List of WMP (formerly UMOPL) Titles

A series dedicated to the study of the Native languages and cultures of the Northwest.
1 An edition of Father Post's Kalispel grammar. (1980) Out of print
Brenda J. Speck
2 The working papers of the XVI International Conference on Salish languages. (1982) Out of print
3 The 1908 Okanagan word lists of James Teit. (1984) Out of print
Ivy G. Doak
4 An outline of the morphology and phonology of Saanich, North Straits Salish. (1985) Out of print
Timothy Montler
5 Colville-Okanagan dictionary. (1987) Out of print
Anthony Mattina
6 Spokane dictionary. (1989) Out of print
Barry F. Carlson & Pauline Flett
7 Upper Chehalis dictionary. (1991) Out of print
M. Dale Kinkade
8 The Thompson language. (1992)
Laurence C. & M. Terry Thompson
9 Stylized characters' speech in Thompson Salish narrative. (1992)
Steven M. Egesdal
10 American Indian linguistics and ethnography in honor of Laurence C. Thompson. (1993)
Anthony Mattina & Timothy Montler, Eds.
11 Lushootseed reader with introductory grammar. Volume I. Four stories from Edward Sam. (1995)
Thom Hess
12 Thompson River Salish dictionary nɬeʔkepmxcín. (1996)
Laurence C. Thompson & M. Terry Thompson
13 A grammar of Bella Coola. (1997)
Philip W. Davis & Ross Saunders
14 Lushootseed reader with intermediate grammar. Volume II. Four stories from Martha Lamont. (1998)
Thom Hess
15 Dora Noyes DeSautel ɬaʔ kɬcaptíkʷɬ. (2002)
Anthony Mattina & Madeline DeSautel, eds.
16 Salish etymological dictionary. (2002)
Aert H. Kuipers
16 Suppl Index to the English translations of the Proto-Salish reconstructions in Kuipers. (2002)
Peter Bakker
17 Studies in Salish linguistics in honor of M. Dale Kinkade. (2004)
Donna B. Gerdts & Lisa Matthewson, eds.
18 Cowlitz dictionary and grammatical sketch. (2004)
M. Dale Kinkade
19 Lushootseed reader with English translations. Volume III. Four stories from Martha Lamont. (2006)
Thom Hess
20 Lawrence Nicodemus's Coeur d'Alene dictionary in root format. (2007)
John Lyon & Rebecca Greene-Wood, eds.
21 A Festschrift for Thomas M. Hess on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. (2010)
David Beck, ed.
22 nɬeʔkèpmxcín: Thompson River Salish Speech. (2011)
Steven M. Egesdal, M. Terry Thompson & Mandy Jimmy.
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