Lushootseed Reader With Introductory Grammar

Text Version

Thom Hess with Lushootseed Class

Text Version

Edward Sam with Ethel Kitsap Sam (detail from only known photo of Mr. Sam).

The book consists of a Foreword and an Introduction; twenty-two grammar lessons, each with grammatical questions and exercises (pp. 1-116); answers to all grammar questions and exercises (pp. 123-135); the verbatim transcripts of four Lushootseed texts (pp. 137-155); a Glossary (pp. 157-198); and an Appendix on the Lushootseed sound system (pp. 199-201). This classroom-tested chrestomathy should enable one to read and understand the Lushootseed texts within eight weeks. A thirty-minute recording of the four texts narrated by Edward Sam accompanies the book.


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