Dora Noyes DeSautel ɬaʔ kɬcaptíkʷɬ

UMOPL No. 15, 2002

Book Cover
This book is an edition of eight Colville-Okanagan Salish ɬaʔ kɬcaptíkʷɬ (myths, legends) narrated in the 1970s by Dora Noyes DeSautel (1902-1982). A biographical sketch of the narrator, written by Adrian Holm, opens the book. An introductory section describes where and how the narratives were told, recorded, and edited; includes the free translations of the narratives along with brief explanatory notes; and sketches the basic inflect-ional facts of the language. The rest of the volume is the interlinearization of the eight texts in four lines: the surface phonetics, the segmentation of the line in stems and inflectional affixes, the morpheme gloss line, and the free translation. A glossary of all morphemes that occur in the texts completes the book. An audio CD of the eight narratives accompanies the book.


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