Cowlitz dictionary and grammatical sketch.

M. Dale Kinkade. UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS NO. 18, 2004. ISBN No. 1-879763-18-4. Pages xxix + 341. US$ 20.

Preface vii
Introduction x
     Organization of the Dictionary xv
     Alphabetical Order xix
     Guide to Pronunciation xx
     Abbreviations and Punctuation Conventions xxii
     Additional Instructions for Non-Linguists xxiv
Bibliography xxv
Cowlitz - English Dictionary 1
English - Cowlitz Dictionary 121
Grammatical Sketch 217
Appendix A. Affixes 282
     Lexical Suffixes 282
     Prefixes and Proclitics 303
     Inflectional and Derivational Suffixes 307
     Unclear Infixes and Suffixes 319
Appendix B. Placenames 327
Appendix C. Personal Names 335
Appendix D. Loanwords 337
Appendix D. Loanwords 337


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Anthropological Linguistics Vol. 47, No. 1, 2005, pp. 133-134. Reviewed by Paul D. Kroeber, Indiana University.

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