̓cn. the mouth is opened wide. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sq̓.

saq̓ʷ   Morph: saq̓ʷ. to skin (an animal). Sp soq̓ʷ-n I cleaned something, I got the skin off; Sh x-suq̓ʷ-m to skin a soft furry animal...; Th súq̓ʷ butcher; Li súq̓ʷ-əm to skin a (big) animal...

sáq̓ʷyaq   Morph: sáq̓ʷyaq. to skin the top of the head. See: saq̓ʷ. Category: Confirm.

sar   Morph: sar. a cricket sings; the sound a cricket makes. Category: Animal name. Sp √ser shrill sound; sérsr (sér) cricket; Cr sar cricket; Sh sal a kind of cricket (light green, stays on sage brush, chirps at night); Th ṣə̣́l ? cricket.

sarsr   Morph: sar•sr. crickets. Category: Animal name. Sp sérsr cricket; Cm sár̓sar̓ cricket. See: sar.

sasáq̓ʷyaqs   Morph: sa•sáq̓ʷyaqs. the skinned top of the head. See: saq̓ʷ. Category: Confirm.

sasíw̓st   Morph: sa•síw̓s+t. several drink (liquid). Category: Repetitive. See: síw̓st.

sásmaʔ   Morph: sá•smaʔ. lower class Frenchman. Category: Diminutive. See: sámaʔ.

sasʕás   Morph: s+ʕas•ʕás. willow grouse. Category: Animal name, Confirm. Ques: analysis ? See: sʕasʕás.

satkʷ   Morph: satkʷ. satkʷ. Category: Woman's name.

saxk   Morph: saxk. 1 • Douglas' onion (allium douglasii). Category: Plant name.

2 • Geyer's onion (allium geyeri). Category: Plant name. Sp séhč pink flowered wild onions; Cr si+sč onion (species of wild...).

sax̌ʷ   Morph: sax̌ʷ. root with meaning "descend, be downhill" on which several stems are formed. Category: Root. See: sax̌ʷt; sax̌ʷtílx; sax̌ʷtm; csix̌ʷt; nsx̌ʷstúlaʔxʷ.

sax̌ʷmtíkn̓   Morph: sax̌ʷmtíkn̓. sax̌ʷmtíkn̓. Category: Man's name.

sax̌ʷt   Morph: sax̌ʷ+t. to go downhill; to get down; to climb down. Sp n-sx̌ʷ-pcín saliva dribbled; Cm na‑sx̌ʷ‑p to leak (roof); Cr saʔx̌ʷ dissolve, melt; Sh səsúx̌ʷ-nst to descend; Th súx̌ʷnst descend; Li súx̌ʷast to come down. See: sax̌ʷ.

sax̌ʷtíllx   Morph: sax̌ʷ+t+il•l•x. several descend. See: sax̌ʷtílx.

sax̌ʷtílx   Morph: sax̌ʷ+tilx. several descend. See: sax̌ʷ.

sax̌ʷtm   Morph: sax̌ʷ+t+m. to blame s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive.

sáysitkʷ   Morph: say•sytkʷ. sáysitkʷ. Category: Woman's name. See: saysytkʷ.

saysytkʷ   Morph: say•sytkʷ. saysytkʷ. Category: Woman's name.

sayxáxaʔ   Morph: s+ayxáxaʔ. a little while. See: ayxáxaʔ.

saʕ   Morph: saʕ. root with meaning "to descend" on which several stems are formed. Category: Root. See: nsaʕyn; saʕmncút; nsaʕmncút; nsaʕsaʕítkʷ; saʕsaʕmínm; saʕsáʕt.

saʕámɬq   Morph: s+ʕámɬq. the lower north face (part of which is still above water) of the area on the south side of the Columbia now known as Camel Bluff. Category: Place name.

saʕánya   Morph: saʕánya. saʕánya. Category: Man's name. Gram: a Sanpoil term?

sáʕɬc̓aʔ   Morph: ꞊sáʕɬc̓aʔ. glass; transparent. Category: Lexical affix. See: s1; áʕɬc̓aʔ.

saʕɬíɬxʷ   Morph: saʕɬíɬxʷ. 1 • dome-shaped house.

2 • saʕɬíɬxʷ (Oroville). Category: Place name.

saʕɬín   Morph: saʕɬín. saʕɬín: shallow area along the former east shore of the Columbia River, east from st̓əq̓títkʷ rapids. Lit: specially-placed rocks Category: Place name.

saʕmncút   Morph: saʕ+mncút. to dismount; to get off; to go downhill. See: saʕ.

saʕmst   Morph: saʕ+m+st. to bring s.t. down. Category: Causative. Gram: +st transitive

saʕsaʕmínm   Morph: saʕ•saʕ+mín+m. to drop several things. See: saʕ.

saʕsáʕt   Morph: saʕ•sáʕ+t. to drop off; to have fallen off, as an apple off a tree. See: saʕ.

saʕt̓íc̓aʔ   Morph: saʕt̓íc̓aʔ. a body dries off. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʕ or ʔ ? See: saʔt̓ilx.

saʕx̌ʷíp   Morph: s+aʕx̌ʷíp. roots.

saʕy   Morph: saʕy. 1 • to make (talking) noises.

2 • to interrupt s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Sp √say the sound of voices; si-p-m-n-cót all are making noises at the same time and increasing in volume. This form confirms an earlier ʕ.

saʕy̓   Morph: saʕy̓. to be noisy. See: saʕy.

sáʕ̓aʕ̓   Morph: sáʕ̓•aʕ̓. trumpeter swan. Category: Animal name.

saʕ̓sáʕ̓t   Morph: saʕ̓•sáʕ̓+t. to fall off. See: saʕ.

saʕ̓ycán   Morph: saʕ̓ycán. a weak sound. See: saʕy.

saʕʷs   Morph: saʕʷs. the sun sets. See: saʕ.

saʕʷx̌ʷíp   Morph: s+aʕʷx̌ʷíp. roots. Sp s-ox̌ʷép a plant root; s-ʕʷóx̌ʷép plant root; Cm sx̌ʷ–ap plant root(s).

saʕ̓ʷx̌ʷíp   Morph: s+aʕ̓ʷx̌ʷip. plant root; tuber. Sp s-ox̌ʷép a plant root; Cm sx̌ʷap plant root(s).

saʔlíc̓aʔ   Morph: sa[ʔ]líc̓aʔ. Lit: polka-dotted saʔlíc̓aʔ. Category: Woman's name.

saʔlisáw   Morph: saʔlisáw. saʔlisáw. Gram: one of Coyote's chants Category: Onomatopoeic form.

saʔɬíɬxʷ   Morph: saʔɬíɬxʷ. 1 • dome-shaped house.

2 • saʔɬíɬxʷ (Oroville). Category: Place name.

saʔsaʔstímn   Morph: saʔ•saʔst+imn. to be habitual drinkers; to like to drink. Sp n-sʔo-n-t-és... she drained it dry (by drinking it). See: saʔstímn.

saʔstám   Morph: saʔ•stám. brother, sister, cousin-in-law; loosely friend of one's spouse. Sp seʔstém man's brother's wife; Cm saʔstm opposite sex sibling of spouse; opposite sex spouse of sibling; opposite sex spouse of spouse’s sibling; Cr siʔ+st+m woman's brother-in-law.

saʔstíls   Morph: saʔs+tíls. to want to drink. See: siwst.

saʔstímn   Morph: saʔst+ímn. to like to drink; to be an alcoholic; to be a heavy drinker. Sp ss-t-émn he likes to drink, he's an alcoholic. See: siwst.

saʔstmsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: saʔst+msqáx̌aʔ. to water animals, stock. Sp ss-t-m-sqáx̌ʔe-m he watered his horse (or cow). See: siwst.

saʔst̓xítkʷ   Morph: saʔs+t̓xítkʷ. to drink (deer) soup. See: siwat; st̓xitkʷ.

saʔtítaʔkʷ   Morph: saʔtítaʔkʷ. a small river. Category: Diminutive. See: saʔtítkʷ.

saʔtítkʷ   Morph: saʔtítkʷ. river. Sh sətét-kʷe river.

saʔt̓ílx   Morph: sa[ʔ]t̓+ílx. to get dry. Category: Inchoative. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʕ or ʔ ? See: saʕt̓íc̓aʔ.

saʔt̓skʷál̕t   Morph: saʔt̓+s+kʷál̕+t. the sweat dries off. See: saʔt̓ílx; kʷal̕t.

saʔxíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: saʔxíɬc̓aʔ. the air goes out of one's body. See: nsaxm; sx.

saʔxúlaʔxʷ   Morph: sa[ʔ]xúlaʔxʷ. the ground cools. See: nsaxm; sx.

sc+1   Morph: s+c+. prefix that derives nouns signaling some aspectual notion, perhaps completive or perfective. Analyzable as the (inflectional) perfective prefix sc-. Category: Derivational affix.

1 • analyzed examples.

2 • othe examples. See: sc-.

sc-^2   Morph: sc-. prefixal component of imperfective middle forms sc-...-m (conjugated with the i- set of person markers). Category: Inflectional affix.

1 • first person plural patient forms with unmarked third person agent kʷu stem+m (analyzable as passives "we are being Xed").

2 • other persons. See: ^-m8.

sc-^3   Morph: s+c-. prefixal component of the circumfix qt{sc-...-s}. Category: Inflectional affix. See: ^-s.

sc-^4   Morph: sc-. prefixal component of the construction sc-...-mix imperfective with present relevance with sense has been X-ing; is X-ing. With weak (unstressed) stems. InflAfx.

sc-^5   Morph: sc-. prefixal component of sc-...-x imperfective with present relevance with sense has been X-ing; is X-ing. With strong (stressed) stems. InflAfx. See: ^-x6.

sc-6   Morph: s+c-. perfective prefix (nominal constructions, conjugated with the i- set of person markers).

1 • forms without +m.

2 • with +m. See: ^-m8.

scacáʕ   Morph: s+ca•cáʕ. tallow, strips of blubber. Category: Confirm.

scaxʷ   Morph: s+caxʷ. affection. Category: Confirm.

scáypaʔtn   Morph: s+cáypaʔ+tn ? scáypaʔtn (Westbank). Category: Place name.

scaʕcáʕ   Morph: s+caʕ•cáʕ. meat cut against the grain. See: caʕ.

scaʕcúp   Morph: s+caʕcúp ? scaʕcúp: place where the Colville river empties into the Columbia river. Category: Place name, Confirm.

scaʕíkst   Morph: s+caʕíkst. fingers. Lit: hand fringe Sp s-cowáčst, s-cowéčst finger; Cm s-cʕʷ-ʕʷ-akšt fingers; Cr s+c+céw̓+tmšqn̓čt finger (little or fourth). See: cʕʷ.

scaʕskst   Morph: s+caʕskst. a rattle. See Sp s-cosleʔ deer hoof rattle; see Cm c’uus-kšt-(t)n hand rattle, baby’s rattle; Cr cus to rattle (e.g. snake).

scaʕsxn   Morph: s+caʕsxn. shale rock; rock slide. Sp n-s-cósleʔxʷ the place of many loose shale rocks; s-n̓-s-cósl̕ where big rocks slip and slide....

scáʕycup   Morph: s+cáʕycup. scáʕycup: the general area of the town of "Old Kettle Falls," now under water. Category: Place name. Lit: small springs of water along the bank (?)

scaʕʕíkst   Morph: s+caʕ•ʕíkst. fingers. Lit: hand fringe Category: C2 Inchoative, Body part. See: scaʕíkst; cʕʷ.

scaʕʕxán   Morph: s+caʕ•ʕxán. toes. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: cʕʷ.

scaʕʷlx   Morph: s+caʕʷ+lx. bathing. See: caʕʷlx.

scaʔpsíw̓s   Morph: s+caʔpsíw̓s. two sisters. Lit: sister with another Sp cuʔpséw̓s they're two younger sisters. See: ɬccʔups.

scaʔqʷíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+caʔqʷíc̓aʔ. summer hide. See: scʔaqʷ.

scaʔsláqs   Morph: s+caʔ+sláqs. mosquitoes. Category: Animal name. Sp √casláqs mosquito; Cm ṣc̣éəsḷqṣ mosquito; Cr s+casalqs mosquito.

sccaʕsnt   Morph: s+c•caʕsnt. little stars. Category: Diminutive.

sccix̌nt   Morph: s+c•cix̌+nt. stinging nettle (urtica dioica). Category: Plant name. See Sp c̓c̓áx̌iʔɬp stinging nettles; Cm cx̌cx̌nw̓al̕n̓ stinging nettles.

sccix̌n̓t   Morph: s+c•cix̌+n̓t. stinging nettle (urtica dioica). Category: Plant name. Lit: stinging hot

scckʷnwaxʷ   Morph: sc+ckʷ+nwaxʷ. tug-of-war. See: ckʷnwixʷ; ckʷ.

sccmíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: sc+cmíɬc̓aʔ. deer buried (in snow). See: cm.

sccm̓álaʔ   Morph: s+c•cmálaʔ. children. See: ccám̓aʔt.

sccm̓áɬaʔq   Morph: s+c•cm̓áɬaʔq. small vegetable. Category: Diminutive. See: ccám̓aʔt.

sccm̓aʔy̓áʔst   Morph: s+c•cm̓aʔy̓áʔst. pellets in a cartrige (for shooting). See: ccám̓aʔt.

sccm̓ilt   Morph: s+c•cm̓ilt. children (human and animal). Sp s-ccm̓ él̕t children; Cm c‑cm‑alt youth; Cr s+c+cm̓ íl̕t children, offspring; Sh √*cim - cəcícm-eʔ-t cut up in small pieces; Th s/cmé[ˑm̓]iʔt (little) children; Li s.cm-al̕t children. See: ccm̓ilt.

sccm̓il̕t   Morph: s+c•cm̓il̕t. children. See: ccm̓ilt.

sccm̓íɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+c•cm̓íɬc̓aʔ. a small, edible, animal. See: ccam̓aʔt.

sccqcqmix   Morph: sc+cq•cq+mix. sccqcqmix: Spotted Lake. Category: Place name.

sccuɬmqn   Morph: s+c•cuɬ+mqn. sccuɬmqn. Category: Man's name.

scc̓ac̓ás   Morph: sc+c̓[a]•c̓ás. s.t. of little value picked up or gleaned. See: c̓asám.

scc̓ak   Morph: sc+c̓ak. s.t. counted. See: c̓k(a).

scc̓ák̓aʔ   Morph: sc+c̓ák̓aʔ. pine cones (used for the final smoking of hides). Category: Plant name. Sp s-c̓c̓íčeʔ (s-č'číc̓eʔ) (s-čč'íc̓eʔ) pine cone (gen.); Cm c̓ək̓l̕ pine cone; Th s/c̓ək̓qín̓keʔ cone (of conifer) (specifically whitebark pine); Li s.c̓ək̓ pine cone (with nuts).

scc̓asúlaʔxʷ   Morph: sc+c̓asúlaʔxʷ. s.t. picked off the ground. See: scc̓ac̓ás.

scc̓aʕsnt   Morph: sc+c̓aʕsnt. Coyote's way of referring to the stars. See: sccaʕsnt.

scc̓c̓ʔum   Morph: sc+c̓•c̓[ʔ]um. s.t. narrows. Category: Inchoative. See: c̓c̓ʔum.

scɣiy   Morph: sc+ɣy. weaving. See: ɣiy.

schikst   Morph: s+chikst. right hand (facing hand?) Sp chéčst the right hand, the right side; Cm k‑ch‑akst, skchákst right side, right hand.

scix̌cx̌t   Morph: s+cix̌•cx̌+t. heat. See: cix̌cx̌t.

scix̌ʷ   Morph: scix̌ʷ. slate rocks.

scix̌ʷɬkʷ   Morph: s+cix̌ʷɬkʷ. scix̌ʷɬkʷ: the rapids in the Columbia River that are known as the Little Dalles. Lit: swift water Category: Place name. Cr s+céx̌ʷ[t]kʷeʔ Spokane Falls, Spokane, Wash.; Sh √cix̌ʷ - k̓ʷəɬ-cəx̌ʷ-cix̌ʷ waterfall; Th √cəx̌ʷ drip, flow; Li cíx̌ʷ-əx̌ʷ to stream down (liquid).

sciʔíx   Morph: s+ci[ʔ]íx. heat. Category: Inchoative. See: cix.

sckakʔámnm   Morph: sc+ka•kʔá+mn+m. the one or ones being ridiculed, humiliated or derided. See: kakʔám.

sckaʔkícm   Morph: sc+kaʔ•kíc+m. one who is visited often; find. See: kaʔkíc.

sckicx   Morph: sc+kic+x. one's arrival; one's having come. See: kicx.

sckƛ̓aʔám   Morph: sc+k+ƛ̓aʔá+m. the one(s) to be fetched. See: ƛ̓aʔá.

sckm̓ax̌n   Morph: sc+km̓ax̌n. kidnapped. See: km̓ax̌n.

sck̓is   Morph: sc+k̓is. brush or twigs that have been piled. See: k̓is.

sck̓k̓níyaʔm   Morph: sc+k̓•k̓níyaʔ+m. the one or ones being eavesdropped on. See: k̓k̓níyaʔ.

sck̓ɬpaʔx̌   Morph: sc+k̓ɬ+paʔx̌. thoughts. See: k̓ɬpaʔx̌(á).

sck̓ɬp̓ap̓áʕʔ   Morph: sc+k̓ɬ+p̓a•p̓áʕʔ. to milk a cow. See: p̓aʔ.

sckʷ   Morph: s+ckʷ. to drag s.t. toward here. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: ckʷ.

sckʷam   Morph: s+ckʷa+m. pulling. See: ckʷ.

sckʷanx̌n   Morph: sc+kʷanx̌n. kidnapped. See: kʷanx̌n.

sckʷaqs   Morph: s+ckʷaqs. dragged. See: ckʷaqs.

sckʷiskʷst   Morph: sc+kʷis•kʷs+t. what one holds. See: ckʷiskʷst.

sckʷliwt   Morph: s+c+kʷl+iwt. one's way of living. See: kʷliwt.

sckʷnwaxʷ   Morph: s+ckʷ+nwaxʷ. tug-of-war. See: ckʷnwixʷ.

sck̓ʷaʔk̓ʷáʔ   Morph: sc+k̓ʷaʔ•k̓ʷáʔ. what one bites. See: k̓ʷaʔ.

sck̓ʷaʔk̓ʷʔám   Morph: sc+k̓ʷaʔ•k̓ʷʔá+m. what is being bitten or chewed. See: sck̓ʷaʔk̓ʷáʔ.

sck̓ʷl̕scq̓iln   Morph: sc+k̓ʷl̕+s+cq̓iln. arrow work. See: k̓ʷul̕; cq̓iln.

sck̓ʷul̕   Morph: s+c+k̓ʷúl̕. what one makes or does; one's work; one's job. See: k̓ʷul̕.

sck̓ʷúl̕aʔst   Morph: sc+k̓ʷúl̕aʔst. the weapon one makes; the arrows one fixes. See: sck̓ʷul̕.

sck̓ʷúl̕l̕   Morph: s+c+k̓ʷul̕•l̕. one's being born; one's birth. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: k̓ʷul̕l̕.

sclak̓   Morph: sc+lak̓. prisoner. See: lak̓.

sclkstasq̓t   Morph: s+clkstasq̓t. Friday. See: cilkst.

sclkstilxʷ   Morph: s+clkstilxʷ. five animals. See: cilkst.

scɬcuɬm   Morph: s+cɬ•cuɬ+m. bulls. Category: Animal name. See: scuɬm.

scɬkmix   Morph: sc+ɬk+mix. a brush stand. See: ɬk2.

scɬɬat̓   Morph: sc+ɬ•ɬat̓. fish catch; what one caught fishing. See: ɬt̓.

scƛ̓axʷ   Morph: sc+ƛ̓axʷ. killing; what one has killed. See: ƛ̓axʷ.

scƛ̓aʔƛ̓ʔám   Morph: sc+ƛ̓aʔ•ƛ̓ʔá+m. the one or ones being sought. See: ƛ̓aʔƛ̓aʔá.

scƛ̓ʔam   Morph: sc+ƛ̓ʔam. what one fetches. See: ƛ̓aʔ.

scmíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+cmíɬc̓aʔ. baby sheep. Category: Animal name.

scmkʷin   Morph: sc+m+kʷin. a song. See: confirm.

scmrim   Morph: sc+mrim. marriage; wedding.

scmrimst   Morph: sc+mrim+st. recovery. See: scmrim.

scmyínaʔm   Morph: sc+myínaʔ+m. what one knows. See: myn(a).

scm̓álaʔ   Morph: s+cmálaʔ. youngster. See: sccm̓álaʔ.

scm̓aʔm̓áyaʔ   Morph: s+c+m̓aʔ•m̓áyaʔ. school(ing); student.

scm̓ilt   Morph: s+cm̓ilt. child, children.

scm̓íɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+cm̓íɬc̓aʔ. female or young mountain sheep. Category: Animal name.

scnc̓iw̓m   Morph: s+c+n+c̓iw̓+m. a bowl.

scnpkʷilk̓   Morph: s+c+n+pkʷilk̓. what one has placed, poured, piled on a surface.

scnq̓aʔíls   Morph: s+c+n+q̓aʔils. one's problem, business, proposal.

scnsámaʔcn   Morph: s+c+n+sámaʔcn. language arts.

scnt̓aqʷ   Morph: s+c+n+t̓aqʷ. plate licking.

scnt̓piw̓s   Morph: sc+n+t̓piw̓s. s.t. draped in front. See: confirm.

scnwlíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+c+n+wlíɬc̓aʔ. dug out.

scnwy̓qin   Morph: sc+n+wy̓qin. to stop growing.

scnʔayxʷiw̓s   Morph: s+c+n+ʔayxʷiw̓s. to trade.

scnʔiys   Morph: s+c+n+ʔiys. to purchase.

scpaʔpík   Morph: sc+paʔ•pík. boards, lumber.

scpkʷúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+c+pkʷúlaʔxʷ. seed grain.

scp̓ayq   Morph: sc+p̓ayq. cooked food.

scqascí   Morph: sc+qascí. 1 • scqascí: the Little Falls area on the Spokane River.

2 • scqascí: the former village site on the north side of the river. Lit: root-digging food ? Category: Place name. See: scqascíɬn.

scqascíɬn   Morph: s+c+qasc+íɬn. scqascíɬn: one of the names given to the Little Falls area on the Spokane River and more particularly to the former village site on the north side of the river. Lit: root-digglng food (?)

scqitkʷ   Morph: s+cqitkʷ. scqitkʷ: Twin Lakes; two connected lakes about 8 miles south of Inchelium. Category: Place name. See: sqitkʷ.

scqw̓scinm   Morph: s+cqw̓scin+m. interruption in talk.

scq̓cq̓am   Morph: s+cq̓•cq̓a+m. thunder.

scq̓islp̓   Morph: s+cq̓islp̓. a tree hit by lightning.

scq̓q̓am   Morph: sc+q̓•q̓am. pills.

scqʷaʔqʷʔál   Morph: sc+qʷaʔ•qʷʔál. a spoken agreement.

scqʷilpm   Morph: scqʷilp+m. ? Category: Confirm.

scqʷlqʷilt   Morph: s+c+qʷl•qʷil+t. a word; what is said.

scq̓ʷl̕iw̓s   Morph: sc+q̓ʷl̕iw̓+s ? berry picking.

scq̓ʷy̓mncut   Morph: sc+q̓ʷy̓+mncut. a (western) dance. See: q̓ʷy̓mncut.

scslikst   Morph: sc+slikst. a bastard.

sctxt̓am   Morph: sc+t+xt̓a+m. to be s.o.'s charge.

sctxt̓minm   Morph: sc+t+xt̓+min+m. one who is being looked after.

sct̓aʕp   Morph: sc+t̓aʕp. what one has shot.

scucɬmqn   Morph: s+cu•cɬmqn. scucɬmqn.

scuɬm   Morph: s+cuɬ+m. bull. Category: Animal name. Sp s-cúɬ-m bull; Cm s‑cuɬm bull; Cr s+cúɬ+m bull, steer.

scunm   Morph: s+cun+m. what one says. See: cu(n).

scúnmaʔ   Morph: s+cúnmaʔ. account. See: cúnmaʔ.

scut1   Morph: s+cut. what one says. See: cut.

+scut2   Morph: +scut. suffix with reflexive or self-directed import. Category: Derivational affix. See: +ncut; +cut; +st2.

scwic̓   Morph: sc+wic̓. what is dug; roots. See: wic̓.

scwic̓m   Morph: sc+wic̓+m. root-digging time. See: scwic̓.

scwil̕cn   Morph: sc+wil̕cn. a joke. See: wil̕cn.

scwncut   Morph: s+cw+ncut. a person preparing to go on a spirit quest; a person training (to go on a spirit quest). See: cwncut.

scwnstilt   Morph: s+cw+nstílt. to prepare for a sacred experience, a quest. See: scwncut.

scwnstiltm   Morph: s+cwn+stilt+m. a youngster goes on a quest. See: scwnstilt.

scwy̓ay̓   Morph: sc+wy̓•ay̓. s.t. finished. See: way̓.

scw̓iw̓sx   Morph: sc+w̓i•w̓sx. scw̓iw̓sx (pkace name). Lit: narrow piece of land across the lake Category: Place name.

scxaʔtálqʷ   Morph: sc+xaʔtálqʷ. kick stick of the stick game. Category: Confirm.

scxʷikʷ   Morph: sc+xʷikʷ. a hide; what one has tanned. See: xʷikʷ.

scxʷuy   Morph: s+c+xʷuy. 1 • going.

2 • way of life. See: xʷuy.

scxʷuyytn   Morph: sc+xʷuy•y+tn. one's travels. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: scxʷuy.

scx̌cx̌cut   Morph: sc+x̌c•x̌cut. companions; who one has kept company with. Sp √x̌c partners, companions; hi-s-x̌c-út my companion; Cr x̌ec+út companion. See: sx̌cut.

scx̌stwilx   Morph: sc+x̌s+t+wilx. one's recovery. See: x̌stwilx.

scx̌ʷil   Morph: sc+x̌ʷil. what one has discarded. See: x̌ʷil1.

scx̌ʷill   Morph: sc+x̌ʷil•l. what has been discarded. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: scx̌ʷil.

scyal̕qn   Morph: sc+yal̕qn. scyal̕qn: a very small creek known locally as "George Washington Creek”. Category: Place name.

scyayáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+c+ya•yáx̌aʔ. television.

scyaʕ̓míx   Morph: sc+yaʕ̓+míx. a gathering. See: cyaʕ̓.

scyxʷitkʷ   Morph: sc+yxʷitkʷ. waterfall. See: yaxʷt.

scʕáycup   Morph: s+cʕaycwp. scʕáycup: old Kettle Falls (before the construction of the dam); the general area of the town of "Old Kettle Falls," now under water. Category: Place name. See: scʕaycwp.

scʕaycwp   Morph: s+cʕaycwp. scʕáycup: old Kettle Falls (before the construction of the dam); the general area of the town of "Old Kettle Falls," now under water. Category: Place name.

scʕaʕác̓   Morph: sc+ʕa•ʕác̓. a book. See: ʕác̓.

scʕicwp   Morph: s+cʕaycwp. scʕicwp: old Kettle Falls (before the construction of the dam); the general area of the town of "Old Kettle Falls," now under water. Category: Place name.

scʕimt   Morph: sc+ʕim+t. anger; one's being angry. See: ʕimt.

scʕ̓ac̓   Morph: sc+ʕ̓ac̓. looks. See: ʕac̓.

scʕ̓aʕ̓ác̓   Morph: sc+ʕ̓a•ʕ̓ác̓. books.

scʕ̓aʔʕ̓ac̓   Morph: s+c+ʕ̓aʔ•ʕ̓ac̓. books.

scʕʷikst   Morph: s+cʕʷikst. fingers. Lit: hand fringe Category: Body part. Sp s-cowáčst, s-cowéčst finger; Cm s-cʕʷ-ʕʷ-akšt fingers; Cr s+c+céw̓+tmšqn̓čt finger (little or fourth); see Sh s-cuʕʷ stripe; Th √cúʕʷ striped; Li s.cuʕʷ stripe. See: scʕʷxan.

scʕʷxan   Morph: s+cʕʷxan. toes. Lit: foot fringe Category: Body part. See: scʕʷikst.

scʔaɬʔíɬn   Morph: sc+ʔaɬ+ʔíɬn. food; what one eats. See: ʔaɬʔíɬn.

scʔamnám   Morph: sc+ʔamná+m ? the one who has been fed; the ones who have been fed. See: ʔamnám.

scʔamtílt   Morph: sc+ʔamtílt. young unmarried woman. Lit: sits here See: ʔamút.

scʔaqʷ   Morph: s+cʔaqʷ. summer. See ? Cm paaʔs+c̓aaʔk̓ʷ summer.

scʔawtílt   Morph: sc+ʔawtílt. last child. Category: Confirm. See: ʔawtíp.

scʔaʔúm   Morph: sc+ʔa•ʔúm. words. See: ʔaʔúm.

scʔikst   Morph: s+cʔikst. a hand made into a fist; a front leg; a right hand.

scʔiɬn   Morph: sc+ʔiɬn. food; groceries. See: ʔiɬn.

scʔístyaʔ   Morph: scʔístyaʔ. dried matter. Category: Confirm.

scʔix   Morph: s+c[ʔ]ix. warmth; fever. Category: Inchoative. See: cix.

scʔkinx   Morph: s+c+ʔkin+x. why is it; how is it; to be the matter with s.t. or s.o. Category: Amalgam. See: ʔkin.

scʔx̌ilx   Morph: sc+ʔx̌il+x. that's the reason why. Category: Amalgam. See: ʔx̌il.

scʔx̌iɬ   Morph: sc+ʔx̌iɬ. to be like ... Category: Amalgam. See: ʔx̌iɬ.

sc̓alqn   Morph: s+c̓alqn. seed(s).

sc̓aɬɬt   Morph: s+c̓aɬ•ɬ+t. to freeze; to get frozen. See: sc̓aɬt.

sc̓aɬt   Morph: s+c̓aɬ+t. the cold (weather). See: c̓aɬt.

sc̓ámyaʔqn   Morph: s+c̓ámyaʔqn. skull. Category: Body part. See: sc̓im.

sc̓anwáʕyaʔ   Morph: s+c̓anwáʕyaʔ. handicapped.

sc̓ars   Morph: s+c̓ars. tall Oregon grape berries (berberis aquifolium). Category: Plant name. Sp s-c̓áls (Ka) oregon grape; Sh sc̓al̕s Oregon grape (the fruit); Th s/c̓ol̕seʔ tall Oregon grape berries...

sc̓arsíɬml̕x   Morph: s+c̓rsiɬml̕x. Oregon grape bush. Category: Plant name. See: sc̓ars.

sc̓asʔístk   Morph: sc+ʔas•ʔístk. a wintering place. See: sʔistk.

sc̓áyaʔ   Morph: s+c̓áyaʔ. dried matter.

sc̓aʕmc̓m   Morph: s+c̓aʕm•c̓m. boil, carbuncle. Sp s-c̓óm̓c̓m carbuncle; Cm s-c̓uum̓-c̓uum̓ boil, blister; Cr s+c̓óm̓+c̓om̓ɬ+t abscess, boil, carbuncle.

sc̓aʕm̓c̓m̓   Morph: s+c̓aʕm̓•c̓m̓. a boil.

sc̓aʔk̓ʷáɬq   Morph: s+c̓aʔk̓ʷáɬq. blossoms. Category: Plant name. See: sc̓ʔak̓ʷ.

sc̓aʔscin̓   Morph: s+c̓aʔscin̓. gleaning. Ques: this was heard as c̓n̓. Analysis? Category: Confirm. See: c̓aʔscin̓; c̓asám.

sc̓c̓aʔk̓ʷúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+c̓•c̓aʔk̓ʷúlaʔxʷ. Hoelboel’s rock cress (arabis hoelboellii); catchfly (silene menziesii); fringe cup (lithophragma tenella). Lit: flowers on the ground Category: Plant name. See: sc̓ʔak̓ʷ.

sc̓c̓aʔrímqn   Morph: s+c̓+c̓aʔrímqn. sc̓c̓aʔrímqn (Bill Qualtier). Category: Man's name.

sc̓c̓kasq̓t   Morph: s+c̓•c̓kasq̓t. calendar. Lit: count days See: c̓k(a).

sc̓c̓lusnt   Morph: s+c̓•c̓lus+nt. hail. See: sc̓lusnt.

sc̓c̓l̕usnt   Morph: s+c̓•c̓l̕usnt. hail; hailstone(s). Sp c̓s-l̕úseʔ hail stones; Cm c̓sll̕úusaʔ hail; Cr s+c̓sl̕úseʔ hail; Sh s-cəs-c̓əs-lól̕se hail (small stones). See: sc̓lusnt.

sc̓c̓milt   Morph: s+c̓•c̓milt. Gram: northern form a doll.

sc̓c̓m̓il̕t   Morph: s+c̓•c̓m̓il̕t. a doll. Category: Diminutive. Sp c̓amóseʔ toy doll.

sc̓c̓m̓íw̓aʔs   Morph: s+c̓•c̓m̓íw̓aʔs. a narrow place. Category: Diminutive. See: c̓c̓ʔum.

sc̓c̓uʕʷsnt   Morph: s+c̓•c̓uʕʷsnt. little stars (in narratives, a form attributed to Coyote). See: sccaʕsnt.

sc̓c̓w̓xan̓   Morph: s+c̓wxan. a little shoe, foot, leg. Category: Body part. See: sc̓w̓xan.

sc̓c̓ʔak̓ʷ   Morph: s+c̓•c̓ʔak̓ʷ. little flower; little blossom. Category: Plant name. See: sc̓ʔak̓ʷ.

sc̓ík̓k̓laʔxʷ   Morph: s+c̓ík̓•k̓laʔxʷ. forest fire, burned land. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: c̓ík̓laʔxʷ.

sc̓il̕   Morph: s+c̓il̕. shade. Cm c̓al̕-n I shaded s.t.; Cr c̓il̕ outline, shadow. See: c̓l̕.

sc̓il̕c̓lt   Morph: s+c̓il̕•c̓l+t. ugliness; frightening looks; mean looks. See: c̓il̕.

sc̓iɬn   Morph: sc+ʔiɬn. food; groceries. See: scʔiɬn.

sc̓im   Morph: s+c̓im. bone. Category: Body part.

sc̓imc̓m   Morph: s+c̓im•c̓m. syrup that accumulates in tamarack trees that have been hit by lightening and split. Category: Plant name. Sp s-nc̓émc̓m tamarack sap or syrup (a delicacy which is eaten by the spoonful and is especially good for whooping cough).

sc̓imqn   Morph: s+c̓imqn. bonehead. See: sc̓im̓.

sc̓im̓   Morph: s+c̓im̓. bone. Category: Body part. Sp s-c̓om̓ bone; Cr s+c̓am bone; Sh s-c̓em fishbone; Th s/c̓ém̓ (small) bone (of human or animal), fish-bone; Li s.c̓am̓ fish bone.

sc̓im̓c̓m̓   Morph: s+c̓im̓•c̓m̓. spleen. Category: Body part.

sc̓inm   Morph: s+c̓in+m. to say what? See: c̓in.

sc̓írus   Morph: s+c̓írus. golden currant (ribes aureum). Category: Plant name. Sp √c̓ir (c̓al) s-c̓írus golden currant. See: sc̓irws.

sc̓irws   Morph: s+c̓irws. golden currant (ribes aureum). Category: Plant name.

sc̓ixt   Morph: s+c̓ixt. man's sister's husband; brother-in-law. Category: Kin term. Sp s-c̓éšt brother-in-law (man's); Cm sc̓axt male’s sister’s husband; wife’s brother; Cr s+c̓išt brother-in-law; Sh s-c̓ext wife's brother; man's sister's husband; Li s.c̓axt man's brother-in-law.

sc̓ix̌ʷt   Morph: s+c̓ix̌ʷ+t. a spark; s.t. bright. Sp c̓íx̌ʷc̓x̌ʷ-t glowing embers, red hot coals; Cr c̓ex̌ʷ spark. See: c̓ix̌ʷt.

sc̓kak   Morph: s+c̓k•ak. the cost of s.t.; an amount. See: c̓kak.

sc̓kam   Morph: s+c̓ka+m. numbers. See: c̓k(a).

sc̓kc̓iksxn̓   Morph: s+c̓k•c̓iksxn̓. sc̓kc̓iksxn̓: area, now under water, located south and slightly east from the present day Rogers Bar church on the west side of the Columbia. Lit: granite (?) rocks Category: Place name.

sc̓kinx   Morph: s+c+ʔkin+x. why is it; how is it. Category: Amalgam. See: scʔkinx.

sc̓lalqʷ   Morph: s+c̓lalqʷ. to play stick game. Sp s-c̓lálqʷ; Cm s-c̓l-alqʷ-m to play stick game; Cr c̓elálqʷ to play with the stick game (lit. setting up sticks against a board). See: c̓lalqʷ.

sc̓lalqʷm   Morph: s+c̓lalqʷ+m. to play stick game; play slahal game. Lit: place the sticks See: sc̓lalqʷ.

sc̓lc̓al   Morph: s+c̓l•c̓al. trees. Category: Plant name. See: c̓lc̓al.

sc̓lusnt   Morph: s+c̓lus+nt. hail. Sp c̓s-l̕úseʔ hail stones; Cr s+c̓sl̕úseʔ; Cm c̓sll̕úusaʔ. See: c̓c̓l̕us.

sc̓l̕c̓al̕   Morph: s+c̓l̕•c̓al̕. trees. Category: Plant name. See: c̓lc̓al.

sc̓l̕yalqʷ   Morph: s+c̓l̕yalqʷ. graveyard. See: confirm.

sc̓ɬitkʷ   Morph: s+c̓ɬitkʷ. cold water. See: c̓aɬt.

sc̓malqs   Morph: sc̓malqs. a coat made out of a blanket. See: sic̓m.

sc̓maʕlqs   Morph: s+c̓maʕlqs. a coat made from a blanket. Category: Pharyngeal intrusion. See: sic̓m. Category: Confirm.

sc̓míɬcaʔ   Morph: s+c̓míɬc̓aʔ. mountain sheep; ewe. Category: Animal name. Category: Confirm. Ques: recording not certain; cf. s-cm̓íɬc̓aʔ

sc̓mqin   Morph: s+c̓mqin. brain; brains. Category: Body part. Sp s-c̓mqín the brain, intelligence; Cm c̓m̓qnalxʷ brain; Cr s+c̓ám̓ qn brain, cerebellum, cerebrum; Sh s-c̓m-qin brain; Th s/c̓əmqin brain; Li s.c̓əm-qín brains.

sc̓m̓c̓m̓qin   Morph: s+c̓m̓•c̓m̓qin. brain. Category: Body part. See: sc̓m̓qin.

sc̓m̓qin   Morph: s+c̓m̓qin. brain. Category: Body part.

sc̓q̓islp̓   Morph: s+c̓q̓islp̓. a tree that has been hit by lightning. See: c̓q̓(a).

sc̓ris   Morph: s+c̓ris. tall Oregon grape berries (berberis aquifolium). Category: Plant name.

sc̓rsíɬaʔxʷ   Morph: s+c̓rsíɬaʔxʷ. 1 • Fisher's little house.

2 • sc̓rsíɬaʔxʷ: Oroville. Category: Place name.

sc̓rsiɬmlx   Morph: s+c̓rsiɬmlx. tall Oregon grape (berberis aquifolium). Category: Plant name. Cm c̓rsaɬp gooseberry bush. See: sc̓ris.

sc̓rsiɬp   Morph: s+c̓rsiɬp. tall Oregon grape (berberis aquifolium). Category: Plant name. See: sc̓ris.

sc̓r̓síɬaʔxʷ   Morph: s+c̓r̓síɬaʔxʷ. Fisher's little house.

sc̓sic̓m   Morph: sc̓•sic̓m. blankets. See: sic̓m.

sc̓uq̓ʷy̓   Morph: s+c̓uq̓ʷy̓. a customer; an acquaintance.

sc̓uʔxán   Morph: s+c̓w̓xan. hind leg (of an animal); foot; leg. Category: Body part. Sp s-c̓uʔšín foot; Cm s‑c̓uʔ-xn foot, lower leg. See: sc̓w̓xan.

sc̓wanáytm   Morph: s+c̓wanáyt+m. mythical monster that hypnotizes or immobilizes people, similar to slalqʷm; Bigfoot; Sasquatch. Sp s-c̓we-néy̓t-i giant, Big Foot, Sasqwatch; Cm sc̓wanáy̓təxʷ, sc̓w̓anáytəxʷ Stick Indian; Sh sc̓wney̓t-mx giant.

sc̓wanáytm q̓aʔxnílts   Morph: s+c̓wanáyt+m q̓aʔxnílts. mountain ladyslipper (cypripedium montanum). Lit: giant's baby’s footwear Category: Plant name. See: sc̓wanáytm; q̓aʔxán.

sc̓wanáytx   Morph: s-c̓wanáyt-x. sc̓wanáytx. Category: Man's name.

sc̓wc̓wxan   Morph: s+c̓w•c̓wxan. feet, legs. Category: Body part. See: sc̓wxan.

sc̓win   Morph: s+c̓win. early sockeye salmon; dried ntytyíx. Category: Animal name. Cm sc̓uw̓án̓ blue back sockeye; Th c̓əwén dried salmon; Li cáʔwin coho salmon.

sc̓wxan   Morph: s+c̓wxan. foot, feet, leg; shoe. Category: Body part. See: sc̓uʔxán.

sc̓w̓c̓w̓xan   Morph: s+c̓w̓•c̓w̓xán. feet. Category: Body part. See: sc̓w̓xan.

sc̓w̓c̓w̓xan   Morph: s+c̓w̓•c̓w̓xan. feet; legs. Category: Body part.

sc̓w̓iw̓stn   Morph: s+c̓w̓iw̓s+tn. towel.

sc̓w̓xan   Morph: s+c̓w̓xan. hind leg (of an animal); foot; leg. Category: Body part.

sc̓x̌ilx   Morph: sc+ʔx̌il+x. that's why. Category: Amalgam. See: scʔx̌ilx.

sc̓x̌ʷax̌ʷ   Morph: s+c̓x̌ʷ•ax̌ʷ. teachings. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: c̓x̌ʷax̌ʷ.

sc̓x̌ʷc̓x̌ʷam   Morph: s+c̓x̌ʷ•c̓x̌ʷá+m. instruction. See: sc̓x̌ʷax̌ʷ.

sc̓x̌ʷxtwixʷ   Morph: s+c̓x̌ʷ+xt+wixʷ. arrangement; bargain. See: sc̓x̌ʷax̌ʷ.

sc̓x̌ʷx̌ʷikst   Morph: s+c̓x̌ʷ•x̌ʷikst. instructions; preachings. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sc̓x̌ʷax̌ʷ.

sc̓ʔak̓ʷ   Morph: s+c̓ʔak̓ʷ. 1 • flower; to flower.

2 • Corpus Christi (a movable feast that can fall between May 21 and June 24). Sp s-c̓ʔek̓ʷ flower in full bloom; s-c̓eʔc̓ʔékʷ flowers; Cm c̓aʔák̓ʷ to bloom. See: c̓ʔak̓ʷm.

sc̓ʔax   Morph: s+c̓[ʔ]ax. one's shame; shame. See: c̓x.

sc̓ʔikst   Morph: s+c̓ʔikst. the front quarter or shoulder of a deer. Category: Body part. Sp s-c̓ʔéčst shoulder; Cr s+c̓íʔ+c̓eʔečt hands.

sens   Morph: sens. From: English cent(s). cents. Category: Borrowing.

sɣáyaqn   Morph: s+ɣáyaqn. water parsnip (sium suave). Category: Plant name.

shaʕ̓ík̓ʷ   Morph: s+haʕ̓ík̓ʷ. nodding onion (allium cernuum). Category: Plant name. See Sp séhč pink flowered wild onions.

sic   Morph: sic. 1 • to be new.

2 • (and) then. Sp sic new, right now; Cr sic new.

sic ʕapnáʔ   Morph: sic ʕapnáʔ. just now. See: sic; ʕapnáʔ.

síciʔ   Morph: síc+iʔ. and then. See: sic.

sícɬc̓aʔ   Morph: sícɬc̓aʔ. fresh meat. See: sic.

sicm put   Morph: sic+m put. especially. See: sic; put.

sicxn   Morph: sicxn. new shoes; fresh tracks. See: sic.

sic̓m   Morph: sic̓m. blanket. Sp sic̓m blanket; Cm sic̓m blanket; Cr sic̓+m blanket, cover ; Sh sic̓m blanket; Th √séc̓ cover; see Li sac̓ạ́məs shawl.

sik̓íc̓aʔ   Morph: s+yk̓íc̓aʔ ? sik̓íc̓aʔ. Category: Woman's name. See: syk̓íc̓aʔ.

sik̓xnm   Morph: sik̓xn+m. sik̓xnm: place, now inundated, directly across F.D.R. Lake from the National Park Service boat ramp and immediately north of k̓ansq̓ʷút. Lit: B's etym place where something was cut (?) Category: Place name.

sílaʔ   Morph: sílaʔ. a woman who takes s.o.'s husband away.

sílxʷaʔ   Morph: sílxʷaʔ. 1 • big, important; to respect or revere s.o. (with singular referent).

2 • largeness; large size. See ? Sh slxʷeyxn/slxʷéyxe caribou.

silxʷaʔlqʷwílx   Morph: silxʷaʔlqʷ+wílx. to get big, large. See: sílxʷaʔ.

sílxʷaʔst   Morph: sílxʷaʔ+st. to look up to s.o. Gram: c-...-st customary See ? Sh slxʷeyxn/slʷéye caribou. See: sílxʷaʔ.

sil̕   Morph: sil̕. to be puzzled. Sp hi síl̕ he stands there not knowing what to do; Cr u· sél̕ complex, complicated, confused, intricate (It is...).

sim   Morph: sim. From: English Jim. Jim. Category: Borrowing, Man's name.

simupyár   Morph: simupyár. simupyár (Pete Noyes). Category: Man's name, Borrowing. See: Pete Noyes.

simxʷ   Morph: simxʷ. breast(s). Category: Lexical affix. See Sp p̓sƛ̓sémxʷ big breasts; Cm sk̓ʷ-tsamxʷ breast.

síncaʔ   Morph: síncaʔ. 1 • younger brother, cousin. Category: Kin term.

2 • altar boy; brother, monk. Sp sínceʔ younger brother (adult), male cousin (adult); Cm síncaʔ male’s younger brother; male’s younger male cousin; Cr sínceʔ deacon, kid brother; Sh sínce younger sibling of opposite sex; Th sínciʔm younger-brother.

sipn   Morph: sipn. daughter-in-law. Sp sépn daughter-in-law; Cm sapn son’s wife; daugther‑in‑law; Cr sipn daughter-in-law; Sh sepn daughter-in-law; Th √sépən ? younger-female-in-law; Li sápən daughter-in-law.

síp̓iʔ   Morph: sip̓y̓. hide; skin drum. See: sip̓y̓.

sip̓iʔálqsm   Morph: sp̓y̓álqs+m. to make buckskin clothes. See: sp̓y̓álqsm.

sip̓y̓   Morph: sip̓y̓. 1 • a (buckskin) hide.

2 • skin drum. Sp síp̓y̓ tanned hide; Cm síp̓iʔ hide, buckskin; Cr sip̓ey̓ buckskin; Sh səsp̓ey skin; Li sip̓áz̓ skin, hide; see Th sip̓éc̓ (rabbit) skin used to mark on.

siq̓   Morph: siq̓. to split s.t.; to cut across s.t.; to open s.t. wide. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: +ɬt transitive Gram: -x(í)t transitive Gram: middle Category: Middle. See: sq̓.

sirúm   Morph: sirúm. From: French Jérôme. Jerome. Category: Man's name, Borrowing.

siryl   Morph: siryl. From: English cereal. cereal. Category: Borrowing.

sisclqʷ   Morph: si•sclqʷ. to be honeymooning, newlyweds. Sp hec-síʔscl̕qʷ-iʔ they're newly-weds, they're honeymooners.

sisclqʷm   Morph: si•sclqʷ+m. to honeymoon; to be newly weds. See: sisclqʷ.

sisí   Morph: sisí. From: French Jesus. Jésus. Category: Borrowing.

sisikrí   Morph: sisikrí. Jesus Christ. Category: Borrowing. From: French Jésus Christ.

sisitílxqn   Morph: ši•šit+ílxqn. sisitílxqn. Category: Man's name, Confirm.

síslxʷaʔ   Morph: sí•slxʷaʔ. somewhat small; a little bigger. Category: Diminutive.

sism   Morph: si•s•m. From: English Jim. Jimmy, little Jim. Category: Diminutive, Borrowing.

sisp̓lk̓   Morph: si•sp̓lk̓. seven. Category: Numeral. Sp sisp̓l̕ seven; Cm sis‑p̓lk̓ seven.

sisw̓ɬkʷ   Morph: si•s•w̓ɬkʷ. little water. Category: Diminutive. See: siwɬkʷ.

sisw̓st   Morph: si•s•w̓s+t. to drink a little. Category: Diminutive.

sitiá   Morph: sitiá. From: English Gideon. Gideon. Category: Man's name, Borrowing. See: 27/Jun/2014.

sitk   Morph: sitk. curved, crooked, twisted. Sp √stč twisted; Cm stk‑nt‑xʷ you wind s.t. [clock, nut]; Cr setč twist; Sh √sətk - sət-sətk-eɬp peavine.

siw1   Morph: siw. to ask about s.t. or s.o.; to ask for s.t. or s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: c-...-st customary Gram: +ɬt transitive Gram: +tuɬt transitive Gram: middle Category: Middle. Gram: Nmiddle Category: Nominalized Middle. Sp √sew to ask; Cm saw‑nt‑xʷ you ask s.t.; Cr sigʷ ask for, inquire, question (to...), request; Sh se-n-s to ask (in any sense); Th √séw ask; Li √saw to ask.

siw2   Morph: siw. to drink. Gram: +ɬt transitive

siwɬkʷ   Morph: siwɬkʷ. 1 • water; body of water, river.

2 • liquor, booze. Sp séwɬkʷ water; Cm sawɬ‑kʷ water; Sh séwɬ-kʷe water.

siws   Morph: siws. to drink. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: c-...-st customary Gram: +ɬt transitive Gram: Nmiddle Category: Nominalized Middle. See: siw2.

siwst   Morph: siws+t. to drink. Gram: intransitive Gram: c-...-st customary Sp sús-t he drank; Sh steʔ to drink.

síwstaʔx   Morph: siwst+aʔx. drinking water. See: siwst.

siwstm   Morph: siws+t+m. drink. See: siwst.

siwstmst   Morph: siws+t+m+st. to give s.o. s.t. to drink. Category: Causative. Gram: as nominalized transitive Category: Nominalized transitive.

siw̓st   Morph: siw̓s+t. to drink; to drink liquor. Cf √swɬ. See Sp n-soʔ-p-nú-n-t-xʷ drink it all (sg)!, √sus to drink; sús-t he drank.

siw̓stxn   Morph: siw̓s+txn. the back of the leg. See: iw̓s; xn.

sixíxiʔ   Morph: s+ix•íxiʔ. this much; this long; a little while. See: ixíxiʔ.

síxlaʔxʷ   Morph: síxlaʔxʷ. untouched land. Category: Confirm.

six̌lx   Morph: six̌+lx. to move from one place to another; to move s.t. from one place to another (e.g. a ditch). Gram: intransitive Gram: +st transitive Sp √sax̌ near; Sh six̌-m to move stg. (to another place); Th √síx̌ move, change location; Li √six̌ to move. See: sx̌.

six̌lxst   Morph: k+six̌lx+st. to move s.t.; to cause s.t. to move. Category: Causative. See: six̌lx.

six̌ʷ   Morph: six̌ʷ. to split (wood). Gram: +ɬt transitive Gram: middle Category: Middle. Gram: as nominalized transitive Category: Nominalized transitive. Sp √sax̌ʷ split in little pieces; Cr sex̌ʷ cracking (ref. to wood).

six̌ʷt   Morph: six̌ʷ+t. to be split, shattered (of wood). See: six̌ʷ.

siyák̓ʷqn   Morph: s+yak̓ʷqn. siyák̓ʷqn. Category: Man's name. See: syak̓ʷqn.

síyaʔ   Morph: s+íyaʔ. saskatoon berry, serviceberry (amelanchier alnifolia). Category: Plant name. Sp √yeʔ, s-yéyeʔ sarvisberry, June berry; Cm s‑yá‑yaʔ serviceberry.

siylx   Morph: siy+lx. Salish language.

siyʔáɬq   Morph: s+yʔáɬq. Saskatoon bushes. Category: Plant name. See: síyaʔ.

sk   Morph: sk. Gram: allomorph (?) of ísk̓iʔt voice. Category: Lexical affix.

skaláʔm   Morph: s+k+aláʔ+m. to be closely related to s.o. See: aláʔ.

skalw̓ákstm   Morph: s+k+alw̓꞊ákst+m ? cat's cradle (string game).

skatán   Morph: skatán. skatán (Larry Pierre). Category: Man's name.

skáwaʔ   Morph: s+káwaʔ. skáwaʔ. Category: Man's name.

skaʕcínm   Morph: s+kaʕcín+m. a landing place. Category: Confirm. Ques: k+ʕac ?

skaʔcnmást   Morph: s+kaʔ꞊cn+mást. dirty words. See: káʔkaʔt.

skaʔkaʔɬlspíntk   Morph: s+kaʔ•kaʔɬ+l+s+píntk. three year olds. See: kaʔɬlspíntk.

skaʔɬlásq̓t   Morph: s+kaʔɬlásq̓t. Wednesday. See: kaʔɬís.

skchikst   Morph: s+k+chikst. right hand (side); the front leg of a deer. Category: Body part. See Sp s-čhéčst, Cm k‑ch–akst right side, right hand. See: kchikstm.

skcpcups   Morph: s+k+cp•cups. dry matter in the eye(s). Sp hi č-cpcúp-s he has bits of dried matter on his eyelashes.

skcwtikst   Morph: s+k+cwtikst. the way one is treated. See: cawt.

skc̓ax̌ʷ   Morph: s+k+c̓ax̌ʷ. to be one's fault. Category: Confirm. Sp s-č-c̓óx̌ʷ-s he did it purposely. See: c̓ax̌ʷ.

skc̓aʔq̓q̓mán̓qn   Morph: s+k+c̓aʔq̓•q̓+mán̓qn. rabies. Category: Confirm.

skc̓íkʷaʔ   Morph: s+k+c̓íkʷaʔ. left hand. See: kc̓íkʷaʔ.

skc̓íkʷaʔkst   Morph: s+k+c̓íkʷaʔkst. left hand side. See: skc̓kʷʔikstm; skc̓íkʷaʔ.

skc̓iwlps   Morph: s+k+c̓iwlps. a mane. Category: Body part. Sp s-č-c̓íwlps the horse's mane.

skc̓kaqs   Morph: s+k+c̓kaqs. number. See: c̓k(a).

skc̓kʷʔikstm   Morph: s+k+c̓kʷʔikst+m. left hand side. See: skc̓íkʷaʔkst.

skc̓lqin   Morph: s+k+c̓lqin. feather head dress. Sp c̓lqín-tn feathered war bonnet; Cr c̓lqín+n bonnet, war-bonnet.

skc̓lx̌ʷinkm   Morph: s+k+c̓lx̌ʷink+m. guitar. Lit: claw at s.t. See: c̓lx̌ʷ.

skc̓wnus   Morph: s+k+c̓wnus. phlox (phlox longifolia). Lit: early sockeye salmon’s eye Category: Plant name.

skicc   Morph: s+kic•c. a visitor; a newcomer. See: kic.

skicwx   Morph: s+kicwx. Idaho persons. Category: Place name. See: skicw̓.

skicw̓   Morph: s+kicw̓. Idaho. Category: Place name. Sp sčícw̓iʔ Coeur d’Alene reservation.

skikáymqn   Morph: s+ky•kaym꞊qn. skikáymqn. Category: Man's name. See: skykaymqn.

skilm   Morph: s+kil+m. chasee; s.t. or s.o. being chased; prey. See: kil.

skim̓m̓   Morph: s+kim̓•m̓. hated one. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: kim̓.

skkaw̓xn   Morph: s+k•kaw̓xn. granny Owl. Category: Animal name. Sp n-ččw̓éʔ burrowing owl.

skkáʕkaʔ   Morph: s+k•káʕ•kaʔ. any bird; chicken; bird. Category: Animal name.

skkm̓ísaʔt   Morph: s+k•km̓ísaʔt. a teddy bear. See: skmxist.

skkm̓xíʔsaʔt   Morph: s+k•km̓xíʔsaʔt. a little bear. Category: Diminutive, Animal name. See: skmxist.

skknxʷáʔlaʔqs   Morph: s+k•knxʷáʔlaʔqs. skknxʷáʔlaʔqs. Category: Diminutive, Woman's name. See: skənxʷálqs.

skkwiɬp   Morph: s+k•kw꞊iɬp. branch; brush. Category: Plant name, Diminutive, Confirm.

skliq̓mn   Morph: s+k+liq̓+mn. 1 • bulldozer; shovel; earth mover.

2 • Indian hellebore (beratrum viride). Category: Plant name. See: liq̓.

sklk̓íc̓aʔm   Morph: s+k+lk̓íc̓aʔ+m. baling (hay). See: lk̓(a).

sklk̓lk̓íc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+lk̓•lk̓íc̓aʔ. bundles (of hay); baled hay. See: sklk̓íc̓aʔm.

sklkʷtilt   Morph: s+k+lkʷtilt. a man's distant child; a child fathered by a man married to another woman. Category: Kin term. See: lkʷut.

sklwtalqs   Morph: s+klwtalqs. sklwtalqs (Mrs. Alice Martin). Category: Woman's name.

sklxʷxʷqín   Morph: s+k+lxʷ•xʷqin. sklxʷuxʷqín: small gravel island, now inundated, in the former middle of the Columbia, directly east from nc̓aw̓qc̓áw̓q. Lit: B's etym: dip on top Category: Place name. See: sklxʷxʷqin.

skɬaʔásq̓t   Morph: s+k+ɬaʔásq̓t. Saturday; weekend. Sp s-čɬ-ɬ-ʔé (s-čɬ-ɬ-hʔé) Saturday; Cm k‑ɬaʔ‑ašq̓t Saturday; Cr č+ɬíʔ+iʔ adjacent, next to, Saturday. See: ɬaʔ1.

skɬaʔmásq̓t   Morph: s+k+ɬaʔ+másq̓t. next to the sky. See: ɬaʔ.

skɬcawt   Morph: s+kɬ+cawt. effort. See: cawt.

skɬck̓ap   Morph: s+kɬ+ck̓a+p. cream. Category: Confirm. Ques: k̓ or q̓

skɬcq̓ap   Morph: s+kɬ+cq̓a+p. cream. Category: Confirm.

skɬikn   Morph: s+kɬikn. rump fat. Category: Body part. Category: Confirm.

skɬikn̓   Morph: s+kɬikn̓. fat on the rump of a deer. Category: Body part.

skɬkɬkíwaʔs   Morph: s+k+ɬk•ɬkíwaʔs. anemone (anemone multifida). Category: Plant name. See: kɬkɬkíwaʔs.

skɬkwkawmátkʷ   Morph: s+kɬ+kw•kaw+mátkʷ. Island Indians.

skɬkwkwmatkʷ   Morph: s+kɬ+kw•kw+matkʷ. Coast Indians.

skɬƛ̓ax̌x̌ƛ̓x̌áp   Morph: s+kɬ+ƛ̓ax̌•x̌•ƛ̓x̌áp. to have parents. See: ƛ̓ax̌x̌ƛ̓x̌áp.

skɬmúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k+ɬmúlaʔxʷ. dew; dampness on the ground. Cr s+č+ɬem+t dew.

skɬp̓up̓ƛ̓m   Morph: s+kɬ+p̓u•p̓ƛ̓+m. 1 • skɬp̓up̓ƛ̓m: the present town of Kettle Falls, more specifically, to an area at the southwest corner of the town. Category: Place name. Lit: arrive at an open area; come in sight in the open

2 • skɬp̓up̓ƛ̓m: Meyers Falls. Category: Place name. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or p̓

skɬqilt   Morph: s+kɬ+qil+t. skɬqilt: area where the present-day village of Inchelium is located, particularly on the west side of the highway. Lit: get on top Category: Place name.

skɬqltus   Morph: s+kɬ+ql+tus. top, ridge. See: qilt.

skɬqʷaʔmítkʷ   Morph: s+kɬ+qʷaʔ+mítkʷ. ? Category: Confirm.

skɬqʷlilsxnm   Morph: s+kɬ+qʷlilsxn+m. to bless s.o. with ashes on the forehead. See: qʷlmin.

skɬw̓mintn   Morph: s+k+ɬw̓+min+tn. spearing rod; spear; pole for a spear. See: ɬw̓min.

skɬxʷiplp   Morph: s+kɬ+xʷiplp. floor mat. See: xʷip2.

skɬx̌x̌am   Morph: s+k+ɬx̌•x̌•am. to have gotten in-laws; in-laws one has gotten. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: ɬx̌m.

skɬʔamk̓ʷílsxn   Morph: s+kɬ+ʔamk̓ʷílsxn. a skinned forehead. Sp čn čɬ-ʔemk̓ʷésšn̓ I skinned my forehead.

skɬʔasq̓t   Morph: s+k+ɬʔasq̓t. Gram: southern form Saturday; weekend; end of the week. Lit: reach the end

skɬʔaʔ   Morph: s+k+ɬʔaʔ. weekend; Saturday. Lit: reach the end Sp s-čɬ-ɬ-ʔé (s-čɬ-ɬ-hʔé) Saturday; Cm k‑ɬaʔ‑ašq̓t Saturday; Cr č+ɬíʔ+iʔ adjacent, next to, Saturday. See: skɬʔasq̓t.

skƛ̓áʔsm̓ist   Morph: s+k+ƛ̓áʔs+m̓ist. a scout. See: skƛ̓ʔa.

skƛ̓ʔa   Morph: s+k+ƛ̓ʔa. a fetched one. See: ƛ̓aʔ.

skmaʕʷáqs   Morph: s+k+maʕʷáqs. leftovers. See Sp s-mʔáw that which remains, leftover; s-č-maʔwáqs leftovers (food). Category: Confirm. Ques: maʕʷ or mʕ̓aw

skmaʔíplaʔ   Morph: s+k+maʔíplaʔ. an explanation. Category: Confirm. Ques: morphology?

skmc̓maʕc̓s   Morph: s+k+mc̓•maʕc̓s. eye matter. Category: Body part. Sp č-mc̓mác̓s he has "sleep" in his eyes. See: mc̓.

skmkʷuqn   Morph: s+k+mkʷuqn. snow on trees. See: mukʷ.

skmq̓ʷaq̓ʷ   Morph: s+k+mq̓ʷ•aq̓ʷ. a mountain. See: mq̓ʷaq̓ʷ.

skmtlʔaɬxʷ   Morph: s+k+mtlʔaɬxʷ. skmtlʔaɬxʷ. Category: Woman's name.

skmúsc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+músc̓aʔ. four bundles. See: kmúsc̓aʔ.

skmxist   Morph: s+kmxist. bear. Category: Animal name. See: skm̓xist.

skmʕ̓awáqs   Morph: s+k+mʕ̓awáqs. leftovers. See Sp s-mʔáw that which remains, leftover; s-č-maʔwáqs leftovers (food). Category: Confirm. Ques: maʕʷ or mʕ̓aw

skm̓ax̌n   Morph: s+km̓ax̌n. a captured or kidnapped person. See: km̓ax̌n.

skm̓lscut   Morph: s+km̓lscut. handouts.

skm̓qʷal   Morph: skm̓qʷal. a trap (the animal enters and remains trapped inside). Category: Confirm. Ques: qʷ or q̓ʷ

skm̓q̓ʷal   Morph: s+km̓q̓ʷal. Ques: qʷ or q̓ʷ Category: Confirm.

skm̓xist   Morph: s+km̓xist. 1 • bear; Bear. Category: Animal name.

2 • skm̓xist. Category: Man's name. Sh s-km̓xis grizzly bear.

skm̓y̓íplaʔ   Morph: s+k+m̓y̓íplaʔ. the meaning or significance of s.t.; the origin or beginning of s.t. See: my2.

sknánaqs   Morph: s+k+ná•naqs. being alone. See: knaqs.

sknir̓mn   Morph: s+k+nir̓+mn. (the time of) buttercups. Category: Plant name.

sknqsiɬxʷm   Morph: s+knqsiɬxʷ+m. next door neighbor. See: nqsiɬxʷ; knaqs.

sknqsltílaʔt   Morph: s+k+nqsltílaʔt. an only child. Category: Diminutive. See: sknqsltilt; nqsilt.

sknqsltilt   Morph: s+k+nqsltilt. an only child. See: nqsilt; naqs.

sknwistm   Morph: s+k+n+wist+m. above. See: nwist1.

sknxʷalqs   Morph: s+knxʷalqs. sknxʷalqs (Tudi Mason, Clara Jack). Category: Woman's name.

sknxʷal̕qs   Morph: s+knxʷal̕qs. sknxʷal̕qs. Category: Woman's name.

sknxʷaʔtús   Morph: s+kn+xʷaʔtús. big money. See: xʷaʔt.

sknxʷʔal̕qs   Morph: s+knxʷʔal̕qs. sknxʷʔal̕qs (Tudi Mason). Category: Woman's name.

skn̓án̓aqs   Morph: s+k+n̓á•n̓aqs. one person. Category: Diminutive.

skn̓irmn̓   Morph: s+k+n̓ir+mn̓. sagebrush buttercup (ranunculus glaberrimus). Category: Plant name. Sp s-čn̓ír̓-m̓n̓ (s-č-n̓ál̕-m̓n̓) buttercup.

skn̓kn̓am   Morph: s+kn̓•kn̓a+m. butchering a fish. See: kn̓kn̓(a).

skn̓qsl̕tílaʔt   Morph: s+kn̓qsl̕tílaʔt. an only child. Category: Diminutive. See: sknqsltilt.

skpaʔsmíst   Morph: s+k+paʔs+míst. a strong desire or wish. See: paʔsmí.

skpllikst   Morph: s+k+pl•likst. sprouts. Category: Plant name. See: kpllikst; pl̕al̕.

skp̓aʔxʷíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+p̓aʔxʷíc̓aʔ. the shining of a body. See: p̓ʔaxʷ.

skp̓ɬɬqip   Morph: s+k+p̓ɬ•ɬ•qip. a log jam. See Sp √p̓eɬ lie down in an orderly row (pl.); Cr p̓aɬq pack, put away; See Sh c-p̓eɬ lying (state); See Li n.p̓aɬ to lie around (when lazy or sick).

skp̓q̓ʷcinm   Morph: s+k+p̓q̓ʷcin+m. chewing tobacco. Category: Confirm. Ques: pq̓ʷ or p̓q̓ʷ

skrw̓ísaʔ   Morph: s+krw̓ísaʔ. skrw̓ísaʔ (Nancy Saddleman). Category: Woman's name.

sksaq̓ʷm   Morph: s+k+saq̓ʷ+m. skinning a large animal. See: saq̓ʷ.

sksk̓ʷtínaʔ   Morph: s+k+sk̓ʷtínaʔ. one side; the other side. See: sk̓ʷut.

skslip̓   Morph: s+k+slip̓. to get wood. See: kslip̓.

sksp̓qintn   Morph: s+k+sp̓qin+tn. wheat stems. See: ssp̓qin.

sksqmqínm   Morph: s+ks+qmqín+m. to drive a horse team. Category: Confirm.

sksq̓miltn   Morph: s+k+s+q̓milt+n. having hunger; being hungry. See: sq̓miltn.

sktm̓tam̓t   Morph: s+k+tm̓•tam̓+t. clouds. Sp s-č-tm̓-íp a cloud; Cr s+č+tem̓+p cloud; Sh tk-tm-tem(-t) cloudy.

skt̓aq̓   Morph: s+k+t̓aq̓. skt̓aq̓: rock formation, now inundated, which formed the immediate southeastern end of the most central lower falls. Lit: crossing Category: Place name.

skt̓ɬɬíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+t̓ɬ•ɬíc̓aʔ. to have a dirty body; to be dirty. See: t̓ɬɬíc̓aʔ.

skt̓q̓ʷt̓q̓ʷtaɬpqn   Morph: s+k+t̓q̓ʷ•t̓q̓ʷ+taɬpqn. skt̓q̓ʷt̓q̓ʷtaɬpqn: a mountain with small serviceberry bushes around its summit located northwest from the present-day north landing of the Keller ferry. Lit: bushes on top Category: Place name.

skwax̌n   Morph: s+kwax̌n. arm; wing. Category: Body part. Sp sčwáx̌n arm, wing.

skwáʔnaʔ   Morph: s+kwáʔnaʔ. bear song. Category: Confirm.

skwkwik   Morph: kw•kwik. ghost. Gram: southern form

skwpalqs   Morph: s+k+wpalqs. a fur coat.

skwpax̌ʷck   Morph: s+k+wpax̌ʷck. hair on the chest. See: wp.

skwpwpaqstxn   Morph: s+k+wp•wpaqstxn. 1 • hair on the legs. Category: Body part.

2 • fur chaps. See: wp.

skwpwplqʷikst   Morph: s+k+wp•wplqʷikst. hair on the arms. Category: Body part. See: wp.

skwtimtk   Morph: s+k+wtimtk. south. See: ʔawtímtk.

skwtimtkx   Morph: s+k+wtimtkx. southerner. See: skwtimtk.

skw̓ark̓xníkst   Morph: s+k+w̓ark̓xníkst. broad-leafed plantain (plantago major). Lit: frog leaves Category: Plant name.

skxnilt   Morph: s+kxnilt. an accompanying young person; a child in tow. See: kxn.

skyalqs   Morph: s+kyalqs. skyalqs. Category: Woman's name.

skyaʕcínm   Morph: s+k+yaʕcín+m. in front. See: yaʕcín.

skykaymqn   Morph: s+ky•kaym꞊qn. skykaymqn. Category: Man's name.

skylap   Morph: s+kyla+p. the mouth of a river.

skylyulqstxn   Morph: s+k+yl•yulqstxn. big leg. See: kylyulkstxn. Category: Confirm. Ques: kst or qst ?

skyq̓ínkm   Morph: s+k+yq̓ínk+m. violin, fiddle.

skyrnaʔɬpáw̓stxn   Morph: s+k+yrnaʔ+ɬpáw̓s+txn. skyrnaʔɬpáw̓stxn: the name of one of Coyote's sons (Tanglefoot). Lit: tangled foot Category: Man's name.

skyxʷásq̓t   Morph: s+k+yxʷásq̓t. Monday.

skyxʷiw̓s   Morph: s+k+yxʷiw̓s. Monday.

skyxʷtalqʷ   Morph: s+k+yxʷtalqʷ. below the line. See: yxʷut.

skyxʷtaw̓sqn   Morph: s+k+yxʷ+taw̓sqn. lower lip. Category: Body part. See: yxʷut.

skʕacám   Morph: s+k+ʕacá+m. packing. See: kʕac.

skʕacíw̓s   Morph: s+k+ʕacíw̓s. 1 • Sunday; flag.

2 • week. Sp s-č-ʕacéw̓s Sunday; Cm stḥacáw̓s Sunday; Cr t+ʕec–íw̓es Sunday (lit. flag day). See: ʕac.

skʕacqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+k+ʕacqáx̌aʔ. s.t. tied onto a horse. See: ʕac. Category: Confirm. Ques: cq or csq ?

skʕacʕacqínxn   Morph: s+k+ʕac•ʕacqínxn. loin cloth; leggings. See: kʕac.

skʕax̌ʷx̌ʷíplaʔ   Morph: s+k+ʕax̌ʷ•x̌ʷíplaʔ. (fishing) line; rope. See: ʕax̌ʷ.

skʔacqʔíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+ʔacqʔíc̓aʔ. smallpox. Sp čɬ-ʔócqeʔ smallpox, pox, it's visible on the outside. See: ʔácqaʔ.

skʔamtíw̓s   Morph: s+kʔamtíw̓s. horseback riding.

skʔiɬntn   Morph: s+k+ʔiɬn+tn. food. See: ʔiɬn.

skʔlw̓sip   Morph: s+k+ʔlusíp. skʔlw̓sip (place name). Lit: where waters meet Category: Place name. Category: Confirm.

skʔúmmplaʔ   Morph: s+k+ʔúm•mplaʔ. the answer or meaning given. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: skʔumplaʔ.

skʔúmplaʔ   Morph: s+k+ʔúmplaʔ. the meaning of s.t. See: ʔum.

sk̓acqʔíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+k+ʔacqʔíc̓aʔ. smallpox. See: skʔacqʔíc̓aʔ.

sk̓aɬʔalqʷx   Morph: s+k̓a+ɬʔalqʷx. s.o. from across the border. See: k̓aɬʔalqʷ.

sk̓aɬʔásq̓t   Morph: s+k̓aɬʔásq̓t. yesterday. See: k̓aɬáʔ.

sk̓amtíw̓s   Morph: s+kʔamtíw̓s. horseback riding. See: skʔamtíw̓s.

sk̓ám̓acn   Morph: s+k̓ám̓a꞊cn. sk̓ám̓acn. Category: Man's name.

sk̓am̓qs   Morph: s+k̓am̓qs. leftovers. See: k̓m1.

sk̓asl̕íps   Morph: s+kʔasl̕íps. two individuals. See: kʔasílm. Category: Confirm.

sk̓awílaʔx   Morph: s+k̓awílaʔx. sk̓awílaʔx: Addy. Category: Place name.

sk̓aʕm   Morph: s+k̓aʕ+m. a (church) prayer. See: k̓aʕ.

sk̓aʕncút   Morph: s+k̓aʕ+ncút. a spiritual prayer. See: k̓aʕ.

sk̓aʕ̓ncút   Morph: s+k̓aʕ̓+ncút. prayer. Category: Confirm. See: k̓aʕ.

sk̓aʔknús   Morph: s+k̓a+ʔknús. wherever. See: k̓aʔkín.

sk̓aʔwílxaʔx   Morph: s+k̓aʔwílx+aʔx. garden snake. Category: Animal name. Sp s-č̕ewíl̕eʔ s-wénš snake dance. See: sk̓wílaʔxʷ. Category: Confirm. Ques: sk̓aʔw or sk̓aw ?

sk̓aʔyám   Morph: s+k̓aʔyá+m. fall hunting. See: k̓ay̓ám.

sk̓iɬntn   Morph: s+k+ʔiɬn+tn. food. See: skʔiɬntn.

sk̓intm   Morph: s+k̓in+t+m. to fear s.t. See: k̓int.

sk̓ísslaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k̓ís•s꞊laʔxʷ. sk̓ísslaʔxʷ. Category: Man's name.

sk̓iwlx   Morph: s+k̓iw+lx. old age. See: k̓iwlx.

sk̓ix   Morph: s+k̓ix. 1 • sk̓ix: Camille Lake, situated about a mile and a half west (and slightly south) of the Colville Indian Reservation Subagency at Inchelium. Lit: deer fence Category: Place name.

2 • Gifford. Category: Place name.

sk̓iʔt   Morph: sk̓iʔt. throat; pharynx; windpipe. Category: Lexical affix. Cr isč̕ey̓t pharynx; Sh -esk̓e: x-slp-ésk̓e to be excited, nervous (slep excited); Th ésk̓iʔ song.

sk̓k̓atlqs   Morph: s+k̓•k̓atlqs. a gnat.

sk̓k̓laxʷ   Morph: s+k̓•k̓laxʷ. late afternoon, after sunset; sundown; last evening. Category: Diminutive. See: sk̓laxʷ.

sk̓k̓m̓aqs   Morph: s+k̓•k̓m̓aqs. sk̓k̓m̓aqs: a point of land about one and three quarter miles north from the present-day mouth of Nez Perce Creek and south from the Silver Creek Road, and east from the creek itself. Lit: little point (of land) Category: Place name. See: k̓m.

sk̓k̓sáɬaʔq   Morph: s+k̓•k̓s꞊áɬaʔq. saskatoon, or serviceberry (amelanchier alnifolia). Category: Plant name.

sk̓k̓wk̓awílxaʔx   Morph: s+k̓•k̓w•k̓awílx+aʔx. snakes. Category: Animal name. See: sk̓aʔwílxaʔx.

sk̓k̓wl̕xíst̓iyaʔ   Morph: s+k̓•k̓wl̕xíst̓yaʔ. rush (juncus effusus). Category: Plant name. See: sk̓k̓wl̕xíst̓yaʔ.

sk̓k̓wl̕xíst̓yaʔ   Morph: s+k̓•k̓wl̕xíst̓yaʔ. rush (juncus effusus).

sk̓k̓wl̕xíst̓yaʔ   Morph: s+k̓•k̓wl̕x꞊íst̓yaʔ. rush (juncus effusus). Lit: old grass Category: Plant name.

sk̓k̓ʔílaʔp   Morph: s+k̓•k̓ʔílaʔp. spouse of deceased child; what a woman would call a daughter-in-law after her son dies. Category: Diminutive, Kin term. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or t ?

sk̓k̓ʔílaʔt   Morph: s+k̓•k̓ʔílaʔt. spouse of deceased son or daughter (daughter-in-law after the death of a son, or son-in-law after the death of a daughter). Category: Diminutive, Kin term. See: sk̓ʔilt. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or t ?

sk̓laxʷ   Morph: s+k̓laxʷ. evening; until night. See: k̓laxʷ.

sk̓lusíp   Morph: s+k+ʔlusíp. sk̓lusíp: place name. Lit: where waters meet Category: Place name. See: skʔlw̓sip.

sk̓luʔsáɬq   Morph: s+k̓lw̓saɬq. chokecherry (prunus virginiana). Category: Plant name. See: sk̓lw̓saɬq.

sk̓lwis   Morph: sk̓+lwis. a large kind of salmon that used to come up the Okanagan River. Category: Animal name.

sk̓lw̓is   Morph: s+k̓lw̓is. old king salmon, spring salmon (oncorhynchus tshawytscha). Category: Animal name. Sp s-č̕lw̓és dog salmon, fall salmon; Cr sč̕lwís dead salmon.

sk̓lw̓saɬq   Morph: s+k̓lw̓saɬq. chokecherry (prunus virginiana). Category: Plant name.

sk̓lxʷínaʔ   Morph: s+k̓lxʷínaʔ. evening. See: sk̓laxʷ.

sk̓lxʷtan   Morph: s+k̓lxʷ+tan. west; sunset. Sp s-n-č̕l̕xʷ-tín the west (where sun sets). See: k̓laxʷ.

sk̓l̕wis   Morph: sk̓+lwis. sockeye salmon. Category: Animal name. Sp:s-č̕lw̓és dog salmon, fall salmon. September, the moon of the fall dog salmon; Cr sč̕lwís dead salmon.

sk̓ɬchmix   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+ch+mix. person(s) watching, stalking. See: k̓ɬch(a).

sk̓ɬc̓kak   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+c̓k•ak. budget. See: c̓k(a).

sk̓ɬc̓lal   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+c̓l•al. boundaries. Lit: poles See: c̓lc̓al.

sk̓ɬk̓am   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+k̓am. edge. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ɬk̓mam   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+k̓ma+m. womanizing. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ɬk̓mils   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+k̓mils. front (of body); chest. Category: Body part. Sp s-čɬ-č̕méls chest; Sh t-k̓m-eləs chest, breast. See: k̓m1.

sk̓ɬk̓miw̓s   Morph: s-k̓ɬ-k̓m꞊iw̓s. chest. Category: Body part. See: k̓m1.

sk̓ɬmlk̓ʷapqn   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+mlk̓ʷapqn. hair tied in a bun. See: mlk̓ʷ.

sk̓ɬmq̓ʷcnikst   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+mq̓ʷcnikst. a lump on the wrist. See: mq̓ʷaq̓ʷ.

sk̓ɬnk̓nk̓np̓ax̌n   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+n+k̓n•k̓np̓ax̌n. a vest. Sp č̕ɬ-č̕nč̕np̓áx̌n a vest; Cr s+can+č̕n̓+č̕np̓áx̌n̓ vest, corset. See: k̓np̓.

sk̓ɬpaʔx̌ám   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+paʔx̌á+m. a plan (of action). See: k̓ɬpaʔx̌(á).

sk̓ɬpitm   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+pit+m. announcer at Indian ceremonies. Sp sxʷ-č̕ɬ-pét-m one who repeats or announces for the Medicine Man.

sk̓ɬpul̕m   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+pul̕+m. meat or fish smoking. See: pul̕1.

sk̓ɬpúl̕sc̓aʔm   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+púl̕sc̓aʔ+m. to smoke meat. See: sk̓ɬpul̕m.

sk̓ɬp̓aʔp̓áʔ   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+p̓aʔ•p̓áʔ. a milking cow. Category: Animal name. See: p̓aʔ.

sk̓ɬp̓uƛ̓m   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+p̓uƛ̓+m. the length of s.t. See: p̓uƛ̓m.

sk̓ɬq̓am   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+q̓am. one's wish. Sp č̕ɬ-q̓m-n-t-én I wished for it; Cm nq̓mscimnt‑xʷ you wish for s.t.; Cr q̓em covet, desire, long for, swallow. See: q̓m(a).

sk̓ɬq̓c̓apqn   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+q̓c̓apqn. a braid on top of the head. See: q̓c̓(a).

sk̓ɬq̓y̓ay̓   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+q̓y̓•ay̓. s.t. that got marked. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: q̓y̓ay̓.

sk̓ɬq̓y̓ncut   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+q̓y̓+ncut. picture. See: q̓y̓.

sk̓ɬtɬilsm   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+tɬils+m. a shortcut. See: k̓ɬtɬilsm.

sk̓ɬt̓ɬam   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+t̓ɬa+m. a foundation. See: t̓ɬ1.

sk̓ɬx̌ʷyx̌ʷyqinxn   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷyqinxn. sharp toe nails. See: x̌ʷy.

sk̓ɬyrk̓ʷcn̓íkaʔst   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+yrk̓ʷcn̓íkaʔst. a bracelet. See: k̓ɬyrk̓ʷcnikst.

sk̓ɬyxʷut   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+yxʷut. to be below. See: yxʷut.

sk̓ɬʕaccín   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+ʕaccín. a necktie. See: k̓ɬʕaccníks.

sk̓ɬʔa   Morph: s+k̓ɬʔa. to come to a point. Lit: to reach the end See: k̓ɬʔa.

sk̓ɬʔállqʷaʔ   Morph: s+k̓ɬʔál•l•qʷaʔ. sk̓ɬʔállqʷaʔ: the area where the original town of Marcus was located. Lit: reach the river Category: Place name. See: k̓ɬʔállqʷaʔ.

sk̓ɬʔattxnúmt   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+ʔat•t•x+númt. to oversleep. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: k̓ɬʔattxnúmt.

sk̓ɬʔiys   Morph: s+k̓ɬ+ʔiys. to change. See: k̓ɬʔiys.

sk̓maqs1   Morph: s+k̓maqs. nose; the end (of a line); side; wing. Cr s+niʔ+č̕ám–iʔqs nose (surface of the). See: k̓m.

sk̓maqs2   Morph: s+k̓maqs. leftovers; detritus.

sk̓maw̓sqn   Morph: s+k̓maw̓sqn. the front of the mouth; the lip. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓max̌n   Morph: s+k̓max̌n. the end of a place. See: k̓m.

sk̓mcinxn   Morph: s+k̓mcinxn. ankle. Category: Body part. Sp s-čɬ-č̕mcín̓šn ankle; Cm kɬ‑k̓m‑cin‑xn ankle; Cr s+cen+č̕mcínšn ankle; Sh k̓ʷəɬ-k̓m-cin̓-xn ankle.

sk̓mcnitkʷ   Morph: s+k̓mcnitkʷ. shore line. Cm k̓m‑cn‑atkʷ bay; bank, shore. See: k̓m.

sk̓mikn   Morph: s+k̓mikn. edge. Sp č-č̕míčn̓ top of a mountain. See: k̓m.

sk̓miltn   Morph: s+k̓m꞊iltn. throat, gullet. Category: Body part, Confirm. Ques: k̓ or q̓ ?

sk̓mipɬxn   Morph: s+k̓m꞊ipɬ꞊xn. the heel (of a foot). Category: Body part. Sp s-č̕mépšn heel of foot.

sk̓miw̓s   Morph: s+k̓miw̓s. one's back (of the body); one's waist. Category: Body part. Sp s-n-č̕méw̓s the waist, the narrow, middle part of the body; Cm s‑k̓m‑aw̓s waist; Sh s-k̓m-ew̓s waist. See: k̓m.

sk̓mlqsikst   Morph: s+k̓mlqsikst. elbow. Category: Body part. Cm s‑n‑k̓m‑lqs‑akst point of elbow. See: k̓m.

sk̓mmcinxn   Morph: s+k̓m•mcinxn. ankles. Category: Body part. Sp s-čɬ-č̕mcín̓šn ankle; Cm kɬk̓mcinxn ankle; Cr s+cen+č̕mcínšn ankle; Sh k̓ʷəɬ-k̓m-cin̓-xn ankle.

sk̓mmiw̓s   Morph: s+k̓m•miw̓s. backs. Category: Body part. See: sk̓miw̓s.

sk̓msimxʷ   Morph: s+k̓msimxʷ. nipple; teat. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓mw̓saqs   Morph: s+k̓m꞊w̓s꞊aqs. the bridge of the nose. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓mw̓sax̌n   Morph: s+k̓m꞊w̓s꞊ax̌n. the upper arm. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓mw̓sikst   Morph: s+k̓mw̓sikst. the lower arm; the back side of the forearm. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓mw̓sus   Morph: s+k̓mw̓sus. the front of the face. Category: Body part. See: k̓m.

sk̓nsam   Morph: s+k̓nsa+m. trap; deadfall trap(ping); trapping by having s.t. fall on the animal. Sp č̕néyn a pole trap.

sk̓ram1   Morph: s+k̓ra+m. to swim; swimming. See: k̓ram.

sk̓ram2   Morph: s+k̓ra+m. one's cutting with a saw. See: k̓r(a).

sk̓sámaʔ   Morph: s+k̓sámaʔ ? cancer. See: k̓as.

sk̓sik̓k̓   Morph: sk̓•sik̓•k̓. to be scratched. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sk̓sk̓ak̓.

sk̓sk̓ak̓   Morph: sk̓•sk̓•ak̓. to be torn up. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sk̓sik̓k̓.

sk̓sɬtkɬmilxʷ   Morph: s+k̓s+ɬ+tkɬ+milxʷ. sk̓sɬtkɬmilxʷ. Category: Woman's name, Compound.

sk̓súlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k̓súlaʔxʷ. 1 • bad land.

2 • sk̓súlaʔxʷ. Category: Man's name. See: k̓ast.

sk̓sʕac̓c̓   Morph: s+k̓s+ʕac̓•c̓. one's ugliness; one's bad looks. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sʕac̓c̓.

sk̓úmplaʔ   Morph: s+k+ʔúmplaʔ. to call or name s.t.; the meaning of s.t. See: skʔúmplaʔ.

sk̓wílaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k̓wílaʔxʷ. snake; water snake. Category: Animal name. Sp s-č̕ew̓íl̕eʔ watersnake; gartersnake; Chewelah.

sk̓wk̓awílxaʔx   Morph: s+k̓w•k̓awílx+aʔx. (water) snakes. Category: Animal name.

sk̓wk̓wílaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k̓w•k̓wílaʔxʷ. water snake. Category: Animal name. See: sk̓wílaʔxʷ.

sk̓wk̓wílxaʔx   Morph: s+k̓w•k̓wílx+aʔx. (garden) snakes. Category: Animal name.

sk̓wqncut   Morph: s+k̓wqn+cut. menstruation; one menstruating. Category: Confirm.

sk̓w̓k̓w̓íʔɬp   Morph: s+k̓w̓•k̓w̓íʔɬp. 1 • white bark pine (pinus albicaulis). Category: Plant name.

2 • spruce. Category: Plant name. Spruce.

sk̓xus1   Morph: s+k̓x꞊us. tears; tear drops. Cm sk̓xus tears.

sk̓xus2   Morph: s+k̓xus. dry eyes. Category: Confirm.

sk̓xʷiɬxʷ   Morph: s+k̓xʷiɬxʷ. sk̓xʷiɬxʷ: distinctive rock with a crevice in it situated along the former east bank of the Sanpoil River, about a mile up from the former river mouth. Lit: crevice-dwelling Category: Place name.

sk̓xʷus   Morph: s+k̓xus. tear(s) (of the eyes). Category: Body part. See: sk̓xus.

sk̓xʷxʷum   Morph: s+k̓xʷ•xʷum. consumption, tuberculosis. Sp hec-č̕xʷxʷ-mí he's drying up with consumption; s-č̕xʷ-úm consumption, tuberculosis; Cr s+č̕éxʷ+xʷ asthma, comsumption.

sk̓y̓ilx   Morph: s+k̓y̓ilx. autumn, fall. See: sk̓ʔay.

sk̓ʔay   Morph: s+k̓[ʔ]ay. autumn comes; fall comes; cold comes. Category: Inchoative. See: k̓ayʔám.

sk̓ʔaym   Morph: s+k̓ʔay+m. getting to be fall. Category: Inchoative. See: sk̓ʔay.

sk̓ʔilp   Morph: s+k̓ʔilp. spouse of deceased child. Category: Kin term. See: sk̓ʔilt. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or t ?

sk̓ʔilt   Morph: s+k̓iʔ꞊ílt. spouse of deceased son or daughter. Category: Kin term. Sp s-č̕ʔélp son's widow; see Cm k̓‑aʔ‑álp stepfather; Sh sk̓elp wife of man's deceased brother; Li s.k̓álpaʔ wife of man's deceased brother. Category: Confirm. Ques: t or p ? See: sk̓ʔilp.

sk̓ʔwílaʔ   Morph: s+k̓ʔwílaʔ. sk̓ʔwílaʔ: Chewelah. Category: Place name.

skʷ1   Morph: skʷ. root with meaning "to swell" on which some stems are formed. Category: Root. See: kmyskʷt; nskʷikn̓. Sp √sekʷ unable to talk well; n-skʷ-ɬ√q̓mél-tn his throat swelled up; his tonsils swelled up.; Cr u+n+sí·kʷ hoarse (his voice was rather...).

-skʷ2   Morph: -skʷ. singular transitive imperative of +st verbs. Category: Inflectional affix.

skʷalt   Morph: s+kʷal+t. the heat of the sun; the light of the sun.

skʷal̕t   Morph: s+kʷal̕+t. the heat of the sun; the light of the sun. See: kʷal̕t.

skʷant   Morph: s+kʷant. Omak, Omak Lake, Omak Indians. Category: Place name.

skʷanx̌n   Morph: s+kʷanx̌n. prisoner, slave, a kidnapped one. See: kʷanx̌(n).

skʷáti   Morph: skʷáti. From: English Scotty. Scotty. Category: Man's name, Borrowing.

skʷaʕst   Morph: s+kʷaʕst. early morning. Sp s-kʷékʷs-t, Cm ʔikʷ‑kʷaast early morning (aa confirms an earlier pharyngeal). Ok siɬ+ is not understood. See: kʷkʷaʕst.

skʷílc̓aʔ   Morph: s+kʷílc̓aʔ. a red blanket. See: kʷil.

skʷílpaʔst   Morph: s+kʷíl+paʔst. red beard. See: kʷil.

skʷilstnm   Morph: s+kʷils+tn+m. the ways of the sweat house. See: kʷilstn.

skʷimcxn   Morph: s+kʷimcxn ? a rainbow. Sp s-kʷmkʷmíw̓cšn rainbow; Cm s‑kʷm‑kʷim‑mc‑xn rainbow; Cr s+kʷm+kʷmíw+tšn rainbow.

skʷínaʔst   Morph: s+kʷínaʔst. a club. Category: Confirm.

skʷinlt   Morph: s+kʷinlt. an adopted child. See: kʷin.

skʷist   Morph: s+kʷist. a name. Sp √kʷes name; Cr kʷis name; Sh s-kʷest name; Th √kʷést name. See: kʷistm.

skʷixmn   Morph: s+kʷix+mn. Lit: B's etym: from kwix ‘sting or shock’ skʷixmn: the site of the old Baulne (?) ranch, formerly a well-known area for digging black camas. Category: Place name.

skʷkʷan̓t   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷan̓t. Lit: little waterfall 1 • skʷkʷan̓t: a small waterfall "about a mile" up from the former mouth of Wilmont Creek where the people used to use a c̓əlíʔ (a J-shaped basketry trap) to catch steelhead. Category: Place name.

2 • skʷkʷan̓t: Meyers Falls on the Colville River, situated south of the present-day town of Kettle Falls. Category: Place name.

3 • skʷkʷan̓t: small waterfall located west from the former mouth of Nancy Creek. Category: Place name. See: skʷant.

skʷkʷaʕst   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷaʕst. early morning. See: skʷaʕst.

skʷkʷiw̓   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷiw̓. 1 • tomato; pine cone; a roundish object; rosebud; roseberry. Lit: little conical shape Category: Plant name.

2 • wild rose fruit (rosa spp.) and tomato (lycopersicum esculentum). Category: Plant name. See ? Sh səkʷéw̓ rosebud; Th √kʷéw̓ ? rose.

skʷkʷl̕al̕   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷl̕•al̕. sunshine. See: skʷl̕al̕.

skʷkʷl̕itkʷ   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷl̕itkʷ. skʷkʷl̕itkʷ: area on the east side of the Kettle River, east and slightly north from Barstow, just south of the spot where the present-day road divides either to go south down the east side of the Kettle River or to go west up the hill. Lit: little warm water Category: Place name.

skʷkʷl̕kʷl̕siɬml̕x   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷl̕•kʷl̕s꞊iɬml̕x. false box (paxistima myrsinites). Lit: little kinnikinnick bush Category: Plant name.

skʷkʷl̕siɬml̕x   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷl̕s꞊iɬml̕x. false box (paxistima myrsinites). Lit: little kinnikinnick bush Category: Plant name.

skʷkʷm̓kʷm̓iwcxn̓   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷm̓•kʷm̓iwcxn̓. skʷkʷm̓kʷm̓iwcxn̓: Falls (Fall) Creek, on the west side of the Columbia several miles north from Rogers Bar. Lit: many little rainbows Category: Place name.

skʷkʷn̓kʷin̓m   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷn̓•kʷin̓+m. little wild potatoes. Category: Diminutive. See: skʷn̓kʷin̓m.

skʷkʷr̓ínaʔ   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷr̓ínaʔ. clam shell. Category: Diminutive. Sp s-kʷk̓ʷréneʔ (sk̓ʷk̓ʷláneʔ) oyster; Cr s+k̓ʷar̓íneʔ bivalve, clam, oyster. Category: Confirm. Ques: kʷ or k̓ʷ ?

skʷkʷusnt   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷusnt. stars. Sp kʷkʷús-m̓ star.

skʷkʷw̓iɬp   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷw̓íɬp. wild rose (rosa acicularis, r. nutkana, r. gymnocarpa, r.woodsii). Category: Plant name. Sh səkʷéw̓ rosebud; Th √kʷéw̓ ? rose.

skʷkʷyáwtaʔx   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷyáwt+aʔx. ground squirrel. Category: Animal name. Cm s-kʷiyú squirrel.

skʷkʷy̓iʔst   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷy̓iʔst. 1 • skʷkʷy̓iʔst: the settlement known as Daisy, on the east side of F.D.R. Lake. Lit: a type of rock Category: Place name.

2 • skʷkʷy̓iʔst: Rice.

skʷkʷʔiʔst   Morph: s+kʷ•kʷy̓iʔst. skʷkʷʔiʔst: Rice; Daisy. Category: Place name.

skʷlis   Morph: s+kʷlis. kinnickinnick berry (arctostaphylos uva-ursi). Category: Plant name. Sp s-kʷlís kinnickinnick berry, bearberry.

skʷlsiɬmlx   Morph: s+kʷlsiɬm+lx. kinnickinnick berries; kinnickinnick leaves (arctostaphylos uva-ursi). Category: Plant name. Sp s-kʷlís. See: skʷlis.

skʷl̕al̕   Morph: s+kʷl̕•al̕. a sunbeam. See: kʷl̕al̕.

skʷl̕al̕qs   Morph: s+kʷl̕al̕qs. a coat. See: kʷl̕alqsm.

skʷl̕kʷil̕m   Morph: s+kʷl̕•kʷil̕+m. wild potato. Category: Plant name.

skʷƛ̓us   Morph: s+k̓ʷƛ̓us. face. Category: Body part. Sh s-kʷt̓-us face; Th s/k̓ʷƛ̓ús face. See: sk̓ʷƛ̓us.

skʷmkʷimcxn   Morph: s+kʷm•kʷimcxn. rainbow. Sp skʷmkʷmiwcšn; Cr s+kʷm+kʷmíw+tšn. See: skʷmkʷmiwcxn.

skʷmkʷmiwcxn   Morph: s+kʷm•kʷmiwcxn. 1 • rainbow.

2 • Falls (Fall) Creek, on the west side of the Columbia several miles north from Rogers Bar. Sp skʷmkʷmiwcšn; Cr s+kʷm+kʷmíw+tšn. See: skʷmkʷimcxn.

skʷmɬtiɬn   Morph: s+kʷmɬtiɬn. s.t. for s.o. to store. See: kʷum.

skʷm̓kʷm̓awcxn̓   Morph: s+kʷm̓•kʷm̓awcxn̓. skʷm̓kʷm̓awcxn̓: Falls (Fall) Creek, on the west side of the Columbia several miles north from Rogers Bar. Lit: many rainbows

skʷnim   Morph: s+kʷni+m. one's taking s.t. See: kʷnim.

skʷn̓kʷín̓m   Morph: s+kʷn̓•kʷín̓+m. spring beauty (claytonia lancolata and potato solanum tuberosum). Category: Plant name.

2 • wild onion. Category: Plant name. Sp s-kʷn̓kʷin̓-m̓ Indian potato, spring beauty; Cm s‑kʷn̓‑kʷin̓‑m wild potato; Sh s-kʷn-kʷinm wild potato; Li s.kʷən:kʷín wild potato.

skʷraʔkán   Morph: s+kʷraʔkán ? copper. Cm s‑kʷraʔ‑kan gold; copper. See: kʷriʔ.

skʷraʔɬpíw̓s   Morph: s+kʷr+aʔɬpíw̓s. skʷraʔɬpíw̓s. Lit: many yellow flowers Category: Place name.

skʷraʔqín   Morph: s+kʷraʔqín. a strawberry roan horse. Category: Animal name.

skʷrxan   Morph: s+kʷrxan. 1 • sandhill crane; Crane; blue heron. Category: Animal name.

2 • skʷrxan (Joe Abel). Category: Man's name. Sp s-kʷér–šn (s-kʷál–šn) sandhill crane, long-necked, blue crane. Gray water birds with long legs; see Cm skʷraʔkán gold; copper; Cr s+kʷaršn yellow foot, crane.

skʷr̓aʔɬpíw̓s   Morph: s+kʷr̓aʔɬp꞊íw̓s. skʷr̓aʔɬpíw̓s: Meteor Valley. Category: Place name.

skʷr̓kʷr̓íc̓aʔ   Morph: s+kʷr̓•kʷr̓꞊íc̓aʔ. tomato (lycopersicum esculentum). Lit: B’s etym: yellow/green Category: Plant name.

skʷsakʷt   Morph: skʷ•sakʷ+t. to have welts; to have swollen spots. See Sp n-skʷ-ɬ√q̓mél-tn his throat swelled up, his tonsils swelled up. See: sakʷt.

skʷskʷaɬq̓ʷlt   Morph: skʷ•skʷaɬq̓ʷlt. mumps. See: skʷsakʷt.

skʷskʷist   Morph: s+kʷs•kʷist. names. See: skʷist.

skʷsscin   Morph: s+kʷs•scin. a joke. See: kʷsscin.

skʷstilt   Morph: s+kʷstilt. a childʼs name. See: skʷist.

skʷstúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+kʷstúlaʔxʷ. the name of a place. See: skʷist.

skʷukʷɬn   Morph: s+kʷu•kʷ•ɬn. a live-in mate. See: kʷuɬn.

skʷuykʷy   Morph: s+kʷuy•kʷy. whistling marmot. Category: Animal name.

skʷuykʷy sptkʷaqsc   Morph: s+kʷuy•kʷy s+ptkʷaqs-c. shooting star (dodecatheon pauciflorum). Lit: curlew's beak Category: Plant name.

-skʷy   Morph: -skʷ-y. plural transitive imperative of -st verbs. Category: Inflectional affix.

skʷykʷyilxkn   Morph: s+kʷy•kʷyilxkn. a bracelet.

skʷy̓kʷy̓iʔst   Morph: s+kʷy̓•kʷy̓iʔst. skʷy̓kʷy̓iʔst: place where an Indian man named qəlqəlwílx, Joseph Edwards, and his Spokane wife sáysitkʷ, used to live. The term refers either to a certain type of rock, or possibly means 'muddy; greasy rocks’. Lit: B's etym: from kʷiy 'greasy, slippery’ Category: Place name.

skʷʔal̕   Morph: s+kʷʔal̕. warmth. See: kʷʔal̕.

sk̓ʷal̕   Morph: s+k̓ʷal̕. 1 • porcupine quill.

2 • sk̓ʷal̕. Category: Man's name. Sp s-k̓ʷíl̕ porcupine; Cm sk̓ʷəl̕ porcupine; Cr s+k̓ʷ+k̓ʷél̕ porcupine.

sk̓ʷanɬq   Morph: s+k̓ʷanɬq. harvest; garden. See Sp s-k̓ʷól̕ɬq; See Cm k̓ʷl̕‑ɬqʷ‑m to plant [garden]; See Cr s+k̓ʷl̕stq. See: k̓ʷanɬq.

sk̓ʷanɬqm   Morph: s+k̓ʷanɬq+m. planting; time for planting. See: sk̓ʷanɬq.

sk̓ʷap   Morph: sk̓ʷa+p. to become swollen. Sp sk̓ʷ-úp it got swollen; Cm suk̓ʷ‑p be swollen.

sk̓ʷaʕw̓s   Morph: sk̓ʷaʕw̓s. great blue heron. Category: Animal name. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ʷaʔk̓ʷaʔsmán̓xʷ   Morph: s+k̓ʷaʔ•k̓ʷaʔ+s+mán̓xʷ. chewing tobacco. See: k̓ʷaʔ; smán̓xʷ.

sk̓ʷck̓ʷact   Morph: s+k̓ʷc•k̓ʷac+t. power; strength. See: k̓ʷact.

sk̓ʷilk̓   Morph: s+k̓ʷilk̓. a roll. Sp k̓ʷélč̕-n I tipped it over, I turned it over; see Cr welč̕ roll, rolled (it (sphere)...), thrown (he was...off horse).

sk̓ʷiƛ̓m   Morph: s+k̓ʷiƛ̓+m. the dismantling or taking apart. See: k̓ʷiƛ̓.

sk̓ʷiƛ̓mn   Morph: s+k̓ʷiƛ̓+mn. remover tool (e.g. pliers, screwdriver). See: sk̓ʷiƛ̓m.

sk̓ʷiƛ̓tm   Morph: s+k̓ʷiƛ̓t+m. several brothers and / or sisters; a group, others of the same kind. See: k̓ʷiƛ̓t.

sk̓ʷin̓m   Morph: s+k̓ʷin̓+m. to taste s.t. See: k̓ʷin̓.

sk̓ʷíylaʔxʷ   Morph: s+k̓ʷíylaʔxʷ. frosty ground; hoar frost.

sk̓ʷiʔíkstn   Morph: s+k̓ʷiʔíkst+n. sk̓ʷiʔíkstn: an area, now inundated, on the former west side of the Columbia, just south from where Covada Creek entered the Columbia. Lit: bite-hand place Category: Place name.

sk̓ʷiʔst   Morph: s+k̓ʷiʔ+st. cave. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷinm   Morph: s+k̓ʷn•k̓ʷin+m. the picking of s.t. out. See: k̓ʷin.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷiymlt   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷiy+mlt. 1 • baby; infant; toddler; child.

2 • babyhood; one's being a baby. Sp s-k̓ʷk̓ʷím̓l̕t tiny child ... small one, young one, mother's child; Sh s-k̓ʷy-mem̓lt infant, toddler; Th s/k̓ʷú[ˑk̓ʷ]miʔt baby, child, youngster; Li s.k̓ʷúˑk̓ʷm̓it child.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷiym̓l̕t   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷiy+m̓l̕t. baby. Category: Diminutive.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷƛ̓ilt   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷƛ̓ilt. late fawn (after their change in color). Category: Animal name. See: ƛ̓k̓ʷƛ̓ak̓ʷ.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷr̓ínaʔ   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷr̓ínaʔ. clam, clam shell; fresh water clam; mussel unionidae anodonta. Category: Animal name. Cm s‑k̓ʷr̓‑anaʔ oyster, fresh water clam.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷutt   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷut•t. to go sideways. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ʷk̓ʷyínaʔ   Morph: s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷyínaʔ. a little. See: k̓ʷk̓ʷyínaʔ.

sk̓ʷlk̓alqʷ   Morph: s+k̓ʷlk̓alqʷ. a log. Category: Plant name. See: k̓ʷlk̓alqʷm.

sk̓ʷlk̓ʷalt   Morph: s+k̓ʷl•k̓ʷal+t. forested mountains; high mountains. Gram: northern form Sh s-kʷl-k̓ʷelt snowy mountains; Th k̓ʷiˑ/k̓ʷíy-t pinnacle, high mountain; Li k̓ʷult to come down a hill diagonally.

sk̓ʷlk̓ʷlqin   Morph: s+k̓ʷl•k̓ʷlqin. saskatoon, serviceberry (amelanchier alnifolia). Category: Plant name.

sk̓ʷlk̓ʷltaɬq   Morph: s+k̓ʷl•k̓ʷl+t꞊aɬq. wild strawberry (mountain variety) (fragaria vesca). Lit: B’s etym: mountain fruit Category: Plant name.

sk̓ʷl̕cncut   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕cn+cut. cooking. See: k̓ʷl̕cncut.

sk̓ʷl̕kstmist   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕kst+mist. grooming. See: k̓ʷl̕kstmist.

sk̓ʷl̕k̓ík̓waʔ   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+k̓í•k̓waʔ. step grandfather; step grandfather. Category: Kin term. See: k̓ʷul̕; k̓ík̓waʔ.

sk̓ʷl̕laʔxʷílp   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕laʔxʷílp. a made bed; a place made to sleep on; a spot or place made up for a bed. See: k̓ʷul̕.

sk̓ʷl̕laʔxʷílpm   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕laʔxʷílp+m. fixing a surface. See: sk̓ʷl̕laʔxʷílp.

sk̓ʷl̕ɬtum̓   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+ɬ+tum̓. step-mother. Category: Kin term. See: k̓ʷul̕; tum̓.

sk̓ʷl̕scut   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+scut. dolling oneself up. See: k̓ʷl̕scut.

sk̓ʷl̕splstwixʷm   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+s+pl+st+wixʷ+m. To make or wage war. See: k̓ʷul̕; plstwixʷ.

sk̓ʷl̕syʔaʕ̓   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+s+yʔaʕ̓. the gathering for a potlatch. Category: Compound. See: k̓ʷul̕; yʔaʕ̓.

sk̓ʷl̕sy̓aʕ̓   Morph: s+k̓ʷl̕+s+y̓aʕ̓. to give a potlach. Category: Compound. See: k̓ʷul̕; yʔaʕ̓.

sk̓ʷɬniw̓t   Morph: sk̓ʷɬniw̓t. beside; by the side of. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷƛ̓cinm   Morph: s+k̓ʷƛ̓cin+m. one's first public singing. Sp k̓ʷƛ̓cín-m he sang for the first time at a Medicine Dance. See: k̓ʷiƛ̓.

sk̓ʷƛ̓lscut   Morph: s+k̓ʷƛ̓+lscut. clothes taken off. See: k̓ʷƛ̓(a).

sk̓ʷƛ̓ptan   Morph: s+k̓ʷƛ̓+p+tan. east; sunrise. Sp s-č-kʷƛ̓-p-tín the East, s-n-k̓ʷƛ̓-p-tín the East; Cm sk̓ʷƛ̓ptnus east. See: k̓ʷƛ̓ap.

sk̓ʷƛ̓us   Morph: s+k̓ʷƛ̓us. face. Category: Body part. Sh s-kʷt̓-us face; Th s/k̓ʷƛ̓ús face.

sk̓ʷmk̓ʷum̓s   Morph: s+k̓ʷm̓•k̓ʷum̓s. eyebrows. Category: Body part. Cm k̓ʷum̓s eyebrow.

sk̓ʷnk̓ʷan   Morph: s+k̓ʷn•k̓ʷan. stick game bones. Sp k̓ʷn̓k̓ʷín̓-m stick game bones; Cm s‑k̓ʷn̓‑k̓ʷn̓ stick game bones.

sk̓ʷnxspintk   Morph: s+k̓ʷnx+s+pintk. how many years; an indefinite number of years. See: k̓ʷinx; spintk.

sk̓ʷsak̓ʷk̓ʷútt   Morph: sk̓ʷ•sak̓ʷ•k̓ʷút•t. ? See: sk̓ʷk̓ʷutt. Category: Confirm.

sk̓ʷsk̓ʷtmsqiltk   Morph: sk̓ʷ•sk̓ʷt+m+s+qiltk. half-breeds, half-bloods. See: sk̓ʷut; sqiltk.

sk̓ʷtálxkn   Morph: s+k̓ʷt꞊álxkn. sk̓ʷtálxkn. Category: Man's name.

sk̓ʷtaqs   Morph: s+k̓ʷtaqs. on one side of s.t. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷtax̌n   Morph: s+k̓ʷtax̌n. the other arm. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷtikn   Morph: sk̓ʷtíkn. a different place.

sk̓ʷtíknx   Morph: sk̓ʷtíknx. person from a different place; Coast Indians; person from Seattle. See Sp č-sq̓ʷtíčn̓i coast Indians, the other-side-of-the-mountain people. See: sk̓ʷtíkn.

sk̓ʷtikst   Morph: sk̓ʷtikst. one hand; the other hand. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷtilp   Morph: sk̓ʷtilp. one side of the room. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷtíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: sk̓ʷtíɬc̓aʔ. half body. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷtlilx   Morph: sk̓ʷt+li•l•x. to float down. Category: C2 plural. Cm nasúk̓ʷt float on water, Cr suk̓ʷ float (... with current). See: suk̓ʷt.

sk̓ʷtmsqílaʔtk   Morph: sk̓ʷt+m+s+qilaʔtk. a little half blood. Category: Diminutive, Compound. See: sk̓ʷtmsqíltk.

sk̓ʷtmsqiltk   Morph: sk̓ʷt+m+s+qiltk. half blood; half breed. Category: Compound. Sp s-č̕t-ms-qélixʷ half-Indian. See: sk̓ʷut; sqiltk.

sk̓ʷtus   Morph: s+k̓ʷtus. one eye. See: sk̓ʷut.

sk̓ʷúk̓iʔ   Morph: s+kʷúk̓y̓. father's sister or cousin; paternal aunt; the sister of an individual’s father; man’s father’s sister or cousin. Category: Kin term. Sp s-k̓ʷúk̓ʷi aunt (man's father's sister), nephew (woman's brother's son).

sk̓ʷúk̓ʷiʔ   Morph: s+k̓ʷuk̓ʷy̓. father’s sisters or cousins. Category: Kin term. See: sk̓ʷuk̓ʷy̓.

sk̓ʷuk̓ʷy̓   Morph: s+k̓ʷuk̓ʷy̓. father’s sisters or cousins. Category: Kin term. Sp s-k̓ʷúk̓ʷi aunt (man's father's sister); nephew (woman's brothers son).

sk̓ʷul̕   Morph: s+k̓ʷul̕. how s.t. is made or fixed. See: k̓ʷul̕.

sk̓ʷúl̕aʔst   Morph: s+k̓ʷúl̕aʔst. handywork. See: k̓ʷul̕.

sk̓ʷul̕l̕   Morph: sk̓ʷul̕•l̕. birth. Lit: Before your birth. See: k̓ʷul̕l̕.

sk̓ʷul̕ɬxʷm   Morph: s+k̓ʷul̕ɬxʷ+m. carpentry; house building. See: k̓ʷul̕ɬxʷ.

sk̓ʷul̕m   Morph: s+k̓ʷul̕+m. fixing s.t.; work. See: k̓ʷul̕.

sk̓ʷúmalt   Morph: s+k̓ʷúmalt. a young maiden; a virgin.

sk̓ʷut   Morph: s+k̓ʷut. 1 • half; half (a dollar).

2 • one side; the other side. Sp s-č̕ut half; Cm s‑k̓ʷut half, equal parts. See Sh s-q̓ʷut a half; Th s/q̓ʷút half.

sk̓ʷútmiʔst   Morph: sk̓ʷút+miʔst. to go sideways; to move over. See: sk̓ʷk̓ʷutt.

sk̓ʷuy   Morph: s+k̓ʷuy. man's mother. Category: Kin term. Sp s-k̓ʷúy mother (man's); Cm s‑k̓ʷuy man’s mother.

sk̓ʷyk̓ʷuy   Morph: s+k̓ʷy•k̓ʷuy. man's mothers. Category: Kin term. See: sk̓ʷuy.

sk̓ʷʔíksn   Morph: s+k̓ʷʔíks+n. sk̓ʷʔíksn: place near Kewa. Category: Place name.

sl(a)   Morph: sl. to set s.t. down. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: Nmiddle Category: Nominalized Middle. Sp sil to place more than one object; č-sl-im he set the table.

slal1   Morph: sl•al. to land. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sl(a).

slal2   Morph: sl•al. to have forgotten. Category: C2 Inchoative. See Sp sll-p-nú-n I've become confused and forgotten it; Cm sl̕l̕up‑n I forgot where I laid s.t.; Cr s+n+sl+pílgʷes amnesty, forgetting.

slalaʕ̓ʷsqínkst   Morph: s+la•laʕ̓ʷsqínkst. finger ring. See: liʕ̓ʷ.

slalqʷm   Morph: slalqʷ+m (?) mythical monster that hypnotizes or immobilizes people, similar to sc̓waʔnáytm. Category: Confirm.

slam   Morph: sla+m. to spin wool. Cm səl‑p‑nt‑xʷ you spin s.t. [wool, fiber]; Cr sel turn (to...), rotate; sel+p spin; Sh sl-em to twine (a string); Th √səl turn; √səy twine; Li sə́l-əm to make a line or string, to twine two strings together.

slap   Morph: sla+p. to be spun around, as when drinking. Sp hi sl̕-úp he was confused (at sea); Cm səl·p be intoxicated, dizzy, cross‑eyed.

slaqs   Morph: slaqs. mosquito. Category: Animal name. Sp √casláqs mosquito; Cm s‑c̣ə̣s‑lqs mosquito; Cr s+cas–alqs mosquito.

slaswám   Morph: s+laswá+m. From: French la soie silk. embroidering. Category: Borrowing.

slawántn   Morph: s+lawán+tn. granary. Category: Borrowing. Gram: term whose root is a borrowing See: lawán.

slax̌t   Morph: s+l̕ax̌+t. friend.

slaʕʷtíw̓sx   Morph: s+laʕʷtíw̓sx. Colvilles. Marginal subgroup of sx̌ʷʔíɬp, in the Colville Valley, along Colville River. See: laʕʷtíw̓s.

slaʕ̓ʷsqínkst   Morph: s+laʕ̓ʷsqínkst. finger ring. See: liʕ̓ʷ.

slaʔ   Morph: s+laʔ. a short time ago. Category: Confirm.

slikst   Morph: slikst. bastard. See: salt.

slilxʷ   Morph: slilxʷ. spotted horse. Category: Animal name.

slimt   Morph: s+limt. (one's) gladness. See: limt.

slip̓1   Morph: s+lip̓. wood; firewood. Sp lúk̓ʷ stick of wood, made of wood; Cm kas‑lap̓ to gather firewood; Cr slip̓ woody; slip̓+t wood; Sh -esl̕p̓ house- or campfire; Th úsyep̓ wood.

slip̓2   Morph: s+lip̓. yard (a measure of length).

slisíkʷrtn   Morph: s+lisíkʷr+tn. sugar bowl. Gram: word whose root is a borrowing See: lisíkʷr.

slkipm   Morph: s+lkip+m. pit cooking. See: lkip.

slk̓íc̓aʔ   Morph: s+lk̓íc̓aʔ. a bundle. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓íst̓iyaʔ   Morph: s+lk̓꞊íst̓yaʔ. bear grass (xerophyllum tenax). Lit: B’s etym: tie-up (weave) grass Category: Plant name. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓íst̓yaʔ   Morph: s+lk̓íst̓yaʔ. bear grass (xerophyllum tenax). Category: Plant name. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓iw̓sm   Morph: s+lk̓iw̓s+m. to tie bundles. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓us1   Morph: s+lk̓us. a raft. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓us2   Morph: s+lk̓us. a pitch bundle. See: lk̓(a).

slk̓usm   Morph: s+lk̓us+m. to make a raft. See: slk̓us1.

slkʷilx   Morph: s+lkʷilx. a departure. See: lkʷilx.

slkʷut   Morph: s+lkʷut. a place away, a place distant; distance. See: lkʷut.

sllapp   Morph: sl•l•a+p•p. to make a mistake; to lose one's direction; to goof. Sp sll-ípp he made a mistake, he's thoroughly confused; Cm səl·pm sl‑l‑p‑m mistake, error. See: sl̕al̕.

sll̕al̕   Morph: sl̕•al̕. to have forgotten s.t. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sl̕ip.

slmlimt   Morph: s+lm•lim+t. gladness (of several). See: limt.

slncut   Morph: sl+ncut. slncut. Category: Man's name.

slpíc̓aʔ   Morph: slpíc̓aʔ. slpíc̓aʔ. Category: Woman's name.

slpikstm   Morph: sl+pikstm. to make a mistake with s.t. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: slpmi.

slpmi   Morph: sl+p+mi. to mistake s.o. (for s.o. else). Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: +ɬt transitive See: sl̕al̕.

slpmtíc̓aʔ   Morph: slp+mtíc̓aʔ. slpmtíc̓aʔ (William Seymour). Category: Man's name. Lit: mistake on blanket

slp̓   Morph: slp̓. wood. Category: Lexical affix. Sp č-xʷʔéslk̓ʷ-p-m he laid up a big supply of wood.

slp̓lip̓xn   Morph: s+lp̓•lip̓xn. a shoe. Gram: Douglas Lake form

slq̓ʷtaqs   Morph: s+lq̓ʷ+taqs. a portion of game or food. Sp √loq̓ʷ torn loose from; Cm lq̓ʷ‑nt‑xʷ you break s.t.; Cr hn+loq̓ʷíw̓es divorced, split. See: lq̓ʷ(a).

slsaʔlíc̓aʔ   Morph: sl•saʔlíc̓aʔ. slsaʔlíc̓aʔ. Lit: polka-dotted Category: Man's name.

slsulxn   Morph: sl•sulxn. numb or asleep feet or legs. See: sul.

sltikn̓   Morph: sl+tikn̓ ? sltikn̓. Category: Man's name.

sltis   Morph: sltis. sltis. Category: Man's name.

slux̌ʷkstm   Morph: s+lux̌ʷ꞊kst+m. the making of a banging noise. Sp √lox̌ʷ sound of a heavy object hitting a wooden floor; Cm lx̌ʷ‑lx̌ʷ‑il̕x to make noise. See: lux̌ʷkstm.

slxʷap   Morph: s+lxʷa+p. ache, hurt, wound. Sp lxʷ-úp he got hurt; Cm ləxʷp be injured; Cr s+lexʷ+p casualty. See: lxʷap.

slxʷaʔálqʷ   Morph: slxʷaʔálqʷ. large person; stout person. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔalqʷwílx   Morph: slxʷaʔalqʷ+wílx. to get big. See: slxʷaʔálqʷ.

slxʷaʔápusxn   Morph: slxʷaʔápusxn. big mouth jar. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔáyaʔqn   Morph: slxʷaʔáyaʔqn. a big head. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔílsm   Morph: slxʷaʔ+íls+m. to think highly of oneself. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔíɬxʷ   Morph: slxʷaʔíɬxʷ. a big house. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔínk   Morph: slxʷaʔínk. large belly. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔíp   Morph: slxʷaʔíp. a big bottom. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔpúsqn   Morph: slxʷaʔ+púsqn. a big mouth. See: sílxʷaʔ. Category: Confirm.

slxʷaʔscút   Morph: slxʷaʔ+scut. to act big. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔspuʔús   Morph: slxʷaʔ+s+puʔús. a big heart; to be generous. Category: Compound. See: sílxʷaʔ; spuʔús.

slxʷaʔsqílt   Morph: slxʷaʔ+s+qíl+t. a big body; a large body. Category: Compound. See: sílxʷaʔ; sqilt.

slxʷaʔtwílx   Morph: slxʷaʔ+t+wílx. to get big. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷaʔúlaʔxʷ   Morph: slxʷaʔúlaʔxʷ. big place. See: sílxʷaʔ.

slxʷisxn̓m   Morph: slxʷisxn̓+m. to work in stone; to hew.

slxʷus   Morph: s+lxʷus. to go and set watch. Gram: intransitive Gram: middle Category: Middle. See: lxʷus2.

slxʷʔíc̓aʔ   Morph: slxʷʔíc̓aʔ. a large bundle. See: sílxʷaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: or slxʷaʔ

slxʷʔiɬxʷ   Morph: slxʷʔiɬxʷ. a big house. See: sílxʷaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: or slxʷaʔ

slxʷʔúlaʔxʷ   Morph: slxʷʔúlaʔxʷ. a big place. See: sílxʷaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: or slxʷaʔ

slx̌lax̌t   Morph: s+lx̌•lax̌+t. friends. See: sl̕ax̌t.

slx̌tiw̓s   Morph: s+lx̌tiw̓s. to be friends with one another; two individuals of the same sex are friends (obsolescent). See: sl̕ax̌t.

slx̌y̓alqs   Morph: s+lx̌y̓alqs. slx̌y̓alqs. Category: Woman's name.

sl̕1   Morph: sl̕. root with meaning "to be confused, lost" on which several stems are formed. Category: Root. See: nsl̕ip; nssl̕ip; nsl̕l̕ip; sl̕al̕; nsl̕l̕ínaʔm; nsl̕qinm; nsl̕sl̕ipst; nsl̕sl̕pus; sult1; sul̕t; sl̕tmi; ssl̕ip; ssl̕ap. Sp n-sl̕ép he got lost.

sl̕2   Morph: sl̕. to twist s.t. (wire, hemp...) Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive, Root. Gram: c-...-st customary Gram: -xt transitive Sp hec-slsel̕-péčst-m̓-s he's twirling his rope (or doing tricks); Cr √sl, sel turn (to), rotate, spin; Sh √sel - sel-mt to twine (a string); Th √səy twine; Li √səl to spin, twine.

sl̕álaʔ   Morph: s+l̕á•laʔ ? a short time ago. Category: Confirm.

sl̕al̕   Morph: sl̕•al̕. to be puzzled; to have made a mistake. Category: C2 Inchoative. Sp sil̕ wrong, lost, confused, Cr sel hazy, obscure ... complex, complicated, confused, intricate... See: sl̕1.

sl̕am   Morph: sl̕a+m. to roll or twist s.t. (e.g. hemp over one's leg). See: sl̕1.

sl̕ax̌t   Morph: s+l̕ax̌+t. Gram: also appellative form: male addressing coeval male; female addressing coeval female or coeval intimate member of the opposite sex. This usage is becoming obsolete. Sometimes refers to a sibling friend; partner. Category: Appellative. Sp s-l̕áx̌-t friend; Cm sl̕ax̌t male’s male friend; Cr s+l̕ax̌+t buddy, comrade, friend.

sl̕ax̌ts iʔ x̌asx̌s   Morph: s+l̕ax̌t-s iʔ x̌asx̌s. western sweet cicely (osmorhiza occidentalis). Lit: lovage's partner Category: Plant name. See: sl̕ax̌t; x̌asx̌s.

sl̕ax̌ts iʔ x̌ʷx̌ʷƛ̓m̓iɬp   Morph: s+l̕ax̌t-s iʔ x̌ʷx̌ʷƛ̓m̓iɬp. false Labrador tea (ledum glandulosum). Category: Plant name. See: sl̕ax̌t; x̌ʷx̌ʷƛ̓m̓iɬp.

sl̕ip   Morph: sl̕i+p. to be lost. Sp sl̕-íp error, mental block; Cm sal̕ to not care, pay attention; Cr sel̕ indistinct, obscure. See: sl̕2.

sl̕iʔst   Morph: sl̕iʔst. pinedrops (pterospora andromedea) and pinesap (hypopitys monotropa). Lit: lost arrow. Category: Plant name. See: sl̕ip.

sl̕lwis   Morph: sl̕+lwis. to be puzzled. See: sl̕ip.

sl̕l̕app   Morph: sl̕•l̕a+p•p. to make a mistake, misspeak. See: sl̕al̕.

sl̕l̕pcin   Morph: sl̕•l̕+pcin. to say the wrong thing. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sl̕l̕app.

sl̕mi   Morph: sl̕+mi. to lose s.t. or s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Gram: +st transitive Gram: +ɬt transitive Sp n-sl̕ép he got lost; Cm sl̕-l̕-mi(n)-(nt)-nn I misplaced s.t.

sl̕mxixm   Morph: sl̕+m+xix+m. to lose s.t. that's not yours. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: +ɬt transitive See: sl̕mi.

sl̕p   Morph: sl̕+p. twist s.t. (wire, hemp); to twist s.t. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sl̕1.

sl̕sal̕   Morph: sl̕•sal̕. a circle. See: sl̕1.

sl̕sal̕t   Morph: sl̕•sal̕+t. several are lost. See: sal̕t.

sl̕saʔl̕píkstm   Morph: sl̕•saʔl̕+píkst+m. to turn s.t. around repeatedly. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sl̕sal̕.

sl̕sl̕mi   Morph: sl̕•sl̕+mi. to lose s.t. See: sl̕usm. Category: Confirm.

sl̕sl̕p   Morph: sl̕•sl̕+p. to spin s.t. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sl̕p.

sl̕spuʔús   Morph: sl̕+s+puʔús. to lose heart. See: sl̕2.

sl̕tmi   Morph: sl̕+t+mi. to lose s.t. or s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sl̕1.

sl̕tmiltm   Morph: sl+t+milt. an illegitimate child. See: sl̕tmi.

sl̕us   Morph: sl̕us. to be mistaken. See: sl̕2.

sl̕usm   Morph: sl̕us+m. to lose sight of s.t. or s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: sl̕us.

sl̕x̌cin   Morph: s+l̕x̌cin. one who steals a friend's mate. Category: Confirm.

sl̕x̌l̕ax̌t   Morph: s+l̕x̌•l̕ax̌+t. friends. See: sl̕ax̌t.

sɬaq   Morph: s+ɬaq. serviceberry or saskatoon (amelanchier alnifolia). Gram: southern form Category: Plant name. Sp s-ɬáq mountain sarvis berry; Cr sɬa[q] sarvice berry.

sɬaqʷqʷɬqʷt   Morph: s+ɬaqʷ•qʷ•ɬqʷ+t. s.t. huge; s.t. large. See: ɬaqʷɬqʷt.

sɬat̓t   Morph: s+ɬat̓+t. being bruised. See: ɬat̓t.

sɬaʔínaʔ   Morph: s+ɬaʔínaʔ. 1 • sɬaʔínaʔ: the general area of Manahan Creek at Rogers Bar, and to the area around the mouth of the creek. Lit: B's etym: beginning of a steep area Category: Place name.

2 • sɬaʔínaʔ: the Chalk Grade on the east side of F.D.R. Lake. Category: Place name.

sɬíkɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+ɬíkɬc̓aʔ. deer hocks. Category: Confirm.

sɬiqʷ   Morph: sɬiqʷ. meat.

sɬixʷcn   Morph: s+ɬixʷcn. saliva. Category: Body part. Category: Confirm.

sɬkɬak   Morph: s+ɬk•ɬak. bushes. Category: Plant name. See: ɬak.

sɬk̓ʷaɬq̓ʷlt   Morph: s+ɬk̓ʷaɬq̓ʷlt. a necklace. See: ɬk̓ʷ(a).

sɬk̓ʷáɬq̓ʷlts sxʷxʷl̕am̓   Morph: s+ɬk̓ʷáɬq̓ʷlt-s s+xʷ•xʷl̕ám̓. blue harebell (campanula rotundifolia). Lit: fool-hen’s necklace Category: Plant name. See: sɬk̓ʷáɬq̓ʷlt; sxʷxʷl̕am̓.

sɬk̓ʷaɬq̓ʷɬt   Morph: s+ɬk̓ʷaɬq̓ʷɬt. a beaded necklace. See: ɬk̓ʷ(a).

sɬɬat̓   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬat̓. (fish) that have been hooked or caught. See: ɬɬt̓.

sɬɬt̓am   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬt̓a+m. fishing. See: sɬɬat̓.

sɬɬt̓pin   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬt̓pin. a single (fish) that has been hooked or caught. See: sɬɬat̓.

sɬɬwilt   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬwilt. little nephew, little niece; brother, sister or cousin's son or daughter (diminutive). Category: Kin term. See: sɬwilt.

sɬɬw̓ilt   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬw̓ilt. man or woman's niece or nephew. Category: Diminutive, Kin term. See: sɬwilt.

sɬɬx̌mílaʔt   Morph: s+ɬx̌mílaʔt. child relative; daughter (casual form to refer to a daughter or younger relative). Category: Diminutive, Kin term. See: sɬx̌milt.

sɬɬx̌ʷm̓xilt   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬx̌ʷm̓xilt. a pubescent youngster. See: sɬɬx̌ʷúm̓aʔx.

sɬɬx̌ʷúm̓aʔx   Morph: s+ɬ•ɬx̌ʷúm̓aʔx. puberty.

sɬmnw̓sáyaʔqn   Morph: s+ɬmnw̓sáyaʔqn. sɬmnw̓sáyaʔqn. Category: Woman's name.

sɬqilm   Morph: s+ɬqilm. a síyaʔ bush. Category: Plant name. See: sɬaq.

sɬqiɬp   Morph: s+ɬqiɬp. saskatoon or serviceberry (amelanchier alnifolia). Category: Plant name. See: sɬaq.

sɬqulxʷ   Morph: sɬqulxʷ. berry (any berry). Category: Plant name. Category: Confirm. Ques: analysis not clear

sɬqw̓iɬ   Morph: s+ɬqw̓iɬ. a sailboat. Category: Confirm. Ques: no, this is probably ɬq̓

sɬq̓ilx   Morph: s+ɬq̓ilx. a bedroom.

sɬq̓lxalqs   Morph: s+ɬq̓lxalqs. pajamas; night clothes.

sɬq̓lxáyaʔqn   Morph: s+ɬq̓lxáyaʔqn. night cap. See: ɬq̓ilx.

sɬq̓wiɬ   Morph: s+ɬq̓wiɬ. ferry boat. Lit: flat conveyance Sp s-ɬq̓wíɬ (s-ɬq̓-éwɬ ferry boat.

sɬqʷam   Morph: s+ɬqʷa+m. what one has stored; one's cache. See: ɬqʷ(a).

sɬqʷiɬm̓lx   Morph: s+ɬqʷiɬm̓lx. sɬqʷiɬm̓lx: area, now inundated, on the former west side of the Columbia. The southern portion of sɬqʷiɬm̓lx was opposite the northern end of tx̌əx̌áw̓. Lit: groves of trees Category: Place name.

sɬq̓ʷutn   Morph: s+ɬq̓ʷut+n. bed; place to sleep. Sp s-n-ɬq̓ʷú-tn bed; Cm snɬq̓ʷútn bed, bedroom. See: ɬq̓ʷut.

sɬúkʷlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+ɬúkʷlaʔxʷ. dirt; clay. See: ɬúkʷlaʔxʷ.

sɬwilm   Morph: s+ɬwil+m. a widow; a widower. Category: Kin term.

sɬwilmt   Morph: s+ɬwil+m+t. to be widowed; to be in mourning. Sp sɬw̓él̕mt widow, widower; Cm ɬw̓al̕mt widow, widower. See: sɬwilm.

sɬwilt   Morph: s+ɬwilt. brother, sister or cousin's son or daughter; nephew; stepson. Category: Kin term. Cm sɬwalt male’s brother’s child; male’s nephew.

sɬw̓am   Morph: s+ɬw̓a+m. stabbing, spearing. See: ɬw̓(a).

sɬw̓ikst   Morph: s+ɬw̓ikst. a sliver in one's hand. See: ɬw̓(a).

sɬw̓ɬw̓ilt   Morph: s+ɬw̓•ɬw̓ilt. brother(s), sister(s), or cousin(s) sons or daughters; nieces; stepchildren. Category: Kin term. See: sɬwilt.

sɬxʷɬxʷncut   Morph: s+ɬxʷ•ɬxʷ+ncut. one's breath. See: sɬxʷmncút; ɬxʷncut.

sɬxʷmncút   Morph: s+ɬxʷ+mncút. one's breath. See: sɬxʷncút.

sɬxʷncut   Morph: s+ɬxʷ+ncut. one's breath. See: ɬxʷncut.

sɬx̌ɬx̌mílt   Morph: s+ɬx̌•ɬx̌mílt. daughters (in law). Category: Kin term. See: ɬx̌m.

sɬx̌mam   Morph: s+ɬx̌ma+m. one's staying or living with in-laws. See: ɬx̌m.

sɬx̌milt   Morph: s+ɬx̌milt. an in-law from one's child. Category: Kin term. See: ɬx̌milt; ɬx̌m.

sɬx̌mmix   Morph: s+ɬx̌m+mix. in-laws. Category: Kin term. See: ɬx̌m.

sɬx̌ʷiɬxʷ   Morph: s+ɬx̌ʷiɬxʷ. hideout, den, lair. Lit: hole-house See: ɬx̌ʷ.

sɬx̌ʷitkʷ   Morph: s+ɬx̌ʷitkʷ. a well, a spring; water under ground. See: ɬx̌ʷ.

sɬy̓alxʷ   Morph: s+ɬy̓alxʷ. a speckled horse. Category: Animal name. Sp √ɬay̓ soiled; Cm s‑ɬy̓‑alxʷ roan horse; Cr ɬe+ɬay̓ spotted.

sɬy̓aʕlxʷ   Morph: s+ɬy̓aʕlxʷ. a freckled roan and white horse. Category: Animal name.

sɬy̓ɬy̓aɬq̓ʷlt   Morph: s+ɬy̓•ɬy̓aɬq̓ʷlt. freckled, splashy colored horse. Category: Animal name. See: sɬy̓alxʷ.

sƛ̓ál̕qaʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓ál̕qaʔ. little people. Category: Confirm.

sƛ̓áƛ̓ʔimx   Morph: s+ƛ̓á•ƛ̓ʔimx. Lillooet; Litton Indians.

sƛ̓áƛ̓ʔimxʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓á•ƛ̓ʔimxʷ. Lillooet; Litton Indians.

sƛ̓aq   Morph: s+ƛ̓aq. digging. See: ƛ̓aq.

sƛ̓ax̌t   Morph: s+ƛ̓ax̌+t. speed; being fast. See: ƛ̓ax̌t.

sƛ̓aʔcínm   Morph: s+ƛ̓aʔcínm. deer. Category: Animal name. Cm s-ƛ̓aʔ-cin-m deer.

sƛ̓aʔcnmíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓aʔcn+míc̓aʔ. tanned buckskin hide. See: sƛ̓aʔcínm.

sƛ̓aʔkʷílx   Morph: s+ƛ̓aʔkʷ+ílx. medicine; the power of an Indian doctor. See: ƛ̓aʔkʷílx.

sƛ̓aʔƛ̓ʔímx   Morph: s+ƛ̓aʔ•ƛ̓ʔímx. the relationship between a boy and his grandmother (reciprocal form). Category: Confirm.

sƛ̓k̓ʷƛ̓ak̓ʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓k̓ʷ•ƛ̓ák̓ʷ. a new born fawn. Category: Animal name. See: sk̓ʷk̓ʷƛ̓ilt.

sƛ̓k̓ʷpaqs   Morph: s+ƛ̓k̓ʷpaqs. a beak. Category: Body part.

sƛ̓lal   Morph: s+ƛ̓l•al. one person's death. Lit: not your death See: ƛ̓lal.

sƛ̓lqim   Morph: s+ƛ̓lqim. 1 • sƛ̓lqim: Colville River. Lit: stuck out Category: Place name.

2 • sƛ̓lqim: former village site at the mouth of the Colville River. Category: Place name. See: sƛ̓qim.

sƛ̓lsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓lsqáx̌aʔ. a dead horse; a dead animal. See: ƛ̓lal.

sƛ̓ƛ̓úk̓ʷaʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓•ƛ̓úk̓ʷaʔ. pitchwood; pitchy top; wood turning to pitch. Sp s-ƛ̓ƛ̓úk̓ʷeʔ pitch wood, kindling wood; Cm s-ƛ̓a-ƛ̓uk̓ʷ-aʔ pitch wood; see Cr s+t̓íkʷ+sus sap of a tree used as an eye medicine.

sƛ̓ƛ̓x̌ap   Morph: s+ƛ̓•ƛ̓x̌a+p. old age. See: ƛ̓x̌ap.

sƛ̓m̓cin   Morph: s+ƛ̓m̓cin. sƛ̓m̓cin: area of the former north entrance to the Grand Coulee. Lit: go past mouth; edge Category: Place name.

sƛ̓m̓im̓tqn   Morph: s+ƛ̓m̓•im̓+tqn. sƛ̓m̓im̓tqn. Category: Man's name.

sƛ̓nqin   Morph: s+ƛ̓nqin. waterleaf (hydrophyllum capitatum). Category: Plant name.

sƛ̓qim   Morph: s+ƛ̓qim. sƛ̓qim: the confluence of the Columbia and Colville rivers. Category: Place name. See: sƛ̓lqim. Category: Confirm.

sƛ̓qm̓cin̓   Morph: s+ƛ̓qm̓cin̓. 1 • sƛ̓qm̓cin̓: the Colville River. Lit: stuck out at mouth

2 • sƛ̓qm̓cin̓: a former village site at the mouth of the Colville river.

3 • sƛ̓qm̓cin̓: a slough, now inundated, located on the flats immediately below the northwest end of the point of land (Mission Point) on which St. Paul's Mission is located. Lit: stuck out at mouth See: sƛ̓qim.

sƛ̓q̓mcin   Morph: s+ƛ̓q̓+mcin. sƛ̓q̓mcin (unidentified location). Category: Place name.

sƛ̓uk̓ʷm   Morph: s+ƛ̓uk̓ʷ+m. wild caraway or Indian carrot (perideridia gairdneri). Category: Plant name. Sp s-ƛ̓úk̓ʷ-m Indian carrot; Cm st̓uk̓ʷm wild carrot; Cr s+t̓úk̓ʷ+m carrot (wild).

sƛ̓wk̓áʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓wk̓áʕlaʔxʷ. mud. Category: Pharyngeal movement. Sp hi ƛ̓áʕʷč̕leʔxʷ the land is muddy; s-ƛ̓oʕč̕óleʔxʷ mud; Cm s‑ƛ̓ək̓‑ul̕əxʷ mud. See: nƛ̓waʕk̓.

sƛ̓wmix   Morph: s+ƛ̓w+mix. to be a fire fighter. See: ƛ̓aw.

sƛ̓xʷam   Morph: s+ƛ̓xʷa+m. murder. See: ƛ̓axʷt.

sƛ̓xʷíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓xʷíɬc̓aʔ. drum skin. Category: Confirm. Ques: see sƛ̓x̌ʷílɬc̓aʔ

sƛ̓xʷnwixʷxʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓xʷ+nwixʷ•xʷ. war. See: ƛ̓xʷnwixʷ.

sƛ̓xʷup   Morph: s+ƛ̓xʷup. one's earning; what one wins or earns. See: ƛ̓xʷup.

sƛ̓x̌ap   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌ap. upbringing. See: ƛ̓x̌ap.

sƛ̓x̌atkʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌atkʷ. sƛ̓x̌atkʷ: Spokane. Lit: fast water Category: Place name. Sp s-ƛ̓x̌étkʷ fast water; Spokane Falls, Spokane, WA. See: ƛ̓ax̌t.

sƛ̓x̌itkʷ   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌itkʷ. sƛ̓x̌itkʷ: Spokane. Lit: fast water Category: Place name. See: ƛ̓ax̌t.

sƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌ap   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌a+p. old or advanced age. See: ƛ̓x̌ap.

sƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ. race horses. Category: Animal name. See: sƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ.

sƛ̓x̌pilt   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌+pilt. a grown child. See: ƛ̓x̌ap.

sƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ. a race horse. Category: Animal name. See: ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ.

sƛ̓x̌ʷíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+ƛ̓x̌ʷíc̓aʔ. drum; deer-hide drum. Sp √ƛ̓ox̌ʷ sound of a round object like a bead or cherry falling into a container; Th /ƛ̓ix̌ʷ shout, holler at s.o.; Li √ƛix̌ʷ to bawl s.o. out, to scold s.o. loudly.

smac̓áʕɬaʔ   Morph: s+mac̓áʕɬaʔ ? smac̓áʕɬaʔ (Pussy). Category: Man's name.

smakʷsxn   Morph: s+makʷsxn. smakʷsxn. Category: Man's name.

smálaʔqʷ   Morph: sm+álaʔqʷ. smálaʔqʷ. Category: Woman's name.

smálaʔxʷ   Morph: smálaʔxʷ. smálaʔxʷ (Dora DeSautel's paternal great-grandmother). Category: Woman's name.

smamn   Morph: s+ma•mn. appaloosa. Category: Animal name. Sp mámn appaloosa.

smamʔím   Morph: s+ma•mʔím. women. Sp s-m-ʔém woman; queen (playing card); s-m-ʔemʔém women; Cm smʔám woman; Cr s+míʔyem bride, wife, woman.

smanxʷ   Morph: s+manxʷ. tobacco.

sman̓xʷ   Morph: s+man̓xʷ. wild, Indian tobacco; tobacco; smoke (nicotiana attenuata). Category: Plant name. Sp s-mén̓xʷ Indian tobacco, mullein; Cm man̓xʷ‑m to smoke a pipe, cigarette, cigar; Cr s-mil̕xʷ tobacco; Sh s-menx tobacco; Th n/mén̓x-tn; Li s.man̓x tobacco.

smaq̓ʷɬtn   Morph: s+maq̓ʷɬ+tn. smaq̓ʷɬtn: a point of land, now inundated, on the former east side of the Columbia, across from Martin Creek. Lit: mound place Category: Place name.

smaʕm   Morph: s+maʕ+m. the laying down of a long object. See: maʕ2.

smáʕʷlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+máʕʷlaʔxʷ. smáʕʷlaʔxʷ: area located about one and one quarter miles up the Columbia from Mitchell Point and known locally as "The Slide". Lit: landslide Category: Place name.

smaʔmínm   Morph: s+maʔ+mín+m. being a nuisance; to be sent away. See: maʔmí(n).

smaʔmʔím   Morph: s+maʔ•mʔ•ím. women; wifes. Sp s-m-ʔem woman; Cr s+míʔyem bride, wife, woman, s+mí+mʔeʔem women.

smaʔscút   Morph: smaʔ+scút. to act like a white person. See: sámaʔ.

smaʔsíyaʔ   Morph: smaʔ+s+íyaʔ. raisins (vitis vinifera). Lit: white man's serviceberry Category: Plant name. See: sámaʔ; síyaʔ.

smcnalqʷ   Morph: s+mcnalqʷ. desert parsley (lomatium macrocarpum). Category: Plant name.

smcnúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+mcnúlaʔxʷ. smcnúlaʔxʷ: former major camping area, now under water, on the former west side of the Columbia, extending. approximately from just north of nxt̓ikʷ to nɬʔmínaʔ, a distance of about three-quarters of a mile. Category: Place name. See: smcnalqʷ.

smcq̓ʷulm   Morph: s+mcq̓ʷulm ? a mouthful. Category: Confirm.

smc̓maʕc̓s   Morph: s+mc̓•maʕc̓s. wet matter in the eye(s). Sp č-mc̓mác̓s he has "sleep" in his eyes, the meadowlark pooped in the late sleeper's eyes.

smik̓ʷt   Morph: s+mik̓ʷ+t. snow on the ground. Sp s-mek̓ʷ-t snow on the ground; Cm s‑mak̓ʷ‑t snow on the ground; Cr s+mik̓ʷ+t snow.

smil̕m   Morph: s+mil̕+m. the sharing out of fish. See: mil̕m.

smiƛ̓ɬxʷm   Morph: s+miƛ̓ɬxʷ+m. house painting. See: miƛ̓ɬxʷm.

smiƛ̓t   Morph: s+miƛ̓+t. the paint job. See: miƛ̓.

smiw̓sálq   Morph: s+miw̓sálq ? midway. See: miw̓s.

smiyáw   Morph: s+myaw. From: Moses Columbian smiyáw. Coyote. Cm smiyáw coyote; Cm s‑miyaw; Cr s+miyíw coyote; Sh s-mɣew̓ lynx; Th √məɣéw̓ lynx; Li s.əmɣáw̓ lynx.

smiʔɬ   Morph: s+miʔɬ. paternal uncle; father's brother, cousin. Category: Kin term. See: miʔɬ.

smk̓ʷtan   Morph: s+mk̓ʷ+tan. time of snow on the ground. See: smik̓ʷt.

smláʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+mláʕlaʔxʷ. clay, chinking material. Category: Pharyngeal movement. Sp √mal dirt, earth; Cm s‑ml‑l‑ul̕əxʷ clay; Cr mul dirty; Sh s-ml-óleʔxʷ clay; Th √mól pile up dirt / snow. See: ml(a).

smlaʕm   Morph: s+mlaʕ+m. to smear. See: ml(a).

smlk̓ʷáqaʔ   Morph: s+mlk̓ʷáqaʔ. a jug. See: mlk̓ʷ.

smlk̓ʷíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+mlk̓ʷíc̓aʔ. a sleeping bag. Sp s-mlk̓ʷíc̓eʔ a blanket made from a whole hide with fur intact. See: mlk̓ʷ.

smlqmitkʷ   Morph: s+mlq+mitkʷ. smlqmitkʷ: the Similkameen River. Category: Place name. See: smlqmix.

smlqmix   Morph: s+mlqmix. Eagle River people; Similkameen Indians. See: smlqmitkʷ.

sml̕áʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+ml̕áʕlaʔxʷ. clay, mud. See: ml(a).

sml̕mal̕qs   Morph: s+ml̕•mal̕qs. sml̕mal̕qs. Category: Woman's name.

smmaʔwílx   Morph: sm•m•aʔ+wílx. to have become white, caucasian. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sámaʔ.

smn̓xʷiɬml̕x   Morph: s+mn̓xʷiɬml̕x. wild tobacco (nicotiana attenuata). Category: Plant name. See: smán̓xʷ.

smqʷaqʷ   Morph: s+mqʷ•aqʷ. the first snow fall. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: mqʷaqʷ.

smq̓ʷaɬq̓ʷl̕t   Morph: s+mq̓ʷaɬq̓ʷl̕t. Adam's apple. Category: Body part.

smr̓íwy̓   Morph: s+mr̓íwy̓ ? soup bones; bones for soup stock. Gram: intransitive Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: mar̓wy̓.

smsasq̓t   Morph: s+msasq̓t. Thursday. Sp mósq̓t four days, Thursday; Cm smusq̓t Thursday; Cr mósq̓iʔt Thursday; Sh s-məs-esq̓t Thursday; Th s/mus-ésq̓t Thursday. Category: Confirm.

smsmspintk   Morph: s+ms•ms+pintk. four year old(s). See: mspintk.

smspintk   Morph: s+ms+pintk. four years. See: mspintk.

smtkʷl̕ínaʔ   Morph: s+mtkʷl̕ínaʔ. smtkʷl̕ínaʔ: unidentified plant. Category: Plant name.

smtq̓ʷul   Morph: s+mtq̓ʷul. a bird species found in swamps, with an ugly beak that will not let go. Category: Animal name.

smúkʷaʔxn   Morph: s+múkʷaʔxn. sunflower; balsamroot (balsamorhiza sagittata). Lit: lump on the foot Category: Plant name. Sp s-múkʷeʔšn spring sunflower; Cr s+múkʷeʔšn sunflower.

smukʷaʔxníɬp   Morph: s+mukʷaʔxníɬp. balsamroot plant (balsamorhiza sagittata). Category: Plant name. See: smúkʷaʔxn.

smúllaʔxʷ   Morph: s+múllaʔxʷ. dew.

smutn   Morph: s+mut+n. a place to sit. See: mut.

smxʷʔalqs   Morph: smxʷʔalqs. smxʷʔalqs. Category: Woman's name.

smx̌ikn   Morph: s+mx̌ikn. female grizzly bear (also as grizzly of unspecified sex). Category: Animal name. Sp s-mx̌éy̓čn grizzly bear; Cm míx̌aɬ black bear.

smx̌ikn̓   Morph: s+mx̌ikn̓. female grizzly bear (also as unspecified sex). Category: Animal name.

smyaʔsʔíɬn   Morph: s+my+aʔ+s+ʔíɬn. a delicacy. Category: Compound. See: my1; ʔiɬn.

smyɬsqltmixʷ   Morph: s+my+ɬ+s+qltmixʷ. one who is more of a man; an important man. Category: Compound. See: sqltmixʷ.

smyɬtkɬmilxʷ   Morph: s+my+ɬ+tkɬmilxʷ. an important woman. Category: Compound. See: tkɬmilxʷ.

smyɬttwit   Morph: s+my+ɬ+t•twit. an outstanding boy. Category: Compound. See: ttwit.

smyɬttw̓it   Morph: s+my+ɬ+t•tw̓ít. a special boy; a dependable boy. Category: Compound.

smyɬylmixʷm   Morph: s+my+ɬ+ylmixʷ+m. to be an important chief. Category: Compound. See: ylmixʷm.

smynap   Morph: s+mynáp ? toad. Category: Animal name. Cm sminp toad, bull frog; Cr s+m̓e·+m̓ínep toad; Sh s-my̓nip toad, bullfrog.

smysámaʔ   Morph: s+my+sámaʔ. high class person; close acquaintance. Category: Compound. See: sámaʔ.

smysqilxʷ   Morph: s+my+s+qilxʷ. important people. Category: Compound. See: sqilxʷ.

smysʔiɬn   Morph: s+my+s+ʔiɬn. more food. Category: Compound. Lit: Maybe it wasn't more food. See: sʔiɬn.

smy̓may̓   Morph: s+my̓•may̓. stories; messages. See: may̓.

smʔilt   Morph: smʔilt. a white child. See: sámaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: smaʔílt ?

smʔus   Morph: smʔus. a white person's face. See: sámaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: smaʔús ?

sm̓   Morph: sm̓. poor thing; pitiable one. Category: Particle. See: ʔamsm̓.

sm̓amʔím   Morph: s+m̓a•mʔím. women.

sm̓anxʷ   Morph: s+m̓anxʷ. smoke.

sm̓ay̓áy̓   Morph: s+m̓ay̓•áy̓. a story; what one tells. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: m̓ay̓.

sm̓áy̓aʔm   Morph: s+m̓áy̓aʔ+m. gossip. Sp m̓ey̓-m̓-l̕w̓ís he keeps on spreading the news, he's gossiping. See: m̓áy̓aʔ.

sm̓ay̓xtwíxʷ   Morph: s+m̓ay̓+xt+wíxʷ. a story. See: m̓ay̓xtwíxʷ.

sm̓áʔlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+m̓áʔlaʔxʷ. sm̓áʔlaʔxʷ (Dora's paternal great-grandmother). Category: Woman's name.

sm̓aʔm̓áyam   Morph: s+m̓aʔ•m̓áya+m. going to school. Category: Confirm. Ques: stress ?

sm̓aʔm̓áy̓   Morph: s+m̓aʔ•m̓áy̓. one's own story, experience; happening. See: m̓aʔm̓áy̓.

sm̓cm̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+m̓c•m̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ. mares. Category: Animal name. See: sm̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ; sm̓m̓um̓cxn; sm̓um̓cxn.

sm̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+m̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ. mare, mares. Category: Animal name. Sp s-m̓úm̓cšn̓. See: sm̓m̓um̓cxn; sm̓um̓cxn.

sm̓m̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+m̓•m̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ. mare. Category: Animal name. See: sm̓cxnsqáx̌aʔ; sm̓um̓cxn.

sm̓m̓spintk   Morph: s+m̓•m̓s+pintk. four year olds. Category: Diminutive. See: mspintk.

sm̓m̓um̓cxn   Morph: s+m̓•m̓u•m̓cxn. mare(s). Category: Animal name. See: sm̓um̓cxn.

sm̓um̓cxn   Morph: s+m̓u•m̓cxn. mare(s); female animal. Category: Animal name. Sp s-m̓úm̓cšn mare.

sm̓y̓m̓ayt   Morph: s+m̓y̓•m̓ay̓+t. significance; meaning. See: sm̓y̓m̓ay̓.

sm̓y̓m̓ay̓   Morph: s+m̓y̓•m̓ay̓. realistic stories; news; a story; an account. Sp hec-m̓em̓éy̓eʔey̓ he's teaching, he's telling stories or news; Cr s+m̓+m̓éy̓+m̓iy̓ anecdote. See: m̓ay̓.

sm̓y̓m̓ay̓t   Morph: s+m̓y̓•m̓áy̓+t. significance; importance; what one goes by. See: sm̓y̓m̓ay̓.

sn+   Morph: s+n+. prefix combination that derives nouns with import place. Category: Derivational affix.

1 • in combination with +tn. Lit: several stand Lit: one stands

2 • other forms. Lit: work place

snaq̓ʷ   Morph: s+naq̓ʷ. ? Category: Confirm. Ques: referring to translating ??

snasppáss   Morph: s+nasp•pás•s. sea gull. Category: Animal name.

snayústn   Morph: s+nayús+tn. 1 • the bowl of a pipe.

2 • ramrod. Category: Confirm.

snaʕpnp   Morph: s+naʕp•np. a tick bloated with blood. Category: Animal name. Cm snápnap woodtick.

snaʕs   Morph: s-naʕs. snot; mucus. Category: Body part. Sp s-nós snot, nasal drippings; Cm ṣniṣ. See: naʕsm.

snaʔ   Morph: snaʔ. sound made by snínaʔ. Category: Onomatopoeic form.

sncaʕcáʕlxtn   Morph: sn+caʕ•cáʕ+lx+tn. bath tub; swimming place. See: sncáʕʷlxtn.

sncaʕʷlxtn   Morph: s+n+caʕʷlx+tn. 1 • bathtub; bathroom.

2 • səncáʕʷlxtən: site where black bears used to make ponds in the springs and wallow in them. Category: Place name.

sncaʔcaʔxʷsc̓ím   Morph: s+n+caʔ•caʔxʷ+s+c̓ím. to be weak boned. See: caʔxʷsc̓ím; sc̓im.

sncaʔcʔíliʔs   Morph: s+n+caʔ•cʔíliʔs. brothers. Category: Kin term. See: sncʔíliʔs.

sncaʔlíx   Morph: sn+caʔlíx. person from Inchelium; subgroup of Colville on west side of Columbia between Rogers Bar and Kettle Falls. See: nsncaʔlíxʷ.

sncaʔqqtán   Morph: s+n+caʔq•q+tan. parking place. See: caq.

sncaʔqʷtán   Morph: sn+caʔqʷ+tán. summer place. See: scʔaqʷ.

sncaʔx̌úlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+ca[ʔ]x̌úlaʔxʷ. hot weather. Category: Inchoative. See: cix̌cx̌t.

sncckʷm̓in̓   Morph: s+n+c•ckʷ+m̓in̓. (little) buggy. Category: Diminutive. See: ncckʷm̓in̓.

sncitxʷtn   Morph: s+n+citxʷ+tn. a camping place. See: citxʷ.

sncixɬk̓ámqstn   Morph: sn+cix+ɬ+k̓ámqs+tn. microwave oven; leftovers warmer. Lit: Left-overs warmer. See: cix; sk̓am̓qs. Category: Confirm. Ques: q not k

snckʷckʷkʷiɬxn   Morph: s+n+ckʷ•ckʷ•kʷiɬxn. to have cramps. See: nckʷckʷiɬxn.

snckʷkʷiɬxn   Morph: sn+ckʷ•kʷiɬxn. cramps in the leg or calf, from the heel up. Sp s-n-ckʷéɬšn a leg cramp, a "charlie horse." See: nckʷckʷiɬxn.

snckʷmin   Morph: s+n+ckʷ+min. wagon; buggy. Ques: unclear construction See: nckʷmin.

sncnupstn   Morph: s+ncnups+tn. a place to roll.

sncqcaʔqqiwltn   Morph: s+n+cq•caʔq•qiwl+tn. an habitual parking place. See: sncqiwltn.

sncqiwltn   Morph: s+n+cqiwl+tn. a boat dock. See: caq.

sncqiwɬtn   Morph: s+n+cq+iwɬ+tn. a garage.

snctcitxʷtn   Morph: s+n+ct•citxʷ+tn. camping places. See: sncitxʷtn.

sncwip   Morph: sn+cwip. lineage; descendents; generations to come.

sncʔíliʔs   Morph: sncʔíliʔs. several brothers. Category: Kin term. Sp sncʔél̕is more than two younger brothers. See: síncaʔ.

sncʔiw̓s   Morph: sncʔiw̓s. two brothers. Category: Kin term. Sp huɬ-sncʔéw̓s those two younger brothers; Cm sinčaʔ‑aw̓s be brothers. See: síncaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: səncaʔíw̓s ?

snc̓ac̓úpkʷ   Morph: s+nc̓a•c̓upkʷ. salmon gravy. Category: Confirm. Ques: glottal stop ?

snc̓aʔc̓íx̌laʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+c̓aʔ•c̓íx̌laʔxʷ. fried bread. See: nc̓ix̌.

snc̓aʔqʷúskʷ   Morph: sn+c̓aʔqʷúskʷ ? frost on the window. Category: Confirm.

snc̓aʔrínk   Morph: s+n+c̓aʔrínk. diarrhea; stomach ache. Sp hec-n-c̓eʔrénč-i he has a stomach ache. See: nc̓aʔrínk.

snc̓aʔsmín   Morph: sn+c̓aʔs+mín. a place to gather things from; a city dump. See: c̓aʔscín̓.

snc̓aʔxʷíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+c̓aʔxʷíɬc̓aʔ. hot cakes or pancakes. See: nc̓aʔxʷíɬc̓aʔm.

snc̓íc̓qpnaʔ   Morph: s+n+c̓í•c̓qpnaʔ. 1 • dwarf, or creeping juniper (juniperus communis). Lit: prickly, referring to the rough inner part of the upper lip of a deer Category: Plant name.

2 • stonecrop (sedum lanceolatum). Category: Plant name.

snc̓ic̓w̓ksn   Morph: s+n+c̓i•c̓w̓ks+n. snc̓ic̓w̓ksn: distinctive rock formerly located about three quarters of a mile south of snqlutísaʔxn, alongside Whitestone Creek; believed to have been used as wash basin by Deer and his brothers. Category: Place name. Lit: little hand-washing basin

snc̓ik̓ʷsxntn   Morph: sn+c̓ik̓ʷsxn+tn. a lamp. See: c̓ik̓ʷsxn.

snc̓iqʷmn   Morph: s+n+c̓iqʷ+mn. butchering place; skinning place. See: c̓iqʷ.

snc̓iw̓m   Morph: s+nc̓iw̓+m. dish washing. See: c̓iw̓.

snc̓kipɬxn   Morph: s+n+c̓kipɬxn. stink bag on the leg.

snc̓liʔtn   Morph: s+n+c̓liʔ+tn. snc̓liʔtn: now inundated, the lower area in the V-shaped cleft between snpəlscútn and tkʷumáksm. Lit: J-shaped basketry trap place Category: Place name.

snc̓lúlaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+c̓lúlaʔxʷ. fruit trees, orchard. See: sc̓lc̓al.

snc̓m̓tustn   Morph: s+n+c̓əm̓+túst+n. snc̓m̓tustn: formerly a large eddy on the west side of the Columbia, about 1,000 feet south from the former mouth of Barnaby Creek. Category: Place name.

snc̓p̓q̓q̓núsxn   Morph: sn+c̓p̓q̓•q̓+núsxn. the welding of the front cork on a horseshoe (equine corks (or caulks or studs) are cleat-like pegs attached to a horseshoe). See: c̓p̓q̓(a).

snc̓xʷiwltn   Morph: sn+c̓xʷiwl+tn. a gas station. See: nc̓xʷiwltn.

snc̓x̌ʷx̌ʷikst   Morph: s+n+c̓x̌ʷ•x̌ʷikst. what was promised. See: c̓ax̌ʷ.

snɣiyxn   Morph: s+n+ɣiyxn. snowshoe web. See: nɣiy.

sníkɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+níkɬc̓aʔ. elk; caribou. Category: Animal name. Sp s-néčɬc̓eʔ cow elk.

snik̓k̓   Morph: s+nik̓•k̓. a wound, a cut. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: nik̓k̓.

snik̓ɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+nik̓ɬc̓aʔ. elk. Category: Animal name. Category: Confirm. Ques: k̓ or k

snik̓ɬxʷ   Morph: s+nik̓ɬxʷ. son-in-law. Category: Kin term. Sp s-néčlxʷ son-in-law; Cm snak̓ɬxʷ daughter’s husband; son‑in‑law; Cr s+nič̕ɬxʷ son-in-law ... lit. one who divides the family by taking a member away; Sh s-nek̓-ɬxʷ son-in-law.

snik̓ɬxʷm   Morph: s+nik̓ɬxʷ+m. to pick a son-in-law. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. See: snik̓ɬxʷ.

snilíʔtn   Morph: s+n+ilíʔ+tn. dwelling place, home; residence, house; allotment. See: ilíʔ.

snínaʔ   Morph: snínaʔ. Owl; owl; great horned owl. Category: Animal name. Sp s-níneʔ great horned owl; Cr sníneʔ owl; Sh s-nine owl.

sniwt   Morph: s+niw+t. wind. See: sniw̓t.

sniw̓t   Morph: s+niw̓+t. the wind. See: niw̓t.

sniʔxʷám   Morph: s+niʔxʷá+m ? medicine song sung at winter dances. Category: Confirm.

snkaʕítkʷ   Morph: sn+kaʕítkʷ. snkaʕítkʷ: the Okanagan River downstream from Malott, Washington. Category: Place name. Category: Confirm.

snkaʔkʔiw̓s   Morph: s+n+kaʔ•kʔiw̓s. soul. See: nkaʔkʔíw̓s.

snkcq̓mistn   Morph: s+n+k+cq̓+mist+n. an excuse. See: kc̓q̓místn.

snkc̓awíw̓stn   Morph: s+n+k+c̓awíw̓s+tn. wash basin. See: snkc̓w̓iw̓stn.

snkc̓q̓mistn   Morph: s+n+k+c̓q̓+mist+n. an excuse. Category: Confirm. Ques: c or c̓ See: kc̓q̓místn.

snkc̓w̓iw̓stn   Morph: s+n+k+c̓w̓iw̓s+tn. wash basin.

snklalaʕtán   Morph: sn+k+la•laʕ+tán. a fastener; s.t. to attach s.t. with. See: lʕap.

snkɬc̓aʔsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+n+kɬ+c̓aʔsqáx̌aʔ. a horse. Category: Animal name. Sp s-n-čɬ-c̓aʔsqáx̌eʔ horse.

snkɬc̓aʔsqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+c̓aʔsqáx̌aʔ+tn. a saddle. See: snkɬc̓aʔsqáx̌aʔ.

snkɬkʷaʔkʷílltn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+kʷaʔ•kʷíl•l+tn. a sit-and-ride; a carnival ride; a sleigh. See: snkɬkʷilltn; kʷill.

snkɬkʷilltn   Morph: sn+kɬ+kʷil•l+tn. place where several can sit; bench; chairs. See: snkɬkʷiltn.

snkɬkʷiltn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+kʷil+tn. seats. See: snkɬkʷilltn; kʷill1.

snkɬkʷliwtn   Morph: sn+kɬ+kʷliwt+n. chairs; sitting place; sofa. See: kʷliwt.

snkɬmutn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+mut+n. a chair, s.t. to sit on. See: kɬmut.

snkɬqammn̓ítkʷtn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+qam+mn̓ítkʷ+tn. snkɬqammn̓ítkʷtn: area, now inundated, just northeast from the northern end of what now is called Sand Island. A good place to gather driftwood. Also a camping area and a good area for bird hunting and for catching fish, particularly the large variety of whitefish. Lit: place in water where things drift to Category: Place name.

snkɬq̓ʷaʔq̓ʷaʕxníkntn   Morph: s+n+kɬ+q̓ʷaʔ•q̓ʷaʕxnikn+tn. skating rink. See: kɬq̓ʷaʕq̓ʷaʕxníkn.

snkɬw̓cintn   Morph: s+n+k+ɬw̓cin+tn. Gram: BK transcribe snk̓ɬuʔcíntn, but the glottalization of k is unexplained snkɬw̓cintn: a small point of rock, now inundated, jutting out westward from the lower south face of tkʷmáqsm. Lit: B's etym: harpoon-in-midair place Category: Place name.

snkm̓us   Morph: s+n+km̓us. stuff to give away. Sp ? √čem̓ reject, refuse to accept.

snkr̓us   Morph: s+n+kr̓us. dry eyes.

snksaʔstálqʷtn   Morph: sn+k+saʔstálqʷ+tn. tavern. See: siwst.

snksik̓kstx   Morph: s+n+ksik̓kstx. people from the village of ksik̓kst in the area of Manila Creek.

snkstíyaʔ   Morph: s+n+kstíyaʔ. 1 • skunk. Category: Animal name. Lit: skunk's scent-bag.

2 • snkstíyaʔ. Category: Man's name. See Sp x̌x̌s-t-éy̓eʔ a skunk; Cm snaktáy̓aʔ skunk.

snktyxisxntn   Morph: s+n+k+ty+xisxn+tn. snktyxisxntn: place, now inundated, on the lower south face of the northwest end of tkʷumáqs, just downriver from snk̓ɬuʔcíntn. Lit: swim-over-rock place Category: Place name.

snkxntan   Morph: s+n+kxn+tan. travel companion, ride. See: kxn.

snkylakstn   Morph: s+n+k+ylakst+n. snkylakstn: the entire area of Wilmont Creek, and more specifically to a former camping area around both sides of the creek mouth (now under water). Lit: tributary enters main stream

snk̓ak̓aʔyáɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+k̓a•k̓aʔyáɬxʷ+tn. snk̓ak̓aʔyáɬxʷtn: Coyoteʼs second son's name. Category: Man's name. See: k̓ay̓.

snk̓ak̓ʔyáɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+k̓a•k̓ʔyá꞊ɬxʷ+tn. snk̓ak̓ʔyáɬxʷtn: the name of Coyote’s second son. Lit: fall hunting house Category: Man's name.

snk̓amqn   Morph: s+n+k̓amqn. the tip; the end. Sp s-n-č̕ámqn the top of a tree; Cr s+n+č̕ámqn apex (lit. top of the head); Sh t-k̓m-qin̓ roof; Th n/k̓mqín [of tree or mountain] top; s/k̓əmqín top of s.t., far end, head of lake; Li k̓əm̓-qin̓ top, summit. See: k̓m2.

snk̓áyaʔqn   Morph: sn+k̓áyaʔqn. the dead top of a tree. Category: Plant name. See: k̓íyaʔ.

snk̓aʕmn   Morph: s+n+k̓aʕ+mn. Gram: northern form a church; praying.

snk̓aʕʷmn   Morph: s+n+k̓aʕʷ+mn. Gram: southern form a church; praying. Sp s-n-č̕áw-mn a church; Cm snk̓iʕʷmn; Cr s+n+t+č̕éʕʷ+emn chapel, church.

snk̓aʔytán   Morph: s+n+k̓aʔy+tán. fall hunting place. See: k̓ay̓.

snk̓k̓aʔlíʔtn   Morph: sn+k̓•k̓aʔlíʔ+tn. a place where one slows down. See: k̓k̓aʔlíʔ.

snk̓k̓taɬq   Morph: sn+k̓•k̓taɬq. to be close behind. See: k̓ik̓aʔt.

snk̓k̓y̓sámaʔtn   Morph: sn+k̓•k̓y̓+sámaʔ+tn. Lit: white person's pouch tobacco pouch. Sp s-n-č̕iʔs-émn-tn buckskin, drawstring pouch for tobacco.

snk̓k̓ʔip   Morph: sn+k̓•k̓ʔip. nuts; peanuts; walnuts ... Category: Plant name. Category: Confirm. Ques: k̓ or q̓ ?

snk̓lip   Morph: s+n+k̓lip. Coyote, coyote. Category: Animal name. Sp s-n-č̕léʔ coyote; Cr hn+č̕el̕eʔ coyote... (Kalispel); Sh s-k̓lep coyote; Th s-n/k̓y̓ép coyote; Li n.k̓yap coyote.

snk̓lmxʷmip   Morph: s+n+k̓lmxʷm꞊ip ? egg shell.

snk̓lxʷcin   Morph: s+n+k̓lxʷ꞊cin. dusk. See: sk̓laxʷ.

snk̓lxʷmip   Morph: sn+k̓lxʷ+mip. egg shell. Sp s-n-č̕lxʷ-m̓ép egg shell; Cm s-n-k̓l-m-ɬc-áp eggshell; Cr t+člxʷíc̓eʔ+n eggshell ... lit. the hard (but brittle) outside covering (as on an egg).

snk̓l̕ip   Morph: s+n+k̓l̕ip. Coyote; coyote. Category: Animal name. Sp s-n-č̕léʔ coyote; Cr hn+č̕el̕eʔ coyote... (Kalispel); Sh s-k̓lep coyote; Th s-n/k̓y̓ép coyote; Li n.k̓yap coyote.

snk̓l̕íp iʔ sp̓íc̓ns   Morph: s+n+k̓l̕꞊íp iʔ s+p̓íc̓n-s. milkweed (asclepias speciosa). Lit: Coyote’s Indian hemp. Category: Plant name. See: snk̓l̕ip; sp̓ic̓n.

snk̓l̕ip q̓aʔxáns   Morph: s+n+k̓l̕꞊ip q̓aʔ꞊xán-s. mountain ladyslipper (cypripedium montanum). Lit: Coyote’s footwear Category: Plant name. See: snk̓l̕ip; q̓aʔxán.

snk̓ɬcahmín   Morph: s+n+k̓ɬ+cah+mín. a place to sit and watch. See: k̓ɬcah.

snk̓ɬcám̓wlx   Morph: sn+k̓ɬ+cám̓w+lx. snk̓ɬcám̓wlx: place where a creek empties in the lake, where canoes broke up. Category: Place name.

snk̓ɬnwswislxtn   Morph: sn+k̓ɬ+n+ws•wis+lx+tn. a jump-off place. See: nwswislx.

snk̓ɬq̓y̓ay̓   Morph: sn+k̓ɬ+q̓y̓•ay̓. tape recording. See: k̓ɬq̓y̓ay̓.

snk̓ɬq̓ʷuystn   Morph: s+n+k̓ɬ+q̓ʷuys+tn. a shelter. See: k̓ɬq̓ʷuystn.

snk̓maqs   Morph: s+n+k̓maqs. point. See: k̓maqstxn.

snk̓max̌n   Morph: s+n+k̓max̌n. underarm, armpit. Category: Body part. Gram: form heard in spáx̌mən. Sp s-n-č̕máx̌n armpit. See: nk̓max̌n; k̓m1.

snk̓mcínaʔx   Morph: sn+k̓mcín+aʔx. Lytton. Category: Place name.

snk̓mikn̓   Morph: s+n+k̓mikn̓. s.t.'s or s.o.'s back; behind; in back of. Category: Body part. Lit: Theresa is at your back. Sp s-n-č̕míčn̓ back; Cm n-k̓m-ikn back of the body; Cr s+n+č̕míčn̓ back, derriere; Sh x-k̓m-ikn̓ back side; Th n/k̓míkn̓ back[longitudinally], spine. See: k̓m1.

snk̓mink   Morph: s+n+k̓mink. a wall. Sp s-n-č̕ménč the back wall of the tepee furthest from the entrance; Cm n‑k̓m‑ank wall; Cr n+č̕émenč wall (lit. the surface of the inside); Sh x-k̓m-enk hillside. See: k̓m1.

snk̓mustxn   Morph: sn+k̓mus+txn. leg. Category: Body part. Sp s-č-č̕máqsčšn leg. See: nk̓mustxn; k̓m1.

snk̓plaʔnw̓ixʷtn   Morph: s+nk̓plaʔ+nw̓ixʷ+tn. snk̓plaʔnw̓ixʷtn: former fishing site, now inundated, located on a narrow rock ledge just above the former river level, below a steep cliff which formed the northern entrance to wəyíʔstn on the west side of the Columbia. Lit: cut-line-deliberately place Category: Place name.

snk̓t̓us   Morph: s+n+k̓t̓us. decapitated. See: k̓t̓.

snk̓wiltn   Morph: s+n+k̓wil+tn. snk̓wiltn: the general area of the settlement called Northport on the east side of the Columbia. Lit: portage place Category: Place name.

snk̓xk̓ixmn   Morph: s+n+k̓x•k̓ix+mn. snk̓xk̓ixmn: alternate name for the former village site at the former mouth of (East) Stranger Creek on the east side of the Columbia River. Lit: deer fence place Category: Place name.

snk̓y̓sámntn   Morph: sn+k̓y̓s+ámn+tn. smoking pipe with a rock bowl. Sp s-n-č̕iʔs-émn-tn buckskin, drawstring pouch for tobacco; hi-s-nč̕iʔs-émn my tobacco mixture..

snk̓ʔínaʔ   Morph: s+n+k̓ʔínaʔ. a pillow. Sp n-č̕ʔéneʔ.

snkʷal̕stn   Morph: sn+kʷal̕+st+n. heater. See: kʷal̕t.

snkʷaʔcnúxʷ   Morph: sn+kʷaʔcnúxʷ. being late in the day; arriving when it's dark. See: nkʷkʷʔac; kʷc.

snkʷilltn   Morph: s+n+kʷil•l+tn. a sitting place. See: kɬkʷil; kʷill1.

snkʷin   Morph: s+n+kʷin. a song. See: nkʷinc(n).

snkʷistxnm   Morph: sn+kʷistxn+m. the one s.o. is named after. See: kʷistm; skʷist.

snkʷkʷʔac   Morph: s+n+kʷ•kʷʔác. it's early night; it's dark. See: nkʷkʷʔac.

snkʷliwtn   Morph: sn+kʷliwt+n. place where people stay or live together. See: kʷliwt.

snkʷl̕naɬq̓ʷlt   Morph: sn+kʷl̕ɬnaɬq̓ʷlt. dentures. Lit: borrowed teeth See: kʷuɬn.

snkʷniʔútyaʔtn   Morph: sn+kʷniʔútyaʔ+tn. snkʷniʔútyaʔtn: unidentified place. Lit: place where they grabbed Category: Place name.

snkʷnpasxnm   Morph: s+n+kʷn+pasxn+m. to rape. Category: Confirm.

snkʷnpasx̌nm   Morph: s+n+kʷn+pasx̌n+m. sternum. Category: Body part. Category: Confirm.

snkʷraʔɬpíw̓s   Morph: sn+kʷraʔɬpíw̓s. snkʷraʔɬpíw̓s: locality near Stranger Creek. Category: Place name.

snkʷumcn   Morph: s+n+kʷumcn. storage. See: kʷum.

snkʷumcntn   Morph: s+n+kʷumcn+tn. storage place for food. See: snkʷumcn.

snkʷummn   Morph: s+n+kʷum+mn. storage; storage place. See: snkʷumn; kʷum.

snkʷumn   Morph: s+n+kʷum+mn. storage place. See: kʷum.

snkʷumntn   Morph: sn+kʷum+n+tn. storage place. See: snkʷumn.

snkʷupxn   Morph: sn+kʷupxn. stockings, foot wraps. Sh x-kʷup-xn̓ rags around legs; stockings, socks.

snk̓ʷanɬq   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷanɬq. a garden. See: k̓ʷanɬq.

snk̓ʷanɬqtn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷanɬq+tn. garden; farm. See: snk̓ʷanɬq.

snk̓ʷk̓ʷy̓íp   Morph: sn+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷy̓íp. peanuts. Lit: small nuts Category: Plant name. See: k̓ʷk̓ʷyúmaʔ.

snk̓ʷl̕cncutn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷl̕cn+cut+n. a kitchen; a cook house. See: k̓ʷl̕cncut.

snk̓ʷɬcwix   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+c+wix. house mate(s); a group of people (who live together). Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; cwix.

snk̓ʷɬc̓x̌iɬt   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+c+ʔx̌iɬt. one like another. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; c̓x̌iɬt.

snk̓ʷɬilíʔ   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ilíʔ. ones there with s.o. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; ilíʔ. Category: Confirm.

snk̓ʷɬk̓ast   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+k̓ast. a partner in mischief. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; k̓ast.

snk̓ʷɬk̓iwlx   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+k̓iw+lx. a fellow old one. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; k̓iwlx.

snk̓ʷɬk̓ʷul̕   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+k̓ʷul̕. twin. Category: Compound, Appellative. See: nk̓ʷ; k̓ʷul̕l̕.

snk̓ʷɬɬq̓ʷlut   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ɬq̓ʷlut. bed partner, sleeping partner. Category: Compound. Sp hi-s-nk̓ʷɬ-ɬq̓ʷút my bed partner. See: nk̓ʷ; ɬq̓ʷlut.

snk̓ʷɬɬq̓ʷɬq̓ʷlut   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ɬq̓ʷ•ɬq̓ʷlut. bed partners. Category: Compound. See: snk̓ʷɬɬq̓ʷlut.

snk̓ʷɬƛ̓x̌ap   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ƛ̓x̌a+p. a person s.o. has grown up with; a high school chum. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; ƛ̓x̌ap.

snk̓ʷɬƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌ap   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌a+p. one's old man. Category: Compound. See: snk̓ʷɬƛ̓x̌ap.

snk̓ʷɬmrim   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+mrim. spouse. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; mrim.

snk̓ʷɬmrrim   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+mr•r•im. spouse. Category: Compound. See: snk̓ʷɬmrim.

snk̓ʷɬm̓ay̓xtwixʷ   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+m̓ay̓+xt+wixʷ. someone to tell stories with. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; m̓ay̓xtwíxʷ.

snk̓ʷɬnk̓sils   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+k̓sils. a fellow ill-tempered person. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; k̓sils.

snk̓ʷɬpix̌m   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+pix̌+m. hunting partner. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; pix̌m.

snk̓ʷɬq̓ilt   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+q̓il+t. a fellow patient; one's sick partner or hospital roommate. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; q̓ilt.

snk̓ʷɬtw̓tw̓it   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+tw̓•tw̓it. fellow boys. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; tw̓tw̓it.

snk̓ʷɬylmixʷm   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ylmixʷ+m. fellow chief. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; ylmixʷm.

snk̓ʷɬylylmixʷm   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+yl•ylmixʷ+m. one's fellow chiefs. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; ylylmixʷm.

snk̓ʷɬʔaɬʔíɬn   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+ɬ+ʔaɬ•ʔíɬn. eating partner. Category: Compound. Sp s-nk̓ʷ-ɬ√íɬn one who eats with me. See: nk̓ʷ; ʔaɬʔíɬn.

snk̓ʷƛ̓k̓ʷƛ̓ustn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷƛ̓•k̓ʷƛ̓us+tn. Gram: form heard in spáx̌mən. eyes. Category: Body part. See: stk̓ʷƛ̓k̓ʷƛ̓ustn; snk̓ʷƛ̓ustn.

snk̓ʷƛ̓ustn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷƛ̓us+tn. Gram: form heard in spáx̌mən eye. Category: Body part. See: stk̓ʷƛ̓ustn.

snk̓ʷnk̓ʷspínaʔtk   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ•nk̓ʷ+s+pínaʔtk. yearlings. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; spintk.

snk̓ʷpiʔsc̓íɬt   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+piʔ+s+c̓íɬt. the other day. Category: Compound. See: snk̓ʷpy̓sc̓iɬt; nk̓ʷ; spy̓sc̓iɬt.

snk̓ʷpy̓sc̓íɬt   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+py̓+s+c̓íɬt. the other day. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; spy̓sc̓iɬt.

snk̓ʷspintk   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+pintk. a one year old person. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; spintk.

snk̓ʷsplal   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+pl•al. a fellow young person. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; splal.

snk̓ʷspplal   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+p•pl•al. fellow youngsters. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; splal.

snk̓ʷspy̓sc̓iɬt   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+py̓s+c̓íɬt. day before yesterday. Category: Compound.

snk̓ʷsqilxʷ   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+qilxʷ. a fellow Indian. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; sqilxʷ.

snk̓ʷstʔiwtx   Morph: s+nk̓ʷ+s+tʔiw+tx. a fellow youngest one. Category: Compound. See: nk̓ʷ; stʔiwtx.

snk̓ʷul̕cnm   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷul̕cn+m. the weather is painted or fixed in the sky. See: nk̓ʷul̕cnm.

snk̓ʷul̕l̕tn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷul̕•l̕+tn. where one was born, one's birthplace. See: k̓ʷul̕l̕.

snk̓ʷul̕mn   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷul̕+mn. working place; a job. See: k̓ʷul̕m.

snk̓ʷxʷptan   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷxʷ+p+tan. rattler tracks. See: k̓ʷixʷ.

snk̓ʷʔilsm   Morph: s+n+k̓ʷʔils+m. one's anger. See: nk̓ʷaʔlsncút.

snlamástn   Morph: sn+lamás+tn. From: French la messe. the steps to the altar. Category: Borrowing. Gram: word whose root is a borrowing

snlaq̓ʷ   Morph: s+n+laq̓ʷ. tallow (fat after cooking). Sp s-n-loq̓ʷ rendered tallow from cow fat (this was put in pails and stored in cellars; it was used in frying and cooking); Cm snaléq̓ʷ tallow; Cr s+n+láqʷ tallow.

snlatáp   Morph: s+n+latáp. From: French la table. table. Category: Borrowing. See: latáp.

snlip̓tn   Morph: sn+lip̓+tn. woodshed. See: slip̓1.

snliq̓tn   Morph: sn+liq̓+tn. grave, burial place. Cm s‑na‑liq̓‑l̕əxʷ‑tn cemetery, grave. See: liq̓.

snlkapítn   Morph: s+n+lkapí+tn. coffee pot. Gram: word whose root is a borrowing See: lkapí.

snlkiptn   Morph: s+n+lkip+tn. snlkiptn: area immediately east from npaq, where the eggs that had been gathered at npaq were pit-cooked. Lit: pit-cooking place Category: Place name. See: lkip.

snlklkiptn   Morph: sn+lk•lkip+tn. snlklkiptn: place near Inchelium. Lit: place where to cook camas, barbeque Category: Place name. See: snlkiptn.

snlk̓min   Morph: s+n+lk̓+min. jail house; jail. See: lk̓(a).

snlk̓qin   Morph: s+n+lk̓qin. tied ends; ends that are tied. See: lk̓(a).

snlkʷtiw̓s   Morph: s+n+lkʷtiw̓s. width. See: lkʷut.

snllxímc̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+l•lxímc̓aʔ. slime; fish scales. Category: Animal name. See: snlxíc̓aʔ.

snlqíɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: s+n+lqíɬc̓aʔ+tn. place where feathers were plucked. See: lqíɬc̓aʔ.

snlqus   Morph: s+n+lq꞊us. snlqus: yellow agoseris (agoseris glauca). Lit: pulled out from the face or eye Category: Plant name. See: lq(a).

snlxíc̓aʔ   Morph: sn+lxíc̓aʔ. (fish) slime. Category: Animal name.

snlxímc̓aʔ   Morph: sn+lxímc̓aʔ. the slobber of a child cutting teeth. See: snlxíc̓aʔ.

snlʕ̓ʷpus   Morph: sn+lʕ̓ʷ+pus. the appointed time. See: lʕ̓ʷ.

snl̕xíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+l̕x꞊íc̓aʔ. scale (of fish). Category: Animal name. Sp s-n-l-šímc̓eʔ fish with large scales that have to be removed before cooking.

snɬaq̓wl   Morph: s+n+ɬaq̓wl. sail. See: ɬaq̓.

snɬaʕmn   Morph: sn+ɬaʕm+n. windpipe. Category: Body part. Sp ɬom to shout, to growl; Cm snaaɬúummn windpipe; Cr hn+ɬóm+rmn trachea, windpipe. See: snɬaʕmt.

snɬaʕmt   Morph: sn+ɬam+t. cough. See: snɬaʕmn.

snɬipt   Morph: s+n+ɬipt. what one has forgotten; forgotten thing; forgetting. See: nɬipt.

snɬkim̓mn   Morph: sn+ɬkim̓+mn. sewing machine. See: ɬkim̓.

snɬkʷlaʔxʷáqs   Morph: sn+ɬkʷlaʔxʷáqs. clay crock; clay jug.

snɬɬw̓ikntn   Morph: s+n+ɬ•ɬw̓ikn+tn. snɬɬw̓ikntn: fishing site, now inundated, located on the lower face of the rocky point immediately east from nqʷuʔt. Lit: harpooning-on-back place Category: Place name. See: ɬw̓(a).

snɬmɬmaʕmn   Morph: s+n+ɬm•ɬmʕa+mn. widpipe. See: snɬaʕmn.

snɬpɬipt   Morph: s+n+ɬp•ɬipt. what one has forgotten. See: snɬipt.

snɬpx̌ʷáw̓sqn   Morph: sn+ɬpx̌ʷáw̓sqn. bald headed. See: ɬpx̌ʷ.

snɬpx̌ʷíɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: sn+ɬpx̌ʷíɬc̓aʔ+tn. place where plucked feathers are. See: ɬpx̌ʷ.

snɬq̓ilxtn   Morph: sn+ɬq̓+ilx+tn. bed; couch, place to lie on. See: ɬq̓ilx.

snɬq̓lxmiɬxʷtn   Morph: sn+ɬq̓+lx+miɬxʷ+tn. whore house, bordello, brothel. Sp s-n-ɬq̓-ilš-tn whorehouse. See: snɬq̓ilxtn.

snɬqʷmin   Morph: sn+ɬqʷ+min. storage place; cache. See: ɬqʷ(a).

snɬq̓ʷutn   Morph: s+n+ɬq̓ʷut+n. a bed; a place to sleep. See: ɬq̓ʷut.

snɬsípnaʔ   Morph: s+n+ɬsípnaʔ. cigar(s). Category: Inverted root.

snɬsípnaʔm   Morph: s+n+ɬsípnaʔ+m. to smoke cigar(s). Category: Inverted root. See: snɬsípnaʔ.

snɬt̓ɬaʔt̓pmncútn   Morph: sn+ɬt̓•ɬaʔt̓p+mncút+n. trampoline; jumping place. See: ɬt̓ɬaʔt̓pmncút.

snɬt̓pmitkʷtn   Morph: sn+ɬt̓p+mitkʷ+tn. diving board. See: nɬt̓pmitkʷ.

snɬt̓pmncutn   Morph: s+nɬt̓p+mncut+n. diving place. See: nɬt̓pmncut.

snɬum̓   Morph: sn+ɬum̓. a dip. Category: Confirm.

snɬuʔmín   Morph: s+n+ɬw̓+min. snɬuʔmín: a bay and also a back eddy (before F.D.R. Lake was created) in this bay, on the west side of the Columbia, immediately below the former falls. Lit: harpoon place Category: Place name. See: snɬw̓min.

snɬw̓min   Morph: s+n+ɬw̓+min. snɬw̓min: a bay and also a back eddy (before F.D.R. Lake was created) in this bay, on the west side of the Columbia, immediately below the former falls. Lit: harpoon place Category: Place name.

snɬxʷpusm   Morph: sn+ɬxʷ+pus+m. a jar. See: ɬxʷpus.

snɬx̌mtan   Morph: s+n+ɬx̌m+tan. in-laws. Category: Kin term. See: ɬx̌m.

snɬx̌ʷɬx̌ʷmusm   Morph: sn+ɬx̌ʷ•ɬx̌ʷ+mus+m. to mend clothes; to fix a hole (e.g. in clothing). Category: Confirm. Ques: ɬxʷ or ɬx̌ʷ ?

snɬx̌ʷp̓tan   Morph: s+n+ɬx̌ʷp̓+tan. snɬx̌ʷp̓tan: area along the former east side of the Sanpoil River, south of John Tom Creek. Lit: into the brush Category: Place name.

snƛ̓lal   Morph: s+n+ƛ̓l•al. a loss; one's dead. See: ƛ̓lal.

snƛ̓litkʷtn   Morph: s+nƛ̓litkʷ+tn. drowning place.

snƛ̓lpúlaʔxʷtn   Morph: s+n+ƛ̓l+púlaʔxʷ+tn. settling place. See: ƛ̓lpúlaʔxʷ.

snƛ̓xʷxʷtan   Morph: sn+ƛ̓xʷ•xʷ+tán. snƛ̓xʷxʷtan: Deadman's Creek. Category: Place name. Lit: place where many died

snƛ̓x̌ptan   Morph: sn+ƛ̓x̌+p+tan. the place of one's upbringing. See: ƛ̓x̌ap.

snman̓xʷtn   Morph: s+n+man̓xʷ+tn. pipe (with briar wood bowl); smoking implement. See: sman̓xʷ.

snmaʕtkʷíʔst   Morph: s+nmaʕtkʷíʔst. snmaʕtkʷíʔst: distinctive rock formation which jutted out from the former east bank of the Columbia River and extended almost to the middle of the river. Lit: implement left lying in water Category: Place name.

snmaʔmáyaʔtn   Morph: s+n+maʔ•máyaʔ+tn. school house; school. See: m̓aʔm̓áyaʔ.

snmaʔmúkʷkʷpnaʔm   Morph: s+n+ma•múkʷ•kʷ+pnaʔ+m. snow mounds here and there. See: mukʷ.

snmaʔníkmn   Morph: s+n+maʔník+mn. shit house; toilet. See: snmnikmn; mnik.

snmil̕mn   Morph: s+n+mil̕+mn. snmil̕mn: a natural depression, now inundated, located at tkʷmáqsm used as a storage pit for salmon prior to being distributed to the people. Lit: distributing-food place Category: Place name.

snmnikmn   Morph: sn+mnik+mn. latrine, bathroom, shitting place. See: mnik.

snmsmiw̓s   Morph: s+n+ms+miw̓s. the fourth floor. See: mus.

snmuskstn   Morph: s+nmuskst+n. snmuskstn: fishing area about 200 yards downriver from the east end of the present-day Kettle Falls bridge. Lit: feel-for-fish place Category: Place name.

snmypmist   Morph: s+n+my+p+mist. confession. See: myp.

snm̓aʔm̓áyaʔtn   Morph: s+n+m̓aʔ•m̓áyaʔ+tn. school; education; school building. See: m̓aʔm̓áyaʔ.

snnink̓mn   Morph: s+n+ni•nk̓+mn. knife holder. See: nink̓mn.

snn̓ilkstn   Morph: s+n+n̓ilks+tn. shoulder blade. Category: Body part.

snpanw̓scútaʔx   Morph: sn+p[a]nw̓s+cút+aʔx. rodeo. Category: Repetitive. See: npanw̓scút.

snpanw̓scútn   Morph: sn+panw̓s+cút+n. bucking chute. See: npanw̓scút.

snpapúɬaʔqn   Morph: sn+pa•púɬaʔqn. dandruff. Sp s-n-ppóɬaʔqn dandruff.

snpaʔpúlxtn   Morph: s+n+paʔ•púlx+tn. a place to overnight; a hostel. See: pulxtn.

snpaʔpúxʷm   Morph: sn+paʔ•púxʷ+m. harmonica; mouth harp. See: puxʷ1.

snpaʔqcín   Morph: s+n+paʔqcin. 1 • the first light in the morning; dawn.

2 • snpaʔqcín: one of Martin Louie's names. Category: Man's name. Th n/paq-cín just at daybreak. See: piq.

snpikmn   Morph: sn+pik+mn. sawmill. See: pik.

snpintktn   Morph: s+n+pintk+tn. snpintktn: Penticton. Lit: the always place Category: Place name.

snpiwmn   Morph: s+n+piw+mn. a balloon. Sp s-n-péw-i a balloon; n-péw-mn yeast ; Cr s+n+pígʷ+n̓ balloon, blimp; Sh √pew, puʔ to swell; Th √péw swell up; Li paw to swell, be swollen; √pəw̓ to swell (?). See: piw.

snpiwtn   Morph: s+n+piw+tn. bladder; balloon made from a cleaned out qicqn. Category: Body part. Sp s-n-péw-i a balloon. See: piw.

snpix̌mn   Morph: s+n+pix̌+mn. hunting grounds; place where one hunts. See: pix̌m.

snpllitkʷ   Morph: s+npl•litkʷ. water plant. Category: Plant name. See: npllitkʷ.

snplliw̓s   Morph: s+n+pl•liw̓s. 1 • asparagus (asparagus officinalis).

2 • western tansy mustard (descurainia richardsonii).

3 • pigweed (chenopodium album).

4 • weeds.

snplscutn   Morph: sn+pls+cut+n. snplscutn: place name: point on the north side of the northwest end of tkʷumáqs where, a long time ago people had committed suicide by jumping into the water, from where they were swept over the lower falls. Lit: kill-oneself place Category: Place name. See: plscut.

snpl̕qsíc̓aʔm   Morph: s+n+pl̕qsíc̓aʔ+m. to smoke hides. See: pl̕qsíc̓aʔ.

snpl̕úlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+pl̕úlaʔxʷ. sprouts; young growth. Category: Plant name. See: pl̕l̕úlaʔxʷ.

snppl̕úlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+p+pl̕úlaʔxʷ. sprouts. Category: Plant name. See: snpl̕úlaʔxʷ.

snpptáʕlaʔqʷ   Morph: s+n+p•ptáʕlaʔqʷ. dumplings; macaroni. Category: Pharyngeal movement. See: snptáʕlaʔxʷ.

snpptáʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+p•ptáʕlaʔxʷ. little dumplings; macaroni. See: snptáʕlaʔqʷ.

snppt̓áʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+p•pt̓áʕlaʔxʷ. little dumplings; macaroni. See: snptáʕlaʔqʷ.

snppt̓aʕw̓sqn   Morph: s+n+p+pt̓aʕw̓sqn. a cap with beak. Category: Confirm.

snppullx   Morph: s+n+p•pul+lx. guest. See: snppulx.

snppulx   Morph: s+n+p+pulx. an overnighter; overnight company. See: pulx.

snpqʷlictn   Morph: s+n+pqʷlic+tn. snpqʷlictn: place, now inundated, situated just upriver from snkɬqammn̓ítkʷtn. Lit: lingfish place Category: Place name.

snptáʕlaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+ptáʕlaʔxʷ. dumplings. Sp s-n-ptóleʔxʷ Indian dumplings. See: snpptáʕlaʔqʷ.

snptíx̌ʷmn   Morph: s+n+ptix̌ʷ+mn. spittoon. See: ptix̌ʷ.

snptwn̓xʷaqs   Morph: s+n+ptwn̓xʷaqs. snptwn̓xʷaqs: area just upriyer from katxʷárxn, on the former trail between Hellgate and Whitestone. Lit: old lady’s trail See: ptwən̓xʷáqs.

snpulxtn   Morph: s+n+pulx+tn. camping place; hotel, motel. See: pulxtn.

snpúl̕ɬc̓aʔm   Morph: sn+púl̕ɬc̓aʔ+m. to smoke meat; to smudge a place. See: npúl̕ɬcaʔ; pul̕1.

snpúl̕ɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: sn+púl̕ɬc̓aʔ+tn. smoke house; place to smoke meat. See: snpúl̕ɬc̓aʔm; pul̕1.

snpul̕mn   Morph: s+n+pul̕+mn. smudge. Sp √pul̕ fluff up the dirt; Sh √pal to smear, smudge; t-pal̕-ws-m to make a mess on the table. See: pul̕1.

snpus   Morph: s+n+pus. a jar. See: npus.

snpúxʷɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: sn+púxʷɬc̓aʔ+tn. any horn (musical instrument). Sp n-púxʷɬc̓eʔ-tn a musical horn, trumpet, flute. See: puxʷ1.

snpwqnxaqs   Morph: s+n+pwqnxáqs. snpwqnxaqs: trail south of the Columbia which reached the river near what is now the south shore landing of the Keller ferry. Lit: Spokane trail Category: Place name.

snpwtaqtn   Morph: sn+pwtaq+tn. cellar. Category: Confirm.

snpxʷɬslk̓us   Morph: sn+pxʷ+ɬ+s+lk̓us. rubber raft. See: puxʷ1; slk̓us1.

snpʕʷil̕xx   Morph: s+n+pʕʷil̕xx. Sanpoil people. See: npʕʷil̕x.

snpʔaqɬxwíɬ   Morph: sn+p[ʔ]aq+ɬ+xwíɬ. the Milky Way. See: pʔaq; xwiɬ.

snp̓aƛ̓mqn   Morph: sn+p̓aƛ̓+mqn. the top of s.t. See: p̓ƛ̓.

snp̓iƛ̓mn   Morph: s+n+p̓iƛ̓+mn. place of bitterroot. See: sp̓iƛ̓m.

snp̓ƛ̓miɬxʷ   Morph: sn+p̓ƛ̓+miɬxʷ. the end of (a row of) houses.

snp̓q̓ʷitkʷ   Morph: s+np̓q̓ʷitkʷ. a mushy substance (e.g. porridge, oatmeal, mush, gravy). Sp s-n-p̓q̓ʷétkʷ gravy, pudding, sauce; Cr s+n+p̓uq̓ʷítkʷeʔ cornmeal ... (lit. any coarsely ground edible grain that is put into water). See: p̓q̓ʷ.

snp̓saqstn   Morph: s+n+p̓saqs+tn. Gram: form prevalent in spáx̌mən. nose. Category: Body part. See: sp̓saqs.

snp̓uƛ̓m   Morph: s+n+p̓uƛ̓+m. snp̓uƛ̓m: the flats on the east side of the Sanpoil, just up from its former mouth, and generally to the entire area of the river at this point. Lit: emerge from brush Category: Place name.

snp̓úmɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: s+n+p̓úmɬc̓aʔ+tn. smoking shed. See: p̓úm.

snp̓uwtn   Morph: s+n+p̓uw+tn. anus. See: p̓w̓am.

snp̓uʔnɬpátkʷ   Morph: s+n+p̓w̓+nɬpátkʷ ? snp̓uʔnɬpátkʷ: a canyon south of the Columbia, across and about a mile upriver from ɬa?mínaʔ. Lit: fart water Category: Place name. See: snp̓w̓nɬpatkʷ.

snp̓w̓nɬpatkʷ   Morph: s+n+p̓w̓+nɬpátkʷ ? snp̓w̓nɬpatkʷ: a canyon south of the Columbia, across and about a mile upriver from ɬa?mínaʔ. Lit: fart water Category: Place name.

snp̓y̓qcncutn   Morph: s+n+p̓y̓qcn+cut+n. cooking pot; pot for cooking. See: p̓y̓q.

snqilt   Morph: s+n+qil+t. 1 • snqilt: Gallagher Lake, name of place about four miles south of Penticton, BC. Category: Place name.

2 • snqilt: former village site, now inundated, situated on the west side of the Columbia, almost due west from tk̓mip, opposite the north side of the Spokane River mouth. Lit: above the rapids Category: Place name.

3 • snqilt: general area of the settlement called Northport on the east side of the Columbia. Category: Place name.

snqiltx   Morph: s+n+qil+tx. Indians of the Sanpoil subgroup on the Columbia River above and below the mouth of the Spokane. See: snqilt.

snqixʷmn   Morph: s+n+qixʷ+mn. training. See: nqixʷp; qixʷ.

snqiʔqíptn   Morph: s+n+qiʔ•qíp+tn ? snqiʔqíptn: area known locally as Jackson Spring. Category: Place name.

snqlawtn   Morph: s+n+qlaw+tn. money bank. See: sqlaw.

snqlaw̓tn   Morph: s+n+qlaw̓+tn. bank; money box; wallet; piggy bank; money purse. See: sqlaw̓.

snqltínaʔ   Morph: s+n+ql+tínaʔ. snqltínaʔ: area, part of which is still above water, located along the terrace above (west from) nɬaʔmínaʔ, on the west side of F.D.R. Lake. Lit: up-on-top side Category: Place name.

snqltknítaʔkʷ   Morph: s+n+qltknítaʔkʷ. snqltknítaʔkʷ: Nine Mile Creek. Category: Place name.

snqlwtísaʔxn   Morph: s+n+qlwtísaʔxn. snqlwtísaʔxn: a rock which formerly stood alongside Whitestone Creek, near where the creek turns. Lit: footprint in rock Category: Place name. See: snqlwtísaʔxn.

snqlw̓tisxntn   Morph: s+n+qlw̓tisxn+tn. snqlw̓tisxntn: a rocky area, now inundated, just south of the former mouth of Nancy Creek on the west side of the Columbia. Lit: footprint-in-rock place Category: Place name.

snqlxʷskʷist   Morph: sn+qlxʷ+s+kʷist. Indian name. See: sqilxʷ; skʷist.

snql̕aw̓átkʷm   Morph: s+n+ql̕aw̓átkʷ+m. snql̕aw̓átkʷm: Jack Creek. Lit: wade in water Category: Place name.

snql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ   Morph: s+n+ql̕+tqn̓ítaʔkʷ. 1 • snql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ: area where the present-day Silver Creek road crosses Wilmont Creek, about one and three quarter miles north from the present north shore of F.D.R. Lake. Lit: stream above rapids Category: Place name.

2 • snql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ: Nine Mile Creek, northeast of Oroville (birthplace of Dora DeSautel). Category: Place name.

snqnqtqin   Morph: s+nq•nqtqin. salvia (salvia dorrii). Category: Plant name.

snqpíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+qpíɬc̓aʔ. cupboard. Sp qpéɬc̓eʔ a plate (eating); Cr qepíɬc̓eʔ plate.

snqpíɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: s+n+qpíɬc̓aʔ+tn. cupboard. See: snqpíɬc̓aʔ.

snqpqpciɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+qp•qpciɬxʷ+tn. 1 • spring house.

2 • snqpqpciɬxʷtn: the name of one of Coyoteʼs sons (the third ?) Category: Man's name. See: sqipc.

snqql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ   Morph: s+n+q•ql̕+tqn̓ítaʔkʷ. 1 • snqql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ: area where the present-day Silver Creek road crosses Wilmont Creek, about one and three quarter miles north from the present north shore of F.D.R. Lake. Lit: stream above rapids Category: Place name.

2 • snqql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ: Nine Mile Creek, northeast of Oroville (birthplace of Dora DeSautel). Category: Place name. See: snql̕tqn̓ítaʔkʷ; snqql̕tqn̓itkʷ.

snqql̕tqn̓itkʷ   Morph: s+n+q•ql̕+tqn̓itkʷ. snqql̕tqn̓itkʷ: area on the west side of the Kettle River just below Boyds. Lit: stream above rapids Category: Place name.

snqql̕tus   Morph: s+n+q•ql̕+tus. 1 • snqql̕tus: Kelley Hill; Little Summit. Category: Place name.

2 • snqql̕tus: area where the present-day Swawilla Basin road reaches the summit of a low hill west of the present-day Sanpoil highway, east from skt̓əqʷt̓əqʷtáɬpqn. Lit: little summit Category: Place name.

3 • snqql̕tus: area located about one mile east and slightly north from sʔiʔxʷəl̕xíp. Lit: little summit Category: Place name.

snqqpaqstxn   Morph: s+n+q•qpaqstxn. a mat to use under one's hip (as mattress). Sp √qep soft; č-qpéw̓s a blanket to pad your seat; Cr qep pad; Sh qp-em to bandage; Th √qəp pad warm; Li √qap soft (hide, clothing, etc.).

snqqscin   Morph: s+nq•q•scin. one spoken word. Category: Confirm.

snqsilxʷ   Morph: s+nqsilxʷ. one's relatives; one's people or clan; one homogeneous kind. See: naqs.

snqsíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+nqsíɬc̓aʔ. a room. See: nqsíɬc̓aʔ.

snqsiɬxʷm   Morph: s+nqsiɬxʷ+m. a neighbor. See: snqsilxʷ.

snq̓ay̓mintn   Morph: s+n+q̓ay̓+min+tn. school. Category: Repetitive. Lit: place of always writing See: q̓y̓min.

snq̓aʔcíntn   Morph: sn+q̓aʔcín+tn. place where one receives communion. Cr s+n+q̓íʔcn Blessed Sacrament, communion... See: nq̓aʔcí(n); q̓aʔ.

snq̓aʔíls   Morph: s+n+q̓aʔíls. one's concern or business. See: nq̓aʔíls.

snq̓aʔínaʔ   Morph: s+n+q̓aʔínaʔ. a pillow; head rest. See ? Sp s-n-č̕ʔéneʔ pillow.

snq̓aʔíw̓s   Morph: sn+q̓aʔíw̓s. the Moses tribe. Sp s-n-q̓ʔéw̓s-i a clan, Colville tribe.

snq̓aʔíw̓sx   Morph: s+n+q̓aʔíw̓sx. Moses people. Sp s-n-q̓ʔéw̓s-i a clan, Colville tribe. See: snq̓aʔíw̓s.

snq̓liɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+q̓liɬxʷ+tn. a hospital. See: q̓l.

snq̓lq̓lxʷax̌nm   Morph: s+n+q̓l•q̓lxʷax̌n+m. to be arm in arm. See: q̓lxʷ.

snq̓ltiɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+q̓l+tiɬxʷ+tn. 1 • hospital; place of cure.

2 • snq̓ltiɬxʷtn: the springs situated east from the present-day Silver Creek road and northeast from the Rogers Bar church. Lit: sick-house (hospital) Category: Place name. See: q̓l.

snq̓ltmiɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+q̓l+t+miɬxʷ+tn. a hospital. Cm snq̓iltmáɬxʷtn hospital. See: q̓l.

snq̓maqs   Morph: s+n+q̓maqs. the point of the plow.

snq̓y̓min   Morph: s+n+q̓y̓+min. a school. See: q̓y̓min.

snq̓y̓mintn   Morph: s+n+q̓y̓+min+tn. school; post office. See: snq̓y̓min.

snq̓y̓us   Morph: s+n+q̓y̓us. a copy; a number; a page. Lit: written on the face See: q̓y̓us.

snq̓y̓uss   Morph: s+n+q̓y̓us•s. an exact copy. Lit: written on the face Category: C2 Inchoative. See: snq̓y̓us.

snqʷaqʷʔaltán   Morph: s+n+qʷa•qʷʔal+tán. 1 • meeting place; court house; speaking place.

2 • snqʷaqʷʔaltán: place, now under water, located immediately southeast from snx̌əx̌əʔíwəltn. Lit: speaking place Category: Place name.

snqʷaʔqʷʔaltán   Morph: s+n+qʷaʔ•qʷʔal+tán. court house; meeting place; speaking place.

snqʷl̕us   Morph: s+n+qʷl̕us. fire-baked bannock. Sp s-n-qʷl̕-púleʔxʷ bread baked in the ashes; Cr qʷel̕ kindle, light; qʷil̕ start a fire, kindle.

snqʷyatkʷ   Morph: sn+qʷyatkʷ. snqʷyatkʷ: the Okanagan River from Oroville or Tonasket south to Brewster. Category: Place name.

snqʷʕʷqʷaʕʷqnaʔx   Morph: s+n+qʷʕʷ•qʷaʕʷqn+aʔx. to be insane. See: qʷaʕʷqʷʕʷt.

snq̓ʷaʕylqstn   Morph: sn+q̓ʷaʕylqs+tn. seminary. Lit: place of black robes See: q̓ʷaʕylqs.

snq̓ʷaʔɬqníɬxʷ   Morph: sn+q̓ʷaʔɬqníɬxʷ. snq̓ʷaʔɬqníɬxʷ. Lit: Sooty Top Of The House Category: Man's name.

snq̓ʷaʔqíntn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷaʔqín+tn. shampoo. See Sp n-q̓ʷʔétkʷ-m she laundered the clothes. See: nq̓ʷaʔítkʷm.

snq̓ʷic̓tnm   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷic̓+tn+m. to become a replacement husband. Sp n-q̓ʷíc̓-tn deceased brother or sister's living spouse. See: q̓ʷic̓.

snq̓ʷl̕iw̓mmn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷl̕iw̓+mn ? picking vessel. See: q̓ʷl̕iw̓m.

snq̓ʷɬtaqs   Morph: sn+q̓ʷɬ+taqs. the share one carries; a chunk of meat; a boy's first kill (given away). See: q̓ʷɬ(t).

snq̓ʷɬtiʔstn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷɬ+tiʔst+n. quiver; case for carrying arrows; scabbard. Sh q̓ʷɬtiʔ quiver; Th /q̓ʷaɬ(t) ~ /ɬq̓ʷəɬ(t) bag for arrows, quiver. See: q̓ʷɬ(t).

snq̓ʷmam   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷma+m. feeder (farm implement). Sp q̓ʷum(í) piled up, stuffed. See: q̓ʷam.

snq̓ʷmxan1   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷmxan. leg stuffing. See: q̓ʷam.

snq̓ʷmxan2   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷmxan. leg muscle; calf of leg. Category: Body part. Cr s+n+q̓ʷém+pšn ... lit. cramp of the leg.

snq̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxnm   Morph: sn+q̓ʷ•q̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxn+m. one to race with. Cm q̓ʷaʔ‑q̓ʷuƛ̓‑aʔ–xn‑m foot or horse race. See: q̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxnm.

snq̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxntn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷ•q̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxn+tn. snq̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxntn: the area known as the "Daisy Flats," now inundated, stretching along the former east side of the Columbia from Gifford to Daisy, a distance of about four miles. Also known as nəx̌sáləqʷ. Lit: race-track place Category: Place name. See: q̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxn.

snq̓ʷuctn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷuc+tn. lard bucket. See: q̓ʷuct.

snq̓ʷy̓mncutn   Morph: s+n+q̓ʷy̓+mncut+n. dance hall. Sp s-n-q̓ʷiʔ-m-n-cú-tn a modern dance hall; Cr hn+q̓ʷiy̓+m+ncút+n dancing place, ballroom. See: q̓ʷy̓mncut; q̓ʷy̓ílx.

snsaʕnt   Morph: sn•saʕn+t. to be gentle; to be tame. Sp sn̓sán̓-t. gentle wind, a very gentle horse; Cm ṣə̣n‑p be tame, calm; also ṣéənṣə̣nt; Cr s+sán̓+sn̓+t it is a broken, tamed horse. Gram: Cm ṣ, ə̣ confirm the pharyngeal

snsíncaʔ   Morph: sn•síncaʔ. younger brothers. Category: Kin term. See: síncaʔ.

snsinxʷ   Morph: s+n+sinxʷ. snsinxʷ (Maxine Baptiste). Category: Woman's name.

snsísncaʔ   Morph: s+n+sí•sncaʔ. younger brothers. Category: Kin term. See: snsíncaʔ.

snsísuʔxn   Morph: sn+si•sw̓xn. socks; foot rags; stockings. See: snsisw̓xn.

snsisw̓xn   Morph: sn+si•sw̓xn. socks; foot rags; stockings.

snsiwɬkʷtn   Morph: sn+siwɬkʷ+tn. liquor store; (liquor) bottle. See: siwɬkʷ.

snsiw̓stn   Morph: sn+siw̓s+tn. tavern, bar. See: siw̓st.

snsmaʔskʷíst   Morph: sn+smaʔ+s+kʷíst. English name; white person's name. See: sámaʔ; skʷist.

snspilx   Morph: s+n+s+pilx. snspilx: Nespelem people; a person from Nespelem. See: nspilm.

snstils   Morph: s+n+stils. one's thought or thinking. See: nstils.

snsulmn   Morph: sn+sul+mn. freezer. See: sul.

snsuʔúx   Morph: sn+su[ʔ]úx. Indian summer. Category: Inchoative, Confirm.

snsysyus   Morph: s+n+sy•syus. smart ones. See: sysyus.

snsʕaɬqʷ   Morph: s+n+sʕaɬqʷ. west wind. See Sp c-háɬq-m the warm chinook wind is blowing.

sntakíy̓mn   Morph: s+n+takíy̓+mn. urinal. Category: Repetitive. Sp s-n-tečéy̓-tn bladder, urinal, toilet.; Cm tkay̓m tkay̓‑m to urinate, pee; Cr i+čs+tččíy̓+ey̓ diuretic ... lit. H/s is disturbed with too much urine; Sh tkey urine. See: tkiy̓.

sntaʔkíntn   Morph: s+n+taʔkín+tn. sntaʔkíntn: area now underwater, situated on the east side of the Columbia, north of the former mouth of (East) Stranger Creek. Lit: pounding place Category: Place name.

sntaʔɬwlwlímtn   Morph: s+n+taʔ+ɬ+wl•wlím+tn. a forge. See: taʔ; wlwlim.

sntim̓tn   Morph: s+n+tim̓+tn. storage. See: stim̓.

sntkiy̓mn   Morph: s+n+tkiy̓+mn. urinal; place where one urinates.

sntkɬɬxwiltn   Morph: s+n+t+kɬ•ɬ+xwil+tn. sntkɬɬxwiltn: area on the west side of the Columbia, part of which is still under water, across from Bossburg. Lit: place where trail separates Category: Place name, Compound. See: sntkɬxwiltn.

sntkɬxwiltn   Morph: s+n+tkɬ+xwil+tn. sntkɬxwiltn: unidentified place. Category: Place name. See: sntkɬɬxwiltn.

sntk̓iwlxtn   Morph: s+n+t+k̓iw+lx+tn. ladder; steps; stairs. See: tk̓iwlx.

sntk̓iwlxtns wapwpxn   Morph: s+n+t+k̓iwlx+tn-s wap•wpxn. sntk̓iwlxtns wapwpxn: area, now under water, along the former west side of the Columbia, directly across from c̓um̓xn. Lit: lynx's climbing place Category: Place name. See: sntk̓iwlxtn; wapwpxn.

sntk̓wiwlxtn   Morph: sn+t+k̓w•iwlx+tn. a place where s.o. has climbed. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: sntk̓iwlxtn.

sntkʷlwtiw̓stn   Morph: sn+t+kʷlwtiw̓s+tn. horses to ride on. See: kʷliwt.

sntkʷl̕kʷall̕íw̓stn̓   Morph: s+n+t+kʷl̕•kʷal•l̕꞊íw̓s+tn̓. thistles (cirsium undulatum and c vulgare). Lit: B’s etym: place where they sit down, land in the middle Category: Plant name.

sntkʷnkʷnimtn   Morph: s+n+t+kʷn•kʷni+m+tn. handle; s.t. to hold on to. See: tkʷnkʷnim.

sntɬxsqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+tɬxsqáx̌aʔ+tn. barn. See: ntɬxsqáx̌aʔtn.

sntmtmniʔtn   Morph: s+n+tm•tmniʔ+tn. graveyard. Sp s-n-tmtm-néy̓-tn; Cm n-tm-tmnay̓‑tn; Cr hn-+tm+tm+tmníʔ+n. See: tmtmniʔ.

sntm̓aʔstímaʔtn   Morph: s+n+tm̓aʔ+s+tímaʔ+tn. Gram: an apparent compound, albeit irregular purse. Category: Compound. See: sttm̓tim̓.

sntm̓ustn   Morph: sn+tm̓us+tn. a place where to trap fish. See: tm̓usm.

sntqlɬxwiltn   Morph: s+n+t+ql+ɬ+xwilt+n. sntqlɬxwiltn: unidentified place. Category: Place name.

sntqmɬwiltn   Morph: sn+tqmɬwiltn. ? Category: Confirm.

sntqqinm   Morph: sn+tqqin+m. to vote. Lit: putting a thumb print See: tq2.

sntqql̕w̓tísaʔxn   Morph: s+n+t+q•ql̕w̓tísaʔxn. sntqql̕w̓tísaʔxn: a rock which formerly stood alongside Whitestone Creek, near where the creek turns. Lit: footprint in rock Category: Place name. See: snqlwtísaʔxn.

sntqx̌íc̓aʔtn   Morph: sn+t+qx̌íc̓aʔ+tn. apple shed.

sntq̓aʔy̓alqʷtn   Morph: s+n+t+q̓aʔy̓alqʷ+tn. blackboard. Category: Repetitive. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʔ or no ʔ ? See: sntq̓y̓alqʷtn; q̓ay̓.

sntq̓y̓alqʷtn   Morph: s+n+t+q̓y̓alqʷ+tn. writing board. See: q̓ay̓.

sntqʷlqʷltiw̓stn   Morph: s+n+t+qʷl•qʷl+tiw̓s+tn. telephone. Lit: The pattern / design on my phone is... See: qʷlqʷltiw̓s.

sntr̓qmin   Morph: s+n+tr̓q+min. dance house; dance hall. See: ntr̓qmin.

sntr̓r̓us   Morph: s+n+tr̓•r̓us. background. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: trr.

snttm̓tim̓tn   Morph: s+n+t+tm̓•tim̓+tn. wardrobe; clothing store; place to store clothes. Cm snttám̓tam̓tn trunk, suitcase. See: ttm̓tim̓tn.

sntwmistn   Morph: s+n+tw+mist+n. a store. See: twmist.

sntxlktan   Morph: s+n+t+xlk+tan. race track; point or place where to turn around (e.g. in a race). See: xlak.

sntxʷcncutn   Morph: sn+txʷcn+cut+n. place of food-gathering. See: txʷcncut.

sntxʷsiw̓s   Morph: s+n+txʷsiw̓s. to be in a reciprocal relationship with a sntxʷus. Sp s-n-txʷús adult sister, adult female cousin. See: sntxʷus.

sntxʷtxʷus   Morph: s+n+txʷ•txʷus. cousins. Category: Kin term. See: sntxʷus.

sntxʷus   Morph: s+n+txʷus. Gram: also appellative form: female addressing coeval female or coeval addressing a member of the opposite sex. This usage is becoming obsolete. sibling; cousin; partner. Category: Kin term. Sp s-n-txʷús adult sister, adult female cousin; Cm sntxʷús brother; male cousin; close male to male friend.

sntx̌ʷaw̓sqn   Morph: s+n+tx̌ʷaw̓sqn. the crown of the head. Category: Body part. See: tx̌ʷ.

sntx̌ʷx̌ʷqin   Morph: s+n+tx̌ʷ•x̌ʷqin. noon. See: ntx̌ʷx̌ʷqin.

sntyaqʷtn   Morph: sn+tyaqʷ+tn. battle ground; place of fight. See: tyaqʷt.

sntʕatʕaníɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+taʕ•taʕníɬxʷ+tn. salmon spawning place. See: tʕányaʔ. Category: Confirm.

snt̓áluyaʔqn   Morph: sn+t̓áluyaʔqn. ? Category: Confirm.

snt̓aq̓m   Morph: s+n+t̓aq̓+m. a crossing place; a valley. See: t̓aq̓m.

snt̓aʕpmín   Morph: s+n+t̓aʕp+mín. one's shooting. See: t̓aʕp1.

snt̓aʕpsqílxʷtn   Morph: s+n+t̓aʕp+s+ílxʷ+tn. a shot; to have a shot (at s.t.) See: t̓aʕpsqílxʷ.

snt̓aʔqxán   Morph: sn+t̓aʔqxán. 1 • large snowflakes (typical of early spring snow; mythologically associated with the falling of Crow's moccasin stuffings).

2 • stockings.

snt̓ik̓ltn   Morph: sn+t̓ik̓l+tn. lunch bag; food storage. See: t̓ik̓l.

snt̓il̕l̕tn   Morph: s+n+t̓il̕•l̕+tn. box; chest. Category: Confirm.

snt̓k̓ʷncaʕntn   Morph: sn+t̓k̓ʷ+ncaʕn+tn. snt̓k̓ʷncaʕntn: Little Beach (near Ashnola). Category: Place name.

snt̓k̓ʷtan   Morph: s+n+t̓k̓ʷ+tan. a resting place; a mark left by s.t. laying down. See: t̓k̓ʷ(a).

snt̓lúlaʔxʷtn   Morph: s+n+t̓lúlaʔxʷ+tn. a plow. See: nt̓lúlaʔxʷtn.

snt̓pink   Morph: s+n+t̓pink ? a gun. See: t̓aʕp1.

snt̓qʷmin   Morph: sn+t̓qʷ+min. sewing machine. Sp s-n-t̓qʷ-mín sewing machine.

snt̓q̓ʷmin   Morph: s+n+t̓q̓ʷ+min. sewing machine.

snt̓t̓k̓ʷncutn   Morph: sn+t̓•t̓k̓ʷ+ncut+n. a cot. See: t̓k̓ʷncut.

snt̓wistn   Morph: s+n+t̓wist+n. a horse stall. See: t̓wist.

snt̓wsqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+t̓wsqáx̌aʔ+tn. a barn. See: t̓wist.

snt̓wstsqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+t̓wstsqáx̌aʔ+tn. a barn. See: t̓wist.

snt̓ynaʔscút   Morph: s+n+t̓ynaʔ+scút. one's disputing a word. Gram: as nominalized transitive Category: Nominalized transitive. See: nt̓ynaʔscút.

snt̓yt̓yínaʔ   Morph: s+n+t̓y•t̓yínaʔ. stubborness, hard-headedness. See: nt̓yt̓yínaʔ.

snwal   Morph: s+nwal. From: French Noël. Christmas. Category: Borrowing.

snwíkʷmiʔstn   Morph: sn+wíkʷ+miʔst+n. a hiding place; a place to hide. See: wíkʷmiʔst.

snwist   Morph: s+n+wist. height. See: nwist1.

snwksqilxʷ   Morph: s+n+wk+s+qilxʷ. to look. See: wksqilxʷ.

snwlaʔstíp   Morph: s+n+wlaʔstíp. boiled eggs. See: wl(a).

snwlpqin   Morph: s+n+wl+pqin. a stroke. See: wl(a).

snwlsalqʷ   Morph: s+n+wlsalqʷ. stove pipe, smoke vent. Sp √wir (wil) to burn; Cr gʷel blaze; Sh wl-em to burn. See: wl(a).

snwlwlmúsaʔstn   Morph: s+n+wl•wlmúsaʔst+n. arrow points.

snwmixtn   Morph: sn+wmix+tn. place where individuals receive their spirit power. See: swmix.

snwpaqs   Morph: sn+wpaqs. nostril hair. Category: Body part. See: wp.

snwpsaqstn   Morph: s+n+wpsaqs+tn. stem of fruit. Category: Plant name.

snwpups   Morph: sn+wpups. pubic hair; hair on the anus of an animal. Category: Body part. See: wp.

snwpwpax̌n   Morph: s+n+wp•wpax̌n. hair under the arms. Category: Body part. Sp √wup hairy, fuzzy; hec-n-ʔopopáx̌n he has hair under his arms; Cm hair on arms swpax̌n; Cr gʷep grassy ... hairy; Sh x-wp-ex̌n hair under arm. See: wp.

snwpwpínaʔ   Morph: sn+wp•wpínaʔ. hair in (both) ears. Category: Body part. See: wp.

snwrislp̓tn   Morph: s+n+wrislp̓+tn. a stove; a fireplace. See: war.

snwrpsúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+wrpsúlaʔxʷ. snwrpsúlaʔxʷ (Chief Barnaby). Category: Man's name.

snwr̓islp̓tn   Morph: s+n+wr̓islp̓+tn. fireplace. See: war.

snwr̓min   Morph: s+n+wr̓+min. fireplace. See: war.

snwʔis   Morph: sn+w[ʔ]is. the time just after sunrise. Lit: the sun has started its rise Category: Inchoative. See: nwist1.

snw̓rm̓in̓   Morph: s+n+w̓r+m̓in̓. a small fire. Category: Diminutive. See: snwr̓min.

snxaʔcínm   Morph: sn+xaʔcín+m. in front of s.t. See: nxaʔcín1.

snxaʔmxʷcín   Morph: s+n+xaʔmxʷcín. 1 • snxaʔmxʷcín: Wenatchee or Moses Indians.

2 • snxaʔmxʷcín: Moses Columbian language.

snxaʔtɬnpúlxtn   Morph: sn+xaʔt+ɬ+n+púlx+tn. the first camping place. See: xʔit; pulxtn.

snxítmiʔstn   Morph: sn+xít+miʔst+n. the finish line (of a race). See: xítmiʔst.

snxlak   Morph: sn+xlak. 1 • a (race) track. Lit: a turning back place; going around the outer edge

2 • snxlak: large area, known as Marcus Flats, now inundated, along the east side of the Columbia, north of Kettle Falls. Category: Place name.

3 • snxlak: place near Oroville, Washington. Category: Place name.

snxlkúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+xlkúlaʔxʷ. snxlkúlaʔxʷ (Martin Louie, 1980's). Category: Man's name. See: snxlak.

snxlmínaʔ   Morph: sn+xl+mínaʔ. snxlmínaʔ: Lillooet. Category: Place name.

snxƛ̓pstwixʷtn   Morph: s+n+xƛ̓ps+twixʷ+tn. snxƛ̓pstwixʷtn: area, now inundated, at the south end of the Chalk Grade on the east side of F. D. R. Lake. Lit: race finish-line place Category: Place name.

snxn̓ilkstn   Morph: sn+xn̓ilks+tn. shoulder blade. Category: Body part.

snxrax̌n   Morph: s+n+xrax̌n. knapsack; pack carried over a shoulder and under the other arm.

snxxƛ̓úyaʔcn   Morph: s+n+x•xƛ̓úyaʔcn. foolish talk. Category: Confirm.

snxxr̓ax̌n̓   Morph: s+n+x•xr̓ax̌n̓. a little (back)pack. Category: Diminutive. See: snxrax̌n.

snxy̓qsiɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+xy̓qsiɬxʷ+tn. hospital; place where one dies. See: xy̓mscut; xy̓1.

snxʷaʔxʷaʔnkíɬptn   Morph: s+n+xʷaʔ•xʷaʔnkíɬp+tn. place where thornbush grows. See: sxʷaʔxʷaʔnkíɬp.

snxʷíkʷc̓aʔtn   Morph: sn+xʷíkʷc̓aʔ+tn. tanning place. See: xʷíkʷc̓aʔ.

snxʷikʷmn   Morph: s+n+xʷikʷ+mn. frame for drying and tanning hides; tanning place. Sp s-n-xʷíkʷ-mn a certain place built where one can scrape hides. See: sxʷíkʷm.

snxʷk̓ʷɬc̓aʔncútn   Morph: s+n+xʷk̓ʷɬc̓aʔ+ncút+n. a physic, laxative. See: xʷik̓ʷt.

snxʷƛ̓min   Morph: sn+xʷƛ̓+min. workshop where lumber is planed. See: xʷƛ̓(a).

snxʷmínaʔx   Morph: s+n+xʷmínaʔx. snxʷmínaʔx: Upper Spokane, Lower Spokane; Kalispel; Flatheads. Sp s-n-xʷménʔe-y the people of the Middle Spokanes.

snxʷuytn   Morph: s+n+xʷuy+tn. a place to go. See: xʷuytn.

snxʷylwistn   Morph: s+n+xʷy+lwis+tn. a traveling outfit. See: xʷylwis.

snxʷʔit   Morph: s+n+xʷʔit. lots of s.t. See: xʷʔit.

snx̌cipm   Morph: s+n+x̌cip+m. to bet. See: x̌ac.

snx̌imn   Morph: sn+x̌im+n. burial place. Gram: ancient word Category: Confirm.

snx̌lx̌lsnuxʷ   Morph: s+n+x̌l•x̌lsnuxʷ. having fear; being fearful. See: nx̌ilm.

snx̌ɬx̌iɬt   Morph: snx̌ɬx̌iɬt. scaredness; fear. Lit: our fear See: nx̌iɬ.

snx̌piw̓s   Morph: sn+x̌píw̓s. a soul. Sp s-n-x̌péw̓s the soul; Cm s‑n‑x̌p‑aw̓s soul, spirit; Cr s+x̌epíw̓es a person's double, soul, spirit, energy, second self.

snx̌sils   Morph: s+n+x̌sils. kindness. See: nx̌sils.

snx̌w̓iltn   Morph: s+n+x̌w̓ilt+n. drying rack or place. See: x̌w̓(a).

snx̌w̓íɬc̓aʔtn   Morph: s+n+x̌w̓íɬc̓aʔ+tn. a scaffold or drying rack (for meat or fish). See: nx̌w̓íɬc̓aʔ.

snx̌w̓min   Morph: s+n+x̌w̓+min. drying rack; drying shed. See: x̌w̓(a).

snx̌x̌aʕ̓n̓cutn̓   Morph: s+n+x̌•x̌aʕ̓+n̓cut+n̓. a little fan. Category: Diminutive. See: x̌aʕncútn.

snx̌x̌ʔiwlm   Morph: s+n+x̌•x̌ʔíwl+m. the chief of water creatures; the ceremony of the first salmon run. See: x̌ax̌áʔ.

snx̌x̌ʔiwltn   Morph: s+n+x̌•x̌ʔiwlt+n. snx̌x̌ʔiwltn: place, now underwater, near the top of the rock ridge's south face, several yards southeast from the northwest tip of tkʷumáqs. Lit: special-feast place Category: Place name.

snx̌yintn   Morph: s+n+x̌yin+tn. graveyard. Category: Confirm.

snx̌ʷaqʷqʷm   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷaqʷ•qʷ+m. to have s.t. worked in, rubbed, scraped. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: nx̌ʷaqʷqʷ.

snx̌ʷaq̓ʷmn   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷaq̓ʷ+mn. mill; flour mill. Sp s-n-x̌ʷáq̓ʷ-mn flour mill; Cm x̌ʷaq̓ʷmn grinder; Th n/x̌ʷáq̓ʷ-mn mill [machine] for grinding flour. See: nx̌ʷaq̓ʷmn.

snx̌ʷayqn   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷayqn. tipi. Cm nx̌ʷaʔx̌ʷáy̓aʔqn tipi; Th n-/x̌ʷax̌ʷ-áyeʔqn summer shelter for 2 or 3 people ...

snx̌ʷaʔx̌ʷílmn   Morph: sn+x̌ʷaʔ•x̌ʷíl+mn. garbage dump. See: x̌ʷil1. Category: Confirm. Ques: a or aʔ

snx̌ʷc̓c̓q̓ʷínaʔ   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷc̓+c̓q̓ʷínaʔ. inside cover. Category: Confirm. Ques: unclear form and analysis

snx̌ʷc̓pqin   Morph: sn+x̌ʷc̓+pqin. a broken off (log). See: x̌ʷc̓(a).

snx̌ʷuc̓c̓tn   Morph: sn+x̌ʷuc̓•c̓+tn. 1 • snx̌ʷuc̓c̓tn: Cougar Canyon (named for its fall hunting activities). Category: Place name. Lit: cut

2 • snx̌ʷuc̓c̓tn: area known locally as the "Smoke Ranch," located on the north side of Falls Creek, near its headwaters "several miles" up from the mouth of the creek. Category: Place name.

snx̌ʷusscn   Morph: s+nx̌ʷus•scn. beer drinking. See: nx̌ʷuskʷ.

snx̌ʷx̌ʷáyaʔqn   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷ•x̌ʷáyaʔqn. a tipi. See: snx̌ʷayqn.

snx̌ʷx̌ʷy̓ucntn   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷ•x̌ʷy̓ucn+tn. snx̌ʷx̌ʷy̓ucntn: area on the former west side of the Columbia near the middle of a spawning bed that extended upriver almost to nmʕaytkʷ. Lit: whitefish place Category: Place name.

snx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ. snx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ: the entire Kettle River area. Category: Place name. See: nx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ.

snx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷx   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ+x. snx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷx: Kettle people. See: snx̌ʷyaʔɬpítkʷ.

snx̌ʷyx̌ʷyaqs   Morph: s+n+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷyaqs. sharp point; sharp pointed. See: x̌ʷy.

snyak̓ʷqin   Morph: s+n+yak̓ʷqin. afternoon. Sp s-n-y̓aʔk̓ʷqín̓ in the afternoon, right around noon. See: nyak̓ʷqin.

snyak̓ʷtán   Morph: s+n+yak̓ʷ+tán. snyak̓ʷtán: place where Indians crossed the Columbia, just upriver from nyilntwáxʷtn. Lit: crossing-place Category: Place name.

snyalmn   Morph: s+n+yal+mn. snyalmn: Montana. Category: Place name. Cr sí+dlemš Indians (Jocko Valley...of Montana).

snyalmnx   Morph: s+n+yal+mn+x. snyalmnx: person or people from Montana. See: snyalmn.

snyal̕mn   Morph: s+n+yal̕+mn. snyal̕mn: Montana. Lit: place of the last stand Category: Place name.

snyal̕mnx   Morph: s+n+yal̕+mn+x. snyal̕mnx: person or people from Montana. See: snyal̕mn.

snyayáx̌aʕtn   Morph: s+n+ya•yáx̌aʕ+tn. television. See: yayáx̌aʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: yaʕyáʕ ... ?

snyaʕ̓pxmíltn   Morph: sn+yaʕ̓+p+xmílt+n. snyaʕ̓pxmíltn: place above Squally Point. Category: Place name.

snyaʕ̓tán   Morph: s+n+yaʕ̓+tán. gathering place. See: yaʕ̓.

snyaʕʷt   Morph: s+n+yaʕʷ+t. strength. See: yaʕʷpyáwt.

snyipwɬ   Morph: s+n+yipwɬ. boat mast. Sh ɣep-m to put up (e.g. a pole); Th ɣép-mn flagpole; Li ɣə́p-mən post. See: yip.

snylmiɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+yl+miɬxʷtn. menstruation; menstrual period. Category: Confirm.

snylmínaʔ   Morph: s+n+ylmínaʔ. snylmínaʔ: Sherman Creek. Category: Place name. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʔ ?

snylmínaʔx   Morph: s+n+ylmínaʔ+x. snylmínaʔx: Sherman Creek people. See: snylmínaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʔ ?

snylm̓ínaʔ   Morph: s+n+ylm̓ínaʔ. snylm̓ínaʔ: where the Colville River meets the Columbia River. Category: Place name.

snyrip   Morph: s+n+yrip. snyrip: the high ridges that extend south from Mica Mountain. Lit: circular back area Category: Place name.

snyulp   Morph: sn+yul+p. s.t. excreted and reabsorbed (of animals in tales). Sh (c-)yl-p-elx to change direction, turn back.

snyulps   Morph: sn+yulps. colon. Category: Body part.

snyxʷam   Morph: s+n+yxʷa+m. to dance Indian style.

snyxʷtíɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+yxʷ+tíɬc̓aʔ. 1 • the insides of a body; stomach; guts. Category: Body part.

2 • the insides of s.t. See: nyxʷut.

snyxʷtitkʷ   Morph: s+nyxʷtitkʷ. the depth of the water. See: nyxʷtitkʷ.

snyxʷut   Morph: s+n+yxʷut. depth. See: nyxʷut.

snyx̌min   Morph: s+n+yx̌+min. snyx̌min: area east of F.D.R. Lake in a valley through which Hallam Creek flows. Lit: deer-herding place Category: Place name.

sny̓ay̓áx̌aʕtn   Morph: s+n+y̓a•y̓áx̌aʕ+tn. movie theater.

sny̓xʷínaʔ   Morph: s+n+y̓xʷínaʔ. sny̓xʷínaʔ: area, now inundated, along the former west side of the Columbia, not far south from the spot now known as Mission Point, formerly a camping area utilized during the fishing season. Lit: drop down from higher to lower bench Category: Place name.

sny̓ʕ̓aʔ   Morph: s+n+y̓ʕ̓aʔ. a gathering. See: ny̓ʕ̓aʔ.

snʕaccíw̓s   Morph: sn+ʕac•cíw̓s. a bone with joints. Category: C2 Inchoative.

snʕaccsíliʔs   Morph: sn+ʕac•csíliʔs. joints. Category: Body part. See: snʕaccíw̓s; snʕacʕacsíliʔs.

snʕacínas x̌áʕx̌aʕ   Morph: s+n+ʕacínaʔ-s x̌áʕ•x̌aʕ. long flowered mertensia (mertensia longiflora). Category: Plant name.

snʕacqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+ʕacqáx̌aʔ+tn. corral. See: ʕac.

snʕacsíw̓s   Morph: sn+ʕacsíw̓s. joint.

snʕacús   Morph: s+n+ʕacús. a trap; a snare. Sp s-n-ʕacús a large trap for large animals; Cm nḥcusm trap animals; Sh ʕec to tie up; Th √ʕac tangle; Li ʕə́ˑʕ̓c-ep to get caught in a trap. See: ʕac.

snʕacúsm   Morph: s+n+ʕacús+m. to trap; trapping. See: snʕacús.

snʕacʕacínaʔ   Morph: s+n+ʕac•ʕacínaʔ. earrings. Sp s-n-ʕacʕacéneʔ earrings; Cm s‑n‑ḥc‑anaʔ earring; Cr hn+ʕac+ʕacineʔ earrings. See: ʕac.

snʕacʕacsíliʔs   Morph: sn+ʕac•ʕacsíliʔs. joints. Category: Body part.

snʕanqíls   Morph: s+n+ʕanqíls. satisfaction. Sp n-ʕanqcín he finally got enough to eat.

snʕawípm   Morph: s+n+ʕawíp+m. to skin small furry animals.

snʕáyu   Morph: s+n+ʕáyu ? remainder.

snʕickstx   Morph: s+n+ʕickstx. snʕickstx: Lakes country; Lakes Indians; people from the North Half.

snʕ̓ac̓ʕ̓ác̓mn   Morph: s+n+ʕ̓ac̓•ʕ̓ác̓+mn. library. See: ʕ̓ac̓.

snʔácqaʔtn   Morph: s+n+ʔácqaʔ+tn. bathroom, toilet; anus, back side. Sp s-n-ʔóʔcqeʔ-tn̓ outhouse, backhouse; Cm snʔúcqaʔtn; Cr n+ʔácqéʔ+n place for going out, lavatory, etc. See: ʔácqaʔ.

snʔacqʔúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+n+ʔacqʔúlaʔxʷ. one who came out of the ground (said of a dark-skinned individual). See: ʔácqaʔ.

snʔacqʷúlaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+ʔacqʷúlaʔxʷ. bread roasted in ashes. Sh ʔecqʷ-m to bake; Th n-ʔecqʷuym̓xʷ bake bread ... in ashes ...

snʔacwíxtn   Morph: sn+ʔacwíx+tn. a village; a place where people live. See: cwix.

snʔacʔacwíxtn   Morph: sn+ʔac•ʔacwíx+tn. a residence; a place where to stay; a village; a place where people live. See: snʔacwíxtn.

snʔakswíxtn   Morph: s+n+ʔaks+wíx+tn. a place to stand things in. See: ʔakswíx.

snʔakʷɬq̓y̓mín   Morph: sn+ʔakʷ+ɬ+q̓y̓+mín. stagecoach. See: ʔukʷ.

snʔáɬaʔxʷ   Morph: sn+ʔáɬaʔxʷ ? ? Category: Confirm.

snʔaɬnaʔsqílxʷtn   Morph: s+n+ʔaɬn+aʔ+s+qílxʷ+tn. one's being or becoming a man-eater. See: nʔaɬnaʔsqílxʷtn.

snʔaɬncín   Morph: s+n+ʔaɬncín. to share food. See: ʔiɬn.

snʔamnsqáx̌aʔtn   Morph: s+n+ʔam+nsqáx̌aʔ+tn. a manger; a place for feed. See: ʔamnsqáx̌aʔ.

snʔamʔamcíntn   Morph: s+n+ʔam•ʔamcín+tn. snʔamʔamcíntn: area immediately east from sxaxíl̕smtn and west of the present-day highway along the west side of F.D.R. Lake. Lit: sitting around and waiting for game place Category: Place name.

snʔamʔímaʔt   Morph: sn+ʔam•ʔímaʔt. grandchildren; brother(s), sister(s), cousin(s)' grandchild. Category: Kin term. See: snʔamʔímˑaʔt; snʔímaʔt.

snʔamʔímxtn   Morph: sn+ʔam•ʔímx+tn. place where people go. See: ʔimx.

snʔamʔímˑaʔt   Morph: s+n+ʔam•ʔímˑaʔt. grandchildren. Category: Kin term. See: snʔamʔímaʔt; snʔímaʔt.

snʔap̓p̓qstn   Morph: s+n+ʔap̓•p̓qs+tn. tissue; wiper. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: nʔap̓qs.

snʔaslkn̓íɬxʷ   Morph: sn+ʔaslkn̓íɬxʷ. storage house. Lit: two roofs See: ʔasíl.

snʔassíl   Morph: s+n+ʔas•s•íl. (two) twins. Category: C2 Inchoative. See: nʔaʔssíl; ʔasíl.

snʔasʔístktn   Morph: sn+ʔas•ʔístk+tn. wintering places. See: snʔístktn.

snʔatxíltn   Morph: s+n+ʔatxílt+n. cradle basket. See: ʔitx.

snʔawˑtíɬxʷtn   Morph: s+n+ʔawˑtiɬxʷ+tn. snʔawˑtíɬxʷtn: the snʔawˑtíɬxʷtn River. Category: Place name. See: confirm?.

snʔax̌líls   Morph: s+n+ʔax̌líls. to want to do; to think like. See: ʔax̌íl.

snʔaʔslmílt   Morph: s+n+ʔa•ʔsl+mílt. twins. Cm naʔassál̕, nʔassál̕ twins. See: nʔaslmílt; ʔasíl.

snʔaʔslm̓íl̕t   Morph: s+n+ʔa•ʔsl+m̓íl̕t. twins.

snʔaʔúsaʔtn   Morph: s+n+ʔa•ʔúsaʔ+tn. bird's nest. See: ʔaʔúsaʔ.

snʔickntn   Morph: sn+ʔickn+tn. playground; place where one can play. See: ʔickn.

snʔilmínaʔ   Morph: s+n+ʔilmínaʔ. snʔilmínaʔ: Sherman Creek. See: snylmínaʔ.

snʔilmínaʔx   Morph: s+n+ʔilmínaʔx. snʔilmínaʔx: people from Sherman Creek. See: snylmínaʔx.

snʔiɬntn   Morph: s+n+ʔiɬn+tn. restaurant; table; feeding place. Sp s-n-ʔíɬn-tn eating utensils, plates, dining room, cafe; Cr n+ʔíɬn+n cafe, dining room, eating place, restaurant; Sh x-ʔiɬn-tn 1. stomach, 2. dish. See: ʔiɬn.

snʔiƛ̓ltx   Morph: s+n+ʔiƛ̓ltx. snʔiƛ̓ltx: subgroup of Lakes people in the area from Northport to Revelstoke. See: nʔiƛ̓ltk.

snʔímaʔt   Morph: s+n+ʔímaʔt. grandchild; brother, sister, or cousin's grandchild. Category: Kin term. Cm ʔa-ʔim̓ac grandchild; Sh ʔimc (great-)grandchild; Th √ʔímec grandchild.

snʔimxtn   Morph: s+n+ʔimx+tn. a place where to move; a residence. See: ʔimx.

snʔip̓pstn   Morph: s+n+ʔip̓ps+tn. toilet paper. See: ʔip̓.

snʔíq̓c̓aʔtn   Morph: s+n+ʔíq̓c̓aʔ+tn. a scraping post (for hides). See: ʔíq̓c̓aʔm.

snʔistktn   Morph: s+n+ʔistk+tn. wintering place. See: ʔistkm.

snʔiwlm   Morph: s+n+ʔiwl+m. wave (of water). Sp s-n-ʔíw-l-m rapids, high waves caused by strong wind; Sh t-ʔiwl-tk upstream area. See: snʔiwlx.

snʔiwlx   Morph: sn+ʔiw+lx. to walk with a waddle. See: snʔiwlm. Category: Confirm.

snʔiwt   Morph: s+n+ʔiwt. in the end; at last. See: ʔiwt.

snʔiys   Morph: s+n+ʔiys. a price; saleability; value. See: nʔiy(s).

snʔiʔɬntn   Morph: s+n+ʔi•ʔ•ɬn+tn. a small restaurant. Category: Diminutive. See: snʔiɬntn.

snʔiʔxʷínaʔ   Morph: s+n+y̓xʷínaʔ. snʔiʔxʷínaʔ: area, now inundated, along the former west side of the Columbia, not far south from the spot now known as Mission Point, formerly a camping area utilized during the fishing season. Lit: drop down from higher to lower bench Category: Place name. See: sny̓xʷínaʔ.

snʔuckláx̌n   Morph: s+n+ʔuckláx̌n. s.t. looped on the arm. See: ʔuckláx̌nm.

snʔucxnm   Morph: sn+ʔucxn+m. one who is being tracked. See: nʔucxnm.

snʔukʷmn   Morph: sn+ʔukʷ+mn. conveyance; van. See: nʔukʷmn.

snʔúqnaʔ   Morph: s+n+ʔúqnaʔ. earwax; wax in one ear. Category: Body part. Sp s-n-ʔóqʷneʔ earwax in one ear. Category: Confirm. Ques: q or qʷ

snʔuqʔúqnaʔ   Morph: s+n+ʔuq•ʔúqnaʔ. earwax; wax in both ear. Category: Body part. Sp s-n-ʔoqʷʔóqʷneʔ earwax in both ears. See: snʔúqnaʔ. Category: Confirm. Ques: q or qʷ

snʔúqʷnaʔ   Morph: s+n+ʔuqʷnaʔ. ear wax. Category: Body part. Sp s-n-ʔóqʷneʔ earwax. Category: Confirm. Ques: q or qʷ

sn̓in̓k̓mn̓   Morph: s+n̓i•n̓k̓+mn̓. a knife case. See: n̓in̓k̓mn̓.

sn̓in̓w̓t   Morph: s+n̓i•n̓w̓+t. a breeze; a little wind. Category: Diminutive. See: sniw̓t.

sn̓kw̓ar̓qíntn   Morph: s+n̓+k+w̓ar̓qín+tn. sn̓kw̓ar̓qíntn: low peak located due south from c̓q̓ʷmnasxn that was well known as a site where young people were sent to obtain guardian spirit power. Lit: build-fire-on-top place Category: Place name.

sn̓maʔníkmn   Morph: sn+maʔník+mn. latrine, bathroom, shitting place. Category: Repetitive. See: mnik.

spalq   Morph: s+palq. penis. Category: Body part. Sp s-pálq penis; Cm s‑pəlq penis; Th s/péyeq, p.ə́lq-eʔ penis; Li s.pəl̕-q penis.

spapáʕɬaʔ   Morph: s+pa•páʕɬaʔ. monster; ape; giant. See: spáʕɬaʔ.

spápaʔt   Morph: s+pá•paʔt. generosity. Lit: because of her kindness and generosity See: paʔpáʔt.

spapík   Morph: s+pa•pík. a board; a plank. Sp s-c-pič lumber, a board. See: papík.

spápqɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+pá•pqɬc̓aʔ. weasel (in winter). Category: Animal name. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or p̓ ?

spapqʷlíc   Morph: s+pa•pqʷlíc. little ling fish. Category: Animal name. See: spqʷlíc.

spaqtán   Morph: s+paq+tán. January; whiteout time. See: piq.

spax̌mn   Morph: s+pax̌+mn. spax̌mn: Douglas Lake. Category: Place name.

spayól   Morph: spayol. From: French Espagnol(e). Spanish, Spaniard. Category: Borrowing. Cm ṣpanyụ́ḷ Spanish; Cr s+pa·yólmš Spanish, Castilian, Mexican.

spáʕɬaʔ   Morph: s+páʕɬaʔ. Gram: non-reduplicated variant of spapáʕɬaʔ ape, monster, giant. Cm spéəɬaʔ great‑horned owl.

spaʕmcánm   Morph: s+paʕ+mcán+m. mouth harp.

spaʕʔúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+paʕʔúlaʔxʷ. a ghost.

spaʔamíx   Morph: s+paʔa+míx. spaʔamíx: Lakes name (not known if man's or woman's). Category: Confirm.

spaʔl̕íslp̓   Morph: s+paʔl̕íslp̓. 1 • wood for smoking (e.g. meat).

2 • smoke from a house fire.

spaʔpaʔsílx   Morph: s+paʔ•paʔsílx. sorrow. See: paʔpaʔsílx.

spaʔpaʔúl̕   Morph: s+paʔ•paʔúl̕. spaʔpaʔúl̕. Category: Man's name.

spaʔpút   Morph: s+paʔ•pút. to be a match. Category: Confirm. Ques: ʔ or no ʔ ?

spaʔpʔúl   Morph: s+paʔ•pʔúl. spaʔpʔúl. Lit: smokey Category: Man's name.

spaʔpʔús   Morph: s+paʔ•pʔús. hearts. Category: Body part, Confirm.

spaʔqʷltált   Morph: s+paʔqʷltált. the sun.

spaʔsíʔm   Morph: s+paʔsíʔ+m. to seep. See č-peʔʔšín his tire went flat; Cm pạʔṣ to suddenly burst out of the water; Cr t+peʔšín+t-s deflate (lit. He released the air from the tire).

spikpkst   Morph: s+pik(k)st. Gram: The singular spikst points to a root √sp; the plural to √pk gloves. See: spikst.

spikst   Morph: s+pikst. glove. Sp s-péčst glove; Sh s-péke gloves; Th s/pékeʔ (pair of) gloves.

spilm   Morph: s+pil+m. 1 • flat land.

2 • spilm: the Big Bend country; Wilbur. Category: Place name. See: pil1.

spintk   Morph: s+pintk. a year. Sp s-péntč one year, one season; Cr s+pintč chron-, relating to time, year. See: pintk.

spiw̓pw̓   Morph: s+piw̓•pw̓. lungs. Category: Body part. Sp s-péw̓puʔ lungs; Cm s‑páw̓‑paw̓ lungs; Cr s+píw̓+pew̓ lungs; Sh s-puʔ-pw lungs; Th s/púʔ•puʔ lungs; Li s.pə́w̓:pəw̓ lungs. See: pw̓.

spix̌m   Morph: s+pix̌+m. the hunt; hunting. See: pix̌m.

spiʔsc̓íɬt   Morph: s+py̓s+c̓iɬt. yesterday. See: spy̓sc̓iɬt.

spkʷmiɬp   Morph: s+pkʷmiɬp. spkʷmiɬp: Rocky Nountain maple (acer glabrum). Category: Plant name.

spkʷmint   Morph: s+pkʷ+min+t. spillage (of small roundish objects). See: pkʷmi(n).

spkʷúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+pkʷúlaʔxʷ. spkʷúlaʔxʷ: montane puffball (lycoperdon spp.) Category: Plant name.

splal   Morph: s+pl•al. youngsters; young folks; young growth. See Sp hi-s-č-kʷeʔréčst my children (grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.). See: plal.

splant   Morph: s+plant. From: Thompson s/plánt. skunk. Category: Animal name, Borrowing.

splimcn   Morph: s+plimcn. mouth. Category: Body part.

splim̓cn   Morph: s+plimcn. mouth. Category: Body part. Sp s-pl-im̓cn mouth, lips; Cr s+plim̓cn lips; Sh s-pl-u-cn mouth; Th s/plíwcn mouth.

splip   Morph: s+plip. hind end, rump, bum. Category: Body part. Sh s-pl-ep behind, "bottom";

spllúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+pl•lúlaʔxʷ. some growth in the ground or earth. See: pllúlaʔxʷ.

splmúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+pl+múlaʔxʷ. place where there is new growth (e.g. after a fire); treeless, bald hill. See: spllúlaʔxʷ.

splsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+plsqáx̌aʔ. a killed animal. See: plsqáx̌aʔm.

spl̕l̕aɬq   Morph: s+pl̕+l̕aɬq. bushes. Category: Plant name. See: plal.

spl̕úlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+pl̕úlaʔxʷ. plants; the Plant people; things that grow on the land. Sp s-kʷeʔrúleʔxʷ green growth, grass, all small plants. See Sh kʷlé-kʷle grass.

spplínaʔ   Morph: s+p•plínaʔ. 1 • Rabbit; rabbit. Category: Animal name.

2 • spplínaʔ. Category: Man's name.

sppll̕úlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+p•pl̕•lúlaʔxʷ. vegetation; things growing. See: spllúlaʔxʷ.

spplmúlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+p•pl+múlaʔxʷ. spplmúlaʔxʷ: the general area where the Inchelium-Gifford ferry now lands on the west side of the Columbia River. Lit: flat land Category: Diminutive, Place name. See: splmúlaʔxʷ.

sppl̕al̕   Morph: s+p•pl̕•al̕. teenage boys; youngsters. Category: Diminutive. See: splal.

sppl̕im̓cn̓   Morph: s+p•pl̕im̓cn̓. a little mouth. Category: Body part, Diminutive. See: splim̓cn.

sppl̕ínaʔ   Morph: s+p•pl̕ínaʔ. 1 • Rabbit; rabbit. Category: Animal name.

2 • sppl̕ínaʔ. Category: Man's name.

sppɬáɬaʔt   Morph: s+p•pɬá•ɬaʔ+t. thickness. Category: Diminutive. See: pɬaɬt.

sppƛ̓m̓iɬp   Morph: s+p•pƛ̓m̓iɬp. flat-topped spiraea (spiraea betulifolia). Category: Plant name.

spptwínaʔxʷ   Morph: s+p+ptwínaʔxʷ. old ladyhood; one's being an old woman. See: pptwínaʔxʷ.

spqíc̓aʔ   Morph: s+pqíc̓aʔ. white skinned person. See: piq.

spqɬsnínaʔ   Morph: s+pq+ɬ+snínaʔ. spqɬsnínaʔ. Category: Woman's name.

spqmix   Morph: s+pqmix. (white) swan. Category: Animal name. Sp s-pqmí; s-pqmiš a swan; Sh s-pəq-mix swan.

spqmus   Morph: s+pq+mus. white hair. See: piq.

spqpáqɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+pq•páqɬc̓aʔ. female mountain goat. Category: Animal name.

spqsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+pqsqáx̌aʔ. spqsqáx̌aʔ: a basin area that is west from the south end of t̓aʔtíw̓s. Lit: white horse Category: Place name.

spqʷlic   Morph: s+pqʷlic. sucker, ling fish (spawns around February). Category: Animal name. Cm s-p̓uqʷl̕i-cn ling cod. Category: Confirm. Ques: p or p̓ ?

spsa   Morph: spsa. spsa (Sarah McLeod). Category: Woman's name.

spsáʕyaʔ   Morph: s+psáʕyaʔ. one foolish, crazy; goofy; disobedient; no good. Cm pəəṣ be empty‑headed, blank, pṣ–ayaʔ dumb, incompetent; Cr psáye foolish. See: psáʕyaʔ.

spsqniɬxʷ   Morph: s+psqniɬxʷ. the top of the house. Category: Confirm.

sptix̌ʷ   Morph: s+ptix̌ʷ. spit, saliva. Category: Body part. Sp ptáx̌ʷ-m he spit; s-ptáx̌ʷ saliva, spit; Cm ptix̌ʷ-m spit; Cr patx̌ʷ burst (ref. to oil, water, pus. See: ptix̌ʷ.

sptkʷam   Morph: s+ptkʷa+m. to nail; nailing. Sp ptkʷ-mín nail. See: ptkʷ.

sptkʷaqs   Morph: s+ptkʷaqs. a beak. Category: Body part. See: ptkʷ.

sptwnxʷsqáx̌aʔ   Morph: s+ptwnxʷsqáx̌aʔ. old mare. See: pptwínaxʷ.

spuct   Morph: s+puc+t. scab; sore. Category: Body part. Sp s-poc-t scab; Cm s‑puct sore; Cr s+poc+t blain (lit. a skin sore).

spulplt   Morph: s+pul•pl+t. a dream. Cm plpult, splpúl dream. See: spuplt.

spúl̕ɬc̓aʔ   Morph: s+púl̕ɬc̓aʔ. smoked meat. See: pul̕1.

spúɬlaʔxʷ   Morph: s+púɬlaʔxʷ. dust; dust. Sp s-n-ppóɬaʔqn dandruff.

spuɬt   Morph: s+puɬt. down feathers.

spumt   Morph: s+pum+t. fur; outer cover; feathers. Category: Body part. Sp s-púm pubic hair, fur; Cr spum fur.

spuplt   Morph: s+pu•plt. a dream. See: spulplt.

spusxʔítx   Morph: s+pus+xʔítx. one's first spouse. Category: Kin term. Sp puʔ- spouse; puʔ-kʷné-m he (or she) took a spouse. See: sxʔit.

spútaʔ   Morph: s+pút+aʔ. a holiday; Christmas; New Year's. Cr ul+n+púteʔ+n he s+pintč+s anno-Domini (lit. belonging to the Lord's year). See: pútaʔ.

spútaʔm   Morph: s+pútaʔ+m. to respect s.t. or s.o. See: 11.25a. See: spútaʔ.

sputs   Morph: s+put+s. right. Category: Idiom. See: put.

spuxʷm   Morph: s+puxʷ+m. cure by blowing; power to cure. Cm s‑puxʷ‑m curing rite, healing practice; Cr s+puxʷ+m blowing by medicine man in treatment of ailment; Sh px̌ʷ-um to cure (of Indian doctor); Th pox̌ʷ-nwen̓-s [of shaman] finally managed to blow it on s.o.; Li pəx̌ʷ-n-ə́m he was squirted on (by the Indian doctor). See: puxʷ1.

spuʔlíxn   Morph: s+puʔlíxn. deer hoof. Category: Body part. Cm puʔláxn hoof; Sh spul̕-xn deerhoof.

spuʔpuʔlíxn   Morph: s+puʔ•puʔlíxn ? hocks. Category: Body part. See: spuʔlíxn.

spuʔsíɬml̕x   Morph: s+puʔ꞊s꞊íɬml̕x. wild ginger (asarum caudatum). Lit: heart-shaped plant Category: Plant name.

spuʔstʔíwtx   Morph: s+puʔs+tʔíw+t+x. one's latest spouse. Category: Kin term. See: stʔiwtx.

spuʔúl   Morph: s+pu[ʔ]úl. smoke of forest or bon fire. Category: Inchoative. See: pul̕1.

spuʔúɬ   Morph: s+pu[ʔ]úɬ. splash. Category: Inchoative. See: puɬ; piɬ1.

spuʔús   Morph: s+puʔús. heart, feeling, idea; desire; heart (playing card). Category: Body part. Lit: it landed in my heart Sp s-pʔús heart, mind, personality; puʔs-mi-n I thought fondly of him; Cm s‑c‑puʔ‑s heart; Cr puʔs heart, desire; See Sh p̓usmən.

spwalqn   Morph: s+pwalqn. 1 • red headed woodpecker. Black bird with a white head, and red on the side of the head. Category: Animal name.

2 • spwalqn. Category: Man's name. Sp s-pwálqn redheaded woodpecker.

spwpiwxn   Morph: s+pw•piwxn. blistered feet. See: piw.

spx̌pax̌t   Morph: s+px̌•pax̌+t. smarts; knowledge. See: px̌pax̌t.

spx̌px̌ɬk̓ʷul̕mn   Morph: s+px̌•px̌+ɬ+k̓ʷul̕+mn. computer. Category: Compound. See: px̌pax̌t; k̓ʷul̕m.

spx̌px̌twilx   Morph: s+px̌•px̌+t+wilx. the state of having gotten one's senses, of having reached consciousness. See: px̌pax̌t.

spx̌ʷmsʔiɬn   Morph: s+px̌ʷ+m+s+ʔiɬn. giving out all the food. Category: Compound. See: px̌ʷm; sʔiɬn.

spx̌ʷtqin   Morph: s+px̌ʷtqin. spx̌ʷtqin: Madeline DeSautel's and Pete Seymour's great-great-grandfather. Category: Man's name.

spy̓sc̓íɬt   Morph: s+py̓s+c̓iɬt. yesterday. Sp spiʔsc̓éʔ, c-piʔ√s-c̓éʔ yesterday; Ka √t:spiʔsc̓eʔ; see Th s/piʔhéwt. See: py̓sc̓íɬt.

spʕ̓ʷaɬ   Morph: s+pʕ̓ʷaɬ. a sore; a wound. Category: Body part.

spʔaʕ   Morph: s+p[ʔ]aʕ. to be in mourning. Category: Inchoative.

spʔul̕   Morph: s+p[ʔ]ul̕. smoke from a fire. Category: Inchoative. See: spuʔúl; pul̕1.

spʔuɬ   Morph: s+p[ʔ]uɬ. wind blown dust; mist in the air; spray. Category: Inchoative. See: spuʔúɬ; puɬ.

spʔus   Morph: s+pʔus. heart. Category: Body part. See: spuʔús.

sp̓   Morph: sp̓. to hit s.t. or s.o. with a stick; to club s.o. Gram: +nt transitive Category: Root, +nt transitive. Gram: +ɬt transitive Sp sp̓(í) to hit with a stick, to beat, to club; Sh sp̓-em to hit, whip, spank.

sp̓a   Morph: sp̓a. to hit s.t. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive.

sp̓ac̓lqʷaʕʷstxn   Morph: s+p̓ac̓lqʷaʕʷstxn. sp̓ac̓lqʷaʕʷstxn: one of the names of Coyote's oldest son. Category: Man's name.

sp̓aɬq̓ʷlm   Morph: sp̓aɬq̓ʷl+m. to hit s.o. on the mouth. See: sp̓(a).

sp̓áɬxʷlm   Morph: sp̓áɬxʷl+m. to hit s.o. on the mouth. Category: Confirm. See: sp̓(a).

sp̓aƛ̓mqn   Morph: s+p̓aƛ̓+mqn. head of the river; head of the lake. See: p̓ƛ̓.

sp̓am   Morph: sp̓a+m. to hit s.t. (with a stick); to strike s.t. (with a stick); to beat a drum. See: sp̓a.

sp̓apqn   Morph: sp̓apqn. to hit s.o. on the head. Gram: +nt transitive Category: +nt transitive. Gram: middle Category: Middle. Sp sp̓ápqn-t-m he was hit on the head with a club; Sh səp̓-ep-qn to hit on the back of the head. See: sp̓a.

sp̓apqntn   Morph: sp̓apqn+tn. salmon club; fish club; club. <