Salish Etymological Dictionary

UMOPL No. 16, 2002

Book Cover
  Acknowledgments vi
  Map of Salish and neighboring languages viii
  Abbreviations of language names viii
  Classification of Salish languagesix
  Proto-Salish phonemes x
Introduction 1
Dictionary 12
  Proto-Salish roots 15
  Proto-Coast-Salish roots 136
  Proto-Interior-Salish roots 158
  Lexical suffixes 203
  Proto-Salish suffixes 203
  Proto-Coast-Salish suffixes 213
  Proto-Interior-Salish suffixes 213
  Central Salish roots 215
  Local Coast Salish—219
    Lillooet/Thompson elements 219
Index of non-Salish elements 232
Bibliography 234


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