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Thom Hess with Lushootseed Class

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Martha Lamont

Volume II of the Lushootseed Reader makes available to students and lay readers four more stories (one in two versions) from the ancient lore of the Lushootseed of Puget Sound. The lesson numbering continues from the last numbered lesson in the first reader, but in this volume the lessons deal more with word building, less with syntax and inflection. The glossary includes all vocabulary from both the second and first volumes. A new sort of exercise has been added, a series of content questions about each story framed in Lushootseed. An appendix to the volume contains two essays by T. C. S. Langen concerning the structural merits of two of these new stories. Volume Two raises the reader's level of sophistication for understanding traditional Lushootseed life as reflected in the ancient stories. It also provides one with the grammatical sophistication needed to appreciate the play of alternative but roughly synonymous expressions.


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