Upper Chehalis dictionary

This dictionary of the nearly extinct Upper Chehalis language of southwestern Washington contains virtually all data ever collected on the language, from vocabularies obtained in the 1830s and the 1840s by William F. Tolmie up to data collected from the last speakers in the 1970s by Kinkade. Extensive unpublished materials collected in 1926 and 1927 by Thelma Adamson and Franz Boas are also included. The dictionary covers all three major dialects of the language--Satsop, Oakville Chehalis, and Tenino Chehalis. It contains over 2500 roots or stems as main entries, and thousands of additional entries as derived and inflected forms. Also included is a comprehensive English finder list, as well as appendixes listing lexical suffixes (giving all their variants and lists of roots with which they have been found to occur), derivational and inflectional affixes (along with paradigms), loan words, and a map and list of place names locating all known named streams, prairies, villages, and other sites.


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