WMP 22 - 2011

nɫeɁkèpmxcín: Thompson River Salish Speech
Steven M. Egesdal, M. Terry Thompson, Mandy N. Jimmie

This book presents a variety of nɫeɁkèpmxcín (Thompson River Salish speech): traditional legends, post-contact stories, informal conversations, formal "chiefly" language, poetry, prayers, and songs. The speech represents both primary dialects and most subdialects within the continuum, gathered from the last, best speakers in the 1970s and 1980s. The book uses formal devices to make the nɫeɁkèpmxcín accessible to non-speakers. Each nɫeɁkèpmxcín sentence or clause is followed by two explanatory lines: an English morpheme-by-morpheme gloss, and an English translation. The notational conventions (symbols showing morphological structure) in the nɫeɁkèpmxcín and parallel morpheme glosses are those used in the Thompson grammar (Thompson and Thompson 1992) and Thompson dictionary (Thompson and Thompson 1996). The nɫeɁkèpmxcín is written in surface phonemic form, using the American(ist) Phonetic Alphabet (APA). The book is a must-have for speakers or learners of nɫeɁkèpmxcín, Interior Salishanists, and those avidly interested in Amerindian traditional oral literature.

Book Cover Contents
Winter house (Pit house)v
Table of Contentsvii
nɫeɁképmx People and Their Language2
nɫeɁkèpmxcín (Thompson River Salish Language)3
nɫeɁképmx Traditional Culture7
The Speakers14
Annie York [zíxtkʷuɁ] (AY) (1904-1991), Spuzzum, B.C14
Hilda Austin (HA) (1912-1993), Lytton, B.C15
Millie Michell [mím̓li] (MM), Lytton, B.C17
Louis Phillips [sɁéɁeɁ] (LP) (1905-1993), Lytton, B.C.17
Mary Anderson [cicyétkʷu] (MA), Cooks Ferry, B.C.17
Mabel Joe [lúslestkʷu] (MJ), Shulus, B.C.18
Tom George (TG), Coldwater, B.C19
Julia Moses Kilroy [sulí] (JK), Coldwater, B.C19
Kinds of Speech20
Traditional Legends (sptékʷɫ)20
Post-Contact Stories (spíləx̣m)23
Informal Conversation (sqʷincút)24
Oral History (spíləx̣m)24
Formal "Chiefly" Speech24
Prayer (syémit)25
Song (sʔiƛ̓m)25
Collecting the Material25
Editing the Material26
Presenting the Material26
Initials of Speakers31
Initials of Linguists31
Abbreviations used in Morpheme Glosses31
Abbreviations for Person Marking Clitics and Affixes32
Abbreviations for affixes and particles32
nƛ̓ík̓smtm "Peered-at-One" (Millie Michell)37
nƛ̓ík̓smtm "Peered-at-One" (Hilda Austin)78
nƛ̓ík̓smtm "Peered-At-One" (Julia Kilroy)104
Coyote And Some Okanagan Girls (Hilda Austin)112
qʷíqʷƛ̓qʷəƛ̓t "Smiley" (Hilda Austin)121
sqʷíqʷƛ̓qʷəƛ̓t "Smiley" (Annie York)167
Son Of Carrotroot And Smiley (Millie Michell)207
Smiley And Coyote (Millie Michell)209
ʔe xeʔ ɬ smʕéw̓ tək sptékʷɬ "Lynx Tale" (Hilda Austin)214
Lynx Tale (Louis Phillips)232
ṣʕʷləpsínek "Bighorn Lady" (Millie Michell)252
Beaver And Frog Lady (Annie York)268
The Gambler (Mary Anderson)288
The Man Who Went To The Moon (Annie York)307
Story Of Meadowlark And Other Birds (Annie York)321
Packrat (Millie Michell)340
nƛ̓əɬƛ̓áɬsetm "They Put Pitch On His Eyes" (Millie Michell)343
"Push-Back-Sides-Of-His-Hair" (The Bridegroom) (Annie York)358
ʔe xeʔ ɬ smúɬec ɬ x xʷúxʷleme "The Woman With A Whistle" (Hilda Austin)418
Mosquito And Thunder (Annie York)449
Beaver And Eagle Get Fire (Mary Anderson)452
The Beaver And The Muskrat (Mary Anderson)455
The Bee And The Rattlesnake (Hilda Austin)457
The Grouse And The Duck (Mary Anderson)459
sptékʷɬc e máʕxetn "Story Of Moon" (Annie York)461
Broke-Her-Nose Woman (Mabel Joe)463
The First People (Hilda Austin)465
c̕e xeʔ sneyíʔ tək sptékʷɬ "A Ghost Story" (Hilda Austin)471
The Old Man And The Gold (Tom George)520
Two Sons (Hilda Austin)531
The Cowboy (Hilda Austin)540
Informal Conversation (Annie York and Clara Clare)544
Food Gathering (Millie Michell)553
Funeral Address Of Chief tiʔɬníc̕eʔ To The Mourners Of A Dead Child566
My Shadow (Annie York)569
Food Gathering Prayer (Hilda Austin)571
The Lord's Prayer (Mable Joe)573
Indian Lord's Prayer (Annie York)574
Lord's Prayer (Annie York)575
Song To A Canoe Paddler In Autumn (Annie York)577
kəsnén's Song (Annie York)578
I Need Thee Every Hour (Mable Joe)581
Song For Mount Baker (Annie York)582
Potlatch Song Teit Song No. 4 (VI.M.32)584
Sweathouse Song Teit Song No. 69 (VI.M.103)586
War Song Teit Song 112 (VI M 146)589

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