t‿1   [t] Morph: t. proclitic particle that signals an agent or instrument.

t‿2   [t] Morph: t‿. oblique marker with a variety of functions.

1 • to mark the object of a transitive.

2 • to mark a subject in evidence.

3 • to mark an object of an intransitive predicate.

4 • to mark a modifier.

5 • idiomatically (with forms of cu(t)).

t‿3   [t] Morph: t‿. marks the second object of a ditransitive form.

1 • with +ɬt transitive.

2 • with +x(ít) transitive.

t‿4   [t] Morph: t‿. marks the object of an intransitive predicate.

t‿5   [t] Morph: t. from, since.

t‿6   [t] Morph: t. marks a partitive (e.g. "that good of ...")

t‿7   [t] Morph: t‿. marks the object of an adjective.

t‿8   [t] Morph: t. in the idiom "as X said".

t‿9   [t] Morph: t. proclitic particle with agent or instrument sense.

t10   [t] Morph: t. variant of k person, before stems that begin with (post)velar.

t+11   [t] Morph: t+. prefix that derives verbs and nouns whose sense is related in some way to that of the bare stem, but not predictably; variant of k+ before (post)velar obstruents and h.

t12   [t] Morph: t. place.

+t13   [t] Morph: +t. stative suffix; these words usually translate in English as adjectives.

+t14   [t] Morph: +t. suffix of unclear function is these lexical items.

t ancáwt   [t ancáwt] Morph: t an-cáwt. how are you?

t nyʕ̓ip   [t niʕ̓íp] Morph: t n+yʕ̓ip. continuously; for good; always.

t sk̓aɬʔásq̓t   [t sk̓aɬʔásq̓ət] Morph: t s+k̓aɬʔásq̓t. yesterday.

t sk̓k̓laxʷ   [t sk̓ək̓láxʷ] Morph: t s+k̓•k̓laxʷ. yesterday evening; last evening.

t spn̓icíʔ   [tə spn̓icíʔ] Morph: t s+pn̓+icíʔ. at that time.

t spy̓sc̓iɬt   [spiʔsc̓íɬt] Morph: t s+piʔs+c̓íɬt. yesterday.

t sq̓sápiʔ   [tə sq̓sápiʔ] Morph: t s+q̓sápiʔ. from a long time past.

t stim̓   [t stim̓] Morph: t stim̓. how.

t st̓x̌iwt   [t st̓x̌iwt] Morph: t s+t̓x̌iwt. last year.

t sʔiwt   [t sʔiwt] Morph: t s+ʔiw+t. behind.

t tanm̓ús   [t tanm̓ús] Morph: t tanm̓ús. any which way.

ta‿1   [ta] Morph: t. variant of particle t‿ before c- "actual," l, n, y.

ta2   [ta] unclear semantic import.

ta cck̓láʔ   [ta cck̓láʔ] Morph: ta c•c+k̓láʔ. on this side; this way.

ta ck̓(a)   [ta ck̓] Morph: ta ck̓. in the direction of; towards.

ta ck̓aʔkín   [ta ck̓aʔkín] Morph: ta c+k̓a•ʔkín. how; which way.

ta ck̓l   [ta ck̓əl] Morph: ta c+k̓l. 1 • in the direction of.

2 • as far as; from there to.

ta ck̓laʔ   [ta ck̓laʔ] Morph: ta c+k̓laʔ. from there; this way; the way it is; the way it's done.

ta ck̓liʔ   [ta ck̓liʔ] Morph: ta c+k̓liʔ. the way or manner; the direction.

1 • the way it is; the way it's done; in some manner.

2 • in that direction; to that end.

ta cʔx̌il   [ta c̓x̌il] Morph: ta c+ʔx̌il. to do s.t. so.

ta cʔx̌iɬt   [ta c̓x̌iɬt] Morph: ta c+ʔx̌íɬt. to do s.t. so.

ta c̓x̌il   [ta c̓x̌il] Morph: ta c+ʔx̌il. to do s.t. so.

ta c̓x̌iɬt   [ta c̓x̌iɬt] Morph: ta c+ʔx̌iɬ+t. to do s.t. so.

ta niʕ̓íp   [ta niʕ̓íp] Morph: ta n+yʕ̓ip. continuously; all the time.

ta nwist   [ta nwist] Morph: ta n+wis+t. up high; in the sky.

ta nyxʷut   [ta nixʷút] Morph: ta n+yxʷut. below, under, down.

ta uyáʔ   it's not true.

ta wnixʷ   [ta uníxʷ] Morph: ta wnixʷ. for sure.

ta ʔkin̓   [ta ʔkin̓] Morph: ta ʔkin̓. 1 • from where; how far; as far as; wherever; somewhere.

2 • sometimes; how long.

ta ʔkín̓ sq̓sápiʔs   [ta ʔkin̓ sq̓sápiʔs] Morph: ta ʔkin̓ s+q̓sápiʔ. how long (a time)?

tack̓anʔíƛ̓ltk   [tack̓anʔíƛ̓ltk] Morph: ta c+k̓a+n+ʔíƛ̓ltk. towards the north.

tah   [tah] Morph: tah. unclear semantic import.

takʷʔút   [takʷʔút] Morph: takʷʔút. to walk around.

talí   [talí] Morph: talíʔ. very much.

talíʔ   [talíʔ] Morph: talíʔ. very much.

taɬ   [taɬ] Morph: taɬ. indeed, surely.

taɬt   [taɬt] Morph: taɬ+t. surely; right on; truly.

taɬt uɬ   [taɬt uɬ] Morph: taɬ+t uɬ. my goodness!; indeed!

támaʔ   [támaʔ] Morph: támaʔ. hypochoristic form of stmtímaʔ; appellative: male or female addressing mother's mother or an elderly woman.

tamnipól   [tamnipól] Morph: tamní pól. Dominic Paul.

tamskʷlxán   [tamskʷlxán] Morph: tamskʷlxán. tamskʷlxán.

+tan   [tan] Morph: +tan. 1 • suffix with a basic instrumental function and several semantic extensions.

2 • in combination with s+n+ referring to a place or location.

tanáps   [tanáps] Morph: tanáps. turnip (brassica rapa).

tanm̓scín   [tanm̓əscín] Morph: tanm̓scín. idle talk; talk for nothing.

tanm̓scínm   [tanm̓scínəm] Morph: tanm̓scín+m. to talk nonsense.

tanm̓súlaʔxʷ   [tanm̓súlaʔxʷ] Morph: tanm̓+súlaʔxʷ. to walk aimlessly; to be or go anywhere.

tanm̓ús   [tanm̓ús] Morph: tanm̓ús. to be insignificant; to do s.t. for nothing; to do nothing.

tanm̓úsm   [tanm̓úsəm] Morph: tanm̓ús+m. not to understand s.t. or s.o.

tanm̓úss   [tanm̓úsəs] Morph: tanm̓ús•s. to have gone crazy; to have gone to pieces.

tányaʔ   [tányaʔ] Morph: t+ányaʔ. late sockeye (when they turn red, around September).

tan̓msúlaʔxʷ   [tan̓msúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tan̓msúlaʔxʷ. anywhere; any old place.

tan̓mús   [tan̓mús] Morph: tanm̓ús. nothing; to care nothing about.

tap1   [tap] Morph: tap. to be covered.

tap2   [tap] Morph: tap. to dirty s.t.

taq   [taq] Morph: taq. to wave a hand; to motion s.o. to come; to go by.

taqqm   [táqqəm] Morph: taq•q+m. to be waving a hand.

táqʷaʔ   [táqʷaʔ] Morph: táqʷaʔ. 1 • wild geranium (white or pink); sticky geranium (geranium viscosissimum).

2 • cinquefoil (No. 1) (potentilla arguta).

3 • cotton of cottonwood trees.

tarás   [tarás] Morph: tarás. tarás.

tármiʔst   [tármiʔst] Morph: tár+miʔst. to be stretched out.

tarr   [tarˑ] Morph: tar•r. to be stretched out; to come one after another in a line.

tar̓q   [tar̓q] Morph: tar̓q. to be or get kicked.

tatámaʔ   [tatámaʔ] Morph: ta•támaʔ. grandmother.

tatápt   [tatápt] Morph: ta•táp+t. to be dirty.

tatáʔpt   [tatáʔpt] Morph: ta•tá[ʔ]p+t. to get dirty or grimy.

tatíɬaʔx   [tatíɬaʔx] Morph: ta•tíɬ+aʔx. to rear up (of horses).

tatím̓aʔ   [tatím̓aʔ] Morph: ta•tím̓aʔ. to go to a strange place.

tátmi   [tátmi] Morph: tátmi. Tommy (man's name).

tatqm   [tátqəm] Morph: ta•t•q+m. to make a small wave with the hand.

tattʔímaʔkʷ   [tattʔímaʔkʷ] Morph: ta•t•tʔímaʔkʷ ? to stay new places.

taw   [taw] Morph: taw. to obtain s.t.

tawn   [tawn] Morph: tawn. town; to stay in town.

tawnm   [táwnəm] Morph: tawn+m. to go to town.

taws   [taws] Morph: taw+s. to have or obtain.

tawskícc   [tawskícəc] Morph: taw+s+kíc•c. to have company; to be visited by s.o.

taxʷɬq   [taxʷɬq] Morph: taxʷɬq. a crop; a harvest; to harvest.

taxʷɬqm   [táxʷɬqəm] Morph: taxʷɬq+m. to harvest a crop.

tax̌t   [tax̌t] Morph: tax̌+t. pepper; bitter.

tax̌ʷ   [tax̌ʷ] Morph: tax̌ʷ. to dangle s.t. down (towards s.t. or s.o. below).

táx̌ʷmiʔst   [táx̌ʷmiʔst] Morph: táx̌ʷ+miʔst. to stretch or reach over to hang s.t.

+tayn   [tayn] Morph: +tayn. variant (?) of +tan "instrumental suffix", found only in the following form.

tayxʷn̓íp   [tayxʷn̓íp] Morph: tayxʷn̓ip. ?

taʕánya   [taʕánya] Morph: taʕánya. sockeye salmon.

taʕc   [taʕc] Morph: taʕc. to jump; to move with a jarring motion.

taʕctct   [táʕctəct] Morph: taʕc•tc+t. a jarring motion, a bouncing (e.g. a buggy).

taʕpqn   [táʕpqən] Morph: taʕpqn. taʕpqn: head of the penis (one of the names of Coyote's fourth son).

taʕtáʕp   [taʕtáʕp] Morph: taʕ•táʕp. penis.

taʕ̓   [taʕ̓] Morph: taʕ̓. a toy.

taʕ̓ʷpíkn   [taʕ̓ʷpíkən] Morph: taʕ̓ʷ+píkn. one's back gets chilled.

taʔ   [taʔ] Morph: taʔ. to press down on s.t.; to pound.

taʔkín   [taʔkín] Morph: ta+ʔkín. where.

taʔkʷʔút   [taʔkʷʔút] Morph: t[aʔ]kʷʔút. several walk around.

taʔlí   [taʔlí] Morph: taʔlíʔ. much.

taʔlíʔ   [taʔlíʔ] Morph: taʔlíʔ. very much.

taʔɬwlwlím   [taʔɬululím] Morph: taʔ+ɬ+wl•wlím. to do blacksmithing; to pound on iron.

taʔmúlaʔxʷ   [taʔmúlaʔxʷ] Morph: taʔmúlaʔxʷ. the snow melts; spring (comes).

taʔp   [taʔp] Morph: ta[ʔ]p. to dirty or soil s.t. or s.o.

taʔpápqn   [taʔpápqən] Morph: taʔp•ápqn. dirty head.

taʔpáyaʔqn   [taʔpáyaʔqən] Morph: taʔpáyaʔqn. dirty head; dirty hair.

taʔqíɬc̓aʔ   [taʔqíɬc̓aʔ] Morph: taʔqíɬc̓aʔ. meat settles (after hanging to cure).

taʔqínaʔ   [taʔqínaʔ] Morph: taʔqínaʔ. to type (e.g. a document).

taʔtaʔmíx   [taʔtaʔmíx] Morph: taʔ•taʔ+míx. one who hammers.

taʔtaʔm̓ín̓   [taʔtaʔm̓ín̓] Morph: taʔ•taʔ+m̓ín̓. a hammer.

taʔtaʔpíkst   [taʔtaʔpíkst] Morph: taʔ•taʔpíkst. dirty hands.

taʔtʔímkʷ   [taʔtʔímkʷ] Morph: taʔ•tʔímkʷ. new places.

taʔt̓ín   [taʔt̓ín] Morph: taʔt̓ín. taʔt̓ín: Olalla.

taʔxʷ   [taʔxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ. to get or obtain s.t.

taʔxʷknxcútn   [taʔxʷkənxcútən] Morph: taʔxʷ+kn+x+cút+n. to get some help.

taʔxʷk̓ɬxʷípmn   [taʔxʷk̓əɬxʷípmən] Morph: taʔxʷ+k̓ɬ+xʷíp+mn. to obtain s.t. to spread (as a mat).

taʔxʷkʷúnm   [taʔxʷkʷúnəm] Morph: taʔxʷ+kʷún+m. to repeat a sound over and over.

taʔxʷl̕x̌l̕áx̌t   [taʔxʷl̕x̌l̕áx̌t] Morph: taʔxʷ+l̕x̌•l̕áx̌t. to have friends.

taʔxʷɬcítxʷ   [taʔxʷɬcítxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+cítxʷ. to get a house.

taʔxʷɬc̓q̓íln   [taʔxʷɬc̓q̓ílən] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+c̓q̓íln. to get arrow(s), to obtain arrow(s).

taʔxʷɬk̓ɬxʷípmn   [taʔxʷɬk̓ɬxʷípmn] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+k̓ɬ+xʷíp+mn. to get a liner.

taʔxʷɬlʔíw   [taʔxʷɬlʔíw] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+lʔíw. to get a father.

taʔxʷɬnínk̓mn   [taʔxʷɬnínk̓mən] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+ní•nk̓+mn. to have knives.

taʔxʷɬnq̓ʷíc̓tn   [taʔxʷɬənq̓ʷíc̓tṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+n+q̓ʷíc̓+tn. to get a replacement husband.

taʔxʷɬntkʷíls   [taʔxʷɬəntkʷíls] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+n+tkʷils. to have company.

taʔxʷɬnt̓aʕpmútyaʔ   [taʔxʷɬnt̓aʕpmútyaʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+n+t̓aʕp+mútyaʔ. to have or get gun loaders.

taʔxʷɬnwnxʷínaʔtn   [taʔxʷɬnunxʷínaʔtṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+n+wnxʷínaʔ+tn. to get beliefs.

taʔxʷɬqm   [táʔxʷɬqəm] Morph: taʔxʷɬq+m. to get a crop.

taʔxʷɬtkɬmílxʷ   [taʔxʷɬtkəɬmílxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+tkɬmílxʷ. to obtain a wife; to get married.

taʔxʷɬt̓xʷtlwís   [taʔxʷɬt̓əxʷtlwís] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+t̓xʷ+t+lwís. to get or obtain airplanes.

taʔxʷɬxwíɬ   [taʔxʷɬxwíɬ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+xwíɬ. to have roads; there are roads.

taʔxʷɬx̌ʷíc̓laʔxʷtn   [taʔxʷəɬx̌ʷíc̓laʔxʷtṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+ɬ+x̌ʷíc̓laʔxʷ+tn. to get mowers.

taʔxʷsaʔstám   [taʔxʷsaʔstám] Morph: taʔxʷ+saʔ•stám. to get a brother- or sister-in-law.

taʔxʷsck̓ʷúl̕   [taʔxʷsck̓ʷúl̕] Morph: taʔxʷ+sc+k̓ʷúl̕. to obtain work, a job.

taʔxʷscmrmmrím   [taʔxʷscmərmmrím] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+c+mrm•mrím. to have a mate.

taʔxʷscmrmrím   [taʔxʷscmərmrím] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+c+mr•mrím. several have spouses.

taʔxʷscʔíɬn   [taʔxʷsc̓íɬən] Morph: taʔxʷ+sc+ʔíɬn. to obtain food.

taʔxʷsc̓íɬn   [taʔxʷsc̓íɬən] Morph: taʔxʷ+sc+ʔíɬn. to obtain food.

taʔxʷsc̓úq̓ʷiʔ   [taʔxʷsc̓úq̓ʷiʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+c̓úq̓ʷy̓. to have a dealer, a trading partner.

taʔxʷsc̓úq̓ʷy̓   [taʔxʷsc̓úq̓ʷiʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+c̓úq̓ʷy̓. to have a dealer, a trading partner.

taʔxʷsl̕áx̌tm   [taʔxʷsl̕áx̌təm] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+l̕áx̌t+m. to get or acquire a friend.

taʔxʷsl̕x̌l̕áx̌t   [taʔxʷsl̕əx̌l̕áx̌t] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+l̕x̌•l̕áx̌+t. to get or acquire friends.

taʔxʷsɬíqʷ   [taʔxʷsɬíqʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+sɬíqʷ. to get meat; to obtain meat.

taʔxʷsƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ   [taʔxʷsƛ̓əx̌ƛ̓əx̌sqáx̌aʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌sqáx̌aʔ. to get race horses.

taʔxʷsmaʔmʔím   [taʔxʷsmaʔmʔím] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+maʔ•mʔím. to get wives.

taʔxʷsmík̓ʷt   [taʔxʷsmík̓ʷt] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+mík̓ʷ+t. to get snow.

taʔxʷsník̓ɬxʷ   [taʔxʷsník̓əɬxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+ník̓ɬxʷ. an acquired son-in-law.

taʔxʷsnik̓ɬxʷm   [taʔxʷsník̓əɬxʷVm] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+nik̓ɬxʷ+m. to get or gain a son-in-law.

taʔxʷsnilíʔtn   [taʔxʷsnilíʔtṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+n+ilíʔ+tn. to get a home or place.

taʔxʷsnɬx̌mtán   [taʔxʷsənɬəx̌mtán] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+n+ɬx̌m+tán. to get in-laws.

taʔxʷsnq̓ʷíctn   [taʔxʷsənq̓ʷíctṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+n+q̓ʷíc+tn. to get a replacement husband.

taʔxʷspuʔús   [taʔxʷspuʔús] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+puʔús. to gain feelings; to come to.

taʔxʷspx̌páx̌t   [taʔxʷspəx̌páx̌t] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+px̌•pax̌+t. to acquire knowledge or smarts.

taʔxʷsp̓qíntn   [taʔxʷsəp̓qíntṇ] Morph: taʔxʷ+sp̓qín+tn. to get threshers.

taʔxʷsqláw   [taʔxʷsqláw] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qláw. to get money.

taʔxʷsqláw̓   [taʔxʷsqláw̓] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qláw̓. to get or obtain money.

taʔxʷsqlíɬc̓aʔ   [taʔxʷsqlíɬc̓aʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qlíɬc̓aʔ. to get fresh meat.

taʔxʷsqlqltmíxʷ   [taʔxʷsqəlqəltmíxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+ql•qlt+mixʷ. several get husbands.

taʔxʷsqltmíxʷ   [taʔxʷsqəltmíxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+ql+tmixʷ. to get a husband.

taʔxʷsq̓lípsm   [taʔxʷsq̓lípsəm] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+q̓líps+m. to get or obtain a kerchief.

taʔxʷsqʷíylpm   [taʔxʷsqʷíylpəm] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qʷíylp+m. to get bed matting; to get a bed of boughs.

taʔxʷsqʷqʷsqʷsíʔ   [taʔxʷsqʷəqʷəsqʷsíʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qʷ•qʷs•qʷsíʔ. to get a son.

taʔxʷsqʷsíʔ   [taʔxʷsqʷsíʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qʷsíʔ. to get a son.

taʔxʷsqʷsqʷasíʔa   [taʔxʷsqʷəsqʷasíʔa] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qʷs•qʷasíʔa. to get children; to acquire children.

taʔxʷsqʷsqʷsíʔ   [taʔxʷsqʷəsqʷsíʔ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+qʷs•qʷsíʔ. to get or have a baby.

taʔxʷssp̓qín   [taʔxʷsəsp̓qín] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+sp̓qín. to get or obtain wheat.

taʔxʷstkɬmílxʷ   [taʔxʷstəkɬmílxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+tkɬmílxʷ. to get or obtain a wife.

taʔxʷst̓lsqílxʷ   [taʔxʷst̓əlsqílxʷ] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+t̓l+s+qílxʷ. to get or gain people.

taʔxʷswyápix   [taʔxʷsuyápix] Morph: taʔxʷ+s+wyápix. to get white people.

taʔxʷsxʷq̓y̓ám   [taʔxʷsəxʷq̓əy̓ám] Morph: taʔxʷ+sxʷq̓y̓á+m. to obtain or get a teacher.

taʔx̌íl   [taʔx̌íl] Morph: ta+ʔx̌íl. to do s.t. a certain way (often accompanied by a motion).

taʔx̌ís   [taʔx̌ís] Morph: ta+ʔx̌ís. in a certain way; through a certain way or place.

taʔx̌lx̌íl   [taʔx̌əlx̌íl] Morph: taʔ+x̌l•x̌íl. to do s.t. a certain way.

taʔx̌x̌íl   [taʔx̌x̌íl] Morph: ta+ʔx̌•x̌•íl. to fall short; to be discouraged.

taʔx̌ʷmíst   [taʔx̌ʷmíst] Morph: ta[ʔ]x̌ʷ+míst. to dangle; to lower oneself.

tctaʕcpt   [təctʕácpt] Morph: tc•taʕc+p+t. rough riding.

tcʕap   [tcʕap] Morph: tcʕa+p. to vibrate or bounce.

   [təɣ] Morph: . to make water run.

tɣap   [tɣap] Morph: tɣa+p. water flows; a running brook.

thaḥtmn   [tháhtmən] Morph: t+ha•ḥt+mn. to laugh at s.o.

thim   [thim] Morph: thim. to benefit.

tḥat̓ín   [tḥat̓ín] Morph: tḥat̓ín. tḥat̓ín: Olalla.

ticáyx̌   [ticáyx̌] Morph: tycayx̌ ? ticáyx̌.

til   [til] Morph: til. to shread a cotton-like substance.

tilm   [tíləm] Morph: til+m. to charge s.o. with the care of s.t.

tilt   [tilt] Morph: til+t. a cotton-like substance is shredded, broken.

tiltlxʷt   [tíltəlxʷt] Morph: til•tlxʷ+t. to be difficult.

tilxʷ   [tilxʷ] Morph: tilxʷ. to be difficult; to have a hard time; to fall short; to fail at s.t.; to be unable to do s.t.

til̕tl̕xʷt   [tíl̕təl̕xʷt] Morph: til̕•tl̕xʷt. to be difficult.

tiɬ   [tiɬ] Morph: tiɬ. s.t. stands, is straight.

tiɬm   [tíɬəm] Morph: tiɬ+m. to lie flat on the ground; (to hide by) lying flat on the ground.

tíɬmist   [tíɬmist] Morph: tíɬ+mist. to lie face flat to the ground.

tiɬx1   [tiɬx] Morph: tiɬ+x. one person or one animal stands.

tiɬx2   [tiɬx] Morph: tiɬx. new moon.

tim   [tim] Morph: tim. Tim.

timkʷ   [timkʷ] Morph: timkʷ. group, tribe.

timɬ   [timɬ] Morph: timɬ. eight.

timtn   [tímtən] Morph: tim+tn. the reciprocal relationship between the parent of a child married to one of one's children and oneself.

tímuʔs   [tímuʔs] Morph: timw̓s. navel, belly button.

timw̓s   [tímuʔs] Morph: timw̓s. navel, belly button.

tim̓tn   [tím̓tən] Morph: tim̓+tn. to disregard s.t.

tíniʔ   [tíniʔ] Morph: tíniʔ. tíniʔ (Selina Timoyakin).

tinx   [tinx] Morph: tinx. sinew (primarily the sinew from a deer's backbone).

titm   [títəm] Morph: ti•t•m. Timmy; little Tim.

titmtn   [títəmtən] Morph: ti•tm+tn. oneʼs daughter's mother-in-law.

titm̓tn   [títəm̓tən] Morph: ti•tm̓+tn. oneʼs daughter's mother-in-law; parent of a child married to one's child.

tiw   [tiw] Morph: tiw. to acquire s.t.; to buy s.t.

tiwcn   [tíwcən] Morph: tiwcn. to buy or obtain groceries.

tíwɬc̓aʔ   [tíwɬc̓aʔ] Morph: tíwɬc̓aʔ. doe; elk doe.

tiwɬxʷ   [tiwɬxʷ] Morph: tiwɬxʷ. to buy a house.

tiwm   [tiwm] Morph: tiw+m. to buy, acquire s.t.

tiwmn   [tíwmən] Morph: tiw+mn. the means of bargaining.

tixxmnáqs   [tixəxmnáqs] Morph: tix•x+mnáqs. to stumble.

tixʷ   [tixʷ] Morph: tixʷ. to obtain s.t.; to gather s.t.

tixʷck   [tixʷck] Morph: tixʷck. tongue.

tixʷkʷúk   [tixʷkʷúk] Morph: tixʷ+kʷúk. to repeat, to tell the same thing.

tixʷkʷúkstm   [tixʷkʷúkstəm] Morph: tixʷ+kʷúk+st+m. to repeat; to tell the same thing.

tixʷkʷúnm   [tixʷkʷúnəm] Morph: tixʷ+kʷun+m. to talk; to repeat a sound; to utter in a certain way; to pass the word along.

tiʔxʷkʷúnm   [tiʔxʷkʷúnəm] Morph: tiʔxʷ+kʷún+m. to say; to talk; to repeat a sound; to utter in a certain way; to pass the word along.

tiʔx̌íl   [tiʔx̌íl] Morph: ti+ʔx̌íl. to do s.t. a certain way.

tiʔx̌ílm   [tiʔx̌íləm] Morph: tiʔx̌íl+m. do s.t. a certain way.

tiʔx̌lx̌ílm   [tiʔx̌əlx̌íləm] Morph: tiʔx̌l•x̌íl+m. do s.t. a certain way.

tk1   [tk] Morph: t+k. variant of k person.

tk2   [tk] Morph: tk. expanse (of space or time).

tkampáyn   [tkampáyn] Morph: t+kampáyn. to combine (grain).

tkanxʷ   [tkanxʷ] Morph: t+kanxʷ. to be touching s.t.

tkaʔkaʔɬílm   [tkaʔkaʔɬíləm] Morph: t+kaʔ•kaʔɬíl+m. three persons.

tkaʔkaʔɬís   [tkaʔkaʔɬís] Morph: t+kaʔ•kaʔɬís. three persons.

tkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkaʔst   [tkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkaʔst] Morph: t+kaʔ•kaʔɬl̕꞊íkaʔst. little prince's pine (chimaphila umbellata) and mountain valerian (valeriana sitchensis).

tkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkst   [tkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkst] Morph: t+kaʔ•kaʔɬl̕íkst. prince's pine (chimaphila umbellata) and mountain valerian (valeriana sitchensis).

tkaʔɬlíc̓aʔ   [tkaʔɬlíc̓aʔ] Morph: t+kaʔɬlíc̓aʔ. three bundles.

tkaʔɬlús   [tkaʔɬlús] Morph: t+kaʔɬlús. three berries.

tkaʔɬlxan̓   [tkaʔɬlxan̓] Morph: t+kaʔɬlxan̓. s.t. three sided.

tkaʔm̓úsm   [tkaʔm̓úsəm] Morph: t+k[aʔ]m̓ús+m. to pick up (wood).

tkckcnwixʷ   [tkəckəcnwíxʷ] Morph: t+kc•kcnwixʷ. to meet; to catch up with one another.

tkcxils   [tkəcxíls] Morph: t+kcxils. to be in pain; to hurt; to suffer.

tkic   [tkic] Morph: t+kic. to run across s.o.; to meet s.o.

tkicc   [tkícəc] Morph: t+kic•c. to be met by s.o.

tkil̕l̕   [tkil̕l̕] Morph: t+kil̕•l̕. to get s.o. sick.

tkil̕m   [tkíl̕əm] Morph: t+kil̕+m. to get sick of s.t.

tkip   [tkip] Morph: t+kip. to steam cook.

tkiy̓   [tkiʔ] Morph: tkiy̓. urine, pee.

tkiʔ   [tkiʔ] Morph: tkiy̓. urine, pee.

tkiʔílpm   [tkiʔílpm] Morph: tky̓ílp+m. to wet the bed.

tkkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkaʔst   [tkkaʔkaʔɬl̕íkaʔst] Morph: t+k•kaʔ•kaʔɬl̕꞊íkaʔst. little prince’s pine (chimaphila menziesii).

tkkɬam   [tkəkɬám] Morph: t+k•kɬa+m. separately; by oneself.

tkkɬmílaʔxʷ   [tkəkɬmílaʔxʷ] Morph: tk•k•ɬmílaʔxʷ. woman, wife (slightly derisive term).

tkkxisxn̓   [tkəkxísxn̓] Morph: t+k•kxisxn̓. tkkxisxn̓: place (part of which is still above water) on the west side of the Columbia, between the former lower and upper Kettle Falls.

tklk̓íc̓aʔ   [tkəlk̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+k+lk̓íc̓aʔ. to tie s.t. in bundles; to bale (hay).

tklxmikstn   [tkəlxmíkstṇ] Morph: t+klx+miks+tn. a branch or limb (of a tree).

tkɬ   [təkɬ] Morph: tkɬ. root with meaning "down, downward" on which several stems are formed.

tkɬam   [tkɬam] Morph: t+kɬa+m. to do s.t. separately; to do s.t. by oneself.

tkɬkɬmilxʷ   [tkəɬkəɬmílxʷ] Morph: t+kɬ•kɬ+milxʷ. women.

tkɬɬmillxʷ   [tkəɬɬmílˑxʷ] Morph: tkɬ•ɬ+mil•l•xʷ. one grows into a woman.

tkɬm   [tkəɬəm] Morph: t+kɬ+m. to lay s.t. down.

tkɬmikst   [təkɬmíkst] Morph: tkɬ+mikst. to pull s.t. downward.

tkɬmilxʷ   [tkəɬmílxʷ; təkɬmílxʷ] Morph: tkɬ+milxʷ. woman, wife.

tkɬmncut   [ɬtkɬməncút] Morph: t+kɬ+mncut. to go separately, by oneself.

tkmkmxstínaʔ   [tkəmkəmxstínaʔ] Morph: t+km•kmxst꞊ínaʔ. round leafed trillium (trillium petiolatum).

tknaxʷ   [tknaxʷ] Morph: t+knaxʷ. to touch.

tkn̓íplaʔ   [tkn̓íplaʔ] Morph: t+kn̓íplaʔ. to lead s.o.

tkn̓kn̓íplaʔ   [tkən̓kn̓íplaʔ] Morph: t+kn̓•kn̓íplaʔ. to be lead.

tktkɬmilxʷ   [təktəkɬmílxʷ] Morph: tk•tkɬ+milxʷ. women.

tkwmaqs   [tkəwmáqs] Morph: t+kw+maqs. at a distance from the shore line.

tkx   [təkx] Morph: t+kx. to follow s.t.

tkxan   [tkxan] Morph: t+kxan. to follow.

tkxkaʔxmncút   [tkəxkaʔxməncút] Morph: t+kx•kaʔx+mncút. to follow s.o. around.

tkxkxan   [tkəxkxán] Morph: t+kx•kxan. tkxkxan: unidentified plant, used as love medicine.

tkxkxmalqʷ   [tkəxkxmálqʷ] Morph: t+kx•kx+malqʷ. to walk on wood.

tkxnm   [tkəxnəm] Morph: t+kxn+m. to follow s.t.

tkxnmncut   [tkxənməncút] Morph: t+kxn+mncut. to follow s.o.

tkxxan   [tkəxəxán] Morph: t+kxxan. to go along with.

tky̓ilpm   [tkiʔílpəm] Morph: tky̓ilp+m. to wet the bet.

tkʔamtíw̓stn   [tk̓amtíw̓stṇ] Morph: t+k+ʔamtíw̓s+tn. a horse.

tkʔamútm   [tk̓amútm] Morph: t+k+ʔamút+m. to sit with s.o.

tkʔasíl   [tk̓aʔsíl] Morph: tk+ʔasíl. two persons; twins.

tkʔaslmíst   [tk̓aʔsəlmíst] Morph: tk+ʔasl+míst. two persons.

tkʔaslús   [tk̓aslús] Morph: t+k+ʔaslús. two berries.

tkʔasʔasíl   [tk̓asʔasíl] Morph: tk+ʔas•ʔasíl. two persons.

tkʔslmist   [tk̓səlmíst] Morph: tk+ʔsl+mist. two people.

tkʔsʔasíl   [tk̓əsʔasíl] Morph: tk+ʔs•ʔasíl. two persons.

tkʔupnkst   [tk̓úpənkst] Morph: t+k+ʔupnkst. ten persons.

tk̓ak̓aʔ   [tk̓ak̓aʔ] Morph: t+k̓a•k̓aʔ. to tuck s.t. in.

tk̓awíwlx   [tk̓awíwəlx] Morph: t+k̓aw•íw+lx. several climb.

tk̓axʷ   [tk̓axʷ] Morph: t+k̓axʷ. a hole or tear.

tk̓aʕplaʔmíst   [tk̓aʕplaʔmíst] Morph: t+k̓aʕplaʔ+míst. to pray for oneself.

tk̓aʕʷqnmístm   [tk̓aʕʷqənmístəm] Morph: t+k̓aʕʷqn+míst+m. to propose.

tk̓aʔtmí   [tk̓aʔtmí] Morph: t+k̓aʔt+mi. to go close to s.t. or s.o.

tk̓aʔtúsm   [tk̓aʔtúsəm] Morph: t+k̓aʔtús+m. to get close to s.t.

tk̓c̓ilxkn̓   [tək̓c̓ílxkən̓] Morph: k̓+k̓c̓ilxkn̓. unbloated woodtick.

tk̓ikstn   [tk̓ikstṇ] Morph: tk̓ikst+n. a cane.

tk̓ík̓aʔt   [tk̓ík̓aʔt] Morph: t+k̓í•k̓aʔt. to get near; to stay close; to be near; to be next.

tk̓ik̓t   [tk̓ik̓t] Morph: t+k̓i•k̓t. to be near.

tk̓ik̓tm   [tk̓ík̓təm] Morph: t+k̓i•k̓t+m. to be near or next to s.t. or s.o.

tk̓it   [tk̓it] Morph: t+k̓it. to be close.

tk̓it̓ks   [tk̓it̓ks] Morph: t+k̓it̓ks. to cut.

tk̓iwlx   [tk̓íwəlx] Morph: t+k̓iw+lx. to climb; to go upstais.

tk̓iwlxm   [tk̓íwəlxəm] Morph: t+k̓iw+lx+m. to climb.

tk̓iwlxst   [tk̓íwləxst] Morph: t+k̓iw+lx+st. to make s.o. climb; to take s.o. upstairs.

tk̓k̓mqsíɬaʔxʷ   [tk̓k̓əmqsíɬaʔxʷ] Morph: t+k̓•k̓mqsíɬaʔxʷ. a small house by itself.

tk̓k̓tmncutm   [tk̓ək̓ətməncútəm] Morph: t+k̓•k̓t+mncut+m. to get oneself close to s.o. or s.t.

tk̓l   [tk̓əl] Morph: t+k̓l. to expect s.o.; to wait for s.o.

tk̓lk̓l   [tk̓əlk̓əl] Morph: t+k̓l•k̓l. to expect s.o.; to wait for s.o.

tk̓lk̓lam   [tk̓əlk̓əlám] Morph: t+k̓l•k̓la+m. to expect s.o.

tk̓lwsip   [tk̓əlˑusíp] Morph: t+k̓lw̓sip. tk̓lwsip: unidentified place.

tk̓lxʷínaʔ   [tk̓əlxʷínaʔ] Morph: t+k̓lxʷínaʔ. to be late; dark is upon one.

tk̓ɬmik̓ʷk̓ʷt   [tk̓əɬmík̓ʷk̓ʷt] Morph: t+k̓ɬ+mik̓ʷ•k̓ʷ+t. to be snowed in.

tk̓maqs   [tk̓maqs] Morph: t+k̓maqs. tk̓maqs: Mitchell Point, well-known local landmark.

tk̓maqsm   [tk̓máqsəm] Morph: t+k̓maqs+m. tk̓maqsm: long ridge of rock, part of which is now inundated, that forms a promontory extending in a northwesterly direction from the eastern end of the present-day Kettle Falls bridge and terminating in the lower Kettle Falls.

tk̓maqstxn   [tk̓əmáqstxən] Morph: t+k̓maqstxn. lower leg; shin.

tk̓max̌n   [tk̓máx̌ən] Morph: t+k̓max̌n. to be on the outside; to go outside.

tk̓max̌ʷck   [tk̓əmáx̌ʷck] Morph: t+k̓max̌ʷck. chest.

tk̓míc̓aʔ   [tk̓míc̓aʔ] Morph: tk̓míc̓aʔ. the rind.

tk̓milps   [tk̓milps] Morph: t+k̓milps. the area below the back of the neck.

tk̓mip   [tk̓mip] Morph: t+k̓mip. tk̓mip: area, now underwater, where a distinctive peninsula jutted out into the Spokane River and formed the northern point of the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers.

tk̓míplaʔ   [tk̓míplaʔ] Morph: t+k̓míplaʔ. handle; place where one hods s.t.

tk̓míplaʔtn   [tk̓míplaʔtṇ] Morph: t+k̓míplaʔ+tn. a handle.

tk̓miw̓s   [tk̓miw̓s] Morph: t+k̓m꞊iw̓s. the belly.

tk̓mkniɬxʷ   [tk̓əmkníɬxʷ] Morph: t+k̓mkniɬxʷ. outside (the house).

tk̓mkn̓iɬxʷ   [tk̓əmkn̓íɬxʷ] Morph: t+k̓mkn̓iɬxʷ. outside (the house).

tk̓mk̓maqstxn   [tk̓əmk̓əmáqstxən] Morph: t+k̓m•k̓maqstxn. lower legs; shins.

tk̓mk̓max̌n   [tk̓əmk̓máx̌ən] Morph: t+k̓m•k̓max̌n. several are on the outside, go outside.

tk̓mlups   [tk̓əmlúps] Morph: t+k̓mlups. tk̓mlups: Kamloops.

tk̓mɬniwt   [tk̓əmɬníwt] Morph: t+k̓mɬniwt. alongside.

tk̓mm̓aqstxn   [tk̓əmm̓áqstxən] Morph: t+k̓m•m̓aqstxn. legs.

tk̓mqniɬ   [tk̓əmqníɬ] Morph: t+k̓m꞊qniɬ. pubic area.

tk̓msax̌n   [tk̓msáx̌ən] Morph: t+k̓msax̌n. shoulder.

tk̓mutm   [tk̓mútəm] Morph: t+k+ʔmut+m. to be or sit with s.o.

tk̓p̓k̓ip̓m   [tk̓əp̓k̓ip̓əm] Morph: t+k̓p̓•k̓ip̓+m. to pinch (oneself) onto s.t.

tk̓rk̓rus   [tk̓ərk̓rús] Morph: t+k̓r•k̓rus. to squint.

tk̓sils   [tk̓sils] Morph: t+k̓sils. bad stomach; to be sick at the stomach; to have indigestion.

tk̓tk̓ítlxm   [tk̓ətk̓ítləxəm] Morph: t+k̓t•k̓ítlx+m. to get close to s.t.

tk̓wlxus   [tk̓əwlxús] Morph: t+k̓wlxus. to take s.t. upstairs, above.

tkʷ   [tkʷ] Morph: tkʷ. water.

tkʷap   [tkʷap] Morph: tkʷa+p. to be choked.

tkʷaʔcínaʔ   [tkʷaʔcínaʔ] Morph: t+kʷa[ʔ]cínaʔ. to get dark (on one).

tkʷaʔkʷaʔsús   [tkʷaʔkʷaʔsús] Morph: t+kʷaʔ•kʷaʔsús. to be smiling; to be all smiles.

tkʷaʔliw̓s   [tkʷaʔliw̓s] Morph: t+kʷaʔliw̓s. to ride around.

tkʷaʔríkst   [tkʷaʔríkst] Morph: t+kʷaʔríkst. yellow fronds.

tkʷaʔt   [tkʷaʔt] Morph: tkʷaʔt. several walk.

tkʷillm   [tkʷílˑəm] Morph: t+kʷil•l+m. several sit around, stay with or live with s.o.

tkʷilx   [tkʷilx] Morph: t+kʷilx. to leave; to get away.

tkʷinks   [tkʷinks] Morph: t+kʷinks. to take by the hand; to shake hands.

tkʷinksm   [tkʷínksəm] Morph: t+kʷinks+m. to take s.t. with one's hand; to take s.o.'s hand; to take a finger-like object.

tkʷinkst   [tkʷinkst] Morph: t+kʷinkst. shake hands.

tkʷínplaʔ   [tkʷínplaʔ] Morph: t+kʷínplaʔ. to take the lead; to lead s.t. or s.o.

tkʷins   [tkʷins] Morph: t+kʷins. to take s.t. from the fire.

tkʷinxn   [tkʷínxən] Morph: t+kʷinxn. to grab one's leg.

tkʷkʷar̓kʷr̓xn   [tkʷəkʷár̓kʷər̓xən] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷar̓•kʷr̓xn. tkʷkʷar̓kʷr̓xn: Roger's Bar.

tkʷkʷar̓kʷr̓xnm   [tkʷkʷár̓kʷər̓xnəm] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷar̓•kʷr̓xn+m. tkʷkʷar̓kʷr̓xnm: the general area of Rogers Bar, extending approximately from Wilmont Creek up to Manahan (Monaghan) Creek on the west side of the Columbia.

tkʷkʷaʔtíʔst   [təkʷkʷaʔtíʔst] Morph: tkʷ•kʷ[aʔ]tíʔst. to get started walking.

tkʷkʷílaʔs   [tkʷkʷílaʔs] Morph: tkʷ•kʷílaʔs. a small companion.

tkʷkʷl̕ilxkn̓   [tkʷəkʷəl̕ílxkn̓] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷl̕ílxkn̓. tkʷkʷl̕ilxkn̓: Halverson Canyon, most of which is still above water on the south side of the Columbia, and the present town of Creston, near where this canyon originates.

tkʷkʷl̕kʷíllaʔqʷ   [tkʷəkʷəl̕kʷíllaʔqʷ] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷl̕•kʷíllaʔqʷ. flat-topped spiraea (spiraea betulifolia).

tkʷkʷl̕kʷil̕s   [tkʷəkʷəl̕kʷíl̕s] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷl̕•kʷil̕꞊s. red garden currants (ribes spp.)

tkʷkʷr̓kʷriʔs   [tkʷəkʷər̓kʷriʔs] Morph: t+kʷ•kʷr̓•kʷriʔs. apricots.

tkʷliwm   [tkʷliwm] Morph: t+kʷliw+m. to stay with s.o.

tkʷliwtm   [tkʷlíwtəm] Morph: t+kʷliwt+m. several sit by s.o.

tkʷlkʷaʔlliw̓s   [tkʷəlkʷaʔlliw̓s] Morph: t+kʷl•kʷaʔl•liw̓s. several ride.

tkʷlkʷlwtálaʔqʷ   [tkʷəlkʷəlutálaʔqʷ] Morph: t+kʷl•kʷlwtálaʔqʷ. cottonwood mushroom (polyporus sulphureus (?))

tkʷllalqʷ   [tkʷəlˑálqʷ] Morph: t+kʷl•lalqʷ. to sit (and drink).

tkʷllínaʔ   [tkʷllínaʔ] Morph: t+kʷl•línaʔ. several sit on s.t.

tkʷlliw̓s   [tkʷəl̕íw̓s, tkʷəlˑíw̓s] Morph: t+kʷl•liw̓s. to ride (a horse); horse riders; several perched on s.t.

tkʷll̕kʷil̕s   [tkʷəll̕kʷíl̕s] Morph: t+kʷl•l̕•kʷil̕s. red garden currants (ribes spp.)

tkʷlstíplaʔ   [tkʷəlstíplaʔ] Morph: t+kʷl+stíplaʔ. to send s.o. for s.o. or s.t.

tkʷlwtalqʷ   [tkʷlutálqʷ] Morph: t+kʷlwtalqʷ. to sit on a log.

tkʷlwtisxn   [tkʷlutísxən] Morph: t+kʷlwtisxn. to sit on a rock.

tkʷl̕ínaʔ   [tkʷl̕ínaʔ] Morph: t+kʷl̕ínaʔ. to stay warm; to keep s.t. warm.

tkʷl̕kʷl̕tasq̓t   [tkʷəl̕kʷəl̕tásq̓ət] Morph: t+kʷl̕•kʷl̕+tasq̓t. tkʷl̕kʷl̕tasq̓t.

tkʷl̕l̕kʷil̕s   [tkʷəll̕kʷíl̕s] Morph: t+kʷl̕•l̕•kʷil̕꞊s. red garden currants (ribes spp.)

tkʷmaqs   [tkʷumáqs] Morph: tkʷmaqs. 1 • tkʷmaqs: the large area on the north siqe of the Columbia, across and slightly upriver from stkiʔst, known locally as "Lundstrom Flats".

2 • tkʷmaqs: a long ridge of rock, part of which is now inundated, that forms a promontory extending in a northwesterly direction from the eastern end of the present-day Kettle Falls bridge and terminating in the lower Kettle Fallsa flat area, part of which is still above water, situated along the north side of the Columbia, across from what now is called Hawk Creek Harbour.

3 • tkʷmaqs: a flat area, part of which is still above water, situated along the north side of the Columbia, across from what now is called Hawk Creek Harbor.

tkʷnim   [tkʷnim] Morph: t+kʷni+m. to grab (at) s.t. or s.o.

tkʷnksnwaxʷ   [tkʷənksnwáxʷ] Morph: t+kʷnks+nwaxʷ. to hold hands; to take one another's hands.

tkʷnksnwixʷ   [tkʷənksnwíxʷ] Morph: t+kʷnks+nwixʷ. to shake hands; to join hands.

tkʷnkʷinks   [tkʷənkʷínks] Morph: t+kʷn•kʷinks. to shake hands.

tkʷnkʷínplaʔ   [tkʷənkʷínplaʔ] Morph: t+kʷn•kʷínplaʔ. to decide s.t.; to take the lead.

tkʷnkʷni   [tkʷənkʷní] Morph: t+kʷn•kʷni. to hold on.

tkʷnkʷnim   [tkʷənkʷním] Morph: t+kʷn•kʷnim. to hold on; to pull on s.t.

tkʷnxik   [tkʷənxík] Morph: t+kʷn+xik. to give s.o. a handful of s.t.

tkʷpxixm   [təkʷpxíxəm] Morph: t+kʷp+xixm. to pass s.t. along.

tkʷrkʷriʔs   [tkʷərkʷəríʔs] Morph: t+kʷr•kʷriʔs. 1 • fairy bells (disporum trachycarpum).

2 • orange (citrus auranticum).

3 • apricots.

tkʷrkʷriʔs iʔ c̓c̓kʷkʷíɬaʔp   [tkʷərkʷəríʔs iʔ c̓əc̓kʷəkʷíɬaʔp] Morph: t+kʷr•kʷriʔ-s iʔ c̓•c̓kʷ•kʷíɬaʔp. yellow berried mountain ash (sorbus sitchensis and s. scopulina).

tkʷr̓iʔqn   [tkʷər̓íʔqən] Morph: t+kʷr̓iʔqn. yellow haired.

tkʷr̓kʷr̓akstxn   [tkʷər̓kʷr̓ákstxən] Morph: t+kʷr̓•kʷr̓akstxn. tkʷr̓kʷr̓akstxn.

tkʷr̓kʷr̓iʔs   [tkʷər̓kʷr̓íʔs] Morph: t+kʷr̓•kʷr̓iʔs. oranges.

tkʷskʷscutm   [tkʷəskʷəscútəm] Morph: t+kʷs•kʷs+cut+m. to act silly, playful; to play tricks on s.o.

tkʷskʷsncutm   [tkʷəskʷsəncútəm] Morph: t+kʷs•kʷs+ncut+m. to play tricks on s.o.

tkʷsscinm   [tkʷəsəscínəm] Morph: t+kʷs+scin+m. to joke; to fool s.o.

tkʷsscinmnm   [tkʷsəscínəmnəm] Morph: t+kʷs•scin+mn+m. to joke with s.o.; to tease s.o.

tkʷtan   [təkʷtán] Morph: tkʷtan. tules (scirpus acutus); reeds.

tkʷtkʷʔut   [təkʷtəkʷʔút] Morph: tkʷ•tkʷʔut. several walk (away) or travel around.

tkʷtkʷʔutm   [təkʷtəkʷʔútəm] Morph: tkʷ•tkʷʔut+m. several walk or travel around.

tkʷtkʷʔutn   [təkʷtəkʷʔútən] Morph: tkʷ•tkʷʔut+n. one's way of traveling; tracks; itinerary.

tkʷtniɬxʷ   [tkʷtniɬxʷ] Morph: tkʷ+tniɬxʷ. a tule-covered house.

tkʷuɬnm   [tkʷúɬnəm] Morph: t+kʷuɬn+m. to borrow for s.t.

tkʷumáqsm   [tkʷumáqsəm] Morph: tkʷumáqs+m (?) tkʷumáqsm: the upper south face of the northwest end of tkʷumáqs.

tkʷupxn   [tkʷúpxən] Morph: tkʷupxn. to rush to s.t. or s.o.

tkʷupxnm   [tkʷúpxnəm] Morph: tkʷupxn+m. to run toward s.o., to rush to s.o.

tkʷuʔkʷiw̓s   [tkʷuʔkʷiw̓s] Morph: t+kʷuʔkʷiw̓s. a pair.

tkʷʔínaʔ   [təkʷʔínaʔ] Morph: tkʷʔínaʔ. to run into s.t. or s.o.

tkʷʔut   [təkʷʔút] Morph: tkʷʔut. to walk (away); to leave.

tkʷʔutn   [təkʷʔútən] Morph: tkʷʔut+n. one's way of traveling.

tk̓ʷaxʷlqʷ   [tk̓ʷáxʷəlqʷ] Morph: t+k̓ʷaxʷlqʷ. to untie a knot.

tk̓ʷaxʷxʷlqs   [tk̓ʷáxʷəxʷəlqs] Morph: t+k̓ʷaxʷ•xʷlqs. s.t. is bundled.

tk̓ʷaxʷxʷlqʷ   [tk̓ʷáxʷəxʷəlqʷ] Morph: t+k̓ʷaxʷ•xʷlqʷ. to unravel; to come loose off a rod (e. g. an arrow point).

tk̓ʷaʔtk̓ʷítpstxn   [tk̓ʷaʔtk̓ʷítpstxən] Morph: tk̓ʷaʔ•tk̓ʷítpstxn. to skip steps.

tk̓ʷiƛ̓m   [tk̓ʷíƛ̓əm] Morph: t+k̓ʷiƛ̓+m. to take s.t. off; to dismantle s.t.

tk̓ʷiƛ̓pt   [tk̓ʷiƛ̓pt] Morph: t+k̓ʷiƛ̓+p+t. s.t. falls out.

tk̓ʷiƛ̓pxn   [tk̓ʷíƛ̓pxən] Morph: t+k̓ʷiƛ̓+pxn. a shoe comes off.

tk̓ʷiƛ̓xn   [tk̓ʷíƛ̓xən] Morph: t+k̓ʷiƛ̓xn. to take off a shoe.

tk̓ʷink̓ʷnx   [tk̓ʷínk̓ʷənx] Morph: tk̓ʷin•k̓ʷnx. a few people; an indeterminate number of people.

tk̓ʷit̓x   [tk̓ʷit̓x] Morph: t+k̓ʷit̓+x. to step over s.t.

tk̓ʷit̓xlx   [tk̓ʷít̓xəlx] Morph: t+k̓ʷit̓xlx. to walk across s.t.; to step over s.t. or s.o.

tk̓ʷit̓xlxm   [tk̓ʷít̓xəlxəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷit̓+xlx+m. to walk across s.t.; to step over s.t. or s.o.

tk̓ʷit̓xnm   [tk̓ʷít̓xnəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷit̓xn+m. to step over s.t. or s.o.

tk̓ʷíxʷc̓aʔ   [tk̓ʷíxʷc̓aʔ] Morph: t+k̓ʷíxʷc̓aʔ. to unwrap s.t. (e.g. clothes).

tk̓ʷixʷkn̓   [tk̓ʷíxʷkən̓] Morph: t+k̓ʷixʷkn̓. to untie a bundle.

tk̓ʷk̓ʷxʷnʔínaʔ   [tk̓ʷək̓ʷəxʷnʔínaʔ] Morph: t+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷxʷ꞊nʔ꞊ínaʔ. yellow mouse-ear mustard (lesquerella douglasii).

tk̓ʷk̓ʷxʷnʔúps   [tk̓ʷək̓ʷxʷnʔúps] Morph: t+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷxʷ꞊nʔ꞊úps. sagebrush plantain (plantago patagonica).

tk̓ʷk̓ʷxʷnʔus   [tk̓ʷək̓ʷxʷnʔús] Morph: t+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷxʷ꞊nʔ꞊us. fleabane (erigeron pumilus).

tk̓ʷk̓ʷyínaʔ   [tk̓ʷək̓ʷínaʔ] Morph: t+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷyínaʔ. few.

tk̓ʷk̓ʷymus   [tk̓ʷək̓ʷymús] Morph: t+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷy+mus. small round object.

tk̓ʷl̕cncutn   [tk̓ʷəl̕cəncútṇ] Morph: t+k̓ʷl̕cn+cut+n. cooking time.

tk̓ʷl̕k̓ʷul̕   [tk̓ʷəlk̓ʷúl̕] Morph: t+k̓ʷl̕•k̓ʷul̕. to make s.t. in a certain way.

tk̓ʷƛ̓   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓. to uncoil s.t.

tk̓ʷƛ̓am   [tk̓ʷƛ̓am] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓a+m. to take s.t. off; to dismantle s.t.

tk̓ʷƛ̓apt   [tk̓ʷƛ̓apt] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓a+p. s.t. falls off.

tk̓ʷƛ̓k̓ʷiƛ̓xn   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓k̓ʷíƛ̓xən] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ•k̓ʷiƛ̓xn. to pull one's shoes off; to take the tires off.

tk̓ʷƛ̓k̓ʷƛ̓pikst   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓k̓ʷəƛ̓píkst] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓•k̓ʷƛ̓+pikst. to lose grip of s.t.; to drop s.t.

tk̓ʷƛ̓pilxʷ   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓pílxʷ] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓+pilxʷ. an animal's coat after shedding of the old coat.

tk̓ʷƛ̓pxan   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓pxán] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓+pxan. a shoe comes off.

tk̓ʷƛ̓qncut   [tk̓ʷəƛ̓qəncút] Morph: t+k̓ʷƛ̓qn+cut. to have a close call; to make a narrow escape.

tk̓ʷmlqʷiksm   [tk̓ʷəmlqʷíksəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷmlqʷiks+m. to bite s.o. on the wrist or arm.

tk̓ʷnk̓ʷin   [tk̓ʷənk̓ʷín] Morph: t+k̓ʷn•k̓ʷin. to examine s.t. or s.o.

tk̓ʷnk̓ʷínplaʔ   [tk̓ʷənk̓ʷínplaʔ] Morph: t+k̓ʷn•k̓ʷinplaʔ. to decide.

tk̓ʷnk̓ʷins   [tk̓ʷənk̓ʷíns] Morph: t+k̓ʷn•k̓ʷins. to examine s.o.'s eyes.

tk̓ʷnp̓áyaʔqnm   [tk̓ʷənp̓áyaʔqnəm] Morph: tk̓ʷnp̓áyaʔqn+m. to cover one's head.

tk̓ʷnxikxtm   [tk̓ʷənxíkxtəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷnxikxt+m. an undetermined number of manipulations.

tk̓ʷnxsqilxʷ   [tk̓ʷənxsqílxʷ] Morph: t+k̓ʷn+x+s+qilxʷ. many; lots of.

tk̓ʷrk̓ʷrc̓aqstxn   [tk̓ʷərk̓ʷərc̓áqstxən] Morph: t+k̓ʷr•k̓ʷrc̓aqstxn. 1 • to be bow legged; to have crooked legs.

2 • tk̓ʷrk̓ʷrc̓aqstxn.

tk̓ʷtxlxalqʷ   [tk̓ʷətxəlxálqʷ] Morph: t+k̓ʷt+x+lxalqʷ. to step over a log.

tk̓ʷt̓k̓ʷit̓pstxn   [tk̓ʷət̓k̓ʷít̓pstxən] Morph: t+k̓ʷt̓•k̓ʷit̓+p+stxn. to skip or miss a step.

tk̓ʷt̓xl̕xisxn̓   [tk̓ʷət̓xl̕xísxn̓] Morph: t+k̓ʷt̓xl̕xisxn̓. tk̓ʷt̓xl̕xisxn̓: area directly north from nqʷaʔsíʔm, now inundated, where a trail used to follow along the west side of the Columbia.

tk̓ʷuk̓ʷms   [tk̓ʷuk̓ʷms] Morph: t+k̓ʷu•k̓ʷm꞊s+tn. 1 • little eyebrow.

2 • tk̓ʷuk̓ʷms.

tk̓ʷul̕   [tk̓ʷul̕] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕. to do s.t. to s.o.; to record s.t.

tk̓ʷúl̕aʔstm   [tk̓ʷúl̕aʔstəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷúl̕aʔst+m. to attach feathers.

tk̓ʷul̕kst   [tk̓ʷul̕kst] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕kst. to repair or fix s.t.

tk̓ʷul̕kstm   [tk̓ʷúl̕kstəm] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕kst+m. to repair or fix s.t.

tk̓ʷul̕m   [tkʷʼúl̕əm] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕+m. bead work; beading.

tk̓ʷul̕mn   [tk̓ʷúl̕mən] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕+mn. to work (at s.t.)

tk̓ʷúl̕naʔ   [tk̓ʷúl̕naʔ] Morph: t+k̓ʷúl̕naʔ. to fix a surface.

tk̓ʷul̕s   [tk̓ʷul̕s] Morph: t+k̓ʷul̕s. to fix the fire.

tk̓ʷumstn   [tk̓ʷumstṇ] Morph: t+k̓ʷum꞊s+tn. eyebrow.

tl1   [təl] Morph: tl. to break; to break off.

tl‿2   [təl] Morph: tl. 1 • particle that signals a direction from a place.

2 • from s.o.

3 • since, after; ago.

4 • of.

5 • because (of).

6 • than.

tl tanm̓ús   [təl tanm̓ús] Morph: tl̕ tanm̓ús. for nothing.

tla   [tla] Morph: tla. variant of tl before c- "actual", l, n, ɬ; from.

tla ck̓anʔíƛ̓ltk   [tla ck̓anʔíƛ̓ltk] Morph: tla c+k̓a+nʔíƛ̓ltk. from the north.

tlakán   [tlakán] Morph: tlakán. waterleaf (hydrophyllum capitatum).

tlap   [təláp] Morph: tla+p. to break in two; to break off; to be an offshoot.

tlaʔkín   [tlaʔkín] Morph: tla+ʔkín. 1 • from there; from where.

2 • a little ways.

tlaʔx̌ís   [tlaʔx̌ís] Morph: tla+ʔx̌ís. from there.

tlaʔx̌íʔ   [tlaʔx̌íʔ] Morph: tlaʔx̌iʔ. from there.

tliw̓s   Morph: tliw̓s. s.t. breaks in two; to break s.t.

tllutt   [təllútət] Morph: tl•lut•t ? to fail; to not succeed.

tlplwis   [təlpəlwís] Morph: tl+p+lwis. to stagger.

tltilsm   [təltílsəm] Morph: tltils+m. to think little of s.o.

tltliw̓s   [təl̕tl̕íw̓s] Morph: tl•tliw̓s. s.t. breaks in two.

tltutm   [təltútəm] Morph: tltut+m. to be worthless, weak.

tlxʷ   [təlxʷ] Morph: tlxʷ. root with meaning "difficult" on which several stems are formed.

tlxʷkin   [təlxʷkín̓] Morph: tlxʷ+kin. to be difficult.

tlxʷmist   [təlxʷmíst] Morph: tlxʷ+mist. to be unable to do s.t.

tlxʷncut   [təlxʷncút] Morph: tlxʷ+ncut. to be in a difficult position; to have a hard time; to fall short.

tl̕‿   [təl̕] Morph: tl̕. directional particle.

1 • from.

2 • than.

tl̕ap   [tl̕ap] Morph: tl̕a+p. to stagger.

tl̕tal̕áp   [təl̕tal̕áp] Morph: tl̕•t[a]l̕á+p. to stagger.

tl̕tl̕iw̓s   [təl̕tl̕íw̓s] Morph: tl̕•tl̕iw̓s. to break in two.

tl̕xʷmist   [təl̕xʷmist] Morph: tl̕xʷ+mist. to be unable to do s.t.

tl̕xʷncut   [təl̕xʷncut] Morph: tl̕xʷ+ncut. to be in dire straights.

   [təɬ] Morph: . to straighten s.t.

tɬaɬ   [tɬaɬ] Morph: tɬ•aɬ. to get straightened, right.

tɬax̌n   [tɬáx̌ən] Morph: tɬax̌n. stiff arm.

tɬcinm   [təɬcínəm] Morph: tɬcin+m. the truth.

tɬipm   [tɬipṃ] Morph: tɬip+m. to stretch out (as rope).

tɬkim̓mn   [tɬkím̓mən] Morph: t+ɬkim̓+mn. sewing implement; s.t. to sew with.

tɬɬnu   [tɬəɬnú] Morph: tɬ•ɬ+nu. to manage to get s.t. straight.

tɬɬxúlaʔxʷ   [təɬɬxúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tɬ•ɬ+xúlaʔxʷ. 1 • to come to a standing stop; to stand still, straight.

2 • tɬɬxúlaʔxʷ.

tɬmiptn   [təɬmíptn] Morph: tɬ+mip+tn. rudder.

tɬmncut   [təɬəməncút] Morph: tɬ+mncut. 1 • to rise straight up; to go in the right direction (also figuratively).

2 • genuine.

tɬmst   [tɬəmst] Morph: tɬ+m+st. to straighten s.t.

tɬtaɬt   [təɬtáɬt] Morph: taɬt. to be right; to be honest; a right, rights; (to go) straight.

tɬtiɬxn   [təɬtíɬxn] Morph: tɬ•tiɬxn. to straighten one's legs; to stretch one's legs.

tɬúlaʔxʷ   [tɬúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tɬúlaʔxʷ. to take a shortcut.

tɬxsqáx̌aʔ   [təɬxsqáx̌aʔ] Morph: tɬ+xsqáx̌aʔ. a horse stops, comes to a stop.

tƛ̓kwtikn   [tƛ̓kəwtíkən] Morph: t+ƛ̓kwtikn. the peak of a mountain is showing.

tƛ̓kwtikst   [tƛ̓kəwtíkst] Morph: t+ƛ̓kwtikst. a finger is showing.

tƛ̓kwtups   [tƛ̓kəwtúps] Morph: t+ƛ̓kwtups. a rear end is showing.

tm   [təm] Morph: tm. root with meaning "bare, no(thing)" on which several stems are formed.

tmalxʷst   [tmalxʷst] Morph: tm̓álxʷ+st. to strip s.o.

tmaxʷ   [tmaxʷ] Morph: tmaxʷ. to be worn out (as a coat).

tmay   [tmay] Morph: tmay. dirt.

tmiw̓s   [tmiw̓s] Morph: tmiw̓s. to be relatives.

tmixʷ   [tmixʷ] Morph: tmixʷ. creature; animal.

tmlaʔáʔ   [təmlaʔáʔ] Morph: tmlaʔáʔ. tmlaʔáʔ.

tmɬaxn   [tmɬáxən] Morph: tmɬaxn. eight sheets.

tmɬisxn   [tmɬísxən] Morph: tmɬisxn. eight rocks.

tmɬus   [təmɬús] Morph: tmɬus. eight berries.

tmɬʔupnkst   [təmɬʔúpənkst] Morph: tmɬ+ʔupnkst. eighty.

tmoyqn   [tmóyqən] Morph: t+moyqn. tmoyqn.

tmsc̓wc̓wxan   [təmsc̓wc̓uxán] Morph: tm+s+c̓w•c̓wxan. to have no feet.

tmskʷast   [təmskʷást] Morph: tm+s+kʷas+t. the no-name finger; fourth finger; ring finger.

tmsplip   [təmsplíp] Morph: tm+s+plip. to have a flat hind end.

tmsqixʷxʷ   [təmsqíxʷxʷ] Morph: tm+s+qixʷ•xʷ. to be unconquered.

tmsqʷacqn   [təmsqʷácqən] Morph: tm+s+qʷacqn. to be without a cap or hat.

tmsyups   [təmsyúps] Morph: tm+syups. to be without tail.

tmsʔiɬn   [təmsʔíɬən] Morph: tm+s+ʔiɬn. to be without food.

tmtímaʔ   [təmtímaʔ] Morph: tm•tímaʔ. grandmother; grandchild.

tmtimtn   [təmtímtən] Morph: tm•tim+tn. the reciprocal relationship between the parent of a child married to one of one's children and oneself.

tmtmniʔ   [təmtəmníʔ] Morph: tm•tmniʔ. corpse.

tmtmniʔ ɬaʔ ksp̓aqʷstn   [təmtəmníʔ ɬaʔ ksp̓aqʷstn] Morph: tm•tmniʔ ɬaʔ k+s+p̓aqʷs+tn. puffball (lycoperdon spp., calvatia gigantea).

tmtmutn   [təmtmútən] Morph: tm•tmu+tn. clothes; outfits; regalia.

tmtmxʷikn   [təmtəmxʷíkən] Morph: tm•tmxʷikn. worn out tires, rubber.

tmtmxʷqinxn   [təmtəmxʷqínxən] Morph: tm•tmxʷqinxn. worn out knees (as in trousers).

tmupíl   [tmupíl] Morph: tmupíl. automobile.

tmxʷ   [təmxʷ] Morph: tmxʷ. s.t. wears out.

tmxʷlscut   [təmxʷəlscút] Morph: tmxʷlscut. clothes wear out.

tmxʷnu   [təmxʷnú] Morph: tmxʷ+nu. to manage to wear s.t. out.

tmxʷúlaʔxʷ   [təmxʷúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tmxʷúlaʔxʷ. country; land; ground; world.

tmx̌iwt   Morph: tmx̌iwt.

tm̓kam   [təm̓kám] Morph: tm̓ka+m. to break in pieces.

tm̓káʕ̓kaʔst   [təm̓káʕ̓kaʔst] Morph: tm̓káʕ̓•kaʔst. 1 • girl's pet name.

2 • little thumb.

tm̓tum̓   [təm̓túm̓] Morph: tm̓•tum̓. womanʼs mothers, their sisters, cousins.

tm̓usm   [tm̓úsəm] Morph: tm̓us+m. to trap fish.

tm̓x̌iwt   [təm̓x̌íwt] Morph: tm̓x̌iw+t. to fail.

tm̓yiw̓s   [tm̓yiw̓s] Morph: t+m̓yiw̓s. half way.

+tn   [tṇ] Morph: +tn. 1 • vowelless variant of +tan, suffix with a basic instrumental function and several semantic extensions.

2 • in combination with s+n+ a place or location.

tntalqn   [təntálqən] Morph: tntalqn. to be goofy.

tntant   [təntánt] Morph: tn•tan+t. tightly strung.

+tn̓   instr dim.

tóni   [tóni] Morph: tóni. Tony.

tost   [tost] Morph: tost. toast.

tp   [tə] Morph: tpa+m. root with meaning "cover" on which several stems are based.

tpam   [tpam] Morph: tpa+m. to cover, to drape over.

tpap   [tpap] Morph: tpa•p. to be covered.

tpcin   [təpcín] Morph: tpcin. to cover s.t.

tpcintn   [təpcíntṇ] Morph: tpcin+tn. a cover.

tpmin   [təpmín] Morph: tp+min. a cover, something draped over (e.g. a tipi, a sweathouse).

tptplmaɬp   [təptpəlmaɬp] Morph: tp•tpl+maɬp. spider plant.

tptpqin   [təptəpqín] Morph: tp•tpqin. bumblebee.

tptuplmáɬp   [təptupəlmáɬp] Morph: tp•tupl+máɬp. chaenactis (chaenactis douglasii var. achilleaefolia).

tptupl̕   [təptúpəl̕] Morph: tp•tupl̕. spiders.

tq1   [təq] Morph: tqa. to stack things.

tq2   [təq] Morph: tqa. 1 • to touch s.t.; to put one's hand on s.t.

2 • to sign s.t.

tqáccnaʔ   [tqácəcnaʔ] Morph: t+qác•cnaʔ. to get run over.

tqáccnaʔm   [tqácəcnaʔm] Morph: t+qác•cnaʔ+m. to run over s.t. or s.o.

tqalwtínaʔ   [tqalutínaʔ] Morph: t+qalwtínaʔ. bicycle.

tqam   [tqam] Morph: tqa+m. to touch s.t.

tqanxʷ   [tqanxʷ] Morph: tqanxʷ. to be close.

tqapusqn   [tqapúsqən] Morph: tqa+pusqn. to cover s.o.'s mouth; to hush s.o.

tqaq   [tqar] Morph: tq•aq. to be touched.

tqaʔlwtínaʔ   [tqələwtínaʔ] Morph: t+qaʔlwtínaʔ. bicycle.

tqaʔmúsm   [tqaʔmúsəm] Morph: t+qaʔmús+m. to gather wood.

tqaʔpínaʔ   [tqaʔpínaʔ] Morph: tqaʔ+pínaʔ. to cover s.t. with a sheet-lie object.

tqaʔpusqnm   [tqaʔpúsqnəm] Morph: tqaʔ+pusqn+m. to cover s.o.'s mouth; to hush s.o.

tqaʔtkʷɬniwt   [tqaʔtkʷɬniwt] Morph: t+qaʔtkʷɬniwt. tqaʔtkʷɬniwt: Westbank.

tqclxalqʷ   [təqcəlxálqʷ] Morph: t+qc+lxalqʷ. train; railroad.

tqclxɬniwt   [tqcəlxɬníwt] Morph: t+qc+lxɬniwt. to trot or run alongside s.o.

tqcqclxiw̓s   [tqəcqəclxíw̓s] Morph: t+qc•qc+lxiw̓s. to run around.

tqiltk   [tqiltk] Morph: t+qiltk. the top of s.t.

tqiltkm   [tqíltkəm] Morph: t+qiltk+m. to be high.

tqiltks   [tqiltks] Morph: t+qiltks. height.

tqip   [tqip] Morph: tqip. to put in a dam; to dam s.t.

tqlaʔúl̕mxʷ   [tqlaʔúl̕mxʷ] Morph: t+qlaʔúl̕mxʷ. tqlaʔúl̕mxʷ: Conconully.

tqlpmncut   [tqəlpməncút] Morph: t+ql+p+mncut. to squirm around.

tqlqalutínaʔ   [tqəlqalutínaʔ] Morph: t+ql•qalwtínaʔ. bicycle.

tqlqalwtínaʔ   [tqəlqalutínaʔ] Morph: t+ql•qalwtínaʔ. bicycle.

tqltalqʷ   [tqəltálqʷ] Morph: t+qltalqʷ. the top of a log.

tqltikn   [tqəltíkṇ] Morph: t+qltikn. the top of a ridge.

tqltikn̓   [tqəltíkṇ] Morph: t+ql+tikn̓. the top of a mountain.

tqltkalqʷ   [tqəltkq/lqʷ] Morph: t+qltkalqʷ. tqltkalqʷ: Canada.

tqltkíc̓aʔ   [tqəltkìc̓aʔ] Morph: t+qltkíc̓aʔ. top clothes.

tqltqalqʷ   [tqəltqálqʷ] Morph: tql•tqalqʷ. across the line; Canada.

tqlwatqntn   [tqəlwátqəntṇ] Morph: t+ql+watqn+tn. threshing horse.

tqlwtínaʔ   [tqələwtínaʔ. tqlutínaʔ] Morph: t+qlwtínaʔ. to step on s.t.

tql̕witm   [tqəlwítəm] Morph: t+ql̕wit+m. to step in s.t.

tqmi   [təqmí] Morph: tq+mi. to put s.t. down; to stack things.

tqmminm   [tqəm·ínəm] Morph: t+qm•m•in+m ? to lie there.

tqmniw̓s   [tqəmníw̓s] Morph: t+qmniw̓s. to lay or place s.t. on s.t.

tqmqamt   [tqəmqámt] Morph: t+qm•qam+t. to be slow.

tqnpmncut   [tqənpməncút] Morph: t+qn+p+mncut. to hang all over s.o.

tqnpmncutm   [tqənpməncútəm] Morph: t+qn+p+mncut+m. to hang all over s.o.

tqpiʔstn   [təqpíʔstən] Morph: tqpiʔst+n. a feather.

tqqmnwixʷ   [tqəqmənwíxʷ] Morph: tq•q+mnwixʷ. to stack things.

tqqnu(n)   [tqəqnú] Morph: tq•q+nu. 1 • to fool s.o.; to cheat s.o.; to be underhanded with s.o.

2 • to accidentally touch s.t.

tqtqncut   [təqtəqəncút] Morph: tq•tq+ncut. to cross oneself.

tqtqw̓sncut   [təqtqəw̓səncút] Morph: tq•tqw̓s+ncut. to place one's hands on the hips.

tq̓aq̓yw̓sqn   [tq̓áq̓yuʔsqn] Morph: t+q̓á•q̓yw̓sqn. tq̓aq̓yw̓sqn: area not far east from Nicolas Lake.

tq̓aw̓síkn̓   [tq̓aw̓síkn̓] Morph: tq̓aw̓síkn̓. tq̓aw̓síkn̓: area on the north side of the Colville River, east from the present town of Kettle Falls and south from c̓ərís.

tq̓aʔaw̓síkn̓   [tq̓aʔaw̓síkn̓] Morph: t+q̓aʔaw̓síkn̓. tq̓aʔaw̓síkn̓: the central portion of a large and distinctive ridge that runs in a northerly direction up from the confluence of the Spokane and Columbia Rivers.

tq̓aʔílsm   [tq̓aʔílsəm] Morph: t+q̓aʔíls+m. to pay attention to s.t. or s.o.

tq̓aʔíw̓s   [tq̓aʔíw̓s] Morph: t+q̓aʔíw̓s. to be stuffed.

tq̓aʔliscút   [tq̓aʔliscút] Morph: t+q̓aʔli+scút. to hiccup.

tq̓aʔlsínaʔm   [tq̓aʔlsínaʔm] Morph: t+q̓aʔlsínaʔ+m. to pay attention to s.o.

tq̓aʔq̓aʔíw̓s   [tq̓aʔq̓aʔíw̓s] Morph: t+q̓aʔ•q̓aʔíw̓s. to choke.

tq̓c̓íc̓aʔ   [tq̓c̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+q̓c̓íc̓aʔ. a glass jug, a demijohn.

tq̓c̓q̓c̓pínas iʔ snína   [tq̓əc̓q̓əc̓pínas iʔ snína] Morph: t+q̓c̓•q̓c̓+pínas iʔ snína. 1 • orange honeysuckle (lonicera ciliosa).

2 • blue clematis (clematis columbiana).

tq̓c̓q̓c̓pínaʔ   [tq̓əc̓q̓əc̓pínaʔ] Morph: t+q̓c̓•q̓c̓+pínaʔ. to wear braids.

tq̓imtq̓m   [tq̓ímtq̓əm] Morph: tq̓im•tq̓m. wild strawberry (berries) (fragaria vesca and f. virginiana).

tq̓ips   [tq̓ayps] Morph: tq̓yips. raccoon.

tq̓it̓   [tq̓it̓] Morph: t+q̓it̓. to hook s.t.; to hang s.t. on a hook.

tq̓lq̓lxʷusxn   [tq̓əlq̓əlxʷúsxən] Morph: t+q̓l•q̓lxʷusxn. one's foot hooks on s.t.

tq̓lxʷam   [tq̓lxʷam] Morph: t+q̓lxʷa+m. to hook on s.t.

tq̓lxʷxan   [tq̓əlxʷxán] Morph: t+q̓lxʷxan. one's foot hooks on s.t.

tq̓mtq̓miɬp   [tq̓əmtq̓əm̓íɬp] Morph: tq̓m•tq̓miɬp. wild strawberry (fragaria vesca and f. virginiana).

tq̓q̓y̓min   [tq̓əq̓əy̓mín] Morph: t+q̓•q̓y̓+min. little papers.

tq̓sppúsm   [tq̓əsppúsəm] Morph: t+q̓s•p•pús+m. to look at s.t. or s.o. a long time.

tq̓tínaʔ   [təq̓tínaʔ] Morph: t+q̓tínaʔ. to be caught in the rain.

tq̓w̓sikn   [tq̓w̓sikṇ] Morph: tq̓w̓sikn. a valley.

tq̓x̌ʷikstm   [tq̓əx̌ʷíkstəm] Morph: t+q̓x̌ʷikst+m. to feel by sliding a hand along s.t.

tq̓yq̓áʕyc̓aʔ   [tq̓iq̓áʕyc̓aʔ] Morph: t+q̓y•q̓áʕyc̓aʔ. melon; cantelope; watermelon.

tq̓yq̓áʕy̓c̓aʔ   [tq̓iq̓áʕy̓c̓aʔ] Morph: t+q̓y̓•q̓áʕy̓c̓aʔ. canteloupe and watermelon (cucumis melo and citrullus vulgaris).

tq̓yw̓ɬtiɬn   [tq̓yuʔɬtíɬən] Morph: t+q̓yw̓ɬtiɬn. to doubt s.t.

tq̓y̓aps   [tq̓əy̓áps] Morph: t+q̓y̓aps. raccoon.

tq̓y̓íc̓aʔ   [tq̓y̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+q̓y̓íc̓aʔ. to mark a cover; to address a letter.

tq̓y̓ínaʔ   [tq̓y̓ínaʔ] Morph: t+q̓y̓ínaʔ. to mark the ear(s).

tq̓ʔípaʔstn   [tq̓íʔípaʔstən] Morph: t+q̓ʔípaʔst+n. jaw; jaw bone.

tq̓ʔisxn   [təq̓ʔísxən] Morph: t+q̓ʔisxn. a fossil.

tqʷamqʷmqs   [tqʷámqʷəmqs] Morph: t+qʷam•qʷmqs. good, delicious. excellent food.

tqʷay   [tqʷay] Morph: t+qʷay. to run down (a hill, steps...)

tqʷay̓   [tqʷay̓] Morph: t+qʷay̓. to run down (a hill, steps...)

tqʷay̓y̓   [tqʷáy̓iʔ] Morph: t+qʷay̓•y̓. to have run down (a hill, steps...)

tqʷaʔmiw̓s   [tqʷaʔmiw̓s] Morph: t+qʷaʔ+miw̓s. to be accustomed.

tqʷaʔmús   [tqʷaʔmús] Morph: t+qʷaʔ+mús. to get the eyes used to s.t.

tqʷaʔqʷʔalmí(n)   [tqʷaʔqʷʔalmín] Morph: t+qʷaʔ•qʷʔal+min. to hold a meeting; to discuss matters; to talk about s.t.

tqʷaʔqʷʔaltán   [tqʷaʔqʷʔaltán] Morph: t+qʷaʔ•qʷʔal+tán. the way one talks.

tqʷílnaʔ   [tqʷílnaʔ] Morph: t+qʷílnaʔ. to cover s.t. or s.o.

tqʷlqʷiltm   [tqʷəlqʷíltəm] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷilt+m. to talk about s.t.

tqʷlqʷl   [tqʷəlqʷəl] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷl. talk about s.t.; tell a story about s.t.

tqʷlqʷlltíplaʔ   [tqʷəlqʷəlˑtíplaʔ] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷl•l+típlaʔ. a story about.

tqʷlqʷltínaʔ   [tqʷəlqʷəltínaʔ] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷltínaʔ. to insult s.o.

tqʷlqʷltíplaʔ   [tqʷəlqʷəltíplaʔ] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷl+típlaʔ. to speak on behalf of s.o.

tqʷlqʷltiw̓(s)   [tqʷəlqʷəltíw̓s] Morph: t+qʷl•qʷl+tiw̓s. telephone; to call on the telephone.

tqʷnqʷniɬp   [tqʷənqʷníɬp] Morph: t+qʷn•qʷniɬp. 1 • tqʷnqʷniɬp: Okanagan, Washington (a town).

2 • tqʷnqʷniɬp: the Okanagan River.

tqʷn̓qʷín̓c̓aʔ   [tqʷən̓qʷín̓c̓aʔ] Morph: t+qʷn̓•qʷín̓c̓aʔ. worn out clothing; a body in poor shape.

tqʷn̓qʷn̓íc̓aʔ   [tqʷən̓qʷn̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+qʷn̓•qʷn̓íc̓aʔ. to be poorly dressed.

tqʷqʷyqʷáʕy̓s   [tqʷəqʷiqʷáʕy̓s] Morph: t+qʷ•qʷy•qʷáʕy̓s. queenscup (clintonia uniflora).

tqʷsqʷspalqʷ   [tqʷəsqʷəspáləqʷ] Morph: t+qʷs•qʷs+palqʷ. moss (on wood).

tqʷsqʷspísxn̓   [tqʷəsqʷəspísxn̓] Morph: t+qʷs•qʷs+písxn̓. moss (on rocks).

tqʷyaʔsáʕ̓stn   [tqʷiyaʔsáʕ̓stn] Morph: t+qʷyaʔsáʕ̓s+tn ? 1 • larkspur (delphineum nuttallianum).

2 • blue penstemon (penstemon confertus and p. pruinosus).

tqʷyínaʔ   [tqʷyínaʔ] Morph: t+qʷyínaʔ. to cover a container, a boat ...

tqʷyqʷay   [tqʷəyqʷáy] Morph: t+qʷy•qʷay. blue jeans.

tqʷyqʷáʕy̓kst   [tqʷiqʷáʕy̓ksts] Morph: t+qʷy•qʷáʕy̓꞊kst. catnip (nepeta cataria).

tqʷʕaʔyákst   [tqʷʕaʔyákst] Morph: t+qʷʕaʔyákst. green leaves.

tq̓ʷaqs   [tq̓ʷaqs] Morph: tq̓ʷaqs ? s.t. in front of the nose.

tq̓ʷay̓   [tq̓ʷay̓] Morph: t+qʷay̓. chewing gum.

tq̓ʷaʕyxn   [tq̓ʷáʕyxən] Morph: t+q̓ʷaʕyxn. tq̓ʷaʕyxn: Blackfoot.

tq̓ʷaʔlíks   [tq̓ʷaʔlíks] Morph: t+q̓ʷaʔlíks. wilted leaves.

tq̓ʷaʔl̕íks   [tq̓ʷaʔl̕íks] Morph: t+q̓ʷa[ʔ]l̕íks. wilted leaves.

tq̓ʷaʔqí(n)   [tq̓ʷaʔqín] Morph: t+q̓ʷaʔqí(n). to put a hand in front of s.t. or s.o.

tq̓ʷlmin   [tq̓ʷəlmín] Morph: t+q̓ʷl+min. roasting or barbecue stick.

tq̓ʷq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxnm   [tq̓ʷəq̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxnəm] Morph: t+q̓ʷ•q̓ʷúƛ̓aʔxn+m. to race.

tq̓ʷq̓ʷyq̓ʷaʕy̓s   [tq̓ʷəq̓ʷiq̓ʷáʕy̓s] Morph: t+q̓ʷ•q̓ʷy•q̓ʷaʕy̓s. black garden currants (ribes spp.)

tq̓ʷyáʕc̓aʔ   [tq̓ʷəyáʕc̓aʔ] Morph: t+q̓ʷyáʕc̓aʔ. dirty body.

tq̓ʷyq̓ʷaʕy̓s   [tq̓ʷiq̓ʷáʕy̓s] Morph: t+q̓ʷy•q̓ʷaʕy̓s. black garden currants (ribes spp.)

tq̓ʷyq̓ʷyxinmst   [tq̓ʷəyq̓ʷyxínmst] Morph: t+q̓ʷy•q̓ʷyxin+m+st. to make s.o. kneel.

tr   [tər] Morph: tr. to unravel (s.t.)

trap   [təráp] Morph: tra+p. to unravel; to come unwound (as a braid).

trar   [tərár] Morph: tr•ar. to come unraveled (by itself); to come to pass.

tríw̓yaʔm   [tríw̓yaʔm] Morph: tríw̓yaʔ+m. to react.

trqaʔmílaʔ   [trəqaʔmílaʔ] Morph: trq+aʔmílaʔ ? trqaʔmílaʔ: Little Jim Creek.

trqncut   [tərqəncút] Morph: trq+ncut. to kick oneself; to run away.

trqp   [tərqp] Morph: trq+p. to jump.

trqpncut   [tərqpəncút] Morph: trq+p+ncut. to run.

trqxnmi   [tərqxənmí] Morph: trqxn+mi. to kick s.o. or s.t.

trr   [trər] Morph: tr•r. to get s.t. unraveled.

trram   [tərrám] Morph: tr•r•a+m. to be lined up; to be in a row.

trrqaq   [tərrqáq] Morph: tr•rq•aq. to dance.

tr̓íwyaʔ   [tr̓íwyaʔ] Morph: tr̓íwyaʔ. to take after s.o.; to resemble s.o.; to inherit a trait.

tr̓íwyaʔm   [tr̓íwyaʔm] Morph: tr̓íwyaʔ+m. to react to s.t. (e.g. a curse).

tr̓íw̓yaʔ   [tr̓íw̓yaʔ] Morph: tr̓íw̓yaʔ. to take after s.o.; to resemble s.o.

tr̓mncut   [tər̓məncút] Morph: tr̓+mncut. to form a line.

tr̓q   [tər̓q] Morph: tr̓q. to kick or stomp s.t.; to dance.

tr̓qam   [tər̓qám] Morph: tr̓qa+m. to kick; to dance Indian dance.

tr̓qlwis   [tər̓qəlwís] Morph: tr̓q+lwis. to kick s.t. or s.o. around.

tr̓qmiltm   [tər̓qmíltəm] Morph: tr̓q+milt+m. to bounce a baby or child.

tr̓qqaq   [tər̓qəqáq] Morph: tr̓q•q•aq. to do a medicine dance hop; to jump up and down.

tr̓qsqilxʷ   [tr̓əqsqílxʷ] Morph: tr̓q+s+qilxʷ. to kick a person.

tr̓qxnmí   [tər̓qəxnmí] Morph: tr̓qxn+mí. to trample s.t.

tr̓tr̓   [tər̓tər̓] Morph: tr̓•tr̓. to unravel s.t.

ts   [təs] Morph: ts. prefix which adds some intensifying notion.

tsp̓síp̓iʔxn   [tsəp̓síp̓iʔxən] Morph: t+sp̓•síp̓iʔxn. to wear moccasins.

tsq̓miltn   [təsq̓míltən] Morph: ts+q̓milt+n. to be very hungry.

-tt1   [tət] Morph: -tt. first person plural of the in paradigm "our".

-tt2   [tət] Morph: -tt. first person plural of the -i paradigm "our".

1 • in nominalized middle forms.

2 • in future forms (ks-).

3 • in perfective forms.

ttɣap   [tətɣáp] Morph: t•tɣa+p. a little water flows.

ttiɬálqʷ   [ttiɬálqʷ] Morph: t•tiɬálqʷ. ttiɬálqʷ: Straight Leg.

ttiɬlqʷpqn   [ttíɬəlqʷpqən] Morph: t•tiɬlqʷ+pqn. ttiɬlqʷpqn (the name of one of Coyote's sons).

ttiɬtáɬqʷxn   [ttiɬtáɬqʷxən] Morph: t•tiɬ•táɬ+qʷxn. ttiɬtáɬqʷxn (the name of one of Coyote's sons).

ttíɬʔalqʷxn̓   [ttíɬʔalqʷxən̓] Morph: t•tíɬʔalqʷxn̓. ttíɬʔalqʷxn̓ (the name of one of Coyote's sons).

ttinx   [ttinx] Morph: t+tinx. muscle.

ttkʷílaʔs   [tətkʷílaʔs] Morph: t•tkʷílaʔs. a little companion, a dear companion.

ttkʷʔut   [tətkʷʔút] Morph: t•tkʷʔut. to walk slowly.

ttm̓tim̓   [ttəm̓tim̓] Morph: t+tm̓•tim̓. clothes.

ttm̓tim̓tn   [ttəm̓tím̓tṇ] Morph: t+tm̓+tim̓+tn. clothes.

ttq   [təq] Morph: t•tq. to touch.

ttwit   [tətwít] Morph: t•twit. boy.

ttw̓it   [tətw̓ít] Morph: t•twit. boy.

ttw̓tw̓it   [ttuʔtw̓ít] Morph: t•tw̓•tw̓it. little boys.

tty̓ap   [təty̓áp] Morph: t•ty̓a+p. some water runs; a small stream.

ttʔiwltk   [tətʔíwltk] Morph: t•tʔiwltk. to be a little way from the water (either in water or on land).

tul̕mn   [túl̕mən] Morph: tul̕+mn. 1 • paint rock (from which to derive) paint powder.

2 • tul̕mn: Mount Tolman.

+tuɬt   [tuɬt] Morph: +tuɬt. transitivizer that signals a redirective notion (do instead of, on behalf of).

1 • after plain stems.

tum   [tum] Morph: tum. to suck.

tum̓   [tum̓] Morph: tum̓. woman's mother.

tum̓kst   [tum̓kst] Morph: tum̓kst. tum̓kst.

tum̓tm̓   [túm̓təm̓] Morph: tum̓•tm̓. mother; mothers; animal's mothers.

túpaʔ   [túpaʔ] Morph: túpaʔ. hypocoristic form of t̓at̓úpaʔ; a great-grandparent addressing a great-grandchild, or viceversa.

tupl̕   [túpəl̕] Morph: tupl̕. spider.

túsaʔ   [túsaʔ] Morph: túsaʔ. eye.

tutlm̓n   [tútəlm̓n] Morph: tu•tl+m̓n. tutlm̓n}: a low, sharp peak due west from the new Keller cemetery. This place is also called ƛ̓m̓ƛ̓m̓qin.

túxʷaʔ   [túxʷaʔ] Morph: túxʷaʔ. little white camas (lomatium farinosum).

tuʔ   [tuʔ] Morph: tw̓. a herd; many; lots.

tuʔckʷúlaʔxʷ   [tuʔckʷúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tuʔckʷúlaʔxʷ. tuʔckʷúlaʔxʷ: Loomis.

twaʔtíwaʔ   [twaʔtíwaʔ] Morph: twaʔ•tíwaʔ. wild tea.

twic̓   [twic̓] Morph: t+wic̓. s.t. dug.

+twixʷ   [twixʷ] Morph: +twixʷ. suffix that derives forms with reciprocal import (with) one another.

twmi(s)   [tumís] Morph: tw+mi(s). to buy; to sell.

twmisst   [tumísəst] Morph: tw+mis•s+t. to be taken in a sale.

twmist   [tumíst] Morph: tw+mist. to buy; to sell.

twmistm   [tumístəm] Morph: tw+mist+m. to sell.

twmistn   [tumístən] Morph: tw+mist+n. s.t. for sale.

twmstnu   [tumstnú] Morph: tw+mst+nu. to manage to sell s.t.

twmxixm   [tumxíxəm] Morph: tw+m+xix+m. to sell s.t. away, to s.o. indefinite.

twn   [tun] Morph: twn. root with meaning "fall short" on which several stems are formed.

twnasq̓t   [tunásq̓ət] Morph: twnasq̓t. 1 • twnasq̓t: Tonasket, town of Eastern Washington State.

2 • twnasq̓t (man's name).

twtíwɬc̓aʔ   [tuˑtíwɬc̓aʔ] Morph: tw•tíwɬc̓aʔ. does (deer).

twtwaʔncútm   [tutwaʔncútəm] Morph: tw•twaʔ+ncútm. to baby oneself.

twtwit   [tutwít] Morph: tw•twit. boys.

tw̓   [tuʔ] Morph: tw̓. a herd; many; lots.

tw̓ak   [tuʔák] Morph: tw̓ak. to be numb, sore.

tw̓aw̓   [tuʔwáw] Morph: tw̓•aw̓. a herd; many; lots.

tw̓tiw̓   [tuʔtíw] Morph: tw̓•tiw̓. to baby s.o.

tw̓tíw̓aʔm   [tuʔtíwaʔm] Morph: tw̓•tíw̓aʔ+m. to baby s.o.

tw̓tíw̓aʔst   [tuʔtíwaʔst] Morph: tw̓•tíw̓aʔ+st. to baby s.o.; to spoil s.o.

tw̓tw̓aʔncút   [tuʔtwaʔncút] Morph: tw̓•tw̓aʔˑncút. to baby oneself; to throw a tantrum.

tw̓tw̓it   [tuʔtw̓ít] Morph: tw̓•tw̓it. boys.

tx   [təx] Morph: tx. to comb s.o.'s hair.

txa   [txa] Morph: txa. ?

txam1   [txam] Morph: txa+m. to comb one's hair.

txam2   [txam] Morph: txa+m. to insert s.t.

txan   [txan] Morph: txan. to go straight (in), to keep going.

txat̓   [txat̓] Morph: t+xat̓. s.t. being cared for.

txaʔpám   [txaʔpám] Morph: t+xaʔpá+m. to chew or gnaw meat off a bone.

txaʔtmst   [txaʔtəmst] Morph: t+xaʔt+m+st. to make s.o. go first.

txilxʷsqáx̌aʔtn   [txilxʷsqáx̌aʔtṇ] Morph: txilxʷsqáx̌aʔ+tn. horse brush; something to comb an animal with.

txilxʷtn   [txilxʷtṇ] Morph: txilxʷ+tn. a brush.

txirp   [txirp] Morph: t+xir+p. to run uphill.

txirrp   [txirˑp] Morph: t+xir•r+p. to run uphill.

txirrpt   [txirˑpt] Morph: t+xir•r+p+t. to run up(hill).

txítiʔst   [txítiʔst] Morph: t+xítiʔst. several run.

txíxiʔ   [txíxiʔ] Morph: t+xí•xiʔ. in construction with lut has sense "to fall short".

txiʔ   [txiʔ] Morph: ?

txiʔstíkn   [txiʔstíkn] Morph: t+xy̓+stíkn. to walk on a ridge.

txiʔxán   [txiʔxán] Morph: t+xy̓xan. to go straight (in); to keep going; to go without hesitation.

txiʔxnmí   [txiʔxənmí] Morph: t+xy̓xn+mi. to go straight to(wards) s.o.

txlak   [txəlák] Morph: t+xlak. to go around.

txlkaqs   [txəlkáqs] Morph: t+xlkaqs. to go around a bend or a curve.

txlkink   [txəlkínk] Morph: t+xlkink. txlkink: flat area west from Cayuse Mountain where Indians from miles around would come every July 4th holiday to camp and participate in celebrations.

txlkkn̓iɬxʷ   [txəlkəkn̓íɬxʷ] Morph: t+xlkkn̓iɬxʷ. to go around the house.

txlkɬniwtm   [txəlkɬníwtəm] Morph: t+xlkɬniwt+m. to go around people.

txlkmi(n)   [txəlkmí] Morph: t+xlk+mi. to surround s.o.; to go around s.t.

txlkúlaʔxʷ   [txəlkúlaʔxʷ] Morph: t+xlkúlaʔxʷ. to change country.

txlkus   [txəlkʷús] Morph: t+xlkus. to go or turn around a bend.

txlk̓íc̓aʔ   [txəlk̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+xlk̓íc̓aʔ. to roll or wrap s.t.

txlxalkáqs   [txəlxaˑlkáqs] Morph: t+xl+xalkáqs. to go around curves.

txlxalk̓   [txəlxálk̓] Morph: t+xl•xalk̓. a recorder.

txlxlk̓íc̓aʔ   [txəlxəlk̓íc̓aʔ] Morph: t+xl•xlk̓íc̓aʔ. to be rolled or wrapped.

txlxʷsqáx̌aʔtn   [txəlxʷsqáx̌aʔtən] Morph: txlxʷsqáx̌aʔ+tn. a curry comb.

txɬam   [txɬam] Morph: t+xɬa+m. to be matched; to be one such.

txƛ̓ap   [txƛ̓ap] Morph: t+xƛ̓a+p. to be all of; to be complete.

txƛ̓ínaʔm   [təxƛ̓ínaʔm] Morph: t+xƛ̓ínaʔ+m. to hear every word s.o. says.

txƛ̓p   [təxƛ̓əp] Morph: t+xƛ̓+p. to complete s.t.

txƛ̓píc̓aʔ   [txəƛ̓píc̓aʔ] Morph: t+xƛ̓+píc̓aʔ. the entire body; all over the body.

txƛ̓pnu   [txəƛ̓pnú] Morph: t+xƛ̓+p+nu. to manage to complete s.t.

txƛ̓xƛ̓pnú   [txəƛ̓xəƛ̓pnú] Morph: t+xƛ̓•xƛ̓+p+nu. to manage to complete s.t.

txm   [txəm] Morph: t+xm. to stick s.t. on; to insert s.t.

txmíc̓aʔ   [txmíc̓aʔ] Morph: t+xmíc̓aʔ. to spur a mount.

txmniw̓s   [txəmniw̓s] Morph: t+xmniw̓s. to be on each side of s.t.

txmnw̓sákaʔst   [txmnuʔsákaʔst] Morph: t+xmn꞊w̓s꞊ákaʔst. to have something in each hand.

txmnw̓sɬniwt   [txəmniw̓slíwt] Morph: t+xmniw̓s+ɬniwt. to be on each side of s.t.

txnnw̓sliwt   [txəmnuʔslíwt] Morph: t+xn•nw̓sliwt. to do s.t. on two sides.

txn̓   [txən̓] Morph: t+xn̓. to post a sign.

txn̓álqʷ   [txn̓álqʷ] Morph: t+xn̓álqʷ. theater.

txn̓i   [txni] Morph: t+xn̓i. to cover s.t. with a patch, a board, or s.t. stiff.

txn̓ínaʔ   [təxn̓ínaʔ] Morph: t+xn̓ínaʔ. to cover s.t. with a patch, a board, or s.t. stiff.

txn̓xan̓   [txən̓xán̓] Morph: t+xn̓xan̓. square.

txpalqʷ   [txpalqʷ] Morph: t+xpalqʷ. to chew (a) tree (bark).

txrikstm   [txríkstəm] Morph: t+xrikst+m. to pack; to hang s.t.

txrikstn   [txríkstən] Morph: t+xrikst+n. s.t. dangling.

txrutm   [txrútəm] Morph: t+xrut+m. to run uphill.

txtxam   [təxtxám] Morph: tx•txa+m. several comb their hair.

txt̓1   [txət̓] Morph: t+xt̓. to watch s.t.; keep s.t.; care for s.o. or s.t.

txt̓2   [txət̓] Morph: t+xt̓. to aim with a bow and arrow.

txt̓3   [txət̓] Morph: t+xt̓. to be pregnant.

txt̓a1   [txt̓a] Morph: t+xt̓a. to take care of s.o. or s.t.

txt̓a2   [txt̓a] Morph: t+xt̓a. to aim.

txt̓a3   [txt̓a] Morph: txt̓a. to be pregnant.

txt̓at̓1   [txt̓at̓] Morph: t+xt̓•at̓. 1 • to be protected.

2 • to be observed.

txt̓at̓2   [txt̓at̓] Morph: t+xt̓•at̓. to join; to be joined.

txt̓ilt   [txət̓ílt] Morph: t+xt̓ilt. to protect or watch a child.

txt̓iltm   [txət̓iltṃ] Morph: t+xt̓ilt+m. to protect a child.

txt̓iw̓sm   [txt̓íw̓səm] Morph: t+xt̓iw̓s+m. to aim with a bow and arrow.

txt̓m   [txət̓m] Morph: t+xt̓+m. to take care of s.t. or s.o.

txt̓mist   [txət̓míst] Morph: t+xt̓+mist. to be careful; to take care of oneself.

txt̓mscut   [txət̓məscút] Morph: t+xt̓+m+scut. to be careful.

txt̓ncutn   [txət̓ncútən] Morph: t+xt̓+ncut+n. protector; care giver; guardian spirit.

txt̓t̓iʔst   [txət̓t̓íʔst] Morph: t+xt̓•t̓iʔst. to get pregnant.

txt̓t̓nu   [txt̓ət̓nú] Morph: t+xt̓•t̓+nu. to manage or be able to take care of s.t.

txwil   [txwil] Morph: t+xwil. to pass by s.t. or s.o.

txxaʔt̓mín   [txəxaʔt̓mín] Morph: t+x•xaʔt̓+mín. to flirt; to fool around with; to play tricks on s.o.

txxƛ̓ínaʔm   [txəxƛ̓ínaʔ] Morph: t+x•xƛ̓ínaʔ+m. to hear everything.

txxƛ̓minm   [txəxƛ̓mínəm] Morph: t+x•xƛ̓+min+m. to play trick on s.o.

txxp   [txəxp] Morph: t+x•xp. to chew off s.t.

txy̓stíkn   [txiʔstíkn] Morph: t+xy̓+stíkn. to walk on a ridge.

txy̓wilx   [txiʔwílx] Morph: t+xy̓+wílx. to pass by; to go through; to go this far.

txy̓xan   [txiʔxán] Morph: t+xy̓xan. to go straight (in); to keep going; to go without hesitation.

txy̓xnmi   [txiʔxənmí] Morph: t+xy̓xn+mi. to go straight to(wards) s.o.

txʷarkst   [txʷarkst] Morph: t+xʷarkst. to reach with the hand.

txʷarkstm   [txʷárkstəm] Morph: t+xʷarkst+m. to reach (with the hand) for s.t.

txʷaxʷay̓úl̕xn   [txʷaxʷay̓úl̕xn] Morph: t+xʷa•xʷay̓úl̕xn. cinquefoil (No. 3) (potentilla recta).

txʷaxʷʔít   [txʷaxʷʔít] Morph: txʷa•xʷʔí+t. many.

txʷaʔqín   [txʷaʔqín] Morph: t+xʷaʔqín. lots of hair.

txʷaʔxʷaʔtwílx   [txʷaʔxʷaʔtwílx] Morph: t+xʷaʔ•xʷaʔ+t+wílx. to be(come) very many.

txʷaʔxʷʔíkst   [txʷaʔxʷʔíkst] Morph: t+xʷaʔ•xʷʔ꞊íkst. three-flowered avens (geum triflorum).

txʷaʔxʷʔílt   [txʷaʔxʷʔílt] Morph: t+xʷaʔ•xʷʔ+ílt. to have many children.

txʷaʔxʷʔít   [txʷaʔxʷʔít] Morph: txʷaʔ•xʷʔít. many persons.

txʷcncut   [təxʷcəncút] Morph: txʷcn+cut. to get food; to procure food.

txʷilm   [txʷíləm] Morph: t+xʷil+m. to go by.

txʷip   [txʷip] Morph: txʷip. to cover s.t. with a sheet-like object; a cover.

txʷip̓c̓aʔ   [txʷip̓c̓aʔ] Morph: t+xʷipc̓aʔ. to cover s.t. (with a blanket).

txʷistm   [txʷístəm] Morph: t+xʷist+m. to pace an area; to walk towards s.o.

txʷk̓ʷiks   [təxʷk̓ʷíks] Morph: t+xʷk̓ʷiks. to clean the leaves off.

txʷk̓ʷpasq̓t   [txʷək̓ʷpásq̓ət] Morph: t+xʷk̓ʷ+pasq̓t. clear sky.

txʷk̓ʷpínaʔ   [txʷək̓ʷpínaʔ] Morph: t+xʷk̓ʷ+pínaʔ. a cover comes off.

txʷlscut   [txʷəlscút] Morph: txʷlscut. to get ready; to get outfitted; to get dressed.

txʷɬckʷinkm   [təxʷɬckʷínkəm] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+ckʷink+m. to obtain or get a bow.

txʷɬc̓ík̓ʷsxnm   [təxʷɬc̓ík̓ʷsxn̓əm] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+c̓ík̓ʷsxn+m. to obtain lamps.

txʷɬc̓q̓iln   [təxʷɬc̓q̓ílən] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+c̓q̓iln. to obtain arrows.

txʷɬmrim   [təxʷɬmrím] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+mrim. to get or obtain medicine.

txʷɬqəxʷsqáx̌aʔtnm   [təxʷɬqəxʷsqáx̌aʔtnəm] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+qəxʷsqáx̌aʔ+tn+m. to get a whip.

txʷɬqxʷsqáx̌aʔtn   [təxʷɬqəxʷsqáx̌aʔtṇ] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+qxʷsqáx̌aʔ+tn. to get a whip.

txʷɬsp̓qintn   [təxʷɬsəp̓qíntṇ] Morph: txʷ+ɬ+sp̓qin+tn. to obtain or get threshing machines.

txʷmqncut   [txʷəm̓qəncút] Morph: t+xʷmqn+cut. to forget about s.t.

txʷpxʷpusm   [txʷəpxʷpúsəm] Morph: t+xʷp•xʷpus+m. to open one's eyes.

txʷrxʷarkstm   [txʷərxʷárkstəm] Morph: t+xʷr•xʷarkst+m. to reach with both hands.

txʷslip̓   [təxʷslíp̓] Morph: txʷ+s+lip̓. to get wood.

txʷsqʷiylpm   [txʷsqʷíylpəm] Morph: txʷ+s+qʷiylp+m. to gather boughs.

txʷstalqʷ   [təxʷstálqʷ] Morph: t+xʷstalqʷ. to walk on logs.

txʷstɬniwt   [təxʷstɬníwt] Morph: t+xʷstɬniwt. to walk by s.o.'s side.

txʷst̓ik̓lm   [təxʷst̓ik̓ləm] Morph: txʷ+s+t̓ik̓l+m. to get grub; to get food.

txʷsxʷscutm   [txʷəsxʷəscútṃ] Morph: t+xʷs•xʷs+cut+m. to trick s.o.

txʷsʔamnsqáx̌aʔm   [təxʷsʔamənsqáx̌aʔṃ] Morph: txʷ+s+ʔamnsqáx̌aʔ+m. to have stock feed.

txʷtixʷck   [təxʷtíxʷck] Morph: txʷ•tixʷ+ck. tongues.

txʷtlscut   [txʷtəlscút] Morph: t+xʷtlscut. to take one's clothes off; to strip.

txʷtxʷcnuɬ   [təxʷtəxʷcnúɬ] Morph: txʷ•txʷcn+uɬ. one who regularly procures food; a provisions seeker.

txʷt̓pmi   [txʷət̓pmí] Morph: t+xʷt̓+p+mi. to jump at or towards s.o. or s.t.; to chase s.t. or s.o.; to rush to(wards) s.o.

txʷt̓pmsqilxʷ   [txʷət̓pmsqílxʷ] Morph: t+xʷt̓+p+m+s+qilxʷ. to run to a spot; to run towards s.t. or s.o.; to rush to(ward) a person.

txʷt̓pncutm   [txʷət̓pəncútəm] Morph: t+xʷt̓+p+ncut. to run to s.o.

txʷt̓xʷt̓pmnwixʷ   [txʷət̓xʷət̓pmənwíxʷ] Morph: t+xʷt̓•xʷt̓+p+mnwixʷ. to jump or rush at s.t. or s.o.

txʷus   [txʷus] Morph: t+xʷus. soon.

txʷut̓xn   [txʷút̓xən] Morph: t+xʷut̓xn. to take one shoe off.

txʷuy   [txʷuy] Morph: t+xʷuy. to go up to or towards s.t. or s.o.

txʷuym   [txʷuy.m] Morph: t+xʷuy+m. to go or walk towards s.o. or s.t.

txʷuytn   [txʷúytən] Morph: t+xʷuy+tn. one's time to go or travel.

txʷxʷaʔxʷʔílaʔt   [təxʷxʷaʔxʷʔílaʔt] Morph: t+xʷ•xʷaʔ•xʷʔílaʔt. many children.

txʷxʷíw̓s   [txʷuxʷíw̓s] Morph: txʷ•xʷíw̓s. pears.

txʷxʷp̓aqsm   [txʷəxʷp̓áqsəm] Morph: t+xʷ•xʷp̓aqs+m. a bend in the road.

txʷxʷr̓ílaʔps   [txʷəxʷər̓ílaʔps] Morph: t+xʷ•xʷr̓ílaʔps. txʷxʷr̓ílaʔps: a rock cliff at the lower end of Hellgate Rapids, part of which is still above water.

txʷycin   [txʷicín] Morph: txʷ+ycin ? to get a blister (northern form).

txʷyils   [txʷyils] Morph: t+xʷyils. to go visit.

txʷyilsm   [txʷyilsəm] Morph: t+xʷyils+m. to go visit s.o.

txʷyilst   [txʷilst] Morph: t+xʷyils+t. to visit s.o.; to go by s.o.'s.

txʷyínaʔ   [txʷyínaʔ] Morph: t+xʷyínaʔ. to go over.

txʷymsqilxʷ   [txʷimsqílxʷ] Morph: t+xʷy+m+s+qilxʷ. 1 • to visit people; to meet people.

2 • 

txʷysqilxʷ   [txʷisqílxʷ] Morph: t+xʷy+s+qilxʷ. to visit.

txʷʔaqs   [təxʷʔáqs] Morph: t+xʷʔaqs. much food.

txʷʔikn̓   [təxʷʔíkn̓] Morph: t+xʷʔikn̓. many bundles.

txʷʔikst   [təxʷʔíkst] Morph: t+xʷʔ=ikst. many branches (of trees).

txʷʔit   [txʷəʔít] Morph: t+xʷʔi+t. lots, many.

tx̌aláʕsxn   [tx̌aláʕsxən] Morph: t+x̌aláʕsxn. to be red hot.

tx̌áq̓plaʔ   [tx̌áq̓plaʔ] Morph: t+x̌áq̓plaʔ. to pay or reward s.o.

tx̌áq̓q̓plaʔ   [tx̌áq̓əq̓plaʔ] Morph: t+x̌áq̓•q̓•plaʔ. to be paid wages.

tx̌aq̓q̓tn   [tx̌aq̓q̓tṇ] Morph: t+x̌aq̓•q̓+tn. pay; paycheck; payday.

tx̌asmqn   [tx̌ásmqən] Morph: t+x̌asmqn. tx̌asmqn: Good Head Mountain.

tx̌ast   [tx̌ast] Morph: t+x̌ast. to be ok; to be all right.

tx̌aw̓cnm   [tx̌áw̓cnəm] Morph: t+x̌aw̓cn+m. to be taken with s.t.; to be stuck on s.t.

tx̌ax̌alʕásxn   [tx̌ax̌alʕásxən] Morph: t+x̌a•x̌alʕásxn. red hot rocks.

tx̌ax̌íɬ   [tx̌ax̌íɬ] Morph: t+x̌a•x̌íɬ. to be alike.

tx̌ax̌ʕíkst   [tx̌ax̌aʕay̓kst] Morph: t+x̌a•x̌ʕíkst. European wormwood (artemisia absinthium).

tx̌aʕw̓scút   [tx̌aʕw̓scút] Morph: t+x̌aʕw̓s+cút. to cool (off).

tx̌aʕx̌aʕpúsm   [tx̌aʕx̌aʕpúsəm] Morph: t+x̌aʕ•x̌aʕ+pús+m. to stare at s.o.

tx̌aʕyls   [tx̌aʕyls] Morph: t+x̌áʕils ? a cool throat.

tx̌aʔncnmíst   [tx̌aʔncnmíst] Morph: t+x̌aʔncn+míst. to stop s.o. with words.

tx̌aʔncnmístm   [tx̌aʔncənmístm] Morph: t+x̌aʔncn+míst+m. to try to stop s.t. (with words).

tx̌aʔníplaʔ   [tx̌aʔníplaʔ] Morph: t+x̌a[ʔ]níplaʔ. to stop s.t.

tx̌aʔnxíxm   [tx̌aʔnxíxəm] Morph: t+x̌aʔn+xíx+m. to keep s.t. away from s.o.

tx̌aʔx̌aʔtán   [tx̌aʔx̌aʔtán] Morph: t+x̌aʔ•x̌aʔ+tán. good luck charm; doctor background.

tx̌aʔyáwm   [tx̌aʔyáwm] Morph: t+x̌aʔyáwm. tx̌aʔyáwm: Spences Bridge.

tx̌cákstm   [tx̌cákstəm] Morph: t+x̌cákst+m. to prepare a pile (to burn).

tx̌il   [tx̌il] Morph: t+x̌il. to follow.

tx̌ilp   [tx̌ilp] Morph: tx̌ilp. color.

tx̌ilps   [tx̌ilps] Morph: tx̌ilps. a gray horse.

tx̌laʕsq̓t   [tx̌laʕsq̓t] Morph: t+x̌laʕsq̓t. to be bright.

tx̌laʕsxn   [tx̌láʕsxən] Morph: t+x̌laʕsxn. a round object is red hot, incandescent.

tx̌liw̓s   [tx̌liw̓s] Morph: t+x̌liw̓s. a cache; a platform.

tx̌liw̓sm   [tx̌liw̓səm] Morph: t+x̌liw̓s+m. to make a platform or bridge.

tx̌ƛ̓mikn   [tx̌əƛ̓míkən] Morph: t+x̌ƛ̓+mikn. to climb (to the top).

tx̌ƛ̓x̌ƛ̓mikn   [tx̌əƛ̓x̌əƛ̓míkən] Morph: t+x̌ƛ̓•x̌ƛ̓+mikn. several run up the hill.

tx̌p̓iw̓s   [təx̌p̓íw̓s] Morph: t+x̌p̓iw̓s. to stitch or sew s.t.

tx̌qiw̓s   [tx̌qiw̓s] Morph: t+x̌qiw̓s. to cut s.t. open.

tx̌q̓plaʔmíst   [tx̌əq̓plaʔmíst] Morph: t+x̌q̓plaʔ+míst. to pay a fine.

tx̌saqs   [tx̌saqs] Morph: t+x̌saqs. to have good food; to have good things to eat.

tx̌saqsm   [tx̌sáqsəm] Morph: t+x̌saqs+m. to have good things to eat.

tx̌sasq̓t   [tx̌sasq̓t] Morph: t+x̌sasq̓t. to be a good day.

tx̌síc̓aʔ   [tx̌síc̓aʔ] Morph: t+x̌síc̓aʔ. good clothes; Sunday best; good outfit.

tx̌sik   [tx̌sik] Morph: t+x̌sik. to aim well at s.t.

tx̌silps   [tx̌silps] Morph: t+x̌silps. tx̌silps.

tx̌siw̓s   [tx̌siw̓s] Morph: t+x̌síw̓s. a good rider; one who rides in rhythm.

tx̌sqin   [tx̌əsqín] Morph: t+x̌sqin. 1 • nice hair; nice top.

2 • tx̌sqin (man's name).

3 • tx̌sqin: the name of a mountain, now called Mount Baldy (?)

tx̌ssmikst   [tx̌əsəsmíkst] Morph: t+x̌s•s+mikst. to be or get lucky.

tx̌sx̌sus   [tx̌əsx̌sús] Morph: t+x̌s•x̌sus. to have good eyes.

tx̌tx̌itkst   [tx̌tx̌ítkst] Morph: tx̌•tx̌it꞊kst. fern; any large fern.

tx̌wpma   [tx̌əwpmá] Morph: t+x̌w+p+ma ? to be stuck on s.t.

tx̌w̓iltnm   [tx̌əw̓íltnəm] Morph: t+x̌w̓iltn+m. to dry meat.

tx̌w̓mistm   [tx̌əw̓místəm] Morph: t+x̌w̓+mist+m. to want s.o. (Penticton form).

tx̌w̓pmistm   [tx̌əw̓pmístəm] Morph: t+x̌w̓+p+mist+m. to want s.o.

tx̌w̓w̓als   [tx̌əw̓w̓als] Morph: t+x̌w̓•w̓als. to feel bad.

tx̌w̓w̓alsm   [tx̌əw̓w̓álsəm] Morph: t+x̌w̓•w̓als+m. to long for s.t.

tx̌w̓x̌w̓us   [tx̌uʔx̌uʔús, tx̌əw̓əw̓ús] Morph: t+x̌w̓•x̌w̓us. dry eyes; to have dry eyes.

tx̌x̌aw̓   [tx̌əx̌áw̓] Morph: t+x̌•x̌aw̓. tx̌x̌aw̓: former major spawning ground located toward what was the east side of the Columbia--it was a shallow area extending for a distance of almost three miles, from Daisy to a point opposite the southern end of sɬqʷiɬm̓lx.

tx̌x̌n̓ut   [tx̌əx̌n̓út] Morph: tx̌•x̌n̓ut. nine persons.

tx̌x̌tx̌ítaʔkst   [tx̌əx̌tx̌ítaʔkst] Morph: t+x̌•x̌t•x̌ít꞊aʔkst. 1 • small rock fern (woodsia scopulina and gymnocarpium dryopteris).

2 • cinquefoil (No. 2) (potentilla gracilis).

3 • lousewort (pedicularis bracteosa).

tx̌ʔancnmíst   [tx̌ʔancnmíst] Morph: t+x̌ʔancn+míst. to stop s.o. with words.

tx̌ʔaníplaʔ   [tx̌ʔaníplaʔ] Morph: t+x̌ʔaníplaʔ. to keep s.o. from s.t.

tx̌ʷ   [tx̌ʷ] Morph: tx̌ʷ. root with meaning "straight, center" on which several stems are formed.

tx̌ʷaq̓ʷlqs   [tx̌ʷáq̓ʷəlqs] Morph: t+x̌ʷaq̓ʷlqs. to snore.

tx̌ʷaq̓ʷnkm   [tx̌ʷáq̓ʷənkəm] Morph: t+x̌ʷaq̓ʷnk+m. grinding organ.

tx̌ʷaq̓ʷntn   [tx̌ʷáq̓ʷəntṇ] Morph: t+x̌ʷaq̓ʷ+n+tn. grinder grammophone.

tx̌ʷax̌ʷq̓ʷnktn   [tx̌ʷáx̌ʷq̓ʷənktṇ] Morph: t+x̌ʷa•x̌ʷq̓ʷnk+tn. fiddle, violin.

tx̌ʷayq(n)   [t-x̌ʷáyqən] Morph: t+x̌ʷayq(n). to pile things.

tx̌ʷaʔx̌ʷúcps   [tx̌ʷaʔx̌ʷúcps] Morph: t+x̌ʷaʔ•x̌ʷúcps. rattlesnake buttons.

tx̌ʷcin   [tx̌ʷcin] Morph: tx̌ʷcin. food additive.

tx̌ʷc̓pikst   [təx̌ʷc̓píkst] Morph: t+x̌ʷc̓+pikst. broken branch, hand, arm.

tx̌ʷicp   [tx̌ʷicp] Morph: t+x̌ʷic+p. to cut s.t. at its base.

tx̌ʷicqn   [tx̌ʷícqən] Morph: t+x̌ʷicqn. to cut a horse's mane.

tx̌ʷiƛ̓kstm   [tx̌ʷíƛ̓kstəm] Morph: t+x̌ʷiƛ̓kst+m. to break a branch.

tx̌ʷiwt   [tx̌ʷiwt] Morph: tx̌ʷiwt. s.t. hangs straight down.

tx̌ʷiw̓s   [tx̌ʷiw̓s] Morph: tx̌ʷiw̓s. middle; half way; to share, divide.

tx̌ʷiw̓s snkʷkʷʔác   [tx̌ʷiw̓s sənkʷkʷʔác] Morph: tx̌ʷiw̓s s+n+kʷ•kʷʔác. midnight; the middle of the night.

tx̌ʷmncut   [təx̌ʷməncút] Morph: tx̌ʷ+mncut. to go straight to s.t. or s.o.

tx̌ʷmst   [təx̌ʷmst] Morph: tx̌ʷ+m+st. to straighten or shorten s.t.; to single out s.t.

tx̌ʷmut   [təx̌ʷmút] Morph: tx̌ʷm+ut. straight; normal; real.

tx̌ʷtáx̌ʷm̓ist   [təx̌ʷtáx̌ʷtm̓ist] Morph: tx̌ʷ•táx̌ʷ+m̓ist. to dangle down.

tx̌ʷtx̌ʷsámaʔ   [təx̌ʷtəx̌ʷsámaʔ] Morph: tx̌ʷ•tx̌ʷ+sámaʔ. fur traders; Frenchmen.

tx̌ʷuss   [tx̌ʷúsəs] Morph: t+x̌ʷus•s. to have foamed.

tx̌ʷússc̓aʔ   [tx̌ʷúsəsc̓aʔ] Morph: t+x̌ʷús•sc̓aʔ. the body is foaming with sweat.

tx̌ʷw̓súlaʔxʷ   [tx̌uʔsúlaʔxʷ] Morph: tx̌ʷw̓súlaʔxʷ. half (way).

tx̌ʷyx̌ʷayqn   [tx̌ʷix̌ʷáyqən] Morph: t+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷayqn. piles; things piled; to pile things.

tx̌ʷyx̌ʷyqin   [tx̌ʷix̌ʷiqín] Morph: t+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷyqin. tx̌ʷyx̌ʷyqin: Mica Mountain, about four miles northeast from the mouth of Qui-Qui Creek.

tyap   [tiyáp] Morph: tya+p. water runs; there is a stream.

tyaqʷ   [tyaqʷ] Morph: tyaqʷ. to fight.

tyaqʷt   [tiyáqʷt] Morph: tyaqʷ+t. to fight.

tyix   [tiyíx] Morph: tyix. to dwell in the water; to treadc water.

tynmxʷaʔɬp̓úsmn   [tinəmxʷaʔɬp̓úsmən] Morph: tynmxʷaʔɬp̓úsmn. tynmxʷaʔɬp̓úsmn.

typ   [tip] Morph: ty+p. water flows.

tytyqʷtuɬ   [tityəqʷtúɬ] Morph: ty•tyqʷ+t+uɬ. a fighter; one who likes to fight.

tyxp   [tixp] Morph: tyx+p. water flows.

tyx̌il   [tix̌íl] Morph: ty+x̌il ? to act so.

ty̓ty̓aqʷt   [tiʔty̓áqʷt] Morph: ty̓•ty̓aqʷ+t. to fight.

tʕactct   [tʕáctəct] Morph: tʕac•tc+t. rough, bouncy.

tʕánya(ʔ)   [tʕánya] Morph: t+ʕánya. salmon, fish that used to come up the Okanagan River (skinny salmon before spawning); late sockeye (when they turn red, around September).

tʕc   [tʕc] Morph: tʕc. root with meaning "jar, bounce" on which several stems are formed.

tʕ̓ʷaʔtíʕ̓ʷaʔ   [təʕ̓ʷaʔtíʕ̓ʷaʔ] Morph: tʕ̓ʷaʔ•tíʕ̓ʷaʔ. Canada mint (mentha arvensis).

tʔam   [tʔam] Morph: tʔa+m. to pound, crush.

tʔap   [tʔap] Morph: t[ʔ]ap. dirty; grimy.

tʔikʷ   [tʔíkʷ] Morph: t[ʔ]ikʷ. to spark.

tʔikʷm   [tʔikʷṃ] Morph: tʔikʷ+m. smoldering coals.

tʔiwltk   [tʔíwltək] Morph: tʔiwltk. 1 • to be a some distance from shore in the water; to be some distance from the water on dry land; place name.

2 • tʔiwltk (unidentified location).