+m1   [m] Morph: +m. the middle voice suffix. These forms conjugate with the kn set of person markers.

+m2   [m] Morph: +m. the middle voice suffix in nominalized middle constructions (conjugated with the i- paradigm: i-, ks-...-m, formally intransitive, semantically transitive).

+m3   [m] Morph: +m. suffix that derives intransitive verb stems.

^+m4   [m] Morph: +m. suffix that accompanies most words that begin with the lexical affix sxʷ "one who".

+m5   [m] Morph: +m. suffix with unclear import in the following stems.

1 • stem-finally.

2 • with following morphology.

+m6   [m] Morph: +m. suffix that prepares stems for +nt or +st transitivization.

1 • with +nt.

2 • with -st transitive.

3 • with -st causative.

4 • with c-...-st customary.

^+m7   [m] Morph: +m. suffixal component of several s- intent forms. The distribution is not clear.

^-m8   [m] Morph: -m. suffixal component of a set of perfective middle forms sc-...-m, with unclear distribution. These forms conjugate with the i- set of person markers.

-m9   [m] Morph: -m. the passive or impersonal suffix.

1 • intransitive forms.

2 • transitive forms.

-m10   [m] Morph: -m. first person plural subject of transitive verbs.

1 • with +nt.

2 • with +st.

-m11   [m] Morph: -m. second person singular transitive object with -st, x(i)t and tuɬt transitives.

1 • with -st.

2 • with -x(i)t.

3 • with tuɬt.

^-m12   [m] Morph: -m. in transitive constructions (strong stems) -m in combination with kʷu translates "(s)he / they ... us".

1 • with +nt.

2 • with +st.

3 • with +ɬt.

4 • with +x(i)t.

5 • with +tuɬt.

-m13   [m] Morph: -m. suffixal component of nominalized future transitive contructions ks-...-transitivizer-m (strong, stem-stressed, conjugated with the i- set of person markers).

1 • with +nt.

2 • with +st.

3 • with +ɬt.

4 • with +x(i)t.

5 • with +(t)uɬt.

-m14   [m] Morph: -m. suffixal component of the future imperative circumfix kc-...-m.

1 • kc-...-m constructions, conjugated with i-.

2 • in nominalized transitives.

-m15   [m] Morph: -m. suffixal component of the future circumfix ks-...-m.

1 • in ks-...-m constructions, conjugated with i-.

2 • in nominalized +nt transitives.

3 • in nominalized +ɬt transitives.

4 • in nominalized +x(i)t transitives.

-m16   [m] Morph: -m. in transitive constructions, in combination with kʷu this suffix signals the meaning "(s)he/they X us".

mac̓   [mac̓] Morph: mac̓. to be greased.

mac̓áʕɬaʔ   [mac̓áʕɬaʔ] Morph: mac̓áʕɬaʔ ? mac̓áʕɬaʔ (man's name).

mahʔsncút   [mahʔsncút] Morph: mahʔs+ncút. to be aware.

malk̓ʷ   [malk̓ʷ] Morph: malk̓ʷ. the entire thing, the whole thing.

malk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔm   [malk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔm] Morph: malk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔ+m. to get a whole deer.

mállx̌aʔ   [málˑx̌aʔ] Morph: mal•l•x̌aʔ. to have been lying, telling falsehood.

maltm   [máltəm] Morph: maltm. with unclear semantic import.

málx̌aʔ   [málx̌aʔ] Morph: málx̌aʔ. to tell a lie; to lie to s.o.; to betray.

maɬ   [maɬ] Morph: maɬ. too, too much.

mamárstn   [mamárstən] Morph: ma•márs+tn. digging bags.

mámaʔ   [mámaʔ] Morph: mámaʔ. mother.

mamn   [mámən] Morph: ma•mn. appaloosa.

mamn̓xʷ   [mámən̓xʷ] Morph: ma•m•n̓xʷ. to smoke tobacco.

mamqʷcn   [mámqʷcən] Morph: ma•mqʷcn. swallow (bird).

mam̓scútn   [mam̓scútṇ] Morph: mam̓+scút+n ? playing cards.

mam̓x̌ʷcn   [mám̓x̌ʷcən] Morph: ma•m̓x̌ʷcn. barn swallow.

man̓xʷ   [man̓xʷ] Morph: man̓xʷ. to smoke.

maq   [maq] Morph: maq. to stop s.o.; to urge or convince s.o.; to talk s.o. into s.t.

maq̓ʷ   [maq̓ʷ] Morph: maq̓ʷ. a lump.

mar   [mar] Morph: mar. to season; to mix.

marí   [marí] Morph: marí. Mary; Marie.

marr   [marˑ] Morph: mar•r. to be razed; to be leveled.

marsán   [marsán] Morph: marsán. Marcel.

márwiʔ   [márwiʔ] Morph: már+wy̓. to season; to flavor.

maryán   [maryán] Morph: maryán. Marianne.

mar̓r̓   [mar̓ˑ] Morph: mar•r. to be razed; to be leveled or flattened out.

már̓r̓wiʔ   [már̓r̓wiʔ] Morph: már̓•r̓•wiʔ. to mix.

mar̓wy̓   [már̓wiʔ] Morph: mar̓wy̓. to mix with s.t.; to season (a dish); to spice (food); to dress (food).

maslqʷ   [másəlqʷ] Morph: maslqʷ. four sticks; four cylindrical objects.

masq̓t   [másq̓ət] Morph: masq̓t or masq̓t. four days.

+mast   [mast] Morph: +mast. obscure meaning; perhaps with self-directed reference.

mat   [mat] with dubitative force "maybe, must".

mat laʔkín   [mat laʔkín] Morph: mat laʔkín. somehow.

mat stim̓   [mat stim̓] Morph: mat stim̓. it must be that ...

matlán   [matlán] Morph: matlán. Madeline.

matlín   [matlín] Morph: matlín. Madeline.

matm   [mátəm] Morph: mat+m. maybe.

matrs   [mátrəs] Morph: matrs. mattress.

máwic   [máwic] Morph: máwic. deer.

maymyt   [máymit] Morph: may•my+t. to be sure of s.t.

mayqs   [mayqs] Morph: mayqs. nose.

may̓   [may̓] Morph: may̓. to tell a story, stories.

máy̓a   [máy̓a] Morph: máy̓a. to tell a story, stories.

may̓xtwíxʷmi   [may̓xtwíxʷmi] Morph: may̓+xtwíxʷ+mi. to tell each other stories about s.t.

maʕ1   [maʕ] Morph: maʕ. to break.

maʕ2   [maʕ] Morph: maʕ. s.t. long lies (on the ground); s.t. long is sideways.

maʕcnítkʷ   [maʕcnítkʷ] Morph: maʕcnítkʷ. to arrive to the shore; to lie on the shore.

maʕíw̓s   [maʕíw̓s] Morph: maʕíw̓s. s.t. lies flat across s.t.; to lay s.t. across.

maʕlqcáʕnm   [maʕlqcáʕnəm] Morph: maʕlqcáʕn+m ? to josh or banter; to talk crazy.

máʕmlaʔ   [máʕmlaʔ] Morph: máʕ•mlaʔ. worm; maggot; to become maggots.

maʕqín   [maʕqín] Morph: maʕqín. top rail.

maʕt   [maʕt] Morph: maʕ+t. to be broken, smashed up.

maʕtnmísxn   [maʕtnmísxn] Morph: maʕ+tn+mísxn. maʕtnmísxn: a distinctive low "slanted" mountain known as The Splitoff, close to the east side of F.D.R. Lake, and across from and slightly south of French Point Rocks.

maʕylxʷ   [maʕylxʷ] Morph: maʕylxʷ. máʕylxʷ.

maʕ̓ck̓ʷúl̕   [maʕ̓ck̓ʷúl̕] Morph: maʕ̓ck̓ʷúl̕ ? coot.

maʕ̓t   [maʕ̓t] Morph: maʕ̓+t. to be broken, smashed up.

maʕʷ   [maʕʷ] Morph: maʕʷ. to break s.t.

maʕʷt   [maʕʷt] Morph: maʕʷ+t. to be broken.

maʕʷtm   [máʕʷtəm] Morph: maʕʷt+m. to go sideways; to go on one's side; to go around.

maʕʷtt   [máʕʷtət] Morph: maʕʷt•t. maʕʷtt.

maʕʷttxn   [máʕʷtətxən] Morph: maʕʷt•txn. to step sideways; one's foot turns.

maʕʷútt   [maʕʷútət] Morph: maʕʷút•t. maʕʷútt.

maʕʷxíxm   [maʕʷxíxəm] Morph: maʕʷ+xíxm. to break s.o.ʼs s.t.

maʕ̓ʷ   [maʕʷ] Morph: maʕ̓ʷ. to break s.t.

maʕ̓ʷt   [maʕ̓ʷt] Morph: maʕ̓ʷ+t. broken.

maʔ1   [maʔ] Morph: maʔ. decapitated variant of húmaʔ that can be translated as "please; could you?; look..."

maʔ2   [maʔ] Morph: maʔ. 1 • suffix of unclear meaning in the following forms.

2 • suffix of unclear meaning in the following forms (stem-internally).

maʔáɬq̓ʷltm   [maʔáɬq̓ʷəltm] Morph: maʔáɬq̓ʷlt+m. an oppressive bother.

maʔcínm   [maʔcínəm] Morph: maʔcín+m. to bother, disturb s.o. with talk.

maʔcnmíst   [maʔcənmíst] Morph: maʔcn+míst. to bother somebody with talk.

maʔcnmɬtíɬn   [maʔcənmɬtíɬən] Morph: maʔcn+mɬtíɬn. to bother s.o. with talk.

maʔkstmɬtíɬn   [maʔkstəmɬtíɬən] Morph: maʔkst+mɬtíɬn. to bother people with some action.

maʔmaʔmí   [maʔmaʔmí] Morph: maʔ•maʔ+mí. to be tired of s.o.

maʔmaʔmín   [maʔmaʔmín] Morph: maʔ•maʔ+mín. to send away s.o. (repeatedly).

maʔmáʔt   [maʔmáʔt] Morph: maʔ•máʔ+t. to be a nuisance, a bother; to be busy.

maʔmí(n)   [maʔmín] Morph: maʔ+mí(n). to send s.o. away; to reject s.o.

maʔmínxm   [maʔmínxəm] Morph: maʔ•mínx+m. to rub one's foot on s.t. repeatedly.

maʔmínxnm   [maʔmínxnəm] Morph: maʔ+mínxn+m. to rub one's feet on s.t.

maʔmɬtíɬn   [maʔmɬtíɬən] Morph: maʔ+mɬtíɬn. to be a bother to s.o.

maʔmn̓xʷ   [maʔmn̓xʷ] Morph: maʔ•mn̓xʷ. to smoke.

maʔmscút   [maʔmscút] Morph: maʔ•ms+cút. to be doing things, to be moving around; to play cards.

maʔmúl   [maʔmúl] Morph: maʔ•múl. to dip net here and there.

maʔqʷáln   [maʔqʷáln] Morph: maʔqʷáln. knife.

maʔqʷálnqn   [maʔqʷálənqən] Morph: maʔqʷálnqn. knife.

maʔscín   [maʔscín] Morph: maʔscín. unclear suffix combination in the following form.

mcakʷ   [ṃcakʷ] Morph: mcakʷ. 1 • loganberry; raspberry; blackcap (berries) (rubus leucodermis).

2 • blackhead; birthmark.

mckʷiɬml̕x   [məckʷíɬml̕x] Morph: mckʷiɬml̕x. blackcap (rubus leucodermis); blackcap berry bush.

mckʷiɬp   [məckʷíɬp] Morph: mckʷiɬp. blackcap (rubus leucodermis).

mcq̓ʷulm   [məcq̓ʷúləm] Morph: mcq̓ʷul+m ? to swallow.

mc̓   [məc̓] Morph: mc̓. to grease s.t.

mc̓(a)   [məc̓] Morph: mc̓. to tease, kid s.o.; to fool s.o.

mc̓aʕɬt   [mc̓aʕɬt] Morph: mc̓aʕɬ+t. pus; to be pussy.

mc̓mc̓iɬp   [mc̓mc̓iʔɬp] Morph: mc̓•mc̓iɬp. oceanspray (holodiscus discolor).

mc̓min   [məc̓mín] Morph: mc̓+min. grease; vaseline; oil.

mc̓q̓ʷul̕   [məc̓q̓ʷúl̕] Morph: mc̓q̓ʷul̕. sandpiper.

   [məɣ] Morph: . to poke s.t.; to pin s.t.

mɣaɣ1   [mɣaɣ] Morph: mɣ•aɣ. to get poked.

mɣaɣ2   [mɣaɣ] Morph: mɣ•aɣ. s.t. barred.

mhúyaʔ   [mhúyaʔ] Morph: mhúyaʔ. raccoon.

mi1   [mi] Morph: mi. with future import.

1 • future.

2 • and then ...; until.

+mi2   [mi] Morph: -mi. suffix that forms strong stems (stem-stressed) that can be transitivized.

1 • +nt transitives.

2 • +st transitives.

3 • +ɬt transitives.

mi put   [mi put] Morph: mi put. until.

mi sic   [mi sic] Morph: mi sic. and then.

míc̓aʔ   [mic̓aʔ] Morph: míc̓aʔ. dead game; to go after dead game; to fetch game killed and left behind.

miktúr   [miktúr] Morph: miktúr. miktúr (Victor).

míktuʔ   [miktuʔ] Morph: míktuʔ ? ground up sunflower seeds.

mik̓ʷk̓ʷt   [mik̓ʷk̓ʷt] Morph: mik̓ʷ•k̓ʷ+t. to be snowed in.

mílaʔ   [mílaʔ] Morph: mílaʔ. bait; to bait (a trap); to bait s.o.

milmlt   [mílməlt] Morph: mil•ml+t. to be slow; to take a long time.

milq̓ʷ   [milq̓ʷ] Morph: milq̓ʷ. 1 • s.t. rolled or round.

2 • spades (suit of playing cards).

milscút   [milscút] Morph: myls+cut. to be sure of s.t.

milsmíst   [milsmíst] Morph: myls+mist. to be confident; to have s.t. figured out; to formulate a plan.

mil̕m   [míl̕əm] Morph: mil̕+m. to give out (food); to share food.

mil̕ml̕t   [míl̕məl̕t] Morph: mil̕•ml̕+t. to be slow; to take too much time; to poke around aimlessly.

mil̕t   [mil̕t] Morph: mil̕+t. to visit; to visit and talk.

mil̕tm   [míl̕təm] Morph: mil̕+t+m. to visit s.o.

miɬ+   [miɬ] Morph: my+ɬ. more.

miɬm   [míɬəm] Morph: miɬ+m. to rest, or take a break.

miɬsysyús   [miɬsisyús] Morph: my+ɬ+sy•syus. to be smarter.

miɬttwít   [myɬtətwít] Morph: my+ɬ+t•twit. to be an outstanding boy.

miɬx̌ást   [miɬx̌ást] Morph: my+ɬ+x̌as+t. to be better.

miɬx̌mínk   [miɬx̌mínk] Morph: my+ɬ+x̌mink. to like s.o. better.

miƛ̓   [miƛ̓] Morph: miƛ̓. to paint or smear, mix, color.

miƛ̓ɬxʷm   [míƛ̓ɬxʷəm] Morph: miƛ̓ɬxʷ+m. to paint houses.

miƛ̓ƛ̓   [miƛ̓] Morph: miƛ̓•ƛ̓. to be painted, smeared, dabbed.

miƛ̓mn   [míƛ̓mən] Morph: miƛ̓+mn. 1 • paint.

2 • brown-eyed Susan (gaillardia aristata).

mimáy   [mimáy] Morph: my•may. to be equal.

mimlt   [míməlt] Morph: mi•mlt. whitefish; minnow.

mimɬ   [mimɬ] Morph: mi•mɬ. minnow.

mimy   [mimi] Morph: my•my. to know several ...

mimyalíxʷ   [mimyalíxʷ] Morph: my•myalíxʷ. guide.

mimyíkst   [mimyíkst] Morph: my•myikst. to be skilled.

+min1   [min] Morph: +min. derivational suffix with instrumental import.

+mi(n)2   [min] Morph: +min. suffix that forms (1) transitive stems; (2) nominalized middles; and (3) stems with lexical suffixes.

1 • transitive stems (here exemplified with subject markers).

2 • nominalized middles.

3 • stems with lexical suffixes (and further morphology).

miná   [miná] Morph: miná. maybe not.

minám   [minám] Morph: myna+m. to find out.

mincút   [mincút] Morph: my+ncut. to complain; to tell what s.o. did.

minm   [mínəm] Morph: min+m. to turn around.

+mintn   [mintṇ] Morph: +min+tn. suffix sequence with instrumental and locative import.

minúlaʔxʷ   [minúlaʔxʷ] Morph: my+núlaʔxʷ. to know the country.

+min̓   [min̓] Morph: +min̓. instrumental suffix.

min̓á   [min̓á] Morph: min̓á. maybe not.

min̓á tanm̓ús   [min̓á tanm̓ús] Morph: min̓+á tanm̓ús. there must be a reason; it can't be for no reason; there must be something to it.

mip   [mip] Morph: my+p. to learn.

mipcín   [mipcín] Morph: my+pcin. agree.

mipnú   [mipnú] Morph: my+p+nu. learn, find out.

mipnún   [mipnún] Morph: my+p. to learn.

mipnwíɬn   [mipnwíɬən] Morph: my+pnwiɬn. the knowledge or information one has obtained; information.

mir   [mír] Morph: mir. to dab; to grease.

+mísaʔt   [mísaʔt] Morph: mísaʔt. obscure meaning: perhaps with self-directed reference.

miscút   [miscút] Morph: my+scut. to know how; to know about s.t.

miscʔíɬn   [misc̓íɬən] Morph: my+sc+ʔiɬn. prime food.

misc̓íɬn   [misc̓íɬən] Morph: my+sc+ʔiɬn. prime food.

misél   [misél] Morph: misél. Michael.

misk̓ɬyíxʷlsm   [misk̓ɬyíxʷəlsəm] Morph: my+s+k̓ɬ+yíxʷls+m. to envy s.t. more or worse.

miskʷúm   [miskʷúmən] Morph: my+s+kʷum. to store s.t. well.

misk̓ʷk̓ʷíymlt   [mysk̓ʷk̓ʷíyməlt] Morph: my+s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷiy+mlt. to be younger.

misɬaʔɬaʔxʷísk̓it   [misɬaʔɬaʔxʷísk̓it] Morph: my+s+ɬaʔ•ɬaʔxʷísk̓it. several people are more rested.

misƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌áp   [misƛ̓əx̌ƛ̓x̌áp] Morph: my+s+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌á+p. the oldest.

misnx̌ílm   [misənx̌íləm] Morph: my+s+n+x̌il+m. to be more afraid.

mispx̌páx̌t   [mispəx̌páx̌t] Morph: mi+s+px̌•páx̌+t. smarter.

misqílxʷ   [misqílxʷ] Morph: my+s+qilxʷ. to respect.

misqílxʷstm   [misqílxʷstəm] Morph: my+s+qílxʷ+st+m. to respect s.o. highly.

misqltmixʷ   [misqəltmíxʷ] Morph: my+s+qltmíxʷ. a better man.

misq̓sápiʔ   [misq̓sápiʔ] Morph: my+s+q̓sápiʔ. a very long time ago; since time immemorial.

misqʷámqʷmt   [misqʷəmqʷámt] Morph: my+s+qʷam•qʷm+t. best, most beautiful, excellent.

+mist   [mist, miʔst] Morph: +mist. suffix with unclear semantic import, perhaps of self-directed reference.

mist̓ít̓ym   [mist̓ít̓im] Morph: mis+t̓í•t̓ym. easier.

misxʷáʔt   [misxʷáʔt] Morph: my+s+xʷaʔt. more.

misxʷt   [misxʷət] Morph: my+s+xʷt. to want more.

misx̌ást   [misx̌ást] Morph: my+s+x̌ás+t. the best.

misx̌ʷyx̌ʷáyt   [misx̌ʷyx̌ʷáyt] Morph: my+s+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷay+t. more sharp.

misylmíxʷm   [misilmíxʷəm] Morph: my+s+ylmixʷ+m. a better chief.

misywyáʕʷt   [misyuyáʕʷt] Morph: my+s+yw•yaʕʷ+t. stronger.

mítx̌ʷiʔ   [mítx̌ʷiʔ] Morph: mítx̌ʷiʔ ? Methow.

miw̓s   [miw̓s] Morph: miw̓s ? half-way; midway.

mix1   [mix] Morph: mix. person.

+mix2   [mix] Morph: +mix. suffix with unclear semantic import in the following form.

-mix3   [mix] Morph: -mix. suffixal component of the progressive circumfix ks-...-mix.

^-mix4   [mix] Morph: -mix. suffixal component of the progressive with present relevance "has been -ing" circumfix: sc-...-mix.

^-mix5   [mix] Morph: -mix. suffixal component of the progressive circumfix: s-...-mix.

^-míxaʔx1   [míxaʔx] Morph: -míxaʔx. suffixal component of the inceptive circumfix ks-...-(míx)aʔx (conjugated with kn).

^-míxaʔx2   [míxaʔx] Morph: -míxaʔx. suffixal component of the inceptive circumfix ksc-...-(míx)aʔx (conjugated with the kn set of person markers).

mixʷ   [mixʷ] Morph: mixʷ. person.

miy1   [miy] Morph: miy. to lay s.t. on s.t.

miy2   [miy] Morph: my. to be sure of s.t.

miyasʔíɬn   [miyasʔíɬən] Morph: miya+s+ʔíɬn. sacred food.

míylsmist   [míylsmist] Morph: míyls+mist. to have confidence in oneself.

miʔɬ   [miʔɬ] Morph: miʔɬ. paternal uncle; father's brother, cousin.

+miʔst   [miʔst, mist] Morph: +miʔst. suffix that marks some self-directed reference.

mk̓maʕk̓   [mək̓maʕk̓] Morph: mk̓•maʕk̓. exquisite.

mk̓mik̓p   [mək̓mík̓p] Morph: mk̓•mik̓p. testicles.

mkʷíwaʔt   [ṃkʷíwaʔt] Morph: mkʷíwaʔt. small mounds.

mkʷiwt   [məkʷíwt] Morph: mkʷiwt. a small mountain; a mound.

mkʷkʷukʷ   [məkʷkʷúkʷ] Morph: mkʷ•kʷ•ukʷ. to get up from under s.t.; to stick one's head up (from under the covers, from under a tent...)

mkʷmkʷiwt   [məkʷəmkʷíwt] Morph: mkʷ•mkʷiwt. mountains, hills.

mkʷʔiwt   [məkʷʔíwt] Morph: mkʷ[ʔ]iwt ? lumps.

ml   [məl] Morph: ml. recklessly or indiscriminately.

ml(a)   [məl] Morph: ml. to spread s.t. gooey on s.t.; to dab; to smear.

mlap   [mlap] Morph: mla+p. melted snow, muddy soil; gooey substance.

mlkc̓ík̓naʔm   [məlkc̓ík̓naʔm] Morph: mlk+c̓ík̓naʔ+m. to burn together.

mlk̓ʷ   [məlk̓ʷ] Morph: mlk̓ʷ. root with the meaning round, whole to which several lexical affixes are added.

mlk̓ʷalqʷ   [məlk̓ʷálqʷ] Morph: mlk̓ʷalqʷ. log; to log.

mlk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔm   [məlk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔm] Morph: mlk̓ʷíɬc̓aʔ+m. to get a whole carcass.

mlk̓ʷqin   [məlk̓ʷqín] Morph: mlk̓ʷqin. solid, one piece, long hair.

mlk̓ʷúlaʔxʷ   [məlk̓ʷmúlaʔxʷ] Morph: mlk̓ʷúlaʔxʷ. the whole earth.

mlk̓ʷut   [məlk̓ʷút] Morph: mlk̓ʷut. tipi pole.

mlmalk̓ʷútyaʔ   [məlmalk̓ʷútyaʔ] Morph: ml•malk̓ʷútyaʔ. all of s.t. or s.o.

mlmilk̓ʷ   [məlmílk̓ʷ] Morph: ml•milk̓ʷ. BBs, bullets.

mlmilx   [məlmílx] Morph: ml•mil+x. to spend or lose time; to be slow; to loiter or linger.

mlml   [məlməl] Morph: ml•ml. to smear s.t.

mlmlk̓ʷápaʔ   [məlməlk̓ʷápaʔ] Morph: mlmlk̓ʷápaʔ. stallion.

mlmlk̓ʷápaʔst   [məlməlk̓ʷápaʔst] Morph: ml•mlk̓ʷápaʔst. 1 • testicles.

2 • stallion.

mlmlk̓ʷikst   [məlməlk̓ʷíkst] Morph: ml•mlk̓ʷikst. ball-like.

mlmscut   [məlmscut] Morph: ml+mscut. to take one's time.

mlmulx   [məlmúlx] Morph: ml•mulx. cottonwood trees.

mlpulstm   [məlpúlstəm] Morph: mlpul+st+m. to want or try to beat s.o.

mlqmixcn   [məlqmíxcən] Morph: mlqmixcn. Similkameen language.

mlqnups   [məlqnúps] Morph: mlqnups. golden eagle; brown eagle.

mlq̓m   [məlq̓əm] Morph: mlq̓m. to swallow recklessly or indiscriminately.

mltqclxínaʔm   [məltqcəlxínaʔm] Morph: mlt+qc+lxínaʔ+m. a legged creature walks over s.t. or s.o. recklessly.

mlxʷistmn   [məlxʷístmən] Morph: mlxʷist+mn. to walk over s.t. or s.o. recklessly.

mlxʷuym   [məl̕xʷúym] Morph: mlxʷuy+m. to go without control; to walk into s.t. or s.o.; to bump into.

mlxʷuymn   [məl̕xʷúym] Morph: mlxʷuy+mn. to take s.t. or s.o. along without consent.

mlx̌aʔ   [məl̕x̌aʔ] Morph: mlx̌aʔ. to call s.o. a liar.

mlx̌aʔcínm   [məlx̌aʔcínəm] Morph: mlx̌aʔcín+m. to lie about what s.o. has said.

mlx̌aʔnwíxʷ   [məlx̌aʔnwíxʷ] Morph: mlx̌aʔ+nwíxʷ. to lie to each other.

mlx̌aʔsk̓ʷul̕m   [məlx̌aʔsk̓ʷúl̕əm] Morph: mlx̌aʔ+s+k̓ʷul̕+m. to pretend to work.

mlx̌aʔsnk̓wpíls   [məlx̌aʔsənk̓əwpíls] Morph: mlx̌aʔ+s+n+k̓w+píls. to pretend to be lonesome.

mlx̌aʔstq̓lq̓lxʷusxn   [məlx̌aʔstq̓əlq̓əlxʷúsxən] Morph: mlx̌aʔ+s+t+q̓l•q̓lxʷusxn. to pretend to trip.

mlx̌aʔsx̌ʷáq̓ʷlqsm   [məlx̌aʔsx̌ʷáq̓ʷəlqsəm] Morph: mlx̌aʔ+s+x̌ʷáq̓ʷlqs+m. to pretend to be snoring; to play snore.

mlʔáʕlaʔxʷ   [mlʔáʕlaʔxʷ] Morph: mlʔáʕlaʔxʷ. worms in the ground.

mlʔiɬn   [məlʔíɬən] Morph: ml+ʔiɬn. to eat s.t. along with s.t.

ml̕al̕   [ml̕al̕] Morph: ml̕•al̕. to bleed.

ml̕mil̕t   [məl̕míl̕t] Morph: ml̕•mil̕+t. to visit.

ml̕mil̕xn   [mal̕míl̕xən] Morph: ml̕•mil̕xn. a pacing horse.

ml̕ml̕   [məl̕məl̕] Morph: ml̕•ml̕. to bleed.

ml̕ml̕silt   [məl̕məl̕sílt] Morph: ml̕•ml̕silt. to pacify a child.

ml̕ml̕tiɬp   [məl̕məl̕tíɬp] Morph: ml̕•ml̕+tiɬp. 1 • poplar trees; aspen trees.

2 • ml̕ml̕tiɬp: name of an unconfirmed locality.

ml̕ml̕xan   [məl̕məl̕xán] Morph: ml̕•ml̕xan. bloody foot or leg.

ml̕timn   [məl̕tímən] Morph: ml̕t+imn. to visit habitually; to like to visit.

ml̕tmnwixʷ   [məl̕tmənwíxʷ] Morph: ml̕t+m+nwixʷ. to visit one another.

ml̕xʷistmn   [məl̕xʷístmən] Morph: ml̕xʷist+mn. to walk over s.o.; to control s.o.

ml̕xʷuym   [məl̕xʷúyəm] Morph: ml̕xʷuy+m. to have gone out of control; to brush or bump s.o. when going by.

ml̕ʔiɬn   [məlʔíɬən] Morph: ml̕+ʔiɬn. to eat s.t. along with s.t.

   [məɬ] Morph: . and; until; and then.

mɬ iʔ   [məɬ iʔ] Morph: mɬ iʔ. until.

mɬaɬ   [mɬaɬ] Morph: mɬ•aɬ. to be rested; to have rested.

mɬaq̓ʷ   [mɬaq̓ʷ] Morph: mɬaq̓ʷ. to be out of joint; to let go of s.t.

mɬk̓íyaʔ   [məɬk̓íyaʔ] Morph: mɬk̓íyaʔ. blood.

mɬɬ   [mɬəɬ] Morph: mɬ•ɬ. to rest.

mɬncut   [mɬəncút] Morph: mɬ+ncut. to sit and rest.

mmátk̓yaʔ   [mmátk̓yaʔ] Morph: m•mátk̓yaʔ. blood pudding.

mmaʕ̓ʷƛ̓s   [mmaʕ̓ʷƛ̓s] Morph: m•maʕ̓ʷƛ̓s. mmaʕ̓ʷƛ̓s.

mm̓átk̓yaʔ   [mm̓átk̓yaʔ] Morph: m•m̓átk̓yaʔ. blood pudding.

mm̓aʕ̓ʷƛ̓s   [mm̓aʕ̓ʷƛ̓s] Morph: m•m̓aʕ̓ʷƛ̓s. mm̓aʕ̓ʷƛ̓s.

mm̓kʷíwaʔt   [mm̓kʷíwaʔt] Morph: m•m̓kʷíwaʔt. a small mound.

mm̓tk̓íyaʔ   [məm̓tk̓íyaʔ] Morph: m•m̓tk̓íyaʔ. blood pudding.

+mn1   [mən] Morph: +mn. instrumental suffix.

+mn2   [mən] Morph: +mn. suffix that forms (1) transitive stems; (2) middle forms; and (3) stems with lexical suffixes.

1 • transitive stems.

2 • middle.

3 • stems with lexical suffixes.

mnam   [mnam] Morph: mna+m. to turn around.

+mncaʕt   [məncáʕt] Morph: +mncaʕt. suffix that signals some self-reference.

+mncut   [məncút] Morph: +mncut. suffix that signals some self-reference.

mnik   [mnik] Morph: mnik. shit, excrement.

mníkɬc̓aʔ   [mníkɬc̓aʔ] Morph: mníkɬc̓aʔ. a body covered in shit.

mnikm   [mníkəm] Morph: mnik+m. to shit; to defecate.

mnimɬclx   [mnímɬcəlx] Morph: mnimɬ+c+lx. third person plural stem they, them, their(s).

mnimɬmp   [mnímɬəmp] Morph: mnimɬ+mp. second person plural stem "you (all), your(s)".

mnimɬtt   [mnímɬtət] Morph: mnimɬ+tt. first person plural stem "we, us, our(s)".

mnksqáx̌aʔ   [mənksqáx̌aʔ] Morph: mnksqáx̌aʔ. a body covered in shit.

mnmínxnmi   [mənmínxənmi, mənm̓ínxən̓mi] Morph: mn•mínxn+mi. to rub one's feet on s.t. or s.o.

mn̓min̓lx   [mən̓mín̓ləx] Morph: mn̓•min̓+lx. pace horse; trotter.

mons   [mons] Morph: mons. Monse.

-mp1   [ṃp] Morph: -mp. second person plural of the in- paradigm "your(s)".

-mp2   [ṃp] Morph: -mp. second person plural of the i- paradigm "your(s)".

mqmaq   [məqmáqəm] Morph: mq•maq+m. to urge or convince s.o.

mq̓ink   [məq̓ínk] Morph: mq̓ink. to be satiated; to be full from eating.

mq̓mq̓ink   [məq̓əmq̓ínk] Morph: mq̓•mq̓ink. to have a full stomach; to be full or sated.

mqʷaqʷ   [mqʷaqʷ] Morph: mqʷ•aqʷ. the snow falls; falling snow.

mqʷqʷ   [məqʷəqʷ] Morph: mqʷ•qʷ. to snow.

mqʷqʷúlaʔxʷ   [məqʷqʷúlaʔxʷ] Morph: mqʷ•qʷúlaʔxʷ. snow on the ground.

mq̓ʷ   [məq̓ʷ] Morph: mq̓ʷ. a mountain.

mq̓ʷaq̓ʷ   [mq̓ʷaq̓ʷ] Morph: mq̓ʷ•aq̓ʷ. a lump.

mq̓ʷcnínaʔxn   [məq̓ʷcnínaʔxən] Morph: mq̓ʷcnínaʔxn. lumpy ankles.

mq̓ʷíwaʔt   [mq̓ʷíwaʔt] Morph: mq̓ʷíwaʔt. a hillock.

mq̓ʷmaq̓ʷ   [məq̓ʷmáq̓ʷ] Morph: mq̓ʷ•maq̓ʷ. mountains.

mriɬp   [mriɬp] Morph: mriɬp. balsam tree; cedar; spruce; subalpine fir (abies lasiocarpa).

mrim   [mrim] Morph: mrim. 1 • to doctor s.o.

2 • to be married; to marry s.o.

mrimst   [mrimst] Morph: mrim+st. to doctor s.o.

mrimstn   [mrímstən] Morph: mrim+st+n. medicine; remedy.

mrmirm   [mərmírəm] Morph: mr•mir+m. to dab; to grease.

mrmmrim   [mrəmmrím] Morph: mr•m•mrim. to get married.

mrrim   [mrˑim] Morph: mr•r•im. to get married.

msaxn   [msáxən] Morph: msaxn. four sheets.

msáʕiʔ   [msáʕiʔ] Morph: msáʕiʔ. carrot-like edible root; edible valerian (valeriana edulis) (where it grows there are no rattlesnakes).

msaʕy̓   [msáʕiʔ] Morph: msaʕy̓. carrot-like edible root; edible valerian (valeriana edulis) (where it grows there are no rattlesnakes).

msáʕʷiʔ   [msáʕʷiʔ] Morph: msaʕʷy̓. carrot-like edible root; edible valerian (valeriana edulis) (where it grows there are no rattlesnakes).

msaʕʷy̓   [msáʕʷiʔ] Morph: msáʕʷy̓. carrot-like edible root; edible valerian valeriana edulis) (where it grows there are no rattlesnakes).

+mscut   refl.

msisxn   [msísxən] Morph: msisxn. four stones.

msɬʔupnkst   [məsɬʔúpənkst] Morph: ms+ɬ+ʔupnkst. forty.

msmiw̓s   [məsmíw̓s] Morph: ms+miw̓s ? fourth layer.

msmlwis   [məsməlwís] Morph: ms+m+lwis. to feel around.

msmspintk   [msəmspíntk] Morph: ms•ms+pintk. four-year-olds.

msmusm   [məsmúsm] Morph: ms•mus+m. to feel with the hands.

mspintk   [məspíntk] Morph: ms+s+pintk. four years.

mssikst   [məssíkst] Morph: ms•sikst. to feel with the hand.

mssikstm   [məssíkstəm] Morph: ms•sikst+m. to feel with the hands.

msus   [msus] Morph: msus. four berries.

mtils   [mtils] Morph: mtils. to want to sit.

mtmatkʷt   [mətmátkʷt] Morph: mt•matkʷ+t. dull, blunt edge.

mt̓aʕs   [ṃt̓áʕs] Morph: mt̓aʕs. kidney.

mt̓mt̓aʕs   [mət̓mət̓áʕs] Morph: mt̓•mt̓aʕs. kidneys.

mukʷ   [mukʷ] Morph: mukʷ. snow (on trees); lump; bump.

múkʷmiʔst   [múkʷmiʔst] Morph: múkʷ+miʔst. a lump.

mul   [mul] Morph: mul. to dip net; to dip water; to fish with a dip net.

mulmn   [múlmən] Morph: mul+mn. dip net.

mulx   [mulx] Morph: mulx. cottonwood; black cottonwood (populus balsamifera spp. trichocarpa).

mum   [mum] Morph: mum. to go against s.o.; to turn against s.o.; to double cross s.o.

múmaʔt   [múmaʔt] Morph: mú•maʔt. a small one sits.

mumsxnm   [múmsxnəm] Morph: mu•msxn+m. to drag one's feet.

muqʷqʷ   [múqʷəqʷ] Morph: muqʷ•qʷ. s.t. is too much; one chickens out.

muqʷqʷst   [múqʷəqʷst] Morph: muqʷ•qʷ+st. to be too much; to make s.o. chicken out; frighten s.o.

mur̓   [mur̓] Morph: mur̓. to be smooth or slick.

mus   [mus] Morph: mus. four.

muskstm   [múskstəm] Morph: muskst+m. to try to do s.t.; to take chances.

muslp   [músəlp] Morph: muslp. four eggs; four trees.

musls   [músəls] Morph: musls. to hope; to wish for.

músɬc̓aʔ   [músɬc̓aʔ] Morph: músɬc̓aʔ. four whole ones.

muswɬ   [músuɬ] Morph: muswɬ. four conveyances (boats, cars...)

musw̓ɬ   [músuʔɬ] Morph: musw̓ɬ. four conveyances; four boats.

mut   [mut] Morph: mut. one person sits, dwells; is at home.

mutst   [mutst] Morph: mut+st. to make s.o. sit down.

mwmaʕʷ   [mumáʕʷ] Morph: mw•maʕʷ. to break s.t.

mx   [mx] Morph: mx. person.

mxiɬp   [mxiɬp] Morph: mxiɬp. 1 • western red cedar (thuja plicata).

2 • boughs.

mxʷ   [mxʷ] Morph: mxʷ. ?

mxʷiɬp   [mxʷiɬp] Morph: mxʷiɬp. cedar boughs.

mx̌iknátkʷ   [mx̌iknátkʷ] Morph: mx̌iknátkʷ. mx̌iknátkʷ.

mx̌qinm   [məx̌qínəm] Morph: mx̌qin+m. to stoop; to hang one's head.

mx̌ʷal   [mx̌ʷal] Morph: mx̌ʷal. a cradle board.

my1   [mi] Morph: my. root with meaning middle on which the following stems are formed:

my2   [mi] Morph: my. to know s.t.; to remember s.t.; to learn s.t.

my3   [mi] Morph: my. forms compounds with meaning "more X".

myalíxʷ   [myalíxʷ] Morph: myalíxʷ ? guide.

myaɬ   [myaɬ] Morph: myaɬ. too much.

myaɬm   [myáɬəm] Morph: myaɬ+m. too much.

myap   [miyáp] Morph: mya+p. to be found out; to betray oneself.

myaw   [miyáw] Morph: myaw. Coyote.

myilsm   [myílsəm] Morph: myils+m. to figure s.t. out; to deduce s.t.

myílsmiʔst   [miyílsmiʔstst] Morph: myils+miʔst. to be confident; to have s.t. figured out; to formulate a plan.

myilxʷ   [miyílxʷ] Morph: myilxʷ. uniform or matched colors.

myiw̓s   [miw̓s] Morph: myiw̓s ? to be half way.

mylscut   [mi(y)lscút] Morph: myls+cut. to be sure of s.t.; to be confident.

mylsmist   [milsmíst] Morph: myls+mist. to be confident; to have s.t. figured out; to formulate a plan.

myɬ   [miɬ] Morph: my+ɬ. more.

myɬk̓ast   [miɬk̓ást] Morph: my+ɬ+k̓as+t. worse.

myɬk̓iwlx   [miɬk̓íwləx] Morph: my+ɬ+k̓iw+lx. to be older.

myɬk̓ʷc̓k̓ʷac̓t   [miɬk̓ʷəc̓k̓ʷác̓t] Morph: my+ɬ+k̓ʷc̓•k̓ʷac̓+t. stronger.

myɬk̓ʷl̕k̓ʷl̕uɬ   [miɬk̓ʷəl̕k̓ʷl̕úɬ] Morph: my+ɬ+k̓ʷl̕•k̓ʷl̕+uɬ. one who is a better worker.

myɬk̓ʷl̕k̓ʷul̕   [miɬk̓ʷəl̕k̓ʷúl̕] Morph: my+ɬ+k̓ʷl̕•k̓ʷul̕. to work better.

myɬƛ̓ax̌t   [miɬƛ̓áx̌t] Morph: my+ɬ+ƛ̓ax̌+t. to be faster.

myɬnƛ̓x̌cin   [miɬənƛ̓əx̌cín] Morph: my+ɬ+n+ƛ̓x̌cin. to holler louder.

myɬnt̓yt̓yínaʔ   [miɬnt̓it̓ínaʔ] Morph: my+ɬ+n+t̓y•t̓yínaʔ. to be more stubborn.

myɬnx̌l̕x̌l̕uɬ   [miɬnx̌əl̕x̌əl̕úɬ] Morph: my+ɬ+n+x̌l̕•x̌l̕+uɬ. one easier to scare.

myɬq̓y̓min   [miɬq̓əy̓mín] Morph: my+ɬ+q̓y̓+min. an excellent writer; one who knows well how to write; an educated person.

myɬqʷyúlaʔxʷ   [miɬqʷyúlaxʷ] Morph: my+ɬ+qʷyúlaʔxʷ. to be richer.

myɬsakʷt   [miɬsákʷt] Morph: my+ɬ+sakʷ+t. to be more swollen.

myɬsílxʷaʔ   [miɬsílxʷaʔ] Morph: my+ɬ+sílxʷaʔ. to be bigger.

myɬswy̓numtx   [miɬswiʔnúmtx] Morph: my+ɬ+s+wy̓+numtx. to be more beautiful.

myɬsysyus   [miɬsisyús] Morph: my+ɬ+sy•syus. to be smarter.

myɬttwit   [myɬtətwít] Morph: my+ɬ+t•twit. to be an outstanding boy.

myɬttw̓it   [miɬtətw̓ít] Morph: my+ɬ+t•tw̓it. to be more of a boy; to be an outstanding boy.

myɬx̌ast   [miɬx̌ást] Morph: my+ɬ+x̌as+t. to be better.

myɬx̌mink   [miɬx̌mínk] Morph: my+ɬ+x̌mink. to like s.o. better.

mym   [miym] Morph: my+m. to pile s.t. on s.t.

mymay   [mimáy] Morph: my•may. to be equal.

mymaykst   [mimáykst] Morph: my•maykst. to do s.t. right.

mymayt   [mimáyt] Morph: my•may+t. to know what to do; the correct thing.

mymst   [miymst] Morph: my+m+st. to straighten s.t.; to put order in s.t.

mymy   [mimi] Morph: my•my. to know several ...

mymyalíxʷ   [mimyalíxʷ] Morph: my•myalíxʷ. guide.

mymyikst   [mimyíkst] Morph: my•myikst. to be skilled; to be handy.

mymym   [miymim] Morph: my•my+m. to pile s.t. on s.t.

mymyncut   [mimincút] Morph: my•my+ncut. to report; to complain.

mymyw̓salqʷ   [mimiw̓sálqʷ] Morph: my•myw̓salqʷ ? to be half way up a tree.

mynam   [minám] Morph: my+na+m. to find out s.t.; to know s.t.

myncut   [mi(y)ncút] Morph: my+ncut. to report; to complain; to tell one's story; to discuss.

myncutm   [mincútəm] Morph: my+ncut+m. to report; to tell what one has done.

mynu   [minú] Morph: my+nu. to manage to find out s.t.; to manage to know s.t.

mynúlaʔxʷ   [minúlaʔxʷ] Morph: my+núlaʔxʷ. to know the country.

myp   [mip] Morph: my+p. to be found out.

mypcin   [mipcín] Morph: my+pcin. 1 • to find out.

2 • to agree; to understand.

mypikst   [mipíkst] Morph: my+pikst. to know or learn how to do s.t. right.

mypikstm   [mipíkstəm] Morph: my+pikst+m. to do or fix s.t. right.

mypínaʔ   [miypínaʔ] Morph: my+pínaʔ. to learn right; to find out.

mypnu   [mipnú] Morph: my+p+nu. to manage to learn, find out, figure out; to manage to understand.

mypnumt   [mipnúmt] Morph: my+p+numt. to realize; to find out.

mypnwiɬn   [mipnwíɬən] Morph: my+pnwiɬn. knowledge or information one has obtained.

mypnwis   [mipnwís] Morph: my+p+nwis. to find out s.t.

mypúlaʔxʷ   [mipúlaʔxʷ] Morph: my+púlaʔxʷ. to find out about a place or country.

myscut   [miscút] Morph: my+scut. to know how; to know about.

myscʔiɬn   [misc̓íɬən] Morph: my+sc+ʔiɬn. prime food.

mysk̓ɬyíxʷlsm   [misk̓ɬyíxʷəlsəm] Morph: my+s+k̓ɬ+yíxʷls+m. to envy s.t. more or worse.

myskʷum   [miskʷúm] Morph: my+s+kʷum. to store s.t. well.

mysk̓ʷk̓ʷiymlt   [mysk̓ʷk̓ʷíyməlt] Morph: my+s+k̓ʷ•k̓ʷiy+mlt. to be younger.

mysɬaʔɬaʔxʷísk̓it   [misɬaʔɬaʔxʷísk̓it] Morph: my+s+ɬaʔ•ɬaʔxʷísk̓it. several people are more rested.

mysƛ̓aʔkʷílx   [misƛ̓aʔkʷílx] Morph: my+s+ƛ̓aʔkʷ+ílx. a better Indian doctor.

mysƛ̓x̌ƛ̓x̌áp   [misƛ̓əx̌ƛ̓x̌áp] Morph: my+s+ƛ̓x̌•ƛ̓x̌á+p. the oldest.

mysnx̌ilm   [misənx̌íləm] Morph: my+s+n+x̌il+m. to be more afraid.

myspx̌páx̌t   [mispx̌páx̌t] Morph: my+s+px̌•páx̌+t. smarter.

mysqilxʷ   [misqílxʷ] Morph: my+s+qilxʷ. to have (great) respect for s.o.

mysqltmixʷ   [misqltmíxʷ] Morph: my+s+qltmíxʷ. to be a better man.

mysq̓sápiʔ   [misq̓sápiʔ] Morph: my+s+q̓sápiʔ. a very long time ago; since time immemorial.

mysqʷamqʷmt   [misqʷámqʷəmt] Morph: my+s+qʷam•qʷm+t. best, most beautiful, excellent.

mystctaʕcpt   [mistəctʕácpt] Morph: my+s+tc•taʕc+p+t. rougher riding.

mystiltlxʷt   [mystíltəlxʷt] Morph: my+s+til•tlxʷ+t. to be more difficult.

mystwixʷ   [mistwíxʷ] Morph: my+stwixʷ. to know one another.

myst̓iyt̓ym   [mist̓ít̓im] Morph: my+s+t̓iy•t̓y+m. to be easier.

mysxʷaʔt   [misxʷaʔt] Morph: my+s+xʷaʔ+t. more.

mysxʷt   [misxʷət] Morph: my+s+xʷt. to want more.

mysx̌ast   [misx̌ást] Morph: my+s+x̌as+t. the best.

mysx̌ʷyx̌ʷayt   [misx̌ʷyx̌ʷáyt] Morph: my+s+x̌ʷy•x̌ʷay+t. more sharp.

mysylmixʷm   [misilmíxʷəm] Morph: my+s+ylmixʷ+m. a better chief.

mysywyaʕʷt   [misyuyáʕʷt] Morph: my+s+yw•yaʕʷ+t. stronger.

myúlaʔxʷ   [miyúlaʔxʷ] Morph: myúlaʔxʷ. 1 • to point to a place; to show a place.

2 • to know a place.

myútyaʔ   [myútyaʔ] Morph: myútyaʔ. well matched, uniform, proper.

myw̓salqʷ   [miyw̓sálqʷ] Morph: myw̓salqʷ. midway up a tree or s.t. cylindrical.

myw̓sikn   [miw̓síkən] Morph: myw̓sikn ? the middle of a mountain.

myw̓súlaʔxʷ   [myw̓súlaʔxʷ] Morph: myw̓súlaʔxʷ. halfway; midway on the ground.

myxtwixʷ   [mixtwíxʷ] Morph: my+xt+wixʷ. to know what the other is doing.

myy   [miyˑ] Morph: my•y. to be sure of s.t.

my̓ilsm   [miʔílsəm] Morph: my̓ils+m. to deem s.t.

my̓my̓muɬ   [míʔmiʔmúɬ] Morph: my̓my̓muɬ. to be a big mouth.

my̓my̓ncút   [miʔmiʔncút] Morph: my̓•my̓+ncút. to learn.

my̓úlaʔxʷ   [miʔúlaʔxʷ] Morph: my̓úlaʔxʷ. to point to the ground.

mʕawsyn   [maʕáwsiyən] Morph: mʕawsyn. collar bone.

mʕ̓an̓   [ṃʕ̓an̓] Morph: mʕ̓an̓. semantic import "mind you, well, see..."

mʕ̓ʷmaʕ̓ʷ   [muʔmáʕ̓ʷ] Morph: mʕ̓ʷ•maʕ̓ʷ. to be broken.

mʕ̓ʷnik   [moʕ̓ʷník] Morph: mʕ̓ʷnik. Monique.

mʕ̓ʷuttxn   [ṃʕ̓ʷútətxən] Morph: mʕ̓ʷut•txn. twisted ankle or foot.

mʔaɬ   [mʔaɬ] Morph: m[ʔ]aɬ. to have relief from pain; enough (pain).

mʔamscút   [mʔamscút] Morph: mʔam+scút. to be noisy.

mʔan   [mʔan] Morph: m[ʔ]an. to be mid-afternoon, after 4 pm or so.

mʔaʕl̕   [mʔaʕl̕] Morph: m[ʔ]aʕl̕. s.t. got warm.

mʔaʔ   [mʔaʔ] Morph: m[ʔ]aʔ. to get bothered.

mʔikstm   [mʔíkstəm] Morph: mʔikst+m. to bother s.o. with some action.

mʔnik   [m̓nik] Morph: m[ʔ]nik. to be about to shit.