Volume III - Four more stories from Martha Lamont

Text Version

Thom Hess with Lushootseed Class

Text Version

Martha Lamont

Volume III of the Lushootseed Reader adds to the traditional stories of the Tulalip People from the Puget Sound region of Western Washington. It is intended for students and linguists who have previously worked their way through the first two volumes. In this latest instalment the English translations of all twelve stories are included. The Lushootseed to English glossary also includes vocabulary from all twelve stories.
No separate grammar section is presented. The few new points of grammar that occur here are dealt with in footnotes and the glossary.
Of particular interest is the twelfth text which is considered by many of today's residents of Tulalip to be an imortant record of their ancestors' past. The story itself is more than twice as long as any other in these readers; and like many such texts, it accounts for the beginning of a number of traditions.


SSILA Newsletter 2006. Vol. XXV No. 2, p. 10.

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