Lawrence Nicodemus's Coeur d'Alene dictionary in root format

UMOPL No. 20, 2007

John Lyon & Rebecca Greene-Wood

Book Cover Contents
List of Symbolsv
List of Abbreviationsvi
Coeur d'Alene Consonant Phoneme Chartvii
Chapter I: Introduction1
Chapter II: Methods4
Chapter III: Editorial Emendations and Reinterpretations12
Appendix A: Prefixes172
Section 1: Nominal prefixes172
Section 2: Prefixes denoting aspect, state, and plural173
Section 3: Locative prefixes173
Section 4: Directional prefixes174
Appendix B: Lexical Suffixes175
Section 1: Matches with Reichard (1938)175
Section 2: Possible lexical suffixes184
Section 3: Lexical suffixes with single preceding segment187
Appendix C: Other Affixes and Morphemes188
Section 1: Exclamations188
Section 2: Nominal incorporation and verbal compounding188
Section 3: Other elements and clausal connectives189
Section 4: Child's speak190
Appendix D: Lexical Borrowings192
Section 1: English192
Section 2: French193
Section 3: Flathead-Kalispel-Spokane194
Section 4: Other languages195


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